Chapter 277 – 278: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 277: What a humiliation

“Can, can you help me…”

“What did you say? I can’t hear you!” Kris said.

Mrs. Qingyuan was so ashamed, but she really couldn’t hold it back. If she were to do that in front of Lan Yu and Yi Fang, she would rather choose to die. Anyway, he was blindfolded and couldn’t see anything, so there was no need to be afraid of it.

She thought so to comfort herself.

“Please, hold me…” It was hard for her to say the following.

“Brother Zhang, please, don’t tease her. Just help her.” Lan Yu couldn’t help but say.

Kris gently touched Lan Yu’s face and said, “Okay, since you said so, I’ll help her.”

Saying so, he re-masked the cloth and then picked up Qingyuan.

This woman was not as thin as Kris had thought.

Although she had a bad temper, her figure and face were good, as awesome as Lan Yu.

Two minutes later, Mrs. Qingyuan returned to the bed. In a short minute, she lost all her dignity. At this time, Lan Yu asked Kris, “Brother Zhang, did you help us get the antidote?”

Oh, well!

Kris deliberately sighed.

Seeing Kris like this, Lan Yu was a little upset, “Brother Zhang, it’s okay, don’t blame yourself…” Before she finished speaking, Kris took the antidote out of his pocket.

“Just Kidding.”

“Brother Zhang, don’t fool me.” Lan Yu was surprised and happy. She had thought that Kris hadn’t gotten the antidote, but he was teasing him. But at this time, Lan Yu blushed and asked, “Brother Zhang, why didn’t you just take the antidote out so that we could go to the toilet by ourselves…”

Hearing this, Qingyuan raged, “You fucking asshole. I know it.”

Yi Fang was also blushing. With tears in her beautiful eyes, she was indescribably pretty.

“Take it easy. Stop cursing me.” Kris glanced coldly at Qingyuan, “So what if you get the antidote? It’s been so many days since you’ve been poisoned by Soft Tendon Powder. Even if you have the antidote, you can’t save yourself!”


Hearing Kris’s words, Lan Yu and Yi Fang were both confused.

“The longer you take Soft Tendon Powder, the more side effects it will bring to you.” With the antidote in his hand, Kris said, “It should have been several days since you guys were poisoned. I’m afraid that the toxicity of Soft Tendon Powder has already invaded your entire body by now, so whether this antidote will be effective or not, all depends on God.”

“Nonsense.” Mrs. Qingyuan looked at Kris angrily, “You can’t scare me. I won’t trust you.”

Kris shrugged his shoulders and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can choose not to eat the antidote.”

Then he handed the antidote to Lan Yu’s mouth.

Then Kris handed it to Yi Fang, but when it was Qingyuan’s turn, she was reluctant to open her mouth.

Kris was also annoyed, “If you don’t eat, forget it. Just wait until your energy is exhausted. I’ve worked so hard to steal the antidote, but you didn’t show any gratitude. What you are doing now is a punishment to yourself, not me.”

“Mrs. Qingyuan, open your mouth, please.” Lan Yu was anxious, “Brother Zhang, don’t be like her. She didn’t mean it.”

“Brother Zhang, you saved us, and we will definitely remember your kindness.” Yi Fang said.

“You, you two, don’t beg him…”

Mrs. Qingyuan’s face turned red, “I don’t want this asshole’s antidote.”

“Alright. Although you don’t thank me, I’ll still help you.” Kris forced Qingyuan to open her mouth and send the antidote into it.

“Lan Yu, how do you feel after taking the antidote?” Kris asked.

“I don’t feel anything, but I still feel any strength.” Lan Yu said.

“Me too. Weak.” Yi Fang said.

No way! Was it because the poisoning time had been too long and the antidote couldn’t take effect?

Just at this moment, footsteps suddenly came from outside the door.

“Keep quiet. Someone is coming.” Kris said to the three and drew the curtain.

“Asshole, are you there?” Yuhan Qin was about to knock when it opened from the inside.


Yuhan was a great trouble for Kris. Seriously, he didn’t even know how to face her now.

“Can’t I come to see you?” Then Yuhan got inside through his armpit.

Kris was anxious. He couldn’t let her see the three women lie on the bed, otherwise he would be over.

“Hey, why the curtains were drawn in the daytime? Is there someone hiding inside?” Then she was about to open the curtain.

Damn it—what a trouble. Kris quickly blocked her way, “There’s nothing. It’s just too messy, and I don’t want others to see this.”

Yuhan glanced at Kris, “Really?”

“Is there any need to lie to you?” Kris said with an indifferent look.

“Well, then,” Yuhan said.


Kris sighed, and just when he thought he could relax, Yuhan rushed over.


Kris was so scared.

Luckily, he stopped her.

He was so hard that Yuhan fell into his arms.

“Ah, you bastard…” Before she could finish her words, Kris kissed her.


In a second, she went blank.

She… was kissed by this asshole.

This girl was too difficult to deal with, so Kris used his tricks.

At the same time, looking at the figure of the two embracing each other on the curtain, Mrs. Qingyuan gritted her teeth, “What an asshole. How dare he hook up with a bitch of heathendom in front of us.”

Lan Yu was also upset. To be honest, she had sworn that as long as he could save them out, she would be his woman for the rest of her life.

Although she was ready for it, she was still very sad when she saw Brother Zhang flirting with another woman through the curtain.

Yi Fang was also staring at the figures, not knowing what she was thinking.

Just as Kris was going to open her teeth, the tip of his tongue hurt.


“You’re a dog, aren’t you?” Kris covered his mouth, shivering in pain.

“Why kiss me? Asshole, I hate you.” After saying that, Yuhan ran away with a panicked face.

Looking at her, Kris thought to himself that this girl didn’t dare to come back to him.

Pulling open the curtain, Kris smiled with embarrassment, “It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding.”

“Yuck, you fucking asshole.” Mrs. Qingyuan said, “What a joy hooking up with her in front of us.”

Looking at Lan Yu’s complicated eyes, Kris actually had the feeling of being caught in bed by the wife.

Yuck, yuck, yuck. Why thought about ‘wife’?

Kris changed another topic, “How’s it going? Are you able to move?”

“It works a little, and now I can move my fingers.”

“Me too.”

Lan Yu and Yi Fang said.

Kris nodded, it seemed the antidote still took some effect, “Alright then. Let’s wait and see the subsequent effect.”


Westriver City, Hejing Garden

Changhe Su and Jane Tang kept persuading Mary, “Mary, ask Kris for a divorce. You definitely won’t have a happy ending with him.”

“Yeah. Besides stealing things, he even hangs out with some slacker and makes friends with them. He’ll get us into trouble.” Jane held Mary’s hand and said, “Mary, listen to your mom’s advice, I’m saving you.”

“That asshole is arrogant now. he hasn’t called you for several days. Where the hell has he been?” Changhe said angrily, “Aren’t you afraid that he’ll bring another woman back one day?”

“He definitely will.” Jane sneered, “Do you remember last time, you went to see that cheap couples and Dean Lan? Look at her, she must be having an affair with Kris.”

“When she comes with her child to find the father, you’ll be regret.”

Mary was speechless, holding the phone.

It had been four or five days since there had been no news from Kris, who didn’t answer the phone as if he had disappeared from the earth.

“Dad, Mom, stop, OK?” Mary said calmly, “I don’t believe that Kris would hang around, and I don’t want to divorce him.”

“How silly you are, my girl. I’m pissed off by you.” Jane said hatefully, “What’s the use of looking at the phone? You’ve been looking at it for four or five days, and has he called you back?”

Saying so, Jane angrily grabbed the phone from her hand.

“Mom, give it back to me!”

“Mary, don’t blame dad for being cruel. In short, you must ask him for a divorce.” Changhe’ s attitude was stern, “Your mother and I have already signed you up for a blind date. People there are social elites or company executives, and you’ll definitely meet someone you like.”

“Dad, how can you do this?” Mary looked at her father, unwilling to believe what he said.

“It’s all for your own good.” Changhe’ s face was sullen, “Don’t go anywhere for the next two days. The blind date will start in two days, and your mom and I will accompany you then.”

“No, I won’t go!”

“Mary, don’t blame me. It’s better to be in pain for a short time than a long time. Just stay at home for the next two days, and I will cook good food for you.”

Saying so, she and Changhe took Mary into the room together.

Mina Li dialed Mary’s phone.

Finding her phone had been turned off, she frowned.

What’s going on? Why had Mary’s phone been turned off?

Just at the same time, a phone call came in.

“Hello, Mina, where are you now? I’m coming to get you!” As soon as the call got through, a man’s gentle voice came.

“I’m at Jinlong Building. Come and pick me up.” After thinking for a while, Mina said.

Twenty minutes later, a Lamborghini parked in front of the building.

With the window rolled down, a man wearing Baolong sunglasses and an expensive suit waved at Mina and said, “Mina, get in!”

“Thanks.” Mina smiled at the man and quickly got into the car.

The man’s name was Wei Wan, and his family business was about tiles. It’s his family’s own brand, and there were many chain stores in Westriver City.

It was said that their family had the market in the capital and the family’s assets were over a hundred million dollars.

Since they had met by chance at a banquet, Wei Wan tried his best to get her.

It was just that Mina had never had any feelings for him. But those things that she happened with Kris the other day made her panic, especially in the last few days, she dreamed about Kris every night.

This made her scared, for she didn’t want to be labeled with the bad reputation of stealing her best friend’s husband, so this was why she tried to start with Wei Wan as a friend.

Originally, she was going to ask Mary to come with her this time, but her phone was off, so she had to come by herself.

“Wei Wan, where are we going?” Mina asked.

He smiled and said, “I’ll take you to meet my friend.”

Then the Lamborghini engine roared, and the car rushed off like an arrow.

Chapter 278: Stabbing

It was night.

During sleep, he felt that something is happening around him.

As he opened his eyes, a sharp sword spreading cold aura was on his neck.

“Don’t move, or I’ll kill you,” Ms. Qingyuan said in a cold voice.

Ms. Qingyuan clutched the quilt to cover her body and hold a sword on the other hand.

A slender snowy arm stretching out the cover, the skin was dazzling under the moonlight through the window.

“Ok, fine, I will not move…” Kris Chen answered, “killing the donkey when the grinding is done, Ms. Qingyuan. You’ve gone too far.”

“Ms. Qiangyuan, bro Zhang is not a bag guy, so please put away the sword.” Lan Yu said anxiously.

“Yuanqing, Lan’s right, bro, bro Zhang didn’t do anything hurtful to us, and he helped us a lot instead; as members of the underworld, we should distinguish between good and bad people.” Yi Fang said.

“Yuck! I don’t care. Anyway, I must kill this lecher,” Ms. Qingyuan said. Meanwhile, the sharp sword blade stabbed towards Kris’ neck.


Ms. Qingyuan’s sword was directly bombed away.

Following a powerful force passed down her arm.


Ms. Qingyuan was knocked right off the bed by force.

At that moment, her hand that was tightly clutching the blanket spread out, and the dizzying view was exposed directly into the air.

Yi was shocked and said, ” A practitioner at the return-to-nature stage!”

Lan was shocked too. She knew that Dong Zhang’s strength was profound, but she didn’t expect that he was at the return-to-nature stage.

No wonder Ms. Qingyuan’s sword couldn’t pierce down. There was only a small gap between the innate-power stage and the return-to-nature stage, but they were at different levels, so the sword in her hand couldn’t pierce through Kris’ body-protective Sturdy Energy.

Kris was furious because this woman actually wanted to kill him!

He rode on Qingyuan’s body and grabbed her neck. His eyes filled with murderous anger, “Why do you want to kill me?”

As he spoke, the force of his hands gradually increased.

Qingyuan’s face instantly turned to be black purple.

“Big bro Zhang, let her go.” Lan brought up all her strength before she managed to lift a hand and grabbed Kris’ arm and begged, “Please, Brother Zhang, please let go of Ms. Qingyuan.”

As she lifting, she was partly naked in the air, but she didn’t notice that at all.

“Little Bro Zhang, hands off her, hands off her,” Yi struggled to brace herself and reached out to grab Kris’ hand, “I apologize to you on behalf of Qingyuan, please, forgive her, okay?”

As she was saying, the blanket covering her body slid halfway down, and the snowy skin was exposed into Kris’ sight. But he was not interested at all. The three women wanted to kill him over and over again, and they had no conception of good or bad people in their minds, moreover, they were trying to kill their savior.

Such people were simply evil than demons.

“Big bro Zhang, pleas let go of her,” Lan shed tears because of anxiety, “Please, I’m begging you. How should I get along with you if you killed Ms. Qingyuan?”

Concerning Lan’s words, Kris paused for two seconds, then the murderous aura in his eyes faded away, and his hand slowly loosened.

Cough sound was released by Qingyuan.

Ms. QingYuan coughed a few times, taking large gulps of fresh air, and at that moment, she knew that Kris was truly intended to kill her.

“Thank you, bro Zhang,” Yi looked at Kris gratefully.

Kris stood up from the bed and looked at Ms. Qingyuan cold-bloodedly, indifferent to her exposed scenery, “Don’t try to cross the line again and again, because I do kill people.”

He turned to Lan and Yi: “You two remember that you owe me a life separately!”

After saying that, Kris walked off the bed and got himself a glass of water.

Damn it! If it wasn’t for the fact that Kris practiced the Tianmo Kungfu and managed to break through from the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage to the later period of the return-to-nature stage, he would definitely be a dead person today.

Hearing Kris’ words, Lan bit her lips and said, “Bro Zhang, from now on, this life of mine is yours.”

Yi was silent for a long while, then said with a red face, ” Yi Fang from E’mei school will definitely bear this in mind.”

Walking over to the bed, Kris said, “in accordance with your condition now, you may recover tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow, the Holy Dragon Cult will send all the disciples who died in battle to the summit of Kunlun for burial, at which time you will wear the disciples’ costumes of the Holy Dragon Cult to blend in the march and take the opportunity to escape.”

Afterward, Kris took out three sets of female disciples’ clothing of the Holy Dragon Cult and threw them on the bed.

“What about you, bro Zhang? Will you go with us?”

“Don’t worry about me,” Kris looked at Lan and said, “remember, do not try to look for me, and once you are getting the chance, just run towards the foot of the mountain.”

Speaking of that, Kris took out some money, “here is $20,000, finding a herdsman when you arrive at the foot of the Kunlun, asking him to send you to the airport.”

“Little Bro Zhang, thank you so much,” Yi said gratefully. But she still confused, “little Bro Zhang, I would like to know that those disciples of mine from E’mei school are okay?

“Don’t worry, they won’t die,” Kris said, “The Bishop said they will all be reduced to servants, controlled with poison, with handcuffs and ankle chains, for clamping down on the Six Major Schools.”

After hearing those words, non of three-spoke one word. Finally, Yi sighed grudgingly, “It’s already a blessing that we are alive.”

Lan, also, was silent.

That night, Kris did not dare to sleep again but sat cross-legged to meditate.

There were two kung fu skills in the Tianmo Book: the holy Bible of Sun-moon Holy Cult, Holy Dragon Scripture, respectively.

The Holy Bible of Sun-moon Holy Cult was the top-secret and essential kung fu in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, which Kris had possessed.

While the Holy Dragon Scripture belonged to Holy Dragon Cult, and it was the core kung fu skill of Holy Dragon Scripture.

If by saying that the Holy Bible of Sun-moon Holy Cult was subject to physical martial, the Holy Dragon Scripture was subject to Inner Energy and Spirits, and there was a lot of synergy between them.

Tianmo Book was the masterpiece of Tianmo School, it had two sets: one set was about physical body exercise, which could build a strong body; and the other was about spirits forging, which allowed the practitioners to have a powerful spiritual mind and prevented from qigong deviation.

Kris, who had taken the Dragon Tiger Pill, had a flesh body that was far beyond that of a normal person and cultivated the Tianmo Body with half the effort.

He absorbed the sun and moon’s essence to enrich the Ultimate Yin Genuine Energy while operating the Holy Dragon Sutra. And the Marrow-clearing Scripture was expanding his veins and tendons all the time.

Every moment Kris could feel himself getting stronger.

He had a feeling that it wouldn’t be long before he could break through to the back-to-self stag. But not long before Kris realized, that this feeling was merely an illusion caused by his great increase in power.

Another aspect was the influence of the Tianmo power on him. It seemed that he should hurry up and forge the spirit.

Practicing for all night, Kris not only did not have a trace of fatigue, but was instead refreshed. His mind was incomparably clear, and this was the benefit of cultivating the Tiammo power.

He got up from the floor; pulled open the curtain, and woke up the three women on the bed, “Wake up. All of you get up and get dressed.”

The words spread, then the three women woke up leisurely. When she saw Kris, Lan said to him, “Bro Zhang, good morning.”

“Morning, little bro Zhang,” Yi said with embarrassment. Only Qingyuan’s face was cold, but Kris was used to it and didn’t care.

“I would say it one last time that don’t think of making trouble, because experts in Kung fu are numerous in Holy Dragon Cult. Besides, as weak as you are right now, making trouble is equal to suicide.” Kris looked at Mrs. Qingyuan, “Especially you, behave yourself if you don’t want to get the two of them into trouble.”

Qingyuan gave Kris a cold glance and did not speak.

“Copy that, Bro Zhang!” Lan nodded her head, after a night of recovery, she already had strength, but the Genuine Energy movement in her body was still very jerky, so she was only able to exert her strength of the early period of the acquired stage.

Yi Fang also nodded her head, she should have recovered thirty percent of her strength by now, probably able to exert her strength in the later period of the acquired stage.

“Alright, I gotta go. And don’t forget to come out later,” Said Kris striding away.


At this moment, the disciples were all in funeral outfits, which were white and made from flax. And the disciples who were dead in the battle were put into coffins.

As the Bishop, Kris was also dressed in mourning clothes, and he wore a golden dragon mask on his face and held one hand on Zaitian Long’s golden coffin.

This was a rule unique to the Holy Dragon Cult, so that Kris’ face was blocked. Thus there was no fear of Lan and the three of them seeing his face. By Kris’ side, Yuhan Qin was also dressed in plain white; as Zai Tian’s goddaughter, she naturally had to be at the funeral.

“Send the Bishop of the Holy Dragon Cult and his wife on their way!” Tongtian Wu stood by and shouted loudly.

Then the Holy Dragon Cult doors opened wide, and thousands of disciples in mourning clothes cried out in unison, grieving the heavens and the earth.

Lan, Yi, and Qingyuan were dressed in mourning clothes and mixed in with the crowd.

The good thing was that the Holy Dragon Cult was located on the Kunlun Mountain, and all of its disciples, male and female, had the habit of wearing hats, which perfectly covered the bald heads of Yi and Qingyuan.

Lan followed behind the crowd and looked around.

“Lan, don’t scout, didn’t Little Bro Zhang tell you not to look for him?” Yi whispered as a reminder.

Lan’s pretty face blushed, “No… I didn’t look for him, I just wanted to see if I could see my sisters and the others.”

As soon as the conversation ended, Yi also nodded her head and began to search through the crowd.

Four hours later, the group arrived at the top of Kunlun Mountain. There was a cave here where the successive masters and ladies of the Holy Dragon Cult were buried.

Seeing Zaitian Long and Meiji Cai were buried in one tomb, Kris felt very sorry for Zaitian because Zaitian was a hero in the world but now died because of a woman, and what a pity it was!

Meanwhile, Kris couldn’t help complaining that they were teased by fate. He joined the Holy Dragon Cult by chance, but now, he had become the biggest leader of this Cult that being looked like the symbol of evil.

However, since things happened already, Kris wouldn’t escape from this.

He was trying to change the Holy Dragon Cult.

Those days of everyone shouting at each other were just awful.

When the disciples stopped the coffins at the cave entrance, Xiaolong Tan started to deliver the eulogy.

It was said that this was a way to communicate with the successive Bishops, telling them that Zaitian has finished his mission and now ready to be go back to them. And at that moment, when Kris looked down from above, he immediately saw three white figures moving backward in a furtive manner.

Now that Kris’ mental strength was greatly increased, his eyesight was also much better than ordinary people.

Kris shook his head helplessly, hoping that these three women wouldn’t be discovered, he had already done all he could do, and it was up to them to escape.

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