Chapter 280: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 280 You Are Indifferent to Me (1)

Venus took a breath and said, “Kerry, don’t you think there’s more distance between us?”

After hearing that, Kerry was shocked. “Oh my god, that’s a big problem.” Kerry thought.

Kerry got up from the ground at once and looked Venus straight in the eyes. “Venus, I never feel there is any distance between us.” Kerry said seriously.

“But we have less and less to talk about. All what we talk about is our children. Can’t we talk about something else?” Venus said.

Kerry was stunned. He has never paid attention to this problem.

“I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I ignored you. I don’t want to bore you with my troubles at work. If you don’t mind my nagging, I will tell you about it every day.” Kerry admitted his mistake immediately and said. “I will think about what to tell her and how to tell her later. What I need to do now is to coax her.” Kerry thought.

Venus was not pleased with the answer. “You are indifferent to me.” Venus said.

“Ah? When am I indifferent to you?” Kerry asked injuredly. He was unaware that Venus thought he was indifferent to her.

“These days, you played with Pingan as soon as you got home. And you gave me the cold shoulder. You also went to sleep with Pingan at night in his room. Is there room for me in your heart?” Venus said angrily.

After hearing the accusation, Kerry finally smiled happily. Kerry knew that Venus was jealous. It’s a good thing, because her jealousy proves that she loves him.

“What are you laughing at? Is my question funny?” Venus said very angrily.

Kerry held Venus in his arms and didn’t let her go no matter how she struggled. After kissing Venus on the lips, Kerry said in a perfectly contented way, “Silly wife, I didn’t play with Pingan. I taught him how to use psychic powers. And the reason why I slept in Pingan’s room is that I couldn’t help want to kiss you and touch you when I sleep next to you…”

Venus blushed immediately and clapped his hand away from her skirt. “Stop it!” Venus said.

“I can’t control myself when the way you smell comes to my nose, let alone hugging you all night. Don’t you know that I have to take several showers a night as long as I sleep with you?” Kerry whispered in Venus’s ear, with the hot breath of a man.

After hearing that, Venus was softhearted. “Didn’t you say it’s too hot and you sweated?” Venus said.

“Silly girl, do you even believe such a lie? Do you know how much I have to endure to keep from touching you?” Kerry nibbled at her earlobe and said, “I have to sleep with Pingan for the quality of our future sexual life, but you are jealous of him.”

Venus’s face became redder as Kerry saw through her thought. Venus pushed Kerry’s head away and said, “I’m not jealous.”

“Yes, you are not jealous. I snubbed you. From now on. I will never do it again. Honey, don’t be angry, OK?” Kerry said. There was a hint of temptation in Kerry’s deep voice. As soon as the last word came to Venus’s ears, her heart was hooked.

“So why were you so rude last night? Why you were furious with me and slammed the door?” Venus said.

Kerry couldn’t be more upset about it. “I was mad at you then. You can scold me as much as you like, but never doubt my love for you. Venus, you are my other half of life. When you said that last night, I lost my head and did something too much. I apologize. Can you forgive me?” Kerry said.

Then Venus’s anger was gone. But Venus didn’t want to forgive him so easily, so she closed her mouth.

“Wife, what can I do to calm you down?” Kerry said. He almost got down on his knees again.

Venus meant to give him trouble and said, “I don’t know. I’m just not happy anyway. It makes me sad to think you yelled me at me yesterday.”

Kerry wanted to cry into the air. “It’s horrible when a woman gets angry.” Kerry thought.

“So how can you be happy?” Kerry asked.

“I don’t know.” Venus said coldly.

Kerry pressed Venus gently to let her sit down in the sofa. “Just sit here.” Kerry said. Then he paced in the living room, trying to think of ways to cheer Venus up.

“Let me tell you a joke.” Kerry had an old-fashioned idea and said.

“No. You jokes are all from the Internet and they are not interesting.” Venus rejected him directly and said.

“How about if I sing you a song?” Kerry asked.

Venus raised her eyebrows and said, “Are you mocking me for singing badly?”

“No. I will not sing a song.” Kerry said. Kerry lowed his head and put his hand on his forehead, continuing to think.

When Venus saw that Kerry really had no clue, she gave him an idea. “Why don’t you dance?” Venus said.

“Ah? Dance?” Kerry said in surprise.

“Yes, dance.” Venus said. Venus thought for a while and made it harder again, saying, “Just do a little Xinjiang dance. I like to watch it.”

Kerry opened his mouth wide and said, “I can’t dance Xinjiang dance.”

After hearing that, Venus’s facial expression changed immediately. “Then forget it. You can leave now. I am tired and I want to sleep.” Venus said.

“I didn’t say I won’t dance. I can learn it now. Wait for a while. I will learn it first.” Kerry said. As he spoke, he picked up his phone from the carpet and quickly found a video of Xinjiang dance.

“Oh my god, it’ too difficult.” Kerry thought.

But Kerry had no other choice. As long as Venus could forgive him, he would perform a striptease if he was asked to do, let alone Xinjiang dance.

Kerry, who has a talent for learning, memorized the majority of the moves after watching the video twice.

“I got it. Just watch.” Kerry said. Then Kerry turned up the volume on his phone and threw it to the sofa. With the music, he began to dance.

Kerry’s arms, hands and waist moved to the music. Kerry turned the Xinjiang dance into a mechanical one because he just mastered it within a short period of time. He also twisted his neck in a classic Xinjiang dance move. Instead of moving his head, he moved his two hands up and down.

Seeing Kerry’s comical dance, Venus couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Hearing Venus’s laughter, Kerry was relieved.

Chapter 280 You Are Indifferent to Me (2)

“Honey, you finally laugh.” Kerry said. Kerry was sweating all over from dancing. He put his arms on either side of Venus and looked at her intently, saying, “What else do you want to see? I will dance it for you as long as you say.”

Venus pushed Kerry’s hot chest with one hand, trying not to laugh and saying in disgust, “Go away! You stink!”

Kerry lowered his head and sniffed at his own scent, saying, “I’m not stink. Take a whiff again.” As Kerry spoke, he moved closer to Venus. Venus had to back away and said, “Go away! You really stink!”

“I’m just a stinky guy.” Kerry said shamelessly.

Having be left with no room for retreat, Venus pursed her lips and complained, “Ah, you’re annoying. Go away!”

Kerry, in a mood of agitation, lowered his head to bite Venus’s pink lips and lick them gently. All his life, he only loves this taste and feeling. No matter how beautiful other women are, they can’t attract his attention.

It supposed to be a gentle kiss, but Venus’s smell fascinated him and he couldn’t stop kissing her. He was so infatuated that he turned the gentle kiss into a deep kiss, entrancing into his soul.

The desire of Kerry became extremely strong and he wanted to have intimacy with Venus, but he daren’t do that. Finally, when he was about to lose control, he pulled back with great fortitude and collapsed beside Venus.

Venus blushed and her eyes sparkled like water. With the heaving of her plump chest, she breathed lightly.

Then there was a sudden outcry of thunder outside and the rain poured down. Something suddenly came to Kerry’s mind and he said, “I almost forget them”. He quickly picked up his phone and called Henry.

“Henry, you can go back.” Kerry said.

After hearing the relaxed tone of Kerry, Henry asked in surprise, “Sir Kerry, have you found Venus?”

Kerry put his arm around Venus and said, “Yes, I’ve found her. Let everyone know that.”

“OK. I see.” Henry said.

After hanging up the phone, Kerry turned his head to Venus and said, “Let’s go back when the rain stops.”

Venus didn’t bother to answer him. “Isn’t that crap? How can we go back in such a heavy rain?” Venus thought.

“By the way, I have to call John. Since you left, Pingan has been so worried that he has been silent.” Kerry said as he looked for John’s number.

After hearing that, there was a tinge of guilt in Venus’s heart. She was so impulsive in the morning that she didn’t care about Pingan’s feelings.

“Let me make the phone call.” Venus offered to take Kerry’s phone and said.

“Hello. Sir Kerry, have you found Venus?” John said anxiously on the phone.

“John, it’s me, Venus.” Venus said somewhat guiltily.

“Oh, Venus, are you with Kerry? Are you OK?” John asked immediately.

“Yes, I’m with Kerry. I’m OK. Where is Pingan?” Venus said.

Then there came the yell of John, “Pingan, come here. You mom’s on the phone.”

Venus could almost hear Pingan’s footsteps running to John, and she felt sadder. Then she heard Pingan’s young voice, “Is that you, Mom?”

“It’s me, Pingan.” Venus said.

“Mom, where have you been? Why haven’t you been back for so long? Don’t you want to be with me?”

Pingan’s voice went straight into Venus’s heart with a touch of fear and palpitation in it.

Not daring to tell Pingan the truth, Venus had to lie to cajole him. “Pingan, I want to be with you. I was out shopping and got lost. That’s why I haven’t you been back for so long.” Venus said.

“Really?” Pingan asked uncertainly.

“Of course. I love you so much, and how can I don’t want to be with you? Don’t let your imagination run away with you. I will be back as soon as the rain slows down.” Venus said.

Pingan has a natural sense of trust in Venus and he believes everything Venus says. Then Pingan was in a good mood and said cheerfully, “Then don’t worry. Be careful on the way.”

“Got it. I’ll hang up the phone.” Venus said.

“Mom, goodbye.” Pingan said.

“Baby, bye.” Venus said.

After hanging up the phone, Venus let out a deep sigh. “I was too impulsive in the morning. How could I leave Pingan at home to run away from home? If Kerry makes me angry next time, I will take Pingan with me and leave Ye’s villa.” Venus thought.

Kerry interrupted her thinking and said, “Don’t worry about Pingan. He is stronger than you think.”

“I see.” Venus said in muted voice.

Kerry turned Venus’s face with his hands to look straight into his eyes. “Now you can decide for yourself whether to go to work or to nourish the fetus at home. I’m at your mercy.” Kerry said.

Venus thought for a while and said, “I don’t want to go to work.”

This answer surprised Kerry. He thought she would choose to go to work without hesitation.

“Why don’t you want to go to work?” Kerry asked.

“I want to spend more time with Pingan at home. If I go to work, Pingan will be left alone at home. He will be so lonely.” Venus said seriously, “Moreover, if you want to have an affair, you can do that with your ability even if I am in the company, so I don’t have to keep an eye on you every day.”

“Silly girl, I have told you many times that I only love you in my life. I never thought about cheating.” Kerry rubbed Venus’s smooth skin with his fingers and said affectionately, “If you don’t trust me, you can go to the company to keep an eye me. In this way, I can see you all the time.”

Venus was happy in her heart, but she pretended to be dismissive. “I will have aesthetic fatigue if I keep an eye on you every day.” Venus said.

“Then I will conjure feats every day to keep you from having aesthetic fatigue.” Kerry said.

“How will you do that? Will you wear a skirt or high heels?” Venus said.

“Forget it. I can figure out more psychic powers to share with you.” Kerry said.

Venus rejected him directly and said, “I’m not interest in that.”

The two who had been reconciled were chattering away at each other. The rain also abated. The summer rains don’t last long.

After the heavy rain, a beam of sunlight broke through the dark clouds and shone on the earth. Soon there was a brilliant and magnificent rainbow in the west.

Chapter 280 You Are Indifferent to Me (3)_

Standing outside, Venus was praising, “Wow! It’s so beautiful!”

Kerry put his arm around Venus’s shoulder and echoed, “It’s really beautiful.”

With the fragrance of grass and daisies, the air was refreshing.

Venus kept looking back at the villa where she cherishes a lot of memories. Holding a picture frame, she was reluctant to leave.

“I will bring you and Pingan to live here for several days when I am free.” Kerry said softly. After all, this is the place where she was born and raised. She has a lot of affection for this place.

Venus nodded and said, “OK.”

After the quarrel, Kerry took care of Venus meticulously. All social intercourse except work was put off. He came home from work on time to accompany Venus and Pingan. It made the female employees of the company envy Venus even more.

One evening, Kerry was walking outside with Venus when he received an unexpected phone call.

He looked at his phone for a long time before he answered it, because he had never seen such a number and he didn’t know where it’s from. “Hello.” Kerry said.

“Mr Ye, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” There was a strong bass voice over the phone.

Hearing the voice, a man flashed into Kerry’s mind―Zhenyun Chu, Xuan Chu’s father.

“Mr Chu, we really haven’t seen each other for a long time.” Kerry said with a smile.

After hearing the address, Venus turned to look at Kerry in surprise. “Is that Xuan Chu?” Venus said in a quiet way.

Kerry shook his head. Then he took the phone away from his ear and whispered in Venus’s ear, “It’s Xuan’s father.”

Venus was suddenly enlightened.

“It’s rare that you still remember me.” Zhenyun said.

“You were so generous last time and I couldn’t forget you even if I want.” Kerry said sarcastically.

Zhenyun is experienced and he didn’t care about that. “Mr Ye, you are joking with me. In fact, I am calling today to make sure of something.” Zhenyun said.

“Go ahead.” Kerry said.

After pausing for a while, Zhenyun asked seriously, “Are you sure the man who has something to do with Xuan is dead?”

“You mean Gavin?” Kerry said.

“Yes.” Zhenyun said.

Kerry made no attempt to hide it from him and said, “I saw the helicopter explode and fall into the sea. But I’m not sure if he’s really dead. I think the likelihood of death is very high in that case.”

After hearing that, Zhenyun was relieved and said, “I feel much relieved to hear you say that.”

Kerry was surprised to hear that and asked, “What’s the matter.”

“Speaking of this, I’d like to thank you for helping me to bring Xuan back. He is not in good mood those days, but he should be OK.” Zhenyun said. Then he said sinisterly, “I want to make sure if that asshole is dead. If he is still alive, I will kill him myself. He had destroyed Xuan once, and I will not let him do that again.”

That’s a father’s love for his son. As a father, Kerry could understand Zhenyun’s intention and mood very well.

“Mr Chu, time is a good medicine and it will help Xuan get it over.” Kerry said to comfort Zhenyun.

“Thank you.” Zhenyun said briskly again, “Mr Ye, just as the saying goes, no discord, no concord. If you don’t mind the past, let it go. We are still friends in the business market, OK.”

Kerry agreed readily and said, “Of course. One more friend is better than one more enemy.”

“Mr Ye, you are really a painspoken person. When you come to Hong Kong with your wife and children, I, Zhunyun Chu, will give you a warm welcome.” Zhunyun said.

“OK. I will go there when I have time.” Kerry said.

“Thank you for your time. I’ll hang up the phone.” Zhunyun said.

“Goodbye!” Kerry said.

After hanging up the phone, Kerry looked up and saw Venus was looking at him with a faint smile on her face.

“What’s the matter?” Kerry asked with a smile.

Venus frowned and said, “When did you become so easy-going? Why you comforted Mr Chu?”

Kerry smiled cheerfully and put his arm around Venus’s waist to continue walking. “In fact, Xuan is a poor man. He paid a double penalty. Xuan had been due to the punishment, and I don’t need to add insult to his injury. Besides, MK is so powerful and it will seek market in mainland sooner or later. There are no perpetual friends and enemies in business. Why should I make enemies? Maybe they can help me someday.” Kerry said.

“You not sympathize with Xuan actually. You just do it for your business good.” Venus said.

“Oh my god, isn’t it said that when are woman is pregnant, she will be stupid for three years? Why my wife is more and more smart?” Kerry lamented deliberately.

Venus punched him and said, “When did you learn to say sweet words?”

Kerry took the opportunity to kiss her on the lips and said with a smile, “That’s where I learned it from.”

After hearing that, Venus grinned. It’s true that women in love love to hear sweet talk.

As time goes by, the weather grew cooler. Venus and Xiran Xiao’s bellies were getting bigger, too. Especially Xiran, who was seven months pregnant, but she looked as if she were eight months pregnant. Venus was not on the same scale as her.

Fortunately, they are not easy to gain weight, so there was not much fat on their body. They were two beautiful pregnant women.

It’s a cool day with wind blowing and Xiran asked Venus to go shopping. Xiran heard that pregnant women should exercise more in the third trimester, so that the baby will be healthy and it will be easier to give birth to the baby.

They were surrounded by six bodyguards when they went shopping. Those who knew what’s going on knew they are just pregnant women, while those whose didn’t might think the governor was there.

“I used to come here frequently. It’s nice. Let’s go in and have a look.” Venus pointed to a woman’s clothing store and said.

“OK.” Xiran said.

Then two bodyguards followed them in and four were outside. Such a scene startled the shop assistants.

“Who these two pregnant women are? Why there are so many bodyguards?’” The shop assistants thought.

After shopping around three or four shops, they didn’t buy anything they want. Xiran was too tired to walk, so she sat in a chair to rest.

“Sister-in-law, would you like some water?” Venus, sitting next to her, asked with concern.

Xiran shook her head and said, “No. These two babies are killing me, When I am not pregnant, I can run a marathon, but now I’m tired after a few steps. You’re in better spirits than I am.”

“If I am pregnant with twins, I will be lying at home and unable to get up, let alone go shopping.” Venus said in a self-mocking way.

Pregnant women have a higher body temperature than the average people. Although the weather was cool, Xiran sweated and kept using her hands as fans.

After a rest of more than ten minutes, they continued to shop around. Then a familiar voice came from behind, “Venus.”

Venus and Xiran looked back at the same time. When they saw who had called Venus, they opened their mouth in surprise.

They didn’t expect that they would see Xiaomei Pan again. Xiaomei was a lot whiter than she used to be. She had a new hair cut and wore clothes that suit her very well.

She was like a new person. Venus and Xiran wouldn’t recognize when they walk in the street if they don’t see Xiaomei’s face.

The point is that her right hand was in the arm of a man. They don’t look like ordinary friends.

“It’s really you. I thought I got the wrong person. Are you pregnant?” Xiaomei asked embarrassedly.

“Yes, I’m seven months pregnant.” Venus said.

Xiaomei felt a little sad. “Seven months? They had a child soon after I left. Is Kerry so eager to have a baby. Why can’t he wait a little longer? It seems that Kerry has completely forgotten me.” Xiaomei thought.

She was a little upset and unhappy, because she still thought of Kerry from time to time.

“How have you been?” Venus asked.

“I’m fine. My colleagues are very kind to me.” Xiaomei said. Then she pointed to a thin, tall and handsome man next to her and said ostentatiously, “He is my boyfriend.”

“Hello.” Venus greeted him with a smile.

“Hello.” The man said politely.

Then no one spoke and the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

It was Xiaomei who finally broke the ice and said, “I have something to do and I have to go. Enjoy your time.”

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