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Chapter 278: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 278 A Quarrel (1)

Venus wiped away her tears and sneered sarcastically, saying, “Are you with a guilty conscience?”

“No.” Kerry involuntarily raised his voice and said.

“Why don’t go let me go to work if you don’t have a guilty conscience? Are you afraid that I’ll disturb you while you are flirting with other women?” Venus said.

Being given an unwarranted charge, Kerry felt like he’s like a dumb person taking a dose of bitter medicine. He repressed his anger and said gently, “Venus, I really don’t know who secretary Liu hired. We have no personal contact at all. All they do are delivering documents to my office and serving tea when guests come and nothing more. If you don’t believe what I said, you can call secretary Liu and ask him yourself.”

As Kerry spoke, he took out his phone from his pocket. “He’s your subordinate, so of course he’s on your side. What can he tell me?” Venus said.

Pressed, Kerry asked directly, “How can you believe I’m innocent?”

As Kerry became angry, Venus said surlily, “I don’t want to hear anything right now. Just get out of here. I need to calm down.”

Kerry didn’t want to let her calm down alone, for he knew that women make terrible decisions whenever they calm down, especially at night, they tend to be impulsive.

“Why do need to calm down? Nothing happened at all. Fuck! Who the hell is talking nonsense in front of you?” Kerry scolded angrily.

Venus shot Kerry an angry glance and said, “My brother told me that. My brother doesn’t lie to me.”

Kerry was stunned for a while. He thought the former colleagues of Venus in the design department told her that, but it turned out to be his brother-in-law. “Is Tianye Mu trying to trip me up?” Kerry thought.

“Tianye? He hasn’t even been to my office. How could he know that?” Kerry said.

Venus smiled scornfully and said, “Stop acting. Come to think of it, is it true that my brother has never been to your office?”

Kerry thought it over and suddenly something came to his mind. “Oh, yes, he has been to my office. I forget that.” Kerry said immediately.

It was two days ago in the afternoon that Tianye paid a surprise visit. Tianye said he was just stopping by. Kerry was so busy that he had no spare time to care about Tianye. Tianye sat on the sofa for ten minutes, then he got bored and left after saying goodbye to Kerry.

Was it that time?

“Fuck, could it be that Tianye deliberately making things up for Venus to give me a hard time because I had snubbed him?” Kerry thought.

“So you’ve seen my brother? You just said he hadn’t been to your office.” Venus said with a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Kerry knew he had put his foot in his mouth and apologized sincerely, “I’m sorry. It really slipped my mind. I was so busy that I didn’t know when he left…I will call him.”

Kerry didn’t stand up and remained on one knee. He found Tianye’s phone number and dialed it. Then mechanical female voice came from the phone: sorry, the phone that you dialed is power off.

“No, this matter must be made clear. Otherwise, I will be wronged.” Kerry thought.

Then Kerry called Xiran Xiao’s. On the third ring, the phone went through.

“Hello!” Xiran said.

“Sister-in-law, I’m Kerry. Is Tianye with you?” Kerry said.

“He hasn’t come back from a social outing.” Xiran said softly, as if she had just woken up.

“Sister-in-law, his cell phone is off.” Kerry said.

“Is normal that his phone is off.” Xiran said indifferently.

“Sister-in-law, Tianye’s out socializing at night and turns off his cell phone, don’t you worry about him hooking up with women?” Kerry said meaningfully.

“He is not you. I trust him in his moral standing.” Xiran said.

After hearing that, Kerry was unhappy. “What’s wrong with me? I am also a good person.” Kerry said.

“Come on. I am the only woman Tianye fall in love with, but how many women have you fallen in love with? Isn’t there a Miss Pan who desperately wants to marry you some time ago?” Xiran said.

Just as the saying goes, hit where it hurts. What Xiran said touched Kerry’s tender spot and Kerry was still of tongue.

Kerry couldn’t defend himself, because it’s all true, even though he lost his memory at that time.

“Of course, if Tianye really hooks up with other women, I will cut his penis off first, and then I will induce the baby in my belly, making him die sonless. Can he afford it?” Xiran said. Though Xiran said that lightly, Kerry was funky.

Women are more ruthless than men when they are angry.

Kerry gave a dry cough and said, “Well, sister-in-law, I’ll hung up.”

“Wait, what do you want with Tianye?” Xiran asked.

Kerry peeked at Venus and said awkwardly, “Nothing special. It’s business matter. I will call him tomorrow.”

Before Xiran said something, Kerry hung up the phone.

Kerry knows Xiran well. She always stands on the side with Tianye. If he really tells Xiran about it, there will be only one result, that is, Xiran must think he did something wrong. Besides, Venus follows Xiran’s words. Isn’t he looking for trouble by doing that?

Kerry threw the phone away and said with some earnestness, “Honey, Tianye deliberately said that to you to revenge me. Now his phone is off. When his phone is on tomorrow, I’ll ask him to explain it to you.”

“OK, you can go out now. You can only stand in front of me when the matter is solved completely.” Venus said coldly and resolutely, leaving no room for negotiation.

“How about I ask secretary Liu to fire those two women…” Kerry said.

“There is no need to do that.” Venus stared at Kerry with a spurious smile and said, “Didn’t you say they have nothing to do with you?”

“I do that because you don’t like them.” Kerry sad.

“You can keep them by your side as long as you like them.” Venus said.

Kerry doesn’t understand women’s mind-set at all. No matter what men say, women are capable of bringing the old subject back.

Chapter 278 A Quarrel (2)

“I don’t like them. I like nobody but you. Honey, why do you believe in Tianye Mu, but not me?” Kerry said. Kerry felt deeply hurt.

“Because he is my brother and I’ve known him for 25 years. He does everything for my own good. But I have known you for only two years, and we have only been together for more than half a year. Who do you think I will trust?” Venus said calmly.

Kerry’s heart was broken. It turned out that his position in her heart is so low.

His anger, which he had kept quiet all night, finally bridled up. He got up from the ground and said coldly, “You think Tianye does everything right. What about me? Venus, I am your husband. I have done so many things for you. All what else I can do is to show you my heart. Am I no better than his lie?”

Venus looked up at Kerry with unusual coldness and said, “Kerry, you do everything voluntarily. I don’t ask you to do that all.”

“Yes, I do everything voluntarily. I just stew in my own juice.” Kerry said.

Venus felt a sting in her heart when she saw Kerry’s angry facial expression. “I don’t want to see you now. Just get out of the room.” Venus said.

On the spur of the moment, Kerry lost all sense of reason and said, “I will leave now.”

Then Kerry strode away.

Bang! The door was slammed shut. The loud noise made Venus feel even sadder.

Kerry fretfully went to the third-floor study and locked himself in.

Downstairs, Pingan lay in the arms of John. “Grandfather, mom and dad quarrel so fiercely.” Pingan mumbled.

John knows about Kerry’s bad temper. He sighed helplessly and said, “Don’t be afraid. They will make up.”

“If they get a divorce, I am going to live with mom.” Pingan said suddenly.

John was taken aback. “Who tell you quarrel means divorce?” John asked.

“I got it from TV.” Pingan said.

“Everything on TV is nonsense. Your parents won’t get a divorce.” John said with absolute certainty. They hadn’t divorced when they had such a bad relationship before, and now is even more unlikely that they will.

“Even if Venus said something outrageous, she is pregnant. How could Kerry argue with a pregnant woman? He is so naïve.” John thought.

In the study, Kerry gradually calmed down and realized what he had just said and done.

“Am I mentally retarded because of my last drowning? Why did I say that to Venus? Why I slammed the door and left? I’m so stupid. Didn’t I go to apologize to her? How did it come to this?” Kerry thought.

Kerry covered his face with his hands. He was very remorseful. “What should I do? Venus had been angry with me. She might be angrier for what I did just now. Should I go to apologize to her now? But now she must still be angry that she won’t listen to anything I say. I’d better wait until she cools off before I apologize to her. I will just stand there still if she wants to scold me and hit me.” Kerry thought.

But Kerry didn’t know that when a woman and a man quarrel, it is the man who has to admit his mistake first. When the woman calms down, even the slightest trouble will become a big one.

At about ten o’clock in the evening, Kerry gathered all his courage and walked silently to the bedroom.

There’s no light on in the room. The bright moonlight streamed in through the window.

Pingan was not in the room. After mush persuasion by John, Pingan agreed to sleep in his own room. John wanted to create an opportunity for Kerry.

Venus slept on her side with her eyes closed on the bed. Kerry walked closer to the bed and saw Venus’s red eyelids from crying.

Kerry’s heart gave a sharp pain. He wanted to touch Venus’s white face, but he was afraid to awake her.

It’s very hot, and because Venus’s pregnant, she couldn’t turn on the air conditioner, so at night she kept the window open and covered herself with a thin summer blanket.

Kerry lay flat on the bed for a while and then gently rolled over, facing her back.

Venus’s curves are mellow. Although she is pregnant, her belly is not very big, so her waist is still very slim. Her long hair lay loose on the pillow.

Kerry remembered that a few days ago, Venus said that it’s very difficult to wash her long hair. Besides, she often loses hair as she is pregnant. Therefore, she wanted to cut it short. Kerry said voluntarily that he would help her wash her hair, and he did put that into practice. Looking back on it, Kerry felt he’s selfish. Because the reason he didn’t let Venus have her hair cut is because he thinks she looks good with it, and he doesn’t think about how Venus feels.

They were not far apart, but Kerry didn’t have the courage to go any closer.

What Venus said was right. Kerry had done so much for Venus of his own accord. And Venus suffered a lot after being with him. She almost lost her life.

Venus would have lived a happy life if he hadn’t tried so hard to keep her around. Instead of living in fear, she may now be a rising star in fashion design.

It’s he who bound Venus’s soaring wings. How could he have a quarrel with her?

He had secretly vowed to make her the happiest woman in the world, but what had he done?

Kerry reached out and twined a long strand of her hair between his fingers. “Honey, I’m sorry.” Kerry said with full regrets.

Unfortunately, Venus fell asleep and she didn’t hear the apology.

That night, Kerry though back to many things, either good and bad. He felt more sorry for Venus and he didn’t fall asleep until after midnight.

When Kerry woke up the next day, Venus was still asleep. Not wanting to disturb her, Kerry got up quietly and went to wash his face and rinse his mouth.

Kerry had intended to make a sincere apology after Venus got up, but before he finished his meal, secretary Liu called to remain him that he had an important meeting to attend at 9 a.m..

Kerry took a look at the watch and found it’s already twenty past eight. Kerry came back to the bedroom and squatted beside the bed staring at Venus’s face. He was about to kiss her forehead secretly when Venus turned her back to him with her eyes closed.

Kerry froze where he was. Venus woke up, but she didn’t want to see him.

Chapter 278 A Quarrel (3)

Kerry was overwhelmed. After a pause, Kerry said gently, “I’m going to work now.”

But he received no response at all.

“I’m sorry. I was wrong yesterday.” Kerry said with regret, “You can beat and scold me if you want, but don’t ignore me. Venus, I love you very much.”

Venus didn’t even change the rhythm of her breathing.


Kerry was in the middle of a sentence when his cell phone rang again. He took it out and found it’s secretary Liu again. Kerry knew secretary Liu must be urging him on and he hung up the phone directly.

At ordinary times, Kerry would stay with Venus instead of going to work, but the meeting that morning is very important. The meeting was decided after a long time of negotiation with Americans.

“I asked Mrs Qin to make your favorite porridge. Go to eat some when you get up. I’m going to work now.” Kerry said.

After saying that, Kerry looked at Venus for a while before he walked out of the room.

When the door closed, Venus opened her eyes, filled with sadness.

Kerry came to the company with mixed feelings. “Fire the two women in the secretariat.” Kerry said to secretary Liu before the meeting.

Secretary Liu was confused and said, “Mr Ye, which two women do you refer to?”

Kerry gave him a cold look and said, “The two you just hired.”

“Did they do something wrong?” Secretary Liu said.

“Just do what I said. Why are talking so much nonsense?” Kerry said harshly. “Yes, I will do it right now.” Secretary Liu lowered his head and said.

Kerry walked quickly in front and secretary Liu followed him. “The two women know their place. And on their first day at work, I told them not to mess with Kerry, or they would be fired before they know it. Did they do something to make Kerry unhappy?” Secretary Liu thought.

Seeing the anger of Kerry, secretary Liu thought that Kerry must have quarreled with Venus. Only Venus could let Kerry bring his personal emotion to work.

Kerry turned his phone into silent mode during the meeting because it’s a video conference.

Three hours later, the project, which involves several billion yuan of investment, finally made some progress.

“I look forward to our cooperation very much. Welcome to China and Sky City.” Kerry said with pure British accent.

The man with blond hair on the screen said with a smile, “OK. We’ll do that as soon as possible.”



At the end of the meeting, Kerry rubbed his sore eyes and habitually took out the phone in his pocket. After taking a look at the phone, he sprang from his chair, drawing the eyes of the senior executives.

There were more than 30 missed calls on his phone, all from Ye’s villa.

Kerry’s heart beat fast. He had a premonition that something must have happened at home.

Kerry hastened to call back. The phone rang only once before being answered. “Hello. John, what happened?” Kerry said.

“Oh, sir Kerry, you finally answer the phone. Venus’s gone.” John said.

“What did you say?” Kerry said. His voice changed out of worry and he ran out at a great pace.

“Venus’s gone. At about nine o’clock, Venus went downstairs to have breakfast. She played with Pingan for a while and then went out for a walk. I didn’t expect that she wouldn’t come back. I asked the security guards at the gate and they said Venus went out at about ten o’clock.” John said anxiously.

“Asshole! Why don’t you stop her?” Kerry asked angrily. It’s twelve o’clock at noon, and Venus has been away from Ye’s villa for nearly two hours.

“Sir Kerry, who dares stop Venus if she wants to go out?” John said in injured tones.

Now at Ye’s villa, everyone knows that Venus is of more authority that Kerry, so no one dares to stop her.

Kerry was angry and wanted to hit someone. “Why didn’t anyone follow her? Don’t you know she is pregnant?” Kerry said.

“Why you argued with her as you know she is pregnant?” John said in his heart.

“Venus said she is so annoyed that no one should follow her.” John said frankly.

Kerry’s heart sank when he heard that. It seemed that Venus was really angry this time.

“Did she bring her phone with her? Has anyone been sent out to look for her?” Kerry said.

“She brings her phone with her, but it’s turned off. Henry and Nighthawk have been out to look for her with some people.” John said.

At that time, Kerry ran to the elevator and pressed the button hard. “Where is Pingan?” Kerry asked.

“He is at home, but he is in a bad mood and he keeps silent.” John said. John felt distressed when he saw Pingan sit on the doorstep, motionless.

“Keep an eye on him. Don’t let him run about.” Kerry said.

“OK.” John said.

After hanging up the phone of John, Kerry called Henry to ask about his search.

“I am now looking for Venus in hotels and Nighthawk goes to the traffic police group to check the surveillance video. There is no news of Venus yet.” Henry said.

Kerry lay his hand on his forehead and said, “Let me know if there’s any news.”

“Yes, sir Kerry.” Henry said.

The elevator descended very fast. Kerry stared at his phone for two seconds and then called Tianye Mu.

“Hello. Who it that?” Tianye asked while knowing the answer, arrogantly.

Kerry felt a drumming in his temples. “Tianye Mu, you’re fucking enjoying yourself by talking nonsense in front of Venus, don’t you? Well now, Venus’s gone. If anything bad happens to her, I’ll kill you.” Kerry scolded with loud voice.

After hearing that, Tianye was shocked. Instead of caring about Kerry’s scold, Tianye asked, “What did you say? Venus’s gone?”

“Yes. She ran away from home in anger. Are you happy now?” Kerry said through gritted teeth. If Tianye is in front of him now, he must give him a good beating.

“Don’t speak in a voice dripping with sarcasm. I haven’t settled the matter with you yet. Now go to find Venus first. If you can’t find her, I will show no mercy to you.” Tianye said.

Kerry hung up the phone angrily. Then the elevator arrived at the first floor. Fang was waiting for Kerry at the door of the company for he had got the news from secretary Liu.

“Mr Ye, where do you want to go?” Fang asked.

Kerry had no clue at that moment and he didn’t know where to go.

He used to think Sky City is too small for him to build his business empire, but at that moment, he thought Sky City is so big. There are cars and people everywhere. Where should he look for his missing wife?

Seeing the anxiety and pain on Kerry’s face, Fang didn’t dare to ask again and started the car.

“Drive slower.” Kerry said. Then he kept his eyes fixed out the window.

The weather that day is very bad. The dark clouds were all over the sky and the next second seemed to be pouring. Kerry couldn’t imagine what he should do if it rains and Venus’s still outside.

The streets were crowded with people. Kerry suddenly remembered some of the sweet shops that Venus used to go and asked Fang to drive there.

As soon as the car stopped, Kerry got off the car and ran into the shop, asking, “Hello. Has my wife been here?”

As they are regular customers, the owner knows Kerry and Venus.

“She hasn’t been here.” The owner said.

Then Kerry left the shop disappointedly. He went to several other shops and got the same answer.

As time goes by, Kerry became more and more worried.

At that time, Nighthawk called Kerry.

“Boss, after Venus came out of the villa, she got into a taxi and the car disappeared on Jiangnan Road, where there is no monitoring.” Nighthawk said.

“Let’s go to Jiangnan Road.” Kerry said to Fang.

“Yes, sir.” Fang said.

“Jiangnan Road? It’s not downtown, and it’s relatively out of the way. Why did Venus go there? Could it be that she was kidnapped?” Kerry thought.

When the idea came to her, Kerry felt even more uneasy.

What if others kidnap her for they think she is beautiful and recognize her?

“Fang, drive faster.” Kerry urged.

It was closing time, and no matter how skilled Fang is at driving, he couldn’t fly through the traffic.

When they finally got to Jiangnan Road, the lightening hit and there’s thunder.

Thunder rumbled down from the sky and crashed overhead.

Kerry was on tenterhooks. “Venus, where are you? I swear I’ll never lose my temper with you again. Please come out now.” Kerry said to himself.

Kerry’s phone rang again. He took a look at the phone and found it’s Tianye who’s calling.

He thought Tianye had got news and he answered the phone immediately. “Have you found Venus?” Kerry asked almost at the same with Tianye.

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