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Chapter 279 – 280: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 279: Extermination

On the snowy Kunlun Mountains, Lan Yu and the other two white people could hardly be seen if not to tell carefully. Especially when the sun shined on the snowy mountains, the mountains looked like a dazzling mirror.

Therefore, they could easily escape from the crowd and ran down the mountain.

“Master Qingyuan, why not take a break? I can’t walk anymore.” Lan said, out of breath, sitting on the ground.

“Qingyuan, let’s take a break,” Fangyi also felt tired. With the sword stuck in the ground, Qingyuan was panting, “Take a break, I’ll keep watch for you.”

After stop-and-go along the way, they finally reached the foot of the mountain before the sunset. Fortunately, they came across a herder there.

The herder was paid to send them to the airport overnight.

The moment they got on a plane, they finally signed with relief as if a lifetime had passed before rebirth.

They finally escaped!

Their escape didn’t attract any attention at all.

After the funeral, people returned to the Scripture.

Kris and Yuhan Qin sat in the center of the main hall as Xiaolong Tan was handing over the Holy-Dragon Plate and Dragons Ring with both hands.

Burying Zaitian Long meant that the Holy Dragon Scripture was completely controlled by Kris.

Yuhan became the wife of the leader with all their kneeling. Tongtian Wu was beaming with pleasure beside them. Because it’s not suitable to celebrate since the funeral was just finished, everything was simply arranged.

Kris gathered Xiaolong and other followers to the meeting hall.

Kuizi stood by his side, waiting for instructions. It’s worth mentioning that Kuizi had been promoted to the Sub-headquarters Leader by Kris. If it weren’t for his weaker strength, he would have been promoted to be one of the Double Ghosts.

But it’s nothing for Kris. As long as he was given a Barrier-breaking Pill, he would be upgraded at any minute.

Several minutes later, Xiaolong and the others filed in and bowed down to him when seeing Kris in the seat, “Your bishop!”

“Have a seat.”

After all of them sat, he said, “I have something to tell you.”

“I have been in Holy Dragon Scripture for some time. Now I have some personal matters to deal with. I have to leave here.”

“What?” Tongtian’s expression changed instantly, “Bishop, the situation we’re facing now is so dangerous that you are advised not to leave at this time.”

“Bishop, please don’t do that,” Wudi said. “What if the six major schools intrude again?”

“Don’t worry. The six major schools suffered heavy losses this time. Besides, our military counselor has spread the news. They won’t do that unless they are shameless enough,” Kris said. “I know you are worried about my safety. The six major schools don’t know my true identity. Don’t worry. Everything is okay.”

“Bishop, we need a leader in Holy Dragon Scripture,” Xiaolong shook the fan lightly. “What should we do without you if there is something important to be determined?”

“That’s a problem,” Kris nodded. After considering for a while, he smiled and said, “Well, during these days I’m away, you take charge of all the affairs under the assistance of Yellow, Black, and Blue Dragon Guardian, and Double Ghosts, and finally decided by my wife!”

“If no one can make a decision, then I’ll make it.”

Xiaolong and the others looked at each other. It seemed that he had been determined to leave.

“Bishop, how about my going with you to protect you lest someone wants to kill you.”

Kris looked sullen to hear what he said. Was this guy looking forward to seeing him murdered?

“No, Kuizi will follow me,” Kris waved his hand. “Too many followers together would make me more conspicuous. Besides, there is a branch of our Scripture in Westriver City. No need to worry about my safety out.”

Kris didn’t want to let his identity as the branch leader of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult known. After all, Shengyong and Weiwu Zhao were still waiting for his appearance in Westriver City.

“Bishop,” Before Wudi finished his words, Xiaolong interrupted, “As you ordered!”

Following Xiaolong, Tongtian, Zhen Yuan, and Double Ghosts replied together, “As you ordered!”

“As you ordered!” Wudi sighed and knelt on the ground.

When Kris walked out of the pharmacy at night, Xiaolong had been waiting outside for a long time.

“Brother Long, here’s 100 Obstacle-breaking Pills.” He handed the bag filled with pills to Xiaolong.

“What? One hundred?” Xiaolong was stunned. “Kris, these are the pills that can help break through one’s extremity?”

Kris nodded with a smile, “You got it.”

Xiaolong was shocked and so excited.

God! It’s said to be a panacea!

“Kris, are you serious?”

“Brother Long, believe me,” Kris smiled. “You know what I mean. These Obstacle-breaking Pills are used to reward and encourage followers.”

Then he took out a smaller bag, “The fifty magical pills in it are suggested to be auctioned.”


So many!

Xiaolong felt so nervous at this moment.

However, he didn’t understand why Kris suggested auction, “Kris, with these 50 pills, there will be 50 more followers with an innate-power stage even with the return-to-nature stage. By that time, the six major schools, or Sun-Moon Holy Cult, will never be able to catch up with us.”

Kris asked him with a smile, “And then?”

“Then we…” Xiaolong didn’t know how to answer since he hadn’t thought about this problem before.

“Maybe Obstacle-breaking Pill is very precious to other people. But for me, as long as I have materials, it’s inexhaustible,” Kris said with confidence. “Generally speaking, the Obstacle-breaking Pill is a panacea that everyone dreams of.”

“Why are we called a heresy? Are we really evil?” Kris shook his head and said, “Not that true. In order to survive among different cults, we had to bear such a bad name.”

“Do you really think there are no bad guys in the six major schools that claim to be decent?” He poured a glass of water for Xiaolong. “I also eager to survive aboveboard without being hated by others. “

Kris’s words shocked Xiaolong deeply and set him thinking.

That’s right. Once permitted, no one wanted to live like walking on thin ice under the dark rule?

“Do you plan to change our image?” Xiaolong asked.

Kris shook his head with a wry smile, “That won’t be easy. The six major schools and Holy Dragon Scripture had been fighting for hundreds of years. They hate us. “

“But the Obstacle-breaking Pill will help them increase the strength, right?”

“No, no, no.” Kris shook his head. “The pill can only help break through to the return-to-nature stage. They will never be more powerful than us. Don’t worry about it. We can… “

Two days later, Kris and Kuizi went to Westriver City by air.

Meanwhile, the news that the six major schools were defeated had been spread more and more widely.

Especially the death of Master Shiming of the Shaolin School and the escape of Master Zhen Yuan had caused a great uproar.

Many people began to criticize Zhen Yuan, some of which even threatened to tear him all to pieces.

The Chen family was excited and afraid to hear the news because they couldn’t believe that the Holy Dragon Scripture was so powerful to defeat the six major schools. However, what made them afraid was that Zhen Yuan was the contact.

No medicinal material for the followers to practice had been left since a few days ago. Not only that, they couldn’t contact Zhen Yuan now, which upset Tianzong Chen. And the old man didn’t leave his phone number.

“Dad, Master Zhen Yuan must be in the Holy Dragon Scripture. How about asking someone to find him?” Quan Chen said.

“Can we?” Tianzong asked worriedly.

“Of course we can!” Quan said. “See, Master Zhen Yuan not only killed Monk Shiming but also hurt Master Jinglian. He triumphed! The Holy Dragon Scripture will definitely reward him. If we go to find him now, maybe we will meet the other top managers.”

Tianzong was vacillating, who said worriedly, “No, wait and see!”

The next day, people worldwide were all excited when news came that when the Holy Dragon Scripture had some Obstacle-breaking Pills!

“Dad, let’s go to the Holy Dragon Scripture,” Quan said ecstatically. “It’s a Obstacle-breaking Pill! We’ll be rich if we can get it!”

Tianyao was also persuaded, “Then who will go there?”

Who will go there? Quan also wondered.

Let alone the altitude problems on the Kunlun Mountains. Without seeing Zhen Yuan, what if they were killed for breaking in as enemies by the Holy Dragon Scripture?

Meanwhile, Lei Chen said, “Dad, let me go!”

“What?” Tianzong stood up. “Lei, Sisi is about to give birth. I don’t think it’s a good idea. “

“Dad, I must go,” Lei said firmly. “It is because Sisi is gonna give birth that I must go!”

Lei said in pain, “It’s all my fault for being so useless. I can’t even protect my wife, causing Kris to bully my wife so rampantly. Only by strengthening myself can I revenge on him!”

“Lei is right. That’s what a man should do. Lei, I’m on your side!” Jie Liang said. “Dad, I agree!”

She tweaked Quan in a pet to remind him to stand up, who was still sitting blankly without any reaction. “What an idiot!” Jie thought.

“I agree, too!” Quan stood up and said.

Tianzong sighed, “Well, if you want, go then. But remember, take care!”

After the Chen family left one by one, Quan whispered, “Why did you tweak me just now?”

Jie said angrily, “Idiot! We will have a chance as Sisi is gonna give birth while Lei is not here.” Jie made a gesture of killing.

Only then did Quan react, who praised her excitedly, “Oh, honey, you are so smart!”

Chapter 280: The networking event

“Wei Wan, where are you taking me?”

Eyeing the building in front of her, Mina Li asked, “Isn’t this Jinyang Tower? Why are you taking me here?”

Wei Wan smiled as he said, “A networking event is underway tonight, and the participants are either social elites or rich second generations. A friend of mine is forced to come to have a blind date by his family, so he is inviting me to join the event and meet some people. “

“Oh, is that so?”

Mina’s interest went upon hearing that the participants were all social elites and rich second generations.

As the general manager of Dashun Estate Agency, it would be beneficial for her to get more social relations.

“Come on, my dear Miss Li.”

Wei Wan opened the deputy driver’s door and held out his hand in a gentleman-like manner.

Minutes later, when the two arrived at the eighteenth floor, the big characters “Associating Party of Elites” popped into their eyes as their stepping out of the lift.

Upon that, Wei Wan took out an invitation, and a waiter in a black suit led them into the venue.

At the same time, in the venue, with a booklet in her hand, Jane Tang was discussing with Changhe Su, who could match Mary Su.

In booklets were all photos of elites.

“Gee, look at these, dear! They are all good-looking and from well-off homes, with good financial condition!”

“And look at this man, he even founded his own company!”

“Our daughter has a ROM brain, doesn’t she? She’s obsessed with that Kris, but what is the advantage of staying with such crap, who have neither wealth nor status? Had it not been for him, Mary would have lived a much more comfortable life than now. “

“This time, we shall come up with an idea to get them divorced!”

As Jane chirped on, she became angrier and angrier, cursing Kris harshly.

Changhe nodded along in agreement, “Honey, you are right. We should have done that long before.”

While Mary, who was standing beside them, was watching them talking resignedly. Mary would never have come to such a place if she hadn’t been dragged there by force.

Changhe flipped through the booklet, and picked out one page, “Look at this. An overseas returnee whose family runs a plant, with his own company and an annual income over tens of millions. He’s outstanding, isn’t he? We shall create a chance for Mary to have a nice chat with him! “

Jane glanced at his name,”Haoran Jiang? Good name! It should be the name of a learned man.”

As the two were skimming through the booklet, a voice came from behind, “Mary, what brought you here?”

Mary turned around, and her face beamed as she spotted it was Mina, “Mina, fancy seeing you here!”

Mina looked at Mary with surprise, “Why are you coming alone? Where is Kris? Hasn’t he come?”

“Are you talking about that crap? He’s dead!” At that point, Jane got up and put on a smile, “Oh it’s you, Mina! I bet you haven’t known that! Mary had divorced Kris. “

“Mum, what nonsense are you talking about? When did I …”

“Is there any need to conceal that? Anyhow, once he should return home, you must get the divorce certificate.” Jane then turned to Mina, “Mina, you are a nice friend of Mary, right? Please try more to persuade her. “

Mina couldn’t help but allow herself a wry smile. I dare not say such things even if someone lends me tens of guts. She said in her heart.

Anyway, she had no courage to intervene in the relationship between Mary and Kris.

“Mary, let me introduce you to Wei Wan, one of my friends.” With that, she pointed to the man standing beside Wei Wan, “And this is Haoran Jiang.”

“What? He is Haoran Jiang?” Jane’s face brightened upon hearing that name, and she took out the booklet to spot that he looked the same as the picture on it.

“Aha, what a coincidence! “Overjoyed, Jane hurried to Haoran and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr Jiang. My name is Jane Tang, and this is my daughter, Mary Su. I saw your picture on the booklet just now, and I’m quite satisfied with your conditions. Would you be interested in having a chat with my daughter?”

“Mum, I don’t want to chat with him.” Panicked, Mary hastened to say.

To cope with his families, Haoran had intended to attend the party in a perfunctory way. Just think —why should a real beauty have to go on blind dates to find her partner? However, the instant he saw Mary, he got stunned by her beauty.

Jesus Christ, the woman was such a beauty!

It was love at first sight.

“I would be glad to do that, madam.” Haoran gave her a smile.

With that, Jane smiled at Haoran, and hastily pulled Mary’s hand over, “Come on, have a nice chat with my daughter!”

“Mum, what are you doing?” Mary felt like freaking out for the shame that she, a married woman, was pushed into a blind date by her mother.

And what’s even worse, her mother was ardently telling a man to take her away.

And Mina, who was standing aside, could hardly bear that anymore, “Aunt, this might be inappropriate…”

Before she could finish that, Wei Wan interrupted, “Mina, let’s go to the front and have some food. I’m starving.” With that, he dragged Mina away and turned to Haoran, “Bro, do seize the chance to know about her!”

Haoran smiled, “Aunt, since Miss Mary has no intention for anywhere else, shall we just sit here and have a good talk.”

“Of course, we can.” Changhe smiled, “Come on, take a seat here!”

“By the way, Mr. Jiang, I got a question for you.” Changhe said, “I have read from the booklet that your family is running a plant. Then what kind of plant is it?”

“My family is running a chemical plant, and our annual income should be approximately one hundred million,” Haoran replied with a faint smile.

“Do you have any siblings?” asked Jane.

“No, I’m the only child in my family.”Haoran replied, “I will be the sole heir to my family’s fortune.”

On hearing this, Jane and Changhe became more satisfied with him.

“How much will you pay for the bride price?” Jane asked eagerly.

“My mother has promised me a bride price of ten million dollars, a luxury car of two million dollars, and a mansion of eight million dollars given that I should get married.”

“So it’s twenty hundred dollars?”

“Right, twenty hundred dollars in total!” Haoran nodded with a smile.

Jane and Changhe exchanged a glance, and the next instant Changhe said, “Then how do you like my daughter?”

“I really like her.” Haoran said soulfully, “To be honest when Miss Su came into my sight for the first time, I found myself madly in love with her. This may be love at first sight, I think.”

“However, Mr. Jiang, I must confess something to you.” Slightly embarrassed, Jane added, “Actually, this will be my daughter’s second marriage.”

“Second marriage?” Haoran looked at Mary and asked, “Does she have children?”

“Of course, she doesn’t.” Jane said, “Just be at ease. Her ex-husband was a live-in son-in-law who is a wimpish man. He got a poor sexual function, and even hasn’t touched Mary’s hands.”

“Mum, I will be really angry if you talk on!” Getting heated, Mary stamped her foot. How should her mother tell someone else all those things?

Haoran liked Mary even more as he saw Mary got riled.

The woman was certainly one of those with top beauty, and she looked pretty even when she was angry. He had made up his mind to get this woman.

“Madam, just rest assured that I won’t mind that,” Haoran replied earnestly.


Hearing Haoran said so, both Jane and Changhe sighed with relief.

Just at that moment, there came the voice of the host, “Ladies and gentlemen, please come to the front. The event is beginning soon. Please come here.”

“Madam, shall we go?”

Haoran stood up and gestured them to go first in a gentleman-like manner.

At the other spot of the venue, Mina shook Wei Wan’s hands-off, and then frowned, “Wei Wan, what are you doing?”

“Mina, don’t be angry. I shall apologize to you for what I have done.” Wei Wan said with a smile, “Haoran liked that girl very much, and we would become the third wheel if we stayed there, wouldn’t we? So I…”

“The third wheel? What do you mean by that?”

“Do you know that Mary has already got married?”

“Do you know who her husband is?”

“Haven’t you read from her face that Mary didn’t come here voluntarily? I can tell that her mother had forced her to come!”

As she spoke, Mina took out his phone and started to dial.

Stupefied by Mina’s words, Wei Wan looked at Mina in slight embarrassment, “Mina, I shall go to Haoran to check on the situation.”

Wei Wan whispered to Haoran’s ear as he came to him, “Haoran, do you know Mary Su has got married?”

Haoran nodded, “I knew that. Her husband is a live-in son-in-law, and her mother told me that they even haven’t held each other’s hands since they got married two years ago.”

As he heard that, a displeased look appeared on Wei Wan’s face.

Crap, what is him?

Isn’t he a live-in son-in-law? Who does he think he is?

Wei Wan walked over to Mina before he said, “Mina, isn’t Mary’s husband a live-in son-in-law? Why all that fuss?”

Mina let out a sneer without saying a word.

She would have thought like that if that day, she hadn’t been forced to knee to Kris and say, uncle.

Looking at the Sus who was sitting on the front seat, Mina couldn’t help but let out a sigh, “Regard another man as a treasure but their own son-in-law a dead dog, I’ve no idea how their mind works!”

Given the cold shoulder, Wei Wan was not feeling wonderful either.

However, he kept all that displeasure to himself but said in his heart viciously, “Damn it, pretending to be a cold fish? I’m sure you will be treated to a harsh punishment if I shall have you. “

When the event began, the host made all girls stood in a line and announced that all young men present should stick a small slip of paper to their favorite girl.

Among all the girls, Mary got most slips of paper with her back nearly covered with paper, which made other girls much jealous.

Immediately after that, the host made all the young men stand in a line for girls to stick their slips of paper to them. And it was no surprise that Haoran got most pieces of paper.

When the event came to the third section, Haoran got up and went straight to Mary. He looked at Mary with deep feelings, “My dear Miss Mary, I wanna tell you of my devoted love for you.”

Mary darted a cold look at him, not giving any response.

Yet Jane, who was sitting offstage, couldn’t be more anxious, “Mary, stand up, stand up!”

Then the host on the stage finally spoke, “It seems that Miss Su is a shy lady. Let’s applaud her to help her find her courage.”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

In a twinkling, the venue broke into loud applause.

“Dear Miss Mary, I wanna show my sincere love to you.” As he spoke, Haoran reached out for Mary’s hand.

It was at that very moment that an icy voice came from behind, “If you dare to touch her, I will chop off your hands!”


On hearing that, the venue was immediately thrown into an uproar. All present couldn’t help but turn to see who it was.

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