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Chapter 277: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 277 The Birth of Xiran Xiao’s Son (1)

In the evening, after bathing Pingan, Kerry returned to the room where Venus was reading a book.

He wiped Pingan’s hair and asked, “What are you reading?”

Venus showed it to him and said, “A fantasy romance, sister-in-law recommends it to me, and it’s pretty good.”

Thinking about Tianye’s weird thoughts, Kerry smiled and shook his head, “It’s harmful to your eyes. You’d better read less.”

“Well, let me finish this chapter, the plot comes to the climax.” Venus said without looking back.

Pingan seemed very interested and said, “Mommy, read it to me please.”

Uh ……

“It’s not suitable for you, you’d better ask your father to read you a storybook.”

“Why is it not suitable for me?” Pingan was very curious and asked again.

Venus found it hard to explain. She couldn’t say that there were many erotic fragments in it nor could she talked about the mystical powers. Pingan already had that power, what if he took it seriously?

Seeing this, Kerry said, “Because it’s so profound, you can read when you become older.”

Pingan nodded his head, however, he really wanted to know the story of the book.

“Mommy, I want to sleep with you tonight.” Pingan crawled into bed while his father was tidying the towel.

Kerry immediately said, “No.”

“Why?” Pingan asked again, and the atmosphere suddenly became intensive.

“Your sister is in Mommy’s belly, and you’ll kick her when you fall asleep.” Kerry said seriously.

Hearing this, Pingan held Venus’ s arms tightly and said, “I’ll be quiet, I won’t kick her.”

“How do you know if you’re asleep?”

Then Pingan retorted, “Then you’ll kick her as well for you are also asleep.”

Kerry didn’t know how to answer, so he said, “I’m an adult, I won’t do that.”

“You are lying, you just want to stay with Mommy.” Pingan was sad and he turned to looked at Venus, “Mommy, I haven’t seen you for days, I miss you.”

Thinking of the difficulties that Pingan had endured these days, Venus immediately felt sad, when she was about to agree, Kerry interrupted her and said, “No way.”

Pingan stood up, and said to Kerry, “You don’t have the final say.”

“I’m your father, of course I can decide that.”

Pingan pointed at Venus’ s belly and said proudly, “My sister is in charge of that.”

Then Kerry smiled, “She is still in Mommy’s belly. Of course she can’t.”

“Well, I have an idea.” After saying that, Pingan got close to Venus’s belly and said, “I am your brother, if you want me to sleep next to you, just give me some reaction, if you don’t want, just keep quiet.”

Then they all stared at Venus’s belly, however, after a while, Venus’ s belly moved.

Pingan laughed with joy, “Look, she agrees my words.”

Kerry had no choice but to agree. He was unlucky today. Then he said, “Well, remember to be quiet.”

Pingan patted his chest, “Don’t worry.” Then Pingan finally won the battle.

However, Kerry felt depressed, if the girl was delivered, he would have no status in the family at all. Well, it was a long way to go, he still had to endure.

At night, Pingan slept well between his parents, he hadn’t done this for a long time.

Two or three minutes later, after Pingan fell asleep, Venus asked Kerry, “How did you deal with that person?”

“Have you ever seen the TV series called Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils?” Kerry suddenly asked.

Venus nodded, “Yes.”

“He has got a taste of his own medicine. This is the skill of one of the main characters Rongfu Mu.” Kerry said mysteriously.

Venus was a bit dull since she got pregnant, so she didn’t understand Kerry’s words and asked, “What do you mean?”

Kerry said softly, “I just use the same way he used before. However, I lost a helicopter and ten million Yuan.”

After thinking for a while, Venus finally understood his words.

“Does anybody who sees it?” Venus asked worriedly.

“The sunset was so gorgeous that no one should have seen it, and if there was indeed someone who saw it, they could do nothing for they didn’t know who I am.”

After a moment of silence, Venus sighed softly and said, “It’s his retribution.”

“Right.” Kerry caressed her face and said softly, “Everything is done, sleep right now.”

“Fine.” Then Venus closed her eyes.

Since she had been kidnapped by Alisa to the island, the nightmare begun. She had experienced sorrow and happiness, now everything was finished.

She found her son, her husband and her brother. Now a new life would be delivered, she didn’t dare to imagine that before. Gavin had completely disappeared, she slept very well.

Chapter 277 The Birth of Xiran Xiao’s Son (2)

The next morning, Kerry drove Venus and Pingan home, and before that, Venus greeted Xiran and they made an appointment to go shopping the next time.

Then Tianye said to Kerry, “Don’t forget to bring back my car today.”

Kerry replied indifferently, “I know.” He felt so aggrieved for this was his new car and he only drove once.

Seeing Kerry’s face, Tianye smiled even brighter.

After sending Venus back to the villa, Kerry took Pingan directly to the hospital.

Almost all the people there recognized Kerry and of course they saw Pingan as well. They thought about the news before, although it was suppressed by Kevin, they were actually curious about it. However, they had no spite.

“Wow, his eyes really have different colors, it’s so beautiful.” A girl cast a glance at Pingan and said in surprise.

“Yes, I’ve never seen that before. It’s incredible.”

Pingan was sitting beside Kerry, he was happy at first, then he felt something was wrong, so he asked innocently, “Dad, why are they looking at me? Do I look different from them?”

Hearing this, Kerry felt sad and nudged his little nose and then said, “Yes, you look so beautiful, they haven’t seen such a pretty boy before, so they look at you.”

Pingan frowned and said unhappily, “But I think they are talking about my eyes, I am different from them.”

Then after a moment of silence, Kerry said, “Pingan, this world is very mystical with all kinds of people living in it. They look at you for they are shallow, you are a good by, don’t think much.”

Pingan seemed to understand, and after hesitating for a while, he asked, “Dad, what does shallow mean?”

“Well, it means that they are not well-educated.”

“Fine.” Pingan said seriously, “Then I’ll read more books, meet more people, and do a lot of meaningful things when I grow up.”

“Great.” Kerry encouraged Pingan.

Kerry really admired Pingan, not because he was his own son, but for his optimism and endurance. When he was at that age, he didn’t dare to speak with his classmates for fear that they would find his secret. Pingan did much better.

Ten minutes later, the test results came out. The doctor seemed dissatisfied with the results.

“Doctor, is the problem serious?” Kerry asked worriedly.

The doctor lifted his glasses and said seriously, “You are so reckless. How can you feed your child with such large amount of sleeping pills?”

Kerry kept silent and heard the doctor’s reprimand, but his hatred for Gavin grew a little stronger.

Seeing that Kerry was silent, the doctor got more furious, “You are irresponsible. He will go to sleep when he feels tired, but how can you feed him sleeping pills? He is such a beautiful boy, what if these pills cause harm to him? Then, you’ll regret for what you’ve done.”

“It’s our fault, and it won’t happen again,” Kerry admitted his fault, for fare that the doctor would scold him for an hour. Then he asked, “What should we do now?”

“There’s nothing we can do, those pills have already been absorbed. He can only depend on his metabolism.”

“Does that have any side effect?”

“It’s not a big deal, but he would be sleepy these days, just take care of him.”

Hearing this, Kerry felts relieved.

“Thanks a lot.”

“Take good care of your child, be more patient please.” The doctor lectured.

“Yes, I will.” Kerry walked out of the outpatient and sighed. He almost couldn’t restrain his temper. Fortunately, he remembered that the man was not his family doctor.

Seeing this, Pingan asked, “Dad, why don’t you explain? It’s not you who feed me the sleeping pill. The doctor is so rude.”

Kerry smiled quietly and replied, “It’s okay, even if I said, he doesn’t know that person.”


Then they lived a somewhat normal life, and everything was going in the right direction. But one day, Kerry and Venus quarreled, more exactly, it was Venus who got angry. The cause was very simple, it was for Venus’s work, but finally the quarrel got more serious.

When having dinner, Venus talked about her will of going back to work, then Kerry said casually, “Don’t go to work, it’s not convenient for you since you are pregnant.”

Hearing this, Venus was confused and she said, “But I promised President He that I would participate in the design competition.”

“I’ll talk to her later and ask her to send someone else.”

Then Venus felt unhappy, when she was hesitating, it was Kerry who encouraged her, but now he stopped her to do that.

“What do you mean?” Venus asked coldly.

Kerry was picking the thorns on the fish, he replied without looking up, “Nothing, I just think it’s too hard for you to go to work now.”

Hearing this, Venus was very furious and she put down the chopsticks, then said indifferently, “I don’t find it hard for that’s my interest. Besides, there are so many female employees in your company, do they have to resign when they get pregnant?”

However, Kerry still didn’t notice her change, he picked the fish into Venus’s bowl and said, “They are all ambitious women, you are different.”

Chapter 277 The Birth of Xiran Xiao’s Son (3)

“What? Right, I’m pregnant now, so you think I can only rely on you?” Venus said in a harsh manner, so finally Kerry noticed it, when he looked up, Venus’s expression was cold.

Kerry was surprised and said, “What’s going on? Did I say something wrong?”

Pregnant women tend to be emotional, and the slightest discomfort can lead to a serious consequence. The more Venus thought about it, the more frustrated and angry she became, and soon, her eyes became wet, “I determined to be a great designer when I was still studying. I want to rely on myself. It was you who encouraged me to participate the competition, but now you stop me to do that. You don’t even ask my opinion and just make the decision for me.”

Hearing this, Kerry realized the seriousness of the matter, so he quickly comforted her and said, “I don’t mean that, I just think that it’s inconvenient for you to work since you’re pregnant. When the things get done, I support you to do whatever you want.”

“Don’t talking nonsense, you don’t respect me at all. I have nothing to say to you.” Venus stood up with red eyes, she pushed him away, and walked upstairs without eating.

Kerry quickly followed her for fear that she would hurt herself, and then said, “Be careful, you are pregnant now.”

Hearing this, Venus couldn’t restrain her anger and shouted, “All you know is the baby. Am I a machine? You married me for taking revenge on my brother, you don’t love me at all. Even Pingan came to this world by accident.”

Kerry was very anxious, “That’s not my thought.”

“Even if you don’t think like that, but that’s what you’ve done.”

“What did I do?”

“Haven’t you done that before?” Venus said the words without thinking.

Hearing this, Kerry was also a bit angry, “Why are you going over these old stories? It’s been a long time.”

“That’s the truth and it won’t change.” Venus yelled at him with tears rolling down her face.

Seeing her tears, Kerry was not angry at all, he took a step forward and said softly, “Well, don’t be angry, I’ll send you to work tomorrow, okay?”

“You don’t need to do that!” Venus played devil’s advocate and directly refused him.

Kerry didn’t know what to do, so he asked, “Why not?”

“Even if I go, I don’t want to go with you, I’m just a small staff, how dare I to bother you.” Venus kept walking while saying.

Kerry was so depressed, but he protect her the whole way.

Venus was so angry that as soon as she entered the bedroom, she closed the door, thus Kerry was nearly hit by the it.

He leaned on the door and apologized, “Honey, it’s all my fault. Can you open the door? Don’t be angry, it’s not good for your health.”

Then the door was opened, Venus said angrily, “Then tell me about you fault.”

Kerry was confused, actually he didn’t know, so he said, “Everything I’ve done is wrong.”

“Crack!” The door was closed again.

Kerry was speechless, Venus was the first woman he fell in love with, and they got married quickly, so he didn’t know how to coax a girl.

Even the words he said just now was learned form TV series.

“I’m sorry, honey, can you open the door first? You can do everything you want, just don’t be angry.”

Then Pingan suddenly ran here, after seeing this, he said with a smile, “Daddy, did you make Mommy angry?”

“Well, you’re right.” Then, an idea appeared in Kerry’s minds, so he bent down and whispered to Pingan, “Help me please, Tell Mommy that I know my fault.”

Pingan bobbed his head and said, “What’s my prize?”

“What do you want?”

Pingan immediately said, “I want a small car, the kind that I can drive myself.”

Pingan had been thinking about this gift for a long time, but Kerry didn’t agree for he was too young. Even the toy car was dangerous for him.

Since Pingan said about it now, he could only agree, “Well, as long as Mommy is not angry, I will buy it for you.”

“Pinkie promise.” Pingan extended his little finger.

“Pinkie promise.” Kerry extended his little finger as well and then they made a deal.

Pingan knocked the door excitedly, “Mommy, it’s me.” There was no sound from inside.

“Mommy, I’m coming in,” After saying this, Pingan disappeared.

It was at this moment that Kerry remembered his super powers. Why didn’t he think about it before?

He thought that with Pingan’s help, Venus wouldn’t been that angry. However, two minutes later, Pingan came out with anger.

“What’s wrong?” Kerry was confused. Then Pingan said angrily with his hands crossed around his waist, “Mommy is crying, what have you done?”

Hearing this, Kerry was anxious, then he squatted and asked, “Is Mommy crying?”

“Yes, she keeps crying and looks so sad.” Pingan said pitifully, “I don’t want the car, and I don’t like you anymore.”

After saying that, Pingan disappeared again.

Kerry was stunned for a while, he felt very anxious and then came to the room directly, not caring whether Venus would be angry or not.

Pingan didn’t lie to him. Venus was wiping her tears on the bed, while Pingan was handing her tissues, he kept comforting her, “Mommy, don’t cry. If Dad makes you sad, then I won’t be with him. I just want to stay with you.”

Seeing this, Kerry’s heart ached, how could he say that to her? It was already a blessing for him to marry her. She even delivered two children for him. How could he let her cry?

“Honey.” Kerry asked Venus, he wanted to touch her shoulder but was dodged by her. Then Pingan stood in front of Venus and said, “What are you doing in here? Mommy doesn’t want to see you.”

Kerry whispered in his ear, “I’m coming to admit my fault, give us some personal space please.”

After thinking for a while, Pingan said, “Well, you have to make Mommy happy, or I won’t talk to you.”

“Copy that.” Kerry said confidently. Then Pingan shoved the tissue into Kerry’s hands and then left reluctantly.

When he left, Kerry knelt down and said, “Honey, don’t cry. My heart ache.” The more he said, the more Venus cried, she pointed at the door and said, “Who allow you to come in? Get out!”

Kerry clutched her hand tightly and continued, “Honey, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have ask you to give up the competition without seeking your advice, and I shouldn’t stop you from working. But this is the last time, I swear, I love you, you have to trust me.”

Hearing this, Venus choked and shook off his hand, “You are talking nonsense! I know that you don’t want to be with me for I’m not good-shaped. My skin is not good as well. You think that I will make you feel embarrassed.”

“Honey, don’t think like that.” Kerry replied bitterly, “That’s not my thought, I swear! You are the most beautiful mother in the world even if you’re pregnant. I won’t do that to you.”

“Well, then let me ask you, I’ve noticed that the secretariat has hired two pretty girls. How do you explain that? And they’ve been running to your office frequently in these days.” Venus asked with tears in her eyes.

Hearing this, Kerry finally found the real cause. So he hurriedly explained, “They are hired by Secretary Liu, I don’t even know their appearance, it is just a rumor.”

“Of course you won’t admit that.”

“How can I admit if I haven’t done that?” Kerry was quite helpless, “Who tell this to you? Ask him to come here and I’ll confront him.”

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