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Chapter 275: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 275 I’m Just Using You (1)

The bakery owner thought about it and said, “About five minutes.”

“Thanks.” said Kerry. Before he could reach the door, the bakery owner called out, “Please wait a minute.”

Kerry thought the bakery owner had some news for him, but he said, “Please pay for the bread.”

“Why should I pay? I didn’t buy it.” Kerry asked, puzzled.

The shopkeeper smiled and said, “The man left without paying the bill. He said that if you didn’t come to him, he would use his cell phone to pay the bill. If you come back and take the phone, you will pay for it.”

Kerry really wanted to yell at him, but thought that the bread he bought was probably for Pingan, so he paid the bill very quickly.

Kerry didn’t know whether Gavin had heard something wrong from Tingyu Zhao’s words or witnessed him being chased.

“Where can Gavin hide in five minutes?” Kerry thought.

Kerry walked slowly in the direction the bakery owner had told him to go. Then the phone in his pocket rang, not his but Gavin’s. It was an unfamiliar phone number on the screen, and Kerry answered it.

When the call came through, neither of them spoke. They could hear each other on the phone over the loud sounds of cars and people.

Ten seconds later, Gavin’s familiar voice came over. “Kerry?”

“It’s me.” Kerry’s eyes searched the street quickly, “What do you want from me?”

“You give me fifty million dollars, and a helicopter, and I’ll let your son go.”

“Okay, I promise you.” Kerry didn’t hesitate and agreed.

Even if Gavin had extorted 500 million from him, he would have agreed. If the money were gone, he can earn it back. If he lost his son, he would suffer for the rest of his life.

“You agreed so readily.” Gavin said sarcastically. “It seems the money I ask for is too little for you.”

“Stop talking so much nonsense. Do you want a transfer or cash? Where do we meet?”

“At 5:00 p.m., I’ll meet you at the beach. I want cash. I hope the money will be put into the helicopter.”

“I’ll be there on time. I hope you’ll keep your promise.” Kerry said.

“Of course, I’m a businessman.” said Gavin.

Then Kerry cursed him in his mind.

“You get me on the phone with Pingan. I want to make sure he’s alive,” Kerry said.

There was a moment’s pause and then Gavin said, “He’s asleep.”

“Dam it, what did you do to him?” Kerry was roaring down the street, causing passers-by to look at him.

“Kerry, if you want to save your son, this is your only chance. If you don’t believe he’s alive, then you don’t have to come at five o’clock this afternoon.” With that, Gavin hung up the phone.

Gavin originally wanted to take Pingan away from here, but he couldn’t do that under the circ.umstances. After much thought, he didn’t want to put himself in danger because of Kerry’s son. Even if it was for revenge, the price was not worth it, so he planned to blackmail Kerry for a certain amount of money and then left, looking for a better opportunity to get back at Kerry later.

Kerry looked at the phone and slammed it down on the floor in anger.

It was now two o’clock in the afternoon, three hours before the appointed time. That was enough time for him to make all the arrangements. This time he must let Gavin pay for what he had done to Pingan.

Then he called the bank manager. The bank manager was shocked and said, “Mr. Yeh, we don’t have this much cash in our coffers.”

“That’s you thing. You figure it out right away. I’ll be over in an hour to pick up the money.” Kerry said, and hung up the call.

Afterwards, he called Tianye and told him about it. The two agreed to meet at the bank and go to the beach together.

After arranging for a private helicopter, Kerry drove to the agreed bank.

The bank manager saw him in person and invited him into his office. “Mr. Ye, please wait a moment. The cash will be ready soon.”

“Didn’t you just say you didn’t have so much cash?” Kerry mocked.

The bank manager laughed apologetically, “We just had an emergency transfer from another b.ranch.”

In fact, he was afraid to offend Kerry, the bank’s VIP customer, so the bank manger asked help from other banks.

“There’s one more thing I’m going to ask you to help me with,” Kerry said, then leaned close to him and whispered in his ear.

After hearing Kerry’s words, the manager’s expression was complicated, and then he said, “Mr. Ye, is this appropriate?”

With a straight face, Kerry said seriously, “Just do it. Don’t ask any other questions. By the way, have the bank’s cash truck deliver the money to the beach for me. I can’t fit that much cash in my car.”

“That’s no problem.” The manager said respectfully.

Chapter 275 I’m Just Using You (2)

“Hurry up, I’m pressed for time,” Kerry urged him.

“Yes, Mr. Ye, I’ll go arrange it.”

Ten minutes later, Tianye Mu arrived, his clothes almost drenched in sweat.

As soon as they met, Tianye asked him, “Is the money ready?”

“The bank is preparing the money.” Kerry said.

Tianye used a disposable paper cup to go to the water dispenser to get some water. When he finished a few glasses of water, he gasped for air.

“Why does he suddenly want the ransom?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Kerry frowned, “but it’s what normal people will do, isn’t it? I don’t think he took Pingan away just to get back at me.”

Tianye sat down on a chair. “Maybe he wants to raise Pingan and then have him come back to get revenge on you.” said he.

Kerry gave him a dirty look. “I guess you watched too many TV series and movies, so you think that way.”

“Ever since Xiran got pregnant, she likes to watch soap operas, and then she told me about the plot,” Tenha said. “So I had to know a lot of those plots.”

Kerry could almost picture that scene and smiled faintly.

Ten minutes later, the bank manager came back. He was stunned when he saw Tianye, then he shook his hand warmly, “Hello, Mr. Mu, I’ve heard so much about you. I didn’t expect to finally meet you today.”

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“Is the money ready?” Kerry interrupted him.

The bank manager smiled awkwardly, let go of Tianye’s hand and said, “Yes, this way, please.”

The bank manager ushered the two men to the bank’s vault, where several security guards were there, armed. There were ten boxes on the table, and Kerry opened one at random.

“There’s five million in each box, ten boxes in all,” The bank manager said.

“Put all this money in the car and come with me.” Kerry said faintly.

Then the manager busily asked the bodyguards to carry the boxes to the car.

After everything was ready, Kerry then led the way to the agreed-upon tarmac. The helicopter was already waiting there.

Moving ten boxes of cash into the helicopter, there was already very little room in the cabin.

“Where’s the stuff I need?” Kerry asked Nighthawk.

Then Nighthawk gave him a small remote control, pointing to one of the most hidden corners and saying, “There it is.”

“Have you installed it yet?”

“Yea, Sir. It is ready as you instructed.”

Kerry nodded.

By now, it was past four o’clock.

“Let’s go.” Kerry said.

“Sir, could I go to the beach with you?” Nighthawk said to Kerry, “I’ve been looking for him for over six months and I’ve never seen him in person, so I want to go see what he looks like.”

Kerry glared at him, but finally agreed to his request. “Where’s Xuan Chu?”

“He’s in that car.”

Kerry turned to look at the car. Then he contemplated for a moment before walking toward that car.

“Gavin’s getting ready to run away. Are you going to see him one last time?” Kerry said to Xuan.

Xuan sat in the car and looked at him in surprise, “You’re willing to take me?”

“Sure. Maybe you won’t have a chance to see him again.” Kerry’s words were meaningful, but Chu didn’t catch them. He was completely caught up in the excitement of going to see Gavin.

“Well, I’m going to see him. There is something I want to ask him myself,” Xuan said.

Then Kerry turned and walked to his car, weraing a wry smile. His reason for taking Xuan to see Gavin was simple. If Gavin still cared about Xuan, he would have one more bargaining chip in his hand to threaten Gavin. That would do Kerry no harm but good.

At five o’clock, Kerry arrived at the beach. He took out his cell phone and dialed Gavin’s number, which was quickly answered. “I’m at the beach. Where are you?”

“Where’s the money I want?” Gavin asked on the phone.

“In the helicopter.”

“Very good. I’ll be right there.” said Gavin.

Before Kerry could ask Pingan where he was, Gavin hung up again.

Tianye overheard the conversation, looked at the crowd of people playing on the beach not far away, and smirked, “It’s good that he picked this place. We can’t do anything to him yet.”

“I can’t k!ll him here, but I can choose other places to k!ll him.” Kerry snorted.

Chapter 275 I’m Just Using You (3)

Tianye didn’t say anything. He bent down and took out a box of cigarettes from the car, and gave one to Kerry, but Kerry shook his head, “I don’t smoke now”.

Then Tianye threw the it back into the car. In fact, he had quit smoking too. He just saw how upset Kerry was, so he gave him a cigarette to relax.

“What does this a.ssh0le look like? Why isn’t he coming?” Tianye looked around, and everywhere he looked there were men and women in bathing suits.

At that moment, Xuan got out of the car. He was staring at someone with an excited look, clutching his hands together tightly.

They saw his reaction and followed his gaze. A tall, upright figure was walking slowly from a distance, wearing a mask on his face. He wore a white T-shirt on top, a pair of fancy shorts underneath, and a pair of fl!p-flops. He was dressed less like a negotiator and more like a vacationer.

He was alone, and he didn’t have Pingan with him.

Gavin approached them little by little. First he saw the helicopter parked in front of the two cars, then he saw Kerry and Tianye, and finally he realized that Xuan was there.

“What’s he doing here? He is catch by Kerry again?” Gavin thought.

Walking three meters away from them, Gavin stopped in his tracks.

“Long time no see, Kerry,” Gavin said, “but you’re too much of a wimp. Why do you bring so many people here? You’re afraid I’ll k!ll you?”

Kerry looked at him indifferently, not wanting to waste time with him. “I’ve got the cash you asked for. Where’s my son?”

Gavin smiled faintly, “When I’m safely out of here, I’ll tell my men to release your son.”

Kerry was furious, “Damn it, you’re breaking your word.”

“Kerry, there are so many of you, and I’m all alone. If I bring your son here, it will be very dangerous for me.”

Xuan looked straight into the eyes of Gavin, whom he had loved so much, and felt sad. Xuan’s impression of Gavin was that he was a very sunny and charming man. And now his mind was full of schemes and tricks. He was nothing like he used to be. Now Xuan felt that he was not the man he had fallen in love with.

Kerry turned his head to Xuan and said, “You’ve met your old acquaintance. Aren’t you going to say hello to him?”

Xuan was very hesitant. There was so much he wanted to say to Gavin but he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to ask him why he didn’t answer his phone calls, why he always avoided him, and whether he ever loved him

In the end, however, he only asked, “How are you doing?”

Gavin smiled, opened his arms, and said, “As you can see, I’m pretty good.”

“I …… I am looking for you all the time. Did you know that?” There was anticipation in Xuan’s voice.

“I know.” Gavin said calmly.

“Then why didn’t you contact me?” Xuan asked angrily. He had traveled from Hong Kong to the Pacific Islands, and then from the Pacific to S City, and then flown to F Province in search of Gavin. For more than six months, he had been searching for him. His father threatened to kick him out of the family if he didn’t stop looking for Gavin, but he was still desperate to find him. Right now, the person he had been looking for so long was right in front of him, but Xuan felt that he didn’t care about him.

Gavin looked him straight in the eye, with no emotion in his look.

“Xuan, I don’t love you. I’m just using you to get close to Kerry and get what I want.”

Gavin’s words shattered the only hope that Xuan had left in his mind. His tears rolled down his face.

“Are you saying what you really mean?” Xuan asked through gritted teeth.

“Of course,” Gavin said coldly, “I only like women. I have no interest in men.”

“Then why did you accept my love in the first place?” Xuan shouted.

Gavin shrugged, “I want to try something new. I don’t know if I’m interested in men or women until I try them. But as I found out after spending time with you, I still like women.”

Xuan burst into tears. His body was trembling, “If that’s the case, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Are you afraid that I will pester you?”

“Are you stupid?” Gavin scoffed, “I just said that I was going to use you. You wouldn’t help me if I told you.”

Xuan took one step backwards. He yelled, “I’m a fvcking idiot. Gavin, I hate you. I’ll never forgive you.”

With that, Xuan turned and ran. When Nighthawk prepared to go after him, Kerry said quietly, “let him go.

Tianye turned his head and said, “He’s not going to k!ll himself, is he?”

“I don’t think he’s going to …… k!ll himself.” Kerry was a little unsure, but thought better of it and said to Nighthawk, “You keep an eye on him and don’t let him die.”

If something bad happened to Xuan in Sky City, for whatever reason, Xuan’s dad would surely blame Kerry, so Kerry was also worried that Xuan would do something to hurt himself.

“Yes, sir.” Nighthawk said, and chased after Xuan.

Gavin watched Xuan’s back as he left, his hands clasped tightly behind his back. It was probably for Xuan’s good that he did this.

Xuan was the only heir to the Chu family. Gavin knew that his family would not allow Xuan to fall in love with him, and Gavin thought it would be better for him to reject Xuan and make him hate himself than to end up suffering for both of them.

“Gavin, I just can’t figure out why you make Xuan fall for you like that,” Kerry said sarcastically.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing, too.” Gavin laughed softly.

“Tell us where Pingan is, and then take the money and get the hell out of here. I don’t want to see you for another minute.” said Tianye.

Gavin shrugged, “I’ll have to see if you really gave me the fifty million first.”

“The money is in the helicopter.” Kerry said coldly.

Gavin stepped up to the door of the helicopter, where there were ten boxes. He opened two of them at random to check them. By the way he checked that the helicopter was full of fuel, which was enough for him to fly out of Sky City.

Once inside the cabin, Gavin had no intention of going down. Kerry smirked, instantly shifted to the c0ckpit, then grabbed him by the arm and threw him right out of the c0ckpit.

It all happened so fast. Before Gavin knew it, he was thrown onto the beach.

“Gavin, you haven’t even told me where my son is and you’re trying to run?” Kerry looked down at him and said.

Gavin stood up from the ground and patted the sand off his body, “I wasn’t trying to run. I was just trying to see if the helicopter was okay.”

Kerry didn’t bother to argue with him and asked him, “Where’s Pingan?”

“Of course he’s Sky City. I’ll give you the address as soon as I leave.”

“I don’t trust you, call your man now. I want to make sure Pingan is okay.”

Gavin saw that Kerry was determined and he was in a hurry to leave, so he dialed his guy’s number.

“Is the baby awake?”

“Yes, he’s awake.” The man asked anxiously.

“Give him the phone,” said Gavin, and then he put it on speaker.

“Hello?” Pingan’s young voice came over the phone.

Kerry and Tianye’s faces changed at the same time. After so many days, they had finally heard Pingan’s voice.

Before Gavin spoke, Kerry was the first to say, “Pingan, are you okay?”

Pingan was stunned for two seconds, then shouted out in excitement, “Daddy, Daddy, is it really you?”

“It’s me ……” Gavin hung up the phone before Kevin finished his sentence.

Kerry got angry and threw a punch, which Gavin swiftly dodged and retreated to a safe distance.

Kerry clenched his fist, “Shit, I want to k!ll you so bad right now.”

“Now you know I’m not lying to you. I’ve been raising him since he was born. He was so cute, and I couldn’t bear to k!ll him.”

Kerry got even angrier at the mention of this. It was because of Gavin that he hadn’t even seen his own son when his son was born.

“Can I go now? I’ll be sure to give you the address five minutes after the helicopter takes off.” Gavin said solemnly.

Kerry stared at him with his purple eyes, “I hope you understand that if I don’t get the message in five minutes, I’m going to throw you into the sea just like I did earlier. I will also k!ll you first. You better never doubt my ability.”

Gavin winced. The purple eyes of Kerry’s were too weird for him.

“I promise I won’t break my word.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for your message.”

Gavin quickly jumped into the plane. Soon the propeller was turning. Huge winds swirled the sand on the beach, as if a sandstorm was coming.

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