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Chapter 274: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 274 She Is Now Your Toy (1)

Now Kerry understood why that man was so angry when he bumped into him accidentally that day. There was a kid in that suitcase!

Kerry felt guilty and full of remorse. He was so close to his kid that day. How come he didn’t feel anything?

Kerry then grabbed the suitcase and broke it into pieces. The manager was so frightened and he moved a few steps away from Kerry.

Kerry grabbed the shoe tightly. Tears brimmed his eyes. He asked: “What’s the name of the man living in this room?”

The manger said fearfully: “I’ll check it.” And he left the room immediately when he finished.

The manager only saw Kerry on the television earlier. And he was under the impression that Kerry was an indifferent man, so he was very surprised to see Kerry behave like this.

“What’s the name of the man who booked room 217?” The manager asked the receptionist.

The receptionist checked it and said: “His name is Wei Zhang.”

“Wei Zhang?” Kerry said. “That is obviously a fake name. Millions of people in this country are called Wei Zhang. Did he show his ID card when he checked in?”

“Yes, he did.” The receptionist said fearfully. She didn’t know why was Kerry so angry all of a sudden.

“Did you see the picture on his ID card? Are you sure that is his ID card?” Kerry said.

“He was wearing a mask. He said he was having a cold so we didn’t ask him to remove his mask.”

“Did you see him leave this hotel just now?”

“No, I didn’t.” She said. She was actually talking with her friends about her encounter with Kerry. So she didn’t see who left.

Kerry was so angry. He thumped the front desk violently and left the place. The transportation in this area is very convenient. So it would be very easy for him to escape.

At that time, Nighthawk and Xuan and some bodyguards were still searching for Tingyu. When they were about to give up, a woman suddenly appeared in Xuan’s view and Xuan shouted: “Tingyu!”

That woman looked back. She saw it was Xuan calling her and she wanted to talk with Xuan. But then, she saw a few men were rushing towards her.

“Fuck.” She said. Then she turned around and ran away.

It was a very busy street, but the woman is very thin and she moved among the crowd nimbly. Nighthawk shouted: “Move! Move!”, as he ran after the woman.

They had been running for three blocks and the woman was exhausted. She found a beauty parlor and she rushed in without hesitation.

“Sorry, miss, what are you…..hey! You can’t go up there!!” A woman in the parlor shouted at her.

Soon, a man also rushed into the parlor.

“Sir, men are not allowed to get into this place…..sir! You can not go up there!”

Before she finished, another group of men rushed in and went upstairs. Soon, women on the second floor screamed hysterically.

Nighthawk was at the second floor. He found some women were doing massages. They were all half-naked. Nighthawk blushed. But he soon recovered himself and kept searching for Tingyu.

“Please get out of here!” A woman said to him.

Nighthawk ignored her and kept on searching.

The women who were doing massages all sat up and covered their body with a towel.

“I’ll call the police if you don’t go out!” The woman stood in front of him.

Nighthawk looked into her eyes and said: “Where is the woman who just got in here? She is on the run and we need to arrest her!”

The woman was intimidated by Nighthawk’s presence and she really believed Nighthawk is a police. So she said: “She is hiding. I don’t know where.”

The room is not very large but there are many compartments. So it was not easy to find her.

Nighthawk slide open the door of a compartment and found a woman was having a massage inside. He said sorry and closed the door. He felt his face was burning. He then looked into some other compartments and still couldn’t find that woman.

“Damn, where is she?”

Suddenly, Nighthawk remembered one woman was lying face-down in a compartment, and she was alone there. There was no masseuse.

So Nighthawk retraced his steps and found that compartment again. He slide the door open, and the next thing he knew, the woman was trying to stab him with a dagger. Soon, they were fighting with each other in the small compartment.

Tingyu is a tough woman but she is still no match for Nighthawk. Soon, Nighthawk snatched the dagger away from her and put the dagger near to her neck.

“Don’t move! I don’t want to hurt you!” Nighthawk smiled.

Tingyu said in a soft voice: “Can you let me put my clothes on?”

Nighthawk then realized she was only wearing her underwear. Her body looks perfect and Nighthawk reacted a little bit. But he soon brought himself under control like a professional body guard does.

“That’s not necessary. Maybe later you will have to remove them again. Let’s get going, Miss Zhao.”

The other bodyguards saw her body and they soon looked away.

“Tell Kerry that we have found this woman.”

“No problem.”

Xuan was also on the second floor. Tingyu saw him and she wanted to kick him but she was held tightly by Nighthawk. She shouted: “You bastard! How can you betray him!”

Chapter 274 She Is Now Your Toy (2)

Xuan’s face changed. He said helplessly: “Tingyu, I am only trying to save him.”

“Bullshit!” Tingyu tried to kick him but she was held back by Nighthawk. Because she acted too suddenly, her neck touched the blade and blood oozed out.

“Don’t move! Unless you want to get yourself killed!” Nighthawk said. He moved the dagger slightly away form her neck, only because he couldn’t kill her at that time. He didn’t feel sorry for her. He hadn’t met any woman that he wants to protect.

Tingyu glared at Xuan. She was so angry and her chest heaved with anger. “Xuan! You know he hates traitors the most! And now you also become a traitor! He will never forgive you! Never!”

Xuan’s spirit sunk. After a moment’s silence, he said: “That’s alright. I just don’t want him to keep making mistakes. He is wrong.”

“Why is he wrong! Kerry ruined everything he has, and now he is just taking revenge! He should take revenge on Kerry! Why is he wrong!” Tingyu screamed.

Different Tingyu, Xuan seemed rather calm. He said: “He is wrong when he tried to steal that treasure map from Kerry. That thing doesn’t belong to him, and he will never get it no matter how hard he tries.”

Tingyu laughed coldly. She wasn’t convinced. She said: “You are such a hypocrite! That treasure map belongs to nobody. We own it if we can manage to get it!”

Xuan felt sorry for her. Her blind obedience and loyalty to that man reminded him of himself in the past. He was once also in blind love with that man, and at that time, he never questioned anything he did.

The other women who were having massages all dressed up and left the place. The woman who runs this place walked to Nighthawk and said: “So, you are not police?”

Nighthawk said honestly: “No, we are not.”

“Then you must leave! I am doing business here and you drove all my customers away!” She said seriously.

Nighthawk said with a blank expression: “You should blame this woman. She rushed into this place and ruined your business.”

“What are you talking about?”

Nighthawk ignored her. Because he heard approaching footsteps and he looked at that direction and found it was Kerry. He wore a solemn expression and he was walking at a rapid pace.

He stopped in front of Tingyu and put his hand round her neck. He said: “Where is my son?”

Tingyu only smiled and said: “I have no idea.”

“Is he with Gavin?”

“I told you. I don’t know where is your son.”

“My patience is not without limits!”

“What will you do?” The woman said.

The moment she finished, Kerry delivered a hard slap across her face. She would be knocked down to the ground if Nighthawk wasn’t holding her the whole time.

Tingyu looked at Kerry in disbelief. She couldn’t believe he just hit her. She said: “What kind of man are you!!”

The next thing she knew, another slap was delivered across her face. Blood oozed out of her mouth. Kerry said viciously: “You should learn what kind of man I am when you decided to take my son away from me! You want me to treat you like a lady? You are just a disgusting creature with no humanity left in you!”

“Kill me! I won’t say anything! Kill me!” She screamed hysterically. There was no fear in her eyes. She was dying for a man she loves, and she was okay with it.

“It’s so easy to die. But you are not going to die so easily.” Kerry said. He then looked at Nighthawk and said: “Our men haven’t had sex for a long time. Take her back, and she is yours.”

Kerry then looked into Tingyu’s eyes and said in an emotionless voice: “She is now your toy!”

Kerry didn’t think the way he treated her was in any way inappropriate. After all, they are the people who put his son in a suitcase and even made him eat some kind of drug.

Tingyu froze when she heard what he said. It took her a whole minute to recover herself and she said: “Kerry! You can not treat me like that! You are a monster!”

Kerry looked at her coldly and said: “This is what you deserve for taking my son away from me.”

“He will take revenge on your son if you dare to treat me like that!” Tingyu threatened.

“Will he? Let’s try it. But obviously your punishment will come sooner.” Kerry said. He looked at the bodyguards who were standing by and said: “After all, these people haven’t touched a woman for a long time!”

“Kerry!” Tingyu was now truly frightened. She couldn’t allow any other man to touch her.

“What? Have you changed your mind?” Kerry smiled slightly. But his eyes were so cold.

“I…I…” Tingyu didn’t know what to say. She was in such a dilemma. She didn’t want to betray Gavin, but she also didn’t want to be used as a sex toy by a group of men.

Kerry didn’t want to waste any time. He said coldly: “I will find my son anyway, whether you tell me where he is or not. This is Sky City, and it is my city. I would rather you don’t tell me anything, because in that way, turning you into a sex slave can be justified.”

Tingyu shuddered with fear. She could already feel these bodyguards were staring at her hungrily, as if they were trying to strip her with their gaze.

Kerry said to Nighthawk: “What are you waiting for? Take her back!”

“Yes, sir.” Nighthawk then winked at a bodyguard, who tore a piece of cloth and bound Tingyu’s hands together.

Tingyu was now truly frightened. Before Kerry walked away, she shouted: “Wait a second! Kerry! I will tell you.”

Kerry stopped and turned around. “Then just say it.”

Tingyu took a deep breath. She said in a shivering voice: “If I tell you, can you promise that you won’t kill him?”

Chapter 274 She Is Now Your Toy (3)

“I just want my son to be alive. And I really don’t care about the other people. So, if he doesn’t do anything stupid, I won’t kill him.” Kerry smiled.

Kerry’s answer was quite surprising to Tingyu, because she thought Kerry was determined to kill Gavin. She bit her lips and said in a sad voice: “We have been going separate ways these days because you are always chasing us. And we only meet each other when we are absolutely safe.”

“Good. Call him now.”

“I forgot my phone in the hotel. Because I was in such a hurry when I left.” She said.

Kerry looked at her and found she was not carrying anything with her. So he said to a bodyguard who looks more like an average person: “Go back to the hotel and find her phone. Be careful.”

“Yes, sir” The bodyguard said and left.

Tingyu then said tiredly: “Can you let me put on my clothes now?”

Kerry nodded at Nighthawk. She couldn’t escape anyway.

The manager of this beauty parlor was there the whole time and she finally understood what happened between these people. She was shocked when she learned that woman kidnapped Kerry’s son, because she knows how powerful Kerry is in this city.

She knew she was not supposed to know that much, so she turned around and was about to leave, but before she took a step, Kerry shouted at her: “Wait a second.”

The manager shuddered. She stopped herself and stood there motionlessly.

Kerry said: “Are you the manager of this parlor?”

“Yes, I am.”

“What did you see just now.”

The manager shook her head nonstop and said: “I didn’t see anything. I don’t know anything.” She knew better than to give any other answer than this one.

Kerry smiled and said: “Good. Tell my company how much money did you lose today, and they will give you a compensation.”

The manager felt rather glad. She said: “Thank you, sir.” The moment she finished, she turned around and left this place.

Tingyu was dressed. She then found a towel and covered the wound on her neck.

Ten minutes later, the bodyguard came back with her phone.

“Call him. Ask him where he is.” Kerry gave the phone to Tingyu. “Don’t you do any tricks. I am not a very patient person.”

Tingyu took the phone. After a few seconds’ silence, she asked: “Are you sure you won’t kill him?”

“I promise.” Kerry said. He could still ask Tianye to kill him. He thought to himself.

Tingyu took a deep breath. She then dialed Gavin’s number and called him.

It took Gavin almost a minute to pick up his phone.

“Hello?” Gavin said. His voice is sonorous. Xuan’s face changed when he heard his voice, because he hadn’t heard this voice for a long time.

“How are you?” Tingyu asked in a relaxed tone of voice.

“I’m fine.” Gavin said. “What about you?”

Tingyu looked at the group of men who were standing beside her and said: “I’m doing good.”

“Where are you? Why is it so quiet?” Gavin asked.

“Oh, I’m in a cafe. Where do we meet?”

Gavin didn’t answer her. He said: “You sound very weird.”

“Weird? Maybe it’s because I have been running away from these people, and I’m really tired.” Tingyu lied.

“I see.”

“So, where are you? I will go to your place now.”

“I don’t know the name of this place. I’ll send you a location.” Gavin said.


Tingyu hung up the phone. Kerry then took her phone away from her and said to Nighthawk: “Lock her up.”

Tingyu collapsed into a chair. She couldn’t believe she just betrayed Gavin. She thought her loyalty to Gavin would always be unwavering. Now she realized that she is also a selfish person. No matter how much she loves Gavin, she always loves herself the most.

Xuan walked over and patted on her shoulder and walked away.

The moment Kerry walked out of the beauty parlor, he received a message from Gavin. He opened Tingyu’s phone and looked at the address. Since he had been living in this city for a long time, he knew where Gavin was after glancing at the location.

Kerry only took Nighthawk with him, so that they wouldn’t be noticed.

The location Gavin gave them was a cake shop. It was right next to the hotel they just searched. A few minutes later, they arrived at a street, and the cake shop is right across the street. Kerry began to feel nervous.

The traffic light turned green. Kerry and Nighthawk walked across the street. Kerry looked into the shop, and found there were only a woman and a kid he doesn’t know, and there was no one else in the shop. He had a sense of foreboding.

He walked into the shop, and the owner of the shop asked: “Sir, how may I help you?”

Kerry ignored him. He walked around the shop. Gavin and Pingan were nowhere to be seen.

The owner smiled. He said: “Sir, are you looking for someone?”

Kerry sighed inwardly. He said: “Yes, I am.

“Is it a man and a kid?”


The boss then smiled happily and took out a phone and a small shoe from a box and said: “That guest wants me to give these to you.”

Kerry took the shoe. It is Pingan’s shoe. The other shoe was in the suitcase in the hotel.

“What did he say?” Kerry asked.

“He didn’t say anything. He only told me someone is going to look for him later and he asked me to give these to you.”

Kerry was furious. He took the phone and put it in his pocket. He asked: “Is he wearing a mask?”


“Is the baby in his arms sleeping?”

“Yes. That baby is sleeping.” The owner said. “That is a very cute little baby. I have never seen any other baby who is even more beautiful.”

Kerry took a deep breath and refrained his anger. He asked: “Where did he go?”

“He bought a bag of bread and turned left.”

“When did he leave?”

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