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Chapter 28: Luminous Pearl – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

There… There was a Luminous Pearl in this box! But this pearl seemed to be different from the one Hai Su sent.

However, they could not say specifically where lay the difference between the two pearls. So someone said: “Old lady, I think this Luminous Pearl is different from the one Hai gave you, what if it is a fake one? How about taking out the one Hai gave you and comparing it with this one?”

“Yes, we can also have a reference if we want to buy a Luminous Pearl later as well.”

Hearing the words of the people, the old lady of the Su family nodded and indicated her servant to bring the Luminous Pearl that Hai sent here.

Everyone could see the difference now that the two Luminous Pearls were put together.

The light of one pearl was dim in the lamplight, while the light of the other one was very soft, as gentle as moonlight.

Now everyone was dumbstruck!

Wasn’t Hai’s pearl very bright? Why didn’t it shine anymore when the light was turned on? Or was it because the light in the hall was too strong for people to see the light of the pearl?

“Hurry up, turn off the lights!” The old lady said.

Now everyone could really see the difference between the two Luminous Pearls after the light was turned off!

The pearl sent by Hai flickered, and the light of it immediately went out just after a second, as if it was out of power!

On the contrary, Youming’s Luminous Pearl was still emitting its soft light.

“Oh my god, the Luminous Pearl sent by Hai was indeed a fake one, it should stop shining now!”

The old lady of the Su family became embarrassed at once. She took a look at Hai, who was applying for medicine beside, feeling extremely disappointed about his being good for nothing. As her favorite grandson, he should send her a fake one as her gift on her 70th birthday!

Hai guiltily lowered his head, not daring to see his grandma.

When he was about to leave in disgrace, the emcee at the door pronounced: “The boss of the Guobang Real Estate Company, Guobang Liu, came to celebrate the old lady’s birthday!”

There was a hubbub immediately!

Everyone started to discuss about it loudly!

What was going on? First, Youming came to celebrate her birthday, and now even Guobang came here. What kind of great position did the old lady had on earth since even Guobang was present now!

As the top real estate developer in Westriver City, Guobang had great wealth with the soaring house prices.

The old lady froze again.

She had a reason to explain about the presence of Youming because they had met once in the Dynasty Hotel.

But she really didn’t know Guobang at all!

Guobang got off from the Extended version of Lincoln’s car and strode to the manor, being surrounded by a group of people who dressed in black.

“Excuse me, is Mr.Chen here?”

The resonant voice of him rang through the hall.


He also came here for Mr. Chen? Who on earth was this Mr. Chen?

“Sorry, Mr.Liu, there is no such person whose surname is Chen!” The old lady could not sit still anymore, she stood up and said to the people: “Is there anyone whose surname is Chen? Please stand out. Please forgive me for my poor hospitality, and now let me give you a toast to apologize for my mistake!”

It was very quiet!

No one stood out!

As everyone was very quiet, Ming Su could not help saying: “What if the person he talked about is Kris Chen? Since he’s the only person whose surname is Chen…”

“Haha, don’t be ridiculous!”

“How could it be that loser!”

Everyone was amused by Ming’s words.

That Mr.Chen called by Guobang was definitely someone who was extremely rich and noble. How could it be Kris, the son-in-law of the Su family who was totally a loser!

Guobang did not understand why the people around him were all laughing, and he was a little disappointed since he didn’t see Kris.

Guobang put down the present and said: “ This is your birthday present, I’ll put it here. Now I’m leaving since I still have something to do!”

The old lady stood up and said: “Wait a minute, Mr.Liu, what about doing me a favour to have a meal together…”

“No, maybe next time.” Guobang waved his hand and turned to leave with a group of people.

After Guobang left, his present box was opened at once.

This time, everyone was completely shocked!

There were a card and a property ownership certificate in the box.

It was written on the card: “On your birthday today, I wish you a promising prospect and a bright future. Here’s your birthday present: Villa 168 of the Southwest Villa.”

That was really too much.

He sent a villa as the birthday present!

This was one of the high-end villas invested by Guobang Real Estate Company, among which these three villas, No.88, No.168, and No.188, were the most expensive ones, and they cost at least 20 million dollars.

And the villa No.168 was the most expensive one of the three villas. It was located in the center of the villa group, not only with a swimming pool, but also with a back garden, a gym, a sauna room, a karaoke room, and even a small cinema!

Now Guobang should send a villa as the old lady’s birthday gift. He was really too extravagant!

Everyone’s face showed an envious expression, except one, who was not jealous at all, that person was Mary Su.

She hated that loser, but when he really left, she couldn’t help thinking about him.

She was thinking of everything about them in the past two years.

She couldn’t help taking out her phone and sending him a text message: “Where are you?”

Soon, Kris sent back her a message: “I’m packing up at home, and then I’ll move away.”

He said that he would move away.

Mary should feel very uncomfortable after seeing his words without knowing why.

Wouldn’t it be better for him to go since he was just a loser?

Why did she feel sad about his leaving?

Mary bit his lips tightly and was very anxious, she sent back him a message: “Wait for me, I’m going home now!”

Were you leaving? All right, I would watch you go in person.

After all, we had been married for more than two years, now I would send you off just as the final farewell.

“Mom, I’m leaving now,” Mary said to Jane and walked out of the manor.

Everyone was still shocked at Guobang’s present, and no one noticed that Mary had left.

Except for Mingdong Wei, he followed Mary immediately after seeing her leave.

In a while, Mary came to the door of her house. After she stopped and got out of the car, she saw Mingdong running to her.

“Mary, why did you leave suddenly?” Mingdong asked her anxiously: “Come back with me now, when the banquet is over, grandma will agree to our marriage!”

“You go back first!” Mary headed home without turning back.

“Mary.” Mingdong grabbed Mary’s wrist and asked her at once: “Are you going to go back for that loser? What’s so good about him on earth? He’s already gone. Why do you still come to him now?”

Mingdong was very anxious because he was unequivocal that the Companions In Spring Mountain of Bohu Tang that he sent was just a fake one. And after the banquet, the old lady of the Su family would definitely find a professional appraiser to authenticate it. By that time, he would have great trouble.

For Mindong, if he could make it to stage a comeback totally depended on if he could marry Mary!

Mingdong felt the pocket of his pants in which he put a bag of a psychedelic drug. The drug could melt into water, and it was so strong that people would feel weak all over at once, even after taking a whiff.

“Let go of me!” Mary said calmly: “Mingdong, I know you are good to me, but I have to see him for the last time.”

“That’s impossible!” Mingdong shouted: “If we get back late, we won’t hear of grandma’s approval of our marriage!”

As they argued, a car pulled up, and Jane stepped out of the car in high heels.

“Mingdong, Mary, what are you doing here?” Jane was very anxious and said: “Come back now, soon, grandma will announce your marriage.”

“I want to see Kris for the last time. Now that I said I would not go back, then I will definitely not go back!” Mary obstinately said.

Since none of them compromised, the three people were in a stalemate, and Mingdong had already been very impatient.

He touched the bag of the psychedelic drug in his pocket, looking at Jane and Mary, and sneered.

“Auntie, you can persuade Mary here first, I will buy you some water.”

Mingdong smiled and walked to the neighborhood market to buy two bottles of water. He secretly put the psychedelic drug into the water.

Since Jane continued to persuade Mary earnestly and Mary still didn’t listen to her, they became exhausted after the argument. The water Mingdong bought was very necessary for them to quench their thirst.

After drinking the water, Jane said: “Mingdong is so good to you. I’m delighted with such a considerate son-in-law. Mary, you’d better go home with him now, and grandma will announce your marriage…”

Before Jane finished speaking, she felt weak all over her body, as if she had no strength left to stand still.

The same went with Mary, and the bottle of the water fell straight to the ground after her hand shook!

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