Chapter 276: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 276 Where Was Pingan? (1)

With a roar, the helicopter took off and headed out to sea.

Five minutes later, Kerry received a message on his phone, which was an address.

Kerry then forwarded the address to Henry and looked up at the helicopter, which was already far away.

“What if he gave the wrong address?” Tianye Mu asked worriedly.

“Then I’ll bring him back.” Kerry said flatly.

“The plane has flown so far and you’re still able to catch him?”

Kerry turned her head and aimed his eyes at him, “Are you questioning my abilities?”

“I was just curious.”

“Of course I can.” Kerry said.

The two men waited on the beach for the news.

Henry was now taking hundreds of people to the address Kerry had given him. When Henry kicked open the hotel door, he saw Pingan.

Pingan threw down his water bottle and ran toward him, shouting, “Uncle Zhang.”

Henry bent down and grabbed him in a hug, his eyes moistened. “We’ve finally found you.”

The young man in charge of guarding Pingan in the room, seeing the sudden influx of people, quickly ran to the window and tried to escape, but he was grabbed down by the collar and slammed to the floor by the men who arrived.

Henry picked up Pingan and then stomped on the young man’s back, saying coldly, “Your boss has run away with the money.

“No, he said he would call me when he got the money and let me go with him.” The young man said hatefully.

“If he hadn’t told us the address, we wouldn’t have found this place so quickly. He betrayed you.”

“Take him away.” Henry said to his men.

Several men pulled the young man from the ground. He didn’t want to believe that he had really become a pawn of Gavin’s.

Then Henry immediately called Kerry and said, excitedly, “Sir, we have found Pingan.”

“Good, how’s Pingan?”

Pingan leaned over to the phone and shouted, “Daddy, Daddy, I miss Mommy. How is mommy?”

“Mommy is fine. They’re all waiting for you to come home.” Kerry said softly.

“Daddy, I miss you too.” said Pingan. It was rare for him to say sweet words to Kerry.

“I miss you too, and I will be right back. Give the phone to Henry.”

Then Pingan handed the phone to Henry nicely.

“Take Pingan to the Mu family, and be careful on the way.”

“Yes, sir.” Ending the call, Henry said happily to Pingan, “Let’s go, Uncle Zhang will take you to meet your mother.”

At the beach, Kerry breathed a long sigh of relief, “They find Pingan.”

Tianye nodded.

Looking at the helicopter in the distance, Kerry took out the remote control from his pocket and said with a light smile, “It’s time to detonate the bomb.”

After saying that, he pressed the button on the remote control, and then the helicopter instantly exploded and crashed into the sea.

“I still haven’t seen his real face,” Tianye said.

“I’m going to turn back the time, so you can see his true face. What do you think?” Kerry laughed and teased.

Tianye’s eyes widened in surprise, “You know how to do that?”

“Yeah, do you want me to show it to you?”

Tianye was filled with anticipation, “Yeah, show me.”

“I’m just kidding.”

Tianye was angry and kicked him, “You’re teasing me.”

Kerry dodged him and said with a smile, “Please don’t be angry.”

Both of them were in a much better mood now, humming a tune as they got into the car to go home.

While fastening his seat belt, Tianye asked, “Why did you choose this way to kill Gavin? What if he lets us on the helicopter with him?”

“You idiot. Don’t you know how to jump out of a helicopter?”

“You’re the idiot.” Tianye said and gave him a slap

Kerry didn’t duck it this time and his head got a punch. He laughed, “There’s a bomb in the helicopter, and he’ll never survive.”

“What if he hadn’t died and was still alive?”

“I’m not afraid of him. I don’t believe I can’t kill him,” Kerry said coldly.

Tianye stretched comfortably and teased, “The helicopter and the ten million are all gone.”

“It’s all worth it if we can get Pingan back.” said Kerry happily.

It turned out that Kerry had asked the bank manager to prepare ten million RMB yuan and forty million fake banknotes and put these fake banknotes at the bottom of the box. So he didn’t give Gavin 50 million.

Chapter 276 Where Was Pingan? (2)

The car was going very fast. When turning a corner, Kerry Ye made a beautiful swerve, but almost hit another car that suddenly changed lanes in front of him.

Tianye Mu grabbed the handlebars and turned his head to scold Kerry, “Can you drive slower?”

“I always drive like this. If you don’t like it, get out of the car.” Kerry returned.

“Do you want me to use force to get you to drive slower?” Tianye said.

Kerry took one look at him, “I’m driving. I don’t have time for you. If you want to fight me just wait until we get back.”

“Fine, let’s duel. But there has to be a wager, or the contest is boring.”

“What do you want to wager?”

Tianye smiled and said, “I saw a Bugatti Veyron in your garage the other day, you bought it new.”

“Yeah, I haven’t driven it once,” Kerry said. He didn’t have any hobbies. He just liked cars, so he built three garages full of his beloved cars.

“I like it.” Tianye said.

“Fine. I’ll sit on the bet with this car, what’s your bet?”

Tianye thought about it and said, “Didn’t you like that villa by the sea? I’ll use that villa.”

“Good, then it’s a deal.”

Soon, the car entered the gate of the Mu family’s villa.

From a distance, Kerry saw Venus sitting on a rocking chair on the lawn, Pingan swinging, and Henry protecting him.

As soon as the car stopped, Kerry got out of the car and strode toward them.

When Pingan saw him, he got off the swing and ran toward him, shouting loudly and excitedly, “Daddy.”

Kerry couldn’t help picking up his pace, walk up to Pingan, and picked him up.

Kerry felt his son’s heartbeat, and it was only at this moment that he felt that his son had really come home.

After a long hug, Pingan whispered, “Daddy, I’m hungry. Can we eat now?”

Kerry smiled warmly, “Of course you can. Are you waiting for us to eat?”

Pingan nodded, “Mom and Annt Xiran said that we can’t eat until you two come back.”

“Fine, let’s go then.”

Venus stood up from a distance and greeted him with the soft smile.

“I’m back.” said Kerry tenderly.

Venus came forward and took his arm, “Come on. Let’s go to dinner. To celebrate Pingan’s return, we’ve cooked many dishes today.”

“I like eating.” Pingan cheered on Kerry’s arm.

Xiran greeted everyone to take their seats, and Tianye went to the wine cabinet to get a bottle of red wine that he had kept for a long time.

“I’m going to have a good drink with Kerry today,” he said.

Xiran looked at the bottle of wine and her eyes showed a thirst, “If I weren’t pregnant, I would have a drink too.”

Pingan stood on the chair and asked loudly, “Uncle, I am a man. Can I drink?”

Tianye laughed, “You’re not a man yet. You’re a little boy, so you can’t drink.”

“Then when will I be able to drink?” Pingan asked.

“When you get to be eighteen, you can drink it.”

“Eighteen?” Pingan counted his little fingers and mumbled, “I’m one and a half years old. It will take me a long time to turn eighteen.”

Venus rubbed his little head beside him, smiled at him and said, “You will be eighteen, soon.”

“Yeah?” Pingan’s eyes lit up again, “Then I want to grow up with my sister.”

Xiran was curious, “Sweetheart, how do you know that it’s your sister and not your brother in mommy’s belly?”

“I’ve seen her before,” Pingan said innocently.

All four adults were shocked, incredulity in their eyes. Venus asked him in surprise, “When did you meet her?”

“It was these days. My sister played with me when I was sleeping in suitcases. She’s so pretty.” Pingan’s expression was quite smug.

After hearing his words, they realized that he had met her in a dream. They thought these two little guys with supernatural powers had met in a time warp.

Only Kerry was a little depressed. Except for him, his wife and son dreamed of their daughter, but he didn’t dream of her.

Venus understood that Pingan saw his sister in a dream, but didn’t understand why he slept in the suitcase, and then she looked at Kerry with puzzled eyes.

Kerry knew he had to tell Venus what had happened to Pingan, so he gave her a brief and concise account of the incident.

Venus frowned as she listened. She thought that Gavin would treat Pingan differently, or at least not hurt him, but she was wrong. It seemed that Gavin didn’t love anyone but himself.

After Kerry’s brief description of the incident, he continued, “I’m taking Pingan to the hospital tomorrow to check to see if there are any drugs left in his body.”

Chapter 276 Where Was Pingan? (3)

“Yes, we better take Pingan to the hospital for a checkup,” Venus echoed, and then she asked Pingan, “Do you feel sick?”

Pingan shook his head, “No, I feel fine.”

Venus, still unsure, took a good look at Pingan to make sure there was nothing wrong with him, and only then did she feel relieved.

Then Pingan thought of Gavin and asked Kerry, “Dad, where did Gavin go?”

“He go to a faraway place.” Kerry said.

“Will he come back to see me?” Pingan asked.

“Do you want to see him?” Kerry asked curiously.

Pingan thought for a long moment and shook his head, “No, I don’t want to see him.”


“He used to be nice to me, but now he’s not nice to me,” Pingan said. He remembered when someone was nice to him and he was keenly aware of when someone was not nice to him.

Kerry and Venus laughed.

While Kerry was telling the story, Tianye was pouring drinks for everyone.

“These unhappy events are over. Let’s raise our glasses and welcome Pingan back.” said Kerry. Then everyone raised their glasses. Pingan was smiling with great excitement.

“Did you really let him go?” Venus went over to Kerry and asked.

Instead of answering, Kerry asked, “What do you think?”

“We can’t let him go. He’s done so many bad things and almost got so many people killed last time.” Venus didn’t hesitate and said.

Kerry gave her a kiss on her face and said, “As you wish. I’ve given him the punishment he deserves.”

“Kerry, come over here and have a drink.” Tianye said.

The two men hadn’t drink alcohol for a long time because their wives were pregnant. This time, they finally had a chance to have a drink. Soon, the bottle of wine was all gone.

They got a little tipsy and Kerry stood up and grabbed Tianye’s arm, “let’s have a duel. I’ll win your villa for sure.”

Tianye smiled and then followed him outside the house.

Venus and Xiran wondered why they were suddenly heading out of the house.

“Where are you going?” Xiran asked.

Tianye smiled, “Honey, don’t you like that Bugatti Veyron in his garage? I’ll win it for you.”

“How are you going to win it?” Xiran was excited and asked.

Tianye waved his fist, “Get it by winning the fight.”

“I’ll cheer you on.” Xiran nimbly got up from her chair, “Venus, come on, let’s go watch.”

Venus laughed. She could imagine that if Xiran wasn’t pregnant, she would have fought with Kerry herself.

When they arrived on the lawn, Tianye and Kerry were ready, and Pingan came forward and stood between them, “I’ll be the referee. Dad, Uncle, I’ll count to three, and then the game will officially begin.”

“Okay, you’re in charge,” Tianye said, then looked up to Kerry and said, “But we agree in advance that you can’t be allowed to use your superpowers.”

“I don’t even have to use it on you,” Kerry said arrogantly.

“Don’t get cocky. I’ll have you on your knees later.” said Tianye.

Pingan ran over to his mother and shouted, “One, two, three, go.”

As soon as Pingan finished speaking, Tianye threw a punch at Kerry, who deftly ducked it and threw a punch as well, and the two began to tangle.

Pingan was so excited that he jumped around and cheered, “Come on Dad. Come on Uncle.”

When Venus looked at the two men fighting, her thoughts were spiraling. She had seen them fight before, but it was out of hatred, and they both wanted to kill each other. Two years had passed and now they were wrestling over a car and a villa.

Eventually Tianye got the upper hand, and finally knocked Kerry to the ground.

“Do you accept defeat?” Tianye pressed his elbow against his neck and asked proudly.

Kerry came out with a deft move and pressed Tianye down again, laughing, “You lose!”

“It’s not over yet.” Tianye pushed him away, and then they fought again.

Xiran held her waist to watch the battle, but also from time to time to give her husband ideas, “twist his left arm, right right …… kick his right leg …… well done. Honey, you are the best.

Venus was laughing next to her, and Xiran refused to be quiet even though she was pregnant.

The two of them fought for more than twenty minutes. The onlookers got sleepy and took a chair to sit and watch. But the more they fought, the more energetic they became.

Xiran, who had been cheering for ten minutes, lost interest and held her hand to her stomach. “I heard that they used to be sworn enemies.” She asked Venus.

“Yeah, they used to hate each other.” Venus nodded seriously, “The hatred between them before was definitely more serious than you can imagine.”

Suddenly Pingan cheered, “Yeah, Uncle Tianye wins the fight,.”

The two women looked up, and sure enough, Kerry was on the lawn with Tianye on top of him. He tried to resist again, but couldn’t get the strength to do so.

Tianye excitedly said to Pingan, “Pingan, count the number.”

Pingan didn’t understand what Tianye meant and asked, “Count the numbers?”

“Count from one to ten.”

Pingan didn’t know any rules, just thought it was funny, and shouted from one to ten quickly

“You lose.” Tianye gasped and stood up. Then he walked up to Pingan and lifted him in the air, “Pingan, you are my good nephew.”

Pingan was lifted high above Tianye’s head and laughed.

Kerry, lying on the lawn, was laughing too.

“Pingan, you’re counting so fast, Daddy won’t even get a chance to win,” Kerry said to Pingan.

“Do I have to count slowly?”

“Yeah, and when they ask you to count again later, you need count slower.”

“Okay, Dad. I’ll remember that.”

Seeing Kerry still lying on the floor, Venus smiled and said, “Aren’t you going to get up yet? You’re soaking wet.”

“I lost a beloved car and I’m heartbroken. I didn’t have the strength to get up.” Kerry said deliberately.

“Well, next time you’ll just win it back.”

Kerry continued to pretend to be sad, “I need love to get up.”

“What kind of love?” Venus laughed.

“Please give me a kiss.” Kerry smiled.

Venus readily agreed, then turned to her son and called out, “Pingan, come here.”

Pingan ran over, “Mom, what’s up?”

“Give your dad a kiss. He lost a car and he’s sad.”

Pingan then knelt down and kissed Kerry on the cheek, “Daddy, are you still sad?”

“I’m not sad,” Kerry said. “You’re my good boy.”

Then Kerry took Pingan in his arms and tickled him. They laughed happily on the lawn.

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