Chapter 275 – 276: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 275: A Rescue Was Under Way

Lan Yu was almost asleep when the door was open. I didn’t know how long it had been. She was awakened by that.

Then she saw a man came in with two women on his shoulders.

“Ah, Master Yi Fang, Master Qingyuan.” Lan Yu was happy to see them.

Kris threw them on the bed.


It was exhausting.

Kris sighed with relief.

Kris unlocked the acupuncture points of the two women with his sturdy energy seeing they were motionless.

“Rapist, you destine not to die a natural death. ”Qingyuan swore loudly once she could move again.

Yi Fang didn’t talk, she looked at Lan Yu, who was in the quilt gloomily. Then she asked, “Lan Yu, how are you? Did he abuse you?”

“Yi Fang, I’m fine,” Lan answered. Immediately she turned to Qingyuan. Then she said, “Qingyuan, you misunderstood him. He came to save you.”

“Save us?” Qingyuan sneered and said, “Will he be so kind?”

Damn it.

Qingyuan was a psycho.

She wanted to kill me because others told her something bad about me. Now she doubted me when I saved her.

She really thought Kris had no temper?

“If you dare to say one more word, I will throw you to the dungeon and ask the followers of the Holy Dragon Cult to rape you.” Kris pretended to be fierce while saying that.

“You…” Qingyuan wanted to retort but stopped by Yi Fang. Yi Fang said in a hurry, “Don’t get angry, We misunderstood you.”

“You talk like a human being.” Kris sneered. Then he lifted them to the hot spring. Kris treated them differently with Lan Yu because he was lazy to take off clothes for them. He just put them into the hot spring.

The two women soaked in the hot spring, soon the water became black.

Shit, dirty.

Kris showed despise seeing that. But it was good that both of them were bareheaded, so they didn’t need to wash their hair. Otherwise, Kris would be crazy.

“Take a good bath here.” Then Kris poured himself a glass of water without looking at them.

Qingyuan and Yi Fang were awkward, looking at each other.

“Brother, could you come here, please?”

“What’s up again?”

Kris went there impatiently.

“Brother, could… could you find us some clothes?” Lan Yu said embarrassingly, “We can’t come out naked.”

“Wait.” Kris began to rummage in the cabinet beside. Luckily he found some clothes for them. But the clothes he found were as thin as a cicada’s wings. So it had no difference with wearing nothing.

Kris touched his nose embarrassingly. He murmured, “Meiji Cai and Zaitian Long were good at playing”.

He put down the clothes and searched for another ten minutes, then he found three pieces of clothes that were not so thin.

He took the clothes to Lan Yu, but Lan Yu flushed and said: “Brother, they are too thin to wear.”

“Wear it first, I will find you some clothes tomorrow.”

“Thank you, brother,” Lan Yu asked with a red face. “What’s your name, brother?”

“You call me Chen, Dong Zhang.”

“Then, I will call you Brother Zhang.” Lan Yu smiled, then she asked, “Brother Zhang, what’s your position in the Holy Dragon Cult?”

“Don’t ask questions, none of your business,” Kris said coldly.

“I got it.”

It seemed that Brother Zhang enjoyed a high status here, otherwise he could not own such a big room.

Lan Yu thought in mind.

Then, Kris pulled Qingyuan and Yi Fang out of the hot spring.

Kris blindfolded his eyes with a white cloth, then he took off the clothes for Qingyuan and Yi Fang.

“Don’t scream, or don’t blame me for being impolite,” Kris said. “I can see nothing, So don’t worry I will do something bad to you.”

Then, he wrapped them with a bath towel and threw them on the bed.

Qingyuan was so annoyed that her face turned red. She would kill Kris if she was not poisoned by Soft Tendon Powder.

Yi Fang was also flushed, she couldn’t help thinking the scene Kris touched her negligently just now.

It was a torment for Kris to stay together with three naked beauties on the bed.

Though Qingyuan and Yi Fang were in their thirties, but they were well-maintained. They were as pretty as Lan Yu.

Each of the three women had their own merits. One similarity was all of them were pretty and in good shape.

Lan Yu was embarrassed when she saw Kris was looking at them, so was Yi Fang. Yi Fang behaved like she was drunk. Only Qingyuan was so furious that her face turned red.

“You are such a rapist.” Darkness came over Qingyuan’s eyes and she fell. FXck, Qingyuan was so fierce that she fainted because of fury.

Kris was speechless. Yi Fang bit her lip and asked, “Brother Zhang, could you fetch us some food? My master was starving so that she fell down.”

What? She fell down because she was starving? Kris looked at her carefully, and he found Qingyuan was pale like she just recovered from a severe illness.

“Wait for me here, I will come back soon.”

As his words fell, Kris went out. He came back a half-hour later with a basket in his hand. There was a pot of porridge, some steamed bread, and some dishes.

“Come, I will feed you.” Kris put a pillow under Lan Yu and fed her some porridge.

“Thank you, brother Zhang.” Lan Yu smiled sweetly to Kris. Kris smiled back but didn’t say anything. He fed her one spoon after another spoon until a bowl of porridge was finished. Then he fed her two bread.

“Master, let me feed you.” Kris took off his shoes while he was talking. Then he sat beside Yi Fang.

Yi Fang said embarrassingly, “Brother, you can call me Yi Fang. And thank you.” Her voice was so soft that Kris was suggestible.

“Come here, Yi Fang. The porridge is a little bit hot. Be careful. ” Then Kris blew the porridge for her and gave her a spoon of porridge.

One spoon, two spoons, three spoons…

Yi Fang’s face turned better after a bowl of porridge. Then she said, “Brother Zhang, thank you so much.”

“You are welcome.”

Kris smiled, then he pressed at Qingyuan’s backside of the head.


Qingyuan gave a moan and woke up.

“Come and have some porridge.” Kris filled her a bowl of porridge and gave a spoon of porridge to her, and said, “Open your mouth.”

“You, I would rather die than having your porridge.” Qingyuan felt she was greatly insulted. She was given porridge like a beggar as the presbyter of Emei School. How could she bear that?

“Qingyuan, Brother Zhang is a nice man. ” Lan Yu persuaded her. “You might die if he didn’t fetch us bread and medicine several days ago.”

Lan Yu was right. Qingyuan would be in danger if Kris didn’t get them food and medicine.

“Qingyuan, Lan Yu was right.” Yi Fang said with a red face. “Brother Zhang is nice. He not only saved us, but gave us medicine. He is a loyal man.”

“Hehe, A loyal man will take off our clothes and put us on the bed? A loyal man will take a bath for us?” Qingyuan said ironically, “He touched our body just now, and he wants to feed us food now. Why bother to pretend to be a nice man?”


Kris was pissed off immediately.

She would never know how powerful Kris was if he did not do something.

“Do you want some porridge?” Kris looked gloomy when he said that.

“No, don’t dream about it anymore.”

Kris sat on her without letting her finish her words. Then he held her face to force her to open her mouth.

“Take it no matter you want it or not.” Kris put the porridge into her mouth. “If you dare to spit it on the quilt, I will throw back the cover immediately. Let’s see who would suffer at that time.”

“You.” Qingyuan opened her eyes widely.

The three of them were naked now if the quilt was removed, then he would see them completely.

Lan Yu and Yi Fang also were embarrassed with a red face. “Brother Zhang, don’t …”

“Don’t forget what you swore before. You are my girl now. You shall take my side.”

“Lan Yu, did he threat you?”

“No, he didn’t. I did it on my own.” Lan Yu said bitterly.

“Have your porridge. Can’t it seal your mouth?”

Kris gave her porridge one spoon after another spoon with a cold face. Qingyuan was so furious that her body couldn’t help shaking after she finished the porridge.

Kris glared at her and said, “Make it clear that I saved you. Don’t pretend you lost a lot.”

Then Kris lay on the end of the bed and closed his eyes. Kris was tired since too many things happened these days.

It would be a hustle day if the followers in the dungeon found these women were saved. He needed to rest to prepare himself for tomorrow’s fight.

Kris fell asleep thinking of that.

The three women on the head of the bed looked at each, they felt complicated hearing Kris’s sound breath.

Ah, let’s sleep.

They didn’t even have a sound sleep in the cold dungeon. Now they were not only offered food but also had a hot spring bath. They were extremely comfortable now.

Soon the three of them fell asleep also. The next day, Kris was awakened by the scream of a woman.

“You, why are you here? Yi Fang looked at Kris, who was sleeping beside her with a red face.

The other two women were also woken up. Then Qingyuan smiled coldly then said, “see; finally his tail comes out.” As her words fell, she felt a hand come upon her. Her face flushed in a flash, and she couldn’t talk because of excitement.

Kris, who was awakened suddenly, didn’t realize what happened. He opened his eyes and only saw something white. And his head was on that.

Damn it. It brought Kris to his senses instantly. Then he saw embarrassed Yi Fang, who was almost crying, Qingyuan, who was furious, and Lan Yu, who was puzzled.

Chapter 276: A show of three women

“It’s all a misunderstanding!” Kris Chen stood up and explained, “It’s really a misunderstanding. I don’t know how I…”

“Don’t explain, you human-faced beast.” Mrs. Qingyuan said hatefully, “I want to kill you with my sword right now.”

“Brother Zhang, you…” Lan Yu didn’t know what to say.

“Oh my, I really didn’t mean it.” Kris laughed wryly. Last night, he slept at the foot of the bed, and it was too cold, so he subconsciously moved towards a warmer place. He didn’t know that he would be on Yi Fang’s side.

Yi Fang bit her lip and turned her head away. She was too shy to look at him. She did sleep with a man in her arms last night, and his head was put on her breast. How embarrassed.

She was the youngest elder of the Emei School, with a promising future. She had lived for over thirty years and had never been so close to a man.

At this point, she was in a complicated situation. She didn’t hate him or rage but quite shy. When everyone was embarrassed, the sound of footsteps suddenly came from outside the door. Kris’s face changed, and made a gesture of ‘shut up’.

“Asshole, have you woken up yet?”

It was a woman. It was Yuhan Qin. Why did she come so early? Kris wondered.

Didn’t she want to kill Kris? “What can I do for you?” Kris acted as if he had just woken up and shouted towards the door.

“Well, you’re awake. Then I’m coming in.” Saying so, she was about to open the door.


Before Kris could stop her, Yuhan opened the door and walked in.

As soon as she entered, she saw Kris, who was taking off his clothes. “Ah, you rascal,” Yuhan screamed and turned around quickly.

“Don’t call me rascal. I’ve told you not to come in, but you insist.” Kris was putting on his pants, and he drew the curtain.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for grandpa asking me to come to you, I wouldn’t have come.” Yuhan said, “Grandpa said that today we need to discuss how to deal with the captives of the six major schools, and he asked me to come and tell you in advance.”

“I know you can leave,” Kris said.

“Don’t you want me to stay longer?” Yuhan bit her lip and said.

“You have to let me put on my clothes first,” Kris said wryly.

“Hmph, whatever.” After saying that, Yuhan left.

Kris hurriedly closed the door and put on his clothes. Then he opened the curtain and said to three women, “You remember, never make any noise. Normally, no one will come to this room.”

Saying so, Kris then took some pastries from the side table and put them aside from their mouths. As long as they tilted their heads, they could eat them.

“Be good and wait for me here. I’ll find a way to help you find the antidote today.”

“We’ll be good, Brother Zhang!” Lan Yu said in a lovely way. Kris nodded and walked out of the room. As soon as Kris left, Mrs. Qingyuan began to scold, “Lan Yu, you called a demon ‘brother’ and agreed to be his woman. Don’t you feel sorry for your dead master?”

“Mrs., I, I’m all for saving you…”

“That’s enough, don’t call me like that. I don’t want to have any followers like you,” Qingyuan said this with pity. “Qing Yuan! Lan Yu has her own reason, and you shouldn’t say this to her,” Yi Fang said, “Without her, the two of us would probably have died in the dungeon.” Hearing Yi Fang’s words, Mrs. Qingyuan stopped speaking, but she had always felt humiliated, especially when Kris sat on her last night and forced her to drink porridge. And in the morning, Kris put his hand on her body. This made her feel very, very panicky.

Outside the room, a major event shook the entire cult. Today was the day to dispose of the captives of the six major schools, but when the disciples went to the prison to bring up the prisoners, the prisoners held in the dungeon were missing!

Excluding the two Huashan disciples who were hanged on the city wall, there were a total of eighty-five people, but the actual number was only eighty-two.

In other words, three people escaped and they were the female disciples of Emei School.

In the main hall, all the disciples of the six major schools were kneeling on the ground. With a whip in his hand, Wudi Geng lashed out at the disciples of the six major schools, “Tell me. Where did the three?”

Pow, pow, pow!

The whip left some bloodstains.

“Ow! We don’t know. We really don’t know.”

“I don’t believe it. Do you Emei School people know how to fly?” Wudi mercilessly lashed the female disciples of the Emei School.

“I tell you all. Please stop.”

“Well?” Wudi walked to the Huashan School disciple and kicked him to the ground, “Tell me, where the hell did they go?”

That t disciple wept heavily, “Last night, a mysterious man came to the dungeon and he was so good at martial arts that he made us faint with a wave of his hand.”

“It must be him who rescued them.”


A Mysterious man?

The crowd in the hall looked at each other, whispering.

At this time, Tongtian Wu stepped out and said, “Bishop, if he didn’t lie, that person should be an expert of the return-to-nature stage. Only people at this stage can transfer his energy to Sturdy Energy and make the enemy faint with a wave of his hand.”

“Good, what Mr. Huanglong said made sense.” Zhen Yuan added.

“But why did the mysterious man save them? And why only three people? And this mysterious man seemed to be very knowledgeable about the patrol time and he actually didn’t make any noise at all, so he is not only good at martial arts, but his dodge is also the best in the world.” Xiaolong Qin stepped forward and said, “Bishop, we need to find this person, otherwise he will be a hidden danger to us.”

Kris pretended to be listening carefully, but he was thinking about how to deal with this.

“Bishop, the mysterious man, needs to be found out, but these captives also need to be dealt with.” Wuyou arched his hands and said, “I suggest killing all of them and martyring them for Bishop Long and his wife.”

As soon as he said so, many disciples agreed.

“Martyrdom, martyrdom!”

Tongtian frowned and said, “No, we can’t. Keeping these people alive is more useful than killing them.”

“That’s right. Now the Six Major Schools are retreating, and as long as we keep these people, they won’t dare to do anything.” Xiaolong fanned himself with his feather fan and said, “Besides, I’ve already asked someone to spread the news that the Six Major Schools were forcibly attacking Holy Dragon Cult regardless of the lives of their disciples, which is absolutely a fatal blow to them. Unless they don’t want any dignity, they will never dare to do anything.”

Many people looked at Xiaolong adoringly, for they thought this was brilliant.

They thought that Six Major Schools called themselves righteous, but why did they care so little about their disciples?

This idea was like a dull knife cutting flesh. Although it couldn’t kill anyone, but it hurt.

Kris also nodded and said, “What Mr. Huanglong said was right. How about this? We block all these people’s power and let them be our servants. This time Holy Dragon Cult has lost quite a lot and let these people pay for it.”

As soon as everyone heard Kris’s suggestion, they nodded. “Mr. Heilong, these people will be at your disposal.” Kris said to Wuyou, “I want them alive.”

“Yes, Bishop!” Wuyou said respectfully.

“Take these people down and give them Holy Dragon Powder. Put on handcuffs and ankle chains.”


A group of disciples walked in through the door and took these captives away.

Holy Dragon Powder was a poison unique to Holy Dragon Cult, and those who were poisoned must take the antidote every month, otherwise they would fester to die.

After dealing with these matters, Kris said, “From now on, the entire Cult should be on alert until the mysterious man is found.”

“Yes, we will. Goodbye, Bishop.”

After they left, Kris called Xiaolong and asked him for some Soft Tendon Powder and antidotes. Xiaolong didn’t ask any more and gave him what he wanted.

“Bishop, the longer you take Soft Tendon Powder, the more damage it will bring to the poisoned person. Even if you take the antidote later, the effect will be greatly diminished.” Xiaolong carefully explained to Kris.

“Thank you, Brother Long!” Kris said with a smile.

“Don’t be, Bishop,” Xiaolong said calmly.

“Brother Long, in my eye, you are my brother.” Kris picked up Xiaolong and said, “So, in private, we still call each other brothers.”

“Kris.” Xiaolong was moved, “I really didn’t misjudge you.”

Kris laughed and patted Xiaolong’ s shoulder and left. After coming out of the hall, Kris immediately walked towards his room.

Damn it. This Soft Tendon Powder had such a huge side effect. Lan Yu and the others had been poisoned by Soft Tendon Powder for many days. Would it still effective?

Walking to the door of the room, Kris put on a human skin mask before he walked inside.

Then he closed the door and walked quickly to the bed and drew the curtain. The feeling of being looked at by three beautiful women was quite good.

“Brother Zhang, you… You’re back?” Lan Yu blushed.

Kris reached out his hand to touch her head, and she didn’t have a fever. Why blushed?

“What happened?” Kris asked.

“I… I…” Lan Yu shyly said, “I, I want to go to the toilet.”

As soon as she said so, Yi Fang bit her lips and also said, “And me…”

“You two…What a shame.” Mrs. Qingyuan said in a heartbreaking voice.

Kris was stunned and looked at Mrs. Qingyuan, “What, don’t you want to?”

“Asshole, I’m going to kill you.” Mrs. Qingyuan was annoyed by what he said. How could she not want to go to the toilet after drinking a bowl of porridge last night? But her sense told her not to do this.

“Why so serious? We are all human. Isn’t it normal to eat, drink, and shit?”

Kris sneered and said, “Since you don’t want to, forget it. But I can tell you, if you dare to dirty my bed, I’ll throw you out.”


Facing Kris’s threat, Mrs. Qingyuan was furious, but she didn’t dare to say anything.

Then Kris picked up the cloth that blindfolded him last night to blindfolded himself again. He uncovered the blanket and covered Lan Yu’s body with the bath towel, and picked her up.

Seductive body fragrance came to the nose. Kris was thinking a lot with beauty in hands.

Lan Yu felt itchy where Kris held her, unable to say uncomfortable she was. Following Lan Yu’s instructions to the toilet, Kris embraced her and said, “Okay.”

“OK.” Lan Yu shyly responded. Then he heard the sound of peeing, lasting for a full minute.

“Is it done?”

“Okay, okay!” Lan Yu was so awkward that she wanted to disappear like a puff of smoke. After putting Lan Yu back on the bed, Kris picked up Yi Fang again. Her body was actually plumper than Lan Yu’s, also heavier.

This woman looked so skinny, but her tits were quite good. Feeling the strong manly smell of Kris, Yi Fang was dizzy, so she weakly leaned her head on Kris’s chest.

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