Chapter 279: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 279 Won’t Make You Sad (1)

“No.” The answer was unanimous again.

Kerry leaned back against the back of his chair in frustration and the anger he felt towards Tianye Mu had almost dissipated.

“Where are you now?”

“Jiangnan Road, Venus arrived by a taxi and then the car disappeared from the surveillance.” Kerry said in a weak voice.

“Jiangnan Road?” Tianye asked.

“Yes, can you think of anywhere she would go?”

“Jiangnan Road ……” said Tianye, who suddenly had an idea, “I know, the villa we used to live in with our parents is in that area, maybe Venus will go there! I’ll be there immediately!.”

“OK. I’ll be right over.”

With hope, Kerry was quick to cheer up, but he had only been to the Mu family villa once, when he accompanied Venus to her mother’s house. With a vague memory, Fang’s car pulled up in front of the villa half an hour later.

As soon as Kerry got out of the car, he saw a black Bentley, a car of Tianye coming right across the road.

Kerry glared at him angrily, then walked straight to the villa.

But he didn’t know the password of the villa door, so he could only stop and wait for Tianye.

Inside the iron fence, the lawn was level, the flower beds were in full bloom with large clusters of daisies, and the scent of flowers was wafting through the hot and dry air.

Since Tianye ‘s return, he had the place redecorated in the same way as it was when his parents were here, and every two days someone would come to clean the house and mowed the lawn.

It’s where the family lived and Tianye didn’t want it to fall apart, so sometimes he came over for a night when he got upset or missed his parents.

Tianye did not look kindly on Kerry, and after entering the four-digit code, the iron door “clicked” opened.

At the entrance to the villa, there was also a log gate where Tianye entered the code again and they walked in.

There was no air conditioning in the villa, which was a bit stuffy.

The two men walked through the hallway to the living room, and then froze in place.

There was a woman sleeping on the sofa, no one else, but Venus.

Her shoes were messy on the carpet and she was not covered with anything.

Seeing her, Kerry and Tianye both breathed a sigh of relief. Tianye was the first to walk over to her, only to find that she was holding a picture frame in her hand, and gently pulled it out to see that it was a family portrait of the four of them.

The photo showed their young mum and dad, he was wearing a high school uniform, and Venus in a floral mini-skirt, all with happy smiles on their faces.

As if sensing someone, Venus opened her eyes in confusion and saw her brother with a faint smile, “Hey, brother.”

Tianye squatted down and sat cross-legged in front of her, “My little girl, what are you doing here?”

“I miss Mom and Dad.” Venus had a soft voice, whispering as she woke up, which made Tianye sad.

Venus was caught up in deep memories, “I remember when the four of us used to sit here and play cards and whoever lost would be given notes, and Mum always lost and had notes all over her forehead.”

Tianye also remembered the old days and laughed, “That’s because you cheated, otherwise how could mother lose?”

“Yes, mum loves me the most,” Venus smiled, and her tears fell, “brother, if only mum was still here, I could still eat braised pork ribs, I could snuggle in her arms and tell her what I had in my mind, and she would teach me how to raise a child ……”.

Tianye ‘s eyes couldn’t help but moisten, he wiped the tears from her face with hand back and said softly, “I’ve often wished that they had lived, but Venus, even if they leave us, their love for us will always be there.”

“I know, I know,” Venus burst into tears, “but I just want them to stand in front of me alive, not in our memory.”

Tianye changed his position to kneel on the thick carpet and took his sister in his arms, gently patting her back, “Alright, alright, I will always be with you.”

Kerry, standing at the entrance, was heartbroken at the sight. He was wondering how sad Venus felt to have come here to find the warmth her parents once brought her.

He was tempted to push Tianye away and take his wife in his arms, but his feet were heavy as lead and he couldn’t lift them.

Tianye comforted Venus for a while and when she stopped crying, he turned head to glare at Kerry and beckoned him over with his eyes.

Kerry came to his wife with guilt and remorse and softly called out, “Dear.”

Venus wiped the tears, turned her back on him and did not say a word.

Tianye said earnestly, “It’s normal for a couple to quarrel, but you have to solve problems if something happened. Don’t get into a cold war frequently, it hurts each other.”

Kerry was quite surprised when he looked at Tianye. God, this guy could even say things like that. He had thought that Tianye would scold him and then take Venus away.

Then Tianye got up when Venus couldn’t see, kicked Kerry in the calf and then nuzzled him, and Kerry understood him and knelt down on his knees in front of Venus.

“Honey, I was wrong, it’s all my fault, you can hit me if you want, just don’t get angry, okay?” Kerry was sincere and didn’t care about his dignity, as long as he could make Venus happy, he’s willing to roll over twice, not to mention kneel down.

Venus looked out of the window at the flowering branches swaying with the wind, but he was too depressed to speak.

As soon as Kerry hold her soft little hand, Venus shook it off.

The man’s heart twisted, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be angry at you last night, I shouldn’t turn around and leave…”

Before he finished speaking, Tianye asked angrily, “What? Have you been angry at my sister? Don’t you have a conscience? She is still pregnant with your child, how can you yell at her? “

“I didn’t yell at her,” said Kerry, “I just spoke a bit impulsively, but I didn’t mean to yell at her.”

Chapter 279 Won’t Make You Sad (2)

“Huh!” Tianye Mu snorted heavily, “No wonder my sister ran out in aggravation. Now I can figure it out”

Kerry was dumbfounded. Wasn’t this guy still on his side just now? Why has it changed now?

Remembering the root cause of the fight, Kerry’s anger flared, “Isn’t it your fault? What did you say in front of Venus? I don’t even know the two women at the Secretariat, so why did you say that I have a relationship with them?”

Tianye sneered, “Do you take me for a fool? How can you not recognize those two women coming and going in and out of your office?”

Kerry felt at a loss for words, “No, I didn’t even notice what they looked like, why do you think I’ve been cheating on you?”

“In my mind, that will happen sooner or later.” Tianye clasped his hands in front of his chest and looked at him with a scowl.

“Damn!” Kerry yelled and got up from the ground, “Tianye Mu, say it clearly, what do you mean by sooner or later?”

“Well, I’ll make it clear.”

It turned out that Tianye had gone to see Kerry that day and was waiting for him on the sofa, secretary gave him a cup of tea twice. The first time she left, she took a glance in Kerry’s direction, which was as flattering as the look on her sweetheart’s face. Tianye’s heart was thudding, but combined with Kerry’s usual behaviour, he felt that Kerry was not such a person and that he must have made mistakes.

As a result, when the secretary came back in for tea the second time, her eyes were even more eager, and Tianye snuck a glance at Kerry, who was too engrossed in the thick paperwork to notice.

Because of this, Tianye was very unhappy. He was a man, of course he understood many stinkers in men, and this secretary behaved so boldly that she looked at Kerry like that even in public, maybe something had happened to her and Kerry.

Thinking of this, Tianye was filled with doubts. He didn’t want to wait for him to play billiards, and stood up and said “I’m leaving”. Then Kerry just whispered “Yeah”, Tianye left his office in displeasure.

Before going downstairs, Tianye went to the bathroom, and when he was about to come out to wash his hands at the communal tap, he heard a conversation outside.

“Kerry is really more and more attractive as I look at him, and I’m almost fascinated by him.”

Tianye stopped, he recognized that this was the beautiful secretary who had just brought Kerry tea.

“I advise you to restrain yourself, Secretary Liu has told you never try to approach General Manager Kerry, and be careful of getting fired. For so many days, has Kerry ever noticed you?” It was another woman’s voice.

The beautiful secretary said confidently, “If he can’t notice me today, then maybe tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and I am so close to him, I don’t believe he won’t look at me.”

“But I’ve heard that Kerry loves his wife very much.”

“Nah, there’s no man who doesn’t cheat on his wife. For a man as successful as Kerry, what does it matter if he has a few more women?” The beautiful secretary lowered her voice and said, “Besides, isn’t his wife pregnant? Men are always in demand, it’s the best time to catch them, and it will definitely succeed.”

The other woman was silent for a moment and asked, “Is his wife really pregnant?”

“Don’t you know? I heard that she has been pregnant for four or five months. She hasn’t come to work these days and should have a rest at home. I searched for her photos on the Internet, and she looked so ordinary. I don’t know why Kerry would like her.” the beautiful secretary

paused and said, “What? Do you like Kerry too?”

“No, I just ask, how could I do that?” There was a trace of panic in the woman’s voice, as if she was seen through her mind.

“Don’t pretend, I don’t mind sharing with you, you know, good things should be shared.”

“Oh, I really didn’t mean it. Let’s go back to the office.”

The sound of high heels drifted away, just leaving Tianye who was about to explode with anger at the door.

Damn, how dare you said my Xiaomei was ordinary? She is clearly the sweetest, most beautiful girl in the world.

However, he could also tell from their conversation that Kerry had been doing well so far, which gave him some peace of mind. But just nothing is happening now, it doesn’t mean something won’t happen in the future, and with two voluptuous sluts hanging around all day in front of Kerry, it’s inevitable that he won’t be able to hold back. He still wanted to remind Venus so she wouldn’t be fooled by Kerry.

“That’s it,” Tianye stated it coldly, and stared at Kerry, “What’s the matter? I just told Venus to be on her guard, is that wrong too? How can you put the blame on me when you have said and done the wrong thing yourself?”

After hearing this, Kerry was so upset that he immediately turned around and knelt down again, “Honey, have you heard that? I really don’t have relationships with those two women and I asked Secretary Liu to fire them as soon as I got to work today, I promise you, you’ll never see them when you go to the office.”

Venus was much relieved by Tianye ‘s explanation, but it’s Kerry’s attitude last night that bothered her most – it’s the first time Kerry had been angry with her since the two of them confessed their feelings, and she couldn’t take it in.

Kerry noticed that her face was much better and said, “Honey, I know I said something wrong last night, and I didn’t ask your opinion before taking the liberty of not letting you go to work, and I got angry at you. There are all my fault. I swear that I will never do it again……Honey, please look at me, OK?”

When Venus heard the last plea, her heart softened a little bit.

At this moment, Kerry’s cell phone rang, he took it out and had a look at it. It was a strange number so he hung up without answering. Now the most important thing for him was to concentrate on comforting his wife.

Unexpectedly, just after hanging up, the phone rang again, so Kerry hung up again. By the third time, Tianye, who was sitting on the sofa, scoffed, “Pick up, why don’t you dare to pick it up? What are you afraid of?”.

Kerry was overcome with anger at being sneered, “Why do I have to be afraid of picking it up?”

Chapter 279 Won’t Make You Sad (3)

When said that he was about to press the answer button, and Tianye Mu said, “You’d better press the speakerphone.”

“Shit, I haven’t done anything, so I’m afraid of nothing”, Kerry resolutely answered the phone and pressed the speakerphone.

There was a sobbing female voice over there, which made the three men here numb before she spoke.

“Who?” Kerry asked coldly.

A soft female voice came from the other side, with a weepy tone in her voice, “Kerry, what have I done wrong? Why did you fire me?”

As soon as she said that, Tianye could recognize who the woman was, but the voice was so whiny that his whole body became numb, and Kerry felt it even more than he did.

“Who’s that?” Kerry did not recognize who the other party was. But through her words, Kerry deduced that she should be one of those who had just been fired in the morning.

She was obviously stunned over there, and then stopped crying. Her voice was as soft as the midnight anchor on the radio, “Kerry, this is Linda, don’t you remember?”

“No.” Kerry had no impression on her. He wanted to hang up the phone now, because he had clearly felt Venus’s anger, but if he hung up in such a hurry, it seemed that he was trying to cover something. He was not stupid.

“Kerry, why don’t you remember me? I am your secretary. I clean the office and make coffee for you every morning, and buy breakfast for you several times. Don’t you have any impression?”

Kerry was a little confused when hearing this. During this time, every morning there would be a beautiful little cake on the desk. He thought it was Secretary Liu bought it, but didn’t expect it to be this woman.

Fortunately, he was very full at home, so he threw the little cake into the trash can. He also told Secretary Liu that don’t buy cakes in the morning. He didn’t notice what Secretary Liu’s expression looked like.

Venus had just calmed down and became angry again. She didn’t want to hear what the woman said anymore, and got up to left. Kerry took a look and hugged her leg and begged, “Honey, don’t be angry. I didn’t eat a bite of the cake. I threw it in the trash can. Really, and I thought it was Secretary Liu bought it and told him don’t buy it any more, you can ask Secretary Liu if you don’t believe it.”

Venus looked down at him coldly, and said flatly, “I didn’t expect your office to be as lively as singing every day. No wonder you don’t want me to go to work in the company.”

“No, darling, I swear to God, I really thought that Secretary Liu bought those cakes. If I lied to you, I would be struck by thunder.”

Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, the gloomy sky really blew up a huge thunder, and the rumbling was endless.

Now, not only Kerry was dumbfounded, but even Tianye was too. After a few seconds of sluggishness, the latter laughed, pounded on the sofa, pointed to Kerry and said, “Look, even God doesn’t believe you.”

Kerry was speechless, fuck, why did I make such a vow in a thunderstorm?

Venus almost laughed at the coincidence, but pretended to keep herself aloof.

In fact, she had believed Kerry when Tianye told her about the incident, and all the rest of her behaviour was just because she was really angry that there weren’t any such women around her brother, and yet there was one and another around Kerry.

As the saying goes, flies only bite eggs with slits. It’s still Kerry’s own problem.

Kerry looked angrily at his brother-in-law, “Tianye, for the sake of me calling you my brother, will you stop talking?”

Tianye was dismissive of this, “Nah, you’re calling me brother now because you obviously want me to help you, and I refuse to be your brother for now.”

Kerry really wanted to give him a kick, Why was he so annoying?

The atmosphere was a little awkward, and it was Linda, the glamorous secretary who had been forgotten on the carpet, to break this awkwardness.

“Kerry? Are you still listening?” Linda was as tender as a little fox, and her voice made you want to take her in your arms and rub her, “Do you have a minute? I’d like to talk to you in person about what I was wrong.”

Kerry was getting annoyed with this woman and shouted at the phone, “Get the fuck out of my face as far as you can, or I’ll break your legs. Get out!”

After the scolding, Kerry thumbed off the call, presumably Linda over there was dumbfounded.

He still Hugged Venus’s leg. Kerry’s voice instantly became gentle and affectionate, “Honey, God knows how much I love you.”

“Did you forget? God answered you with thunder just now.” Venus snapped at him.

Tianye laughed again. God, it was so funny, he would go to tell Xiran Xiao this evening.

Actually Tianye wanted to fight for his sister just now, but the moment Kerry knelt down, he knew that Kerry really loved Venus.

Kerry was so arrogant that he had been standing all the time after experiencing a lot of cruel things, but now, he knelt down to get his sister’s forgiveness. If this was not love, what was love?

As for Venus, she also loved Kerry very much, otherwise she wouldn’t run out sadly because of his few words and turned off her mobile phone, obviously she was just to make him anxious.

It’s a little girl’s mind to be stiff like this, as she would feel awkward to forgive Kerry so quickly.

Actually he really wanted to stay here to watch the show, but some people might have been stubborn for the sake of face if he was here. In order to reconcile the two as soon as possible, Tianye decided to go first.

In addition, he missed his wife at home.

With a long sigh, Tianye stood up and said in awe-inspiring expression, “You can talk slowly, I have to leave beforehand. Kerry, I warn you, next time you dare to bully my sister, I won’t spare you.”

Kerry wished him to leave quickly, for he couldn’t help him but made trouble.

“Go go… go now.” Kerry waved.

Seeing his bad attitude, Tianye lowered his head and whispered to Venus, “Don’t forgive this guy easily.”

Venus’ eyes moved slightly. Seeing her brother winking at her, she smiled silently.

Tianye swaggered out, and suddenly sang a song, “We are so happy today, oh so happy…”

If possible, Kerry wanted to grab the pillow on the sofa and hit him.

Tianye was very good at building his own joy on the pain of others!

At the sound of the door, Kerry then said to Venus, “Honey, don’t stand there, come to sit down, don’t get tired even if you want to punish me.”

Venus scoffed, “You’re afraid of making your daughter tired.”

“No,” Kerry retorted instantly, “Honey, your position will always come first in my heart, even now with Pingan and the little baby in your belly, your position is impossible to change. It is because of you that I love Pingan and the little baby, and if they were not your children, I would not love them either.”

This was exactly what Venus had in mind. She didn’t know if it’s because of being too sensitive to pregnancy or something, Venus had always felt that Kerry didn’t care about her as much as he used to, and that his love for Pingan had increased instead. When he’s with her, he also talked to his stomach and the baby, and there’s very little else to talk about between them but the baby. This was one of the reasons Venus wanted to go to work, she was afraid that she would be detached from the industry and society for too long.

Seeing Venus not speaking, Kerry became more anxious. He didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Honey, could you talk to me?”

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