Chapter 281 – 282: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 281: Ten Billion

When Jane Tang saw that it was Kris, she immediately became furious and rushed over, trying to push Kris out, “Who told you to come here, get out!”

Changhe Su was also looking at Kris with a shady face. The moment Mary Su saw Kris was here, she couldn’t help but burst into tears.

However, she didn’t walk over there because she still held anger in her heart. “Dad, Mom, I’m here to bring Mary home,” Kris said calmly when he looked at them.

“Who allowed you to call us like that?” Changhe Su said fiercely, “You’re such a disgrace, can’t you see that Mary is on a blind date? Are you trying to humiliate us?”

Hearing how Kris called them, people here were all confused.

What was this situation?

Why was this man calling them mom and dad? Was he their son-in-law? But why would they bring their daughter on a blind date when they already have a son-in-law?

Kris looked at Changhe Su and didn’t say anything, he walked straight to Mary, “Mary, sorry I’m late.”

“You’re here, so what? Can’t you see that I’m on a blind date?” Mary couldn’t say how sad she felt in her heart.

How she had gone through these past few days, she had been locked in a room without phone or computer, just like a prisoner.

Where was Kris when she shouted his name in her heart for a thousand times?

Looking at Mary, Kris was heart-broken.

“Mary, it’s all my fault, will you come home with me?”

“You’re the live-in son-in-law that Aunt Tang was talking about, right?” Haoran Jiang sneered and said, “Didn’t you hear what Mary said? She’s on a blind date with me right now, so if you know what’s good for you, leave!”


He’s the live-in son-in-law?


The crowd burst out laughing, so this brat was a live-in son-in-law.

What a tragedy, he has not divorced yet, but he was cuckolded by his own mother-in-law.

Everyone looked at Kris with sneering and mocking eyes.

“Hey, brother, be sensible, can’t you see that my brother is pursuing your wife right now?” At this time, Wei Wan, who was standing beside Mina Li, stepped forward and said.


The crowd burst out laughing again.

This man was too wimpy, being laughed at like this yet not daring to speak.

Hearing the mockery of the people around her, Jane became even angrier, “You jinx, are you going to disgrace our family then you can be happy!”

“Kris, you’re an adult, you also have a sense of shame, don’t mess around.” At this time, Changhe Su changed his previous snide and angry tone and said, “How about this, you divorce Mary, after Haoran and Mary get married, their family would offer 3 million dollars for the betrothal gifts, then I’ll give you 1 million dollars for compensation, what do you think?”

Hearing Changhe’s words, Haoran Jiang smiled proudly, “Did you hear that, one million, as long as you nod your head and agree, you will instantly become a millionaire.”

Mina was speechless when she heard this, one million?

That’s nothing for Kris!

“Mina, just watches, this brat will definitely say yes.” Wei Wan smiled and said to Mina.

Mina didn’t answer and said with a cold face, “Wei Wan, let’s not contact each other anymore. We’re not suitable to be friends.”

Saying that, Mina stepped on her high-heels and left.

“Mina, Mina…”

Wei Wan was confused, what the hell was going on?

“Kris, do you agree or not?” Jane said with a cold face, “If you don’t agree, you won’t get a single penny.”

Kris said with a cold smile, “Mom, is my relationship with Mary only worth this million?”

“Don’t shame yourself, you brat.”

Haoran Jiang turned hostile, “I have to confess to Mary in front of you today, so just watch her be my bride.”

Saying that, he reached out to grab Mary’s hand.

The moment he was about to touch Mary, Kris made his move and squeezed a little harder.


The bones of his hand were directly crushed.

Haoran shouted out in an instant, his face turned pale in a split second.


“Haoran.” Wei Wan was shocked, he never thought Kris would dare to do fight, he rushed over and tried to hit Kris.


Wei Wan was directly kicked meters away by Kris.

“Husband, you, let go!” Mary was also frightened, standing up in a hurry and hugging Kris, “Husband, don’t be impulsive, I’ll go home with you, I’ll go home with you.”

Mary was so anxious, Haoran’s family owned a factory, so he must have power and influence. They would definitely get into big trouble that Kris had beaten him up.

Although Kris has a good relationship with Tianba Li, he couldn’t ask him for help for everything.

“You’re dead, you’re dead, I’m going to kill you!” Haoran shouted out.

“You can try.” Kris’s face was cold, and he directly kicked him away, leaving him to keep Wei Wan company.

At this time, a complete chaos stuck here.

The host shouted loudly, “Security, come quickly, someone is making trouble here!”

More than a dozen strong men with powerful shapes immediately rushed in and surrounded Kris and the others immediately afterward.

The strong man led the team, shouted loudly, “Fuck it, who dares to make trouble in my territory…”

He was stunned before he could finish his words, then he kneeled on the ground with soft knees, “Kris… Lord Chen, how come it’s you?”


At this moment, everyone was shocked by the scene.

Jane and Changhe even looked at each other shockingly.

This, how was it possible?

Why the security guard kneeled down to Kris directly?

Wei Wan assisted Haoran, who had his hand pinched off, to stand up. He was annoyed in an instant, “What are you security guards for? Why do you still haven’t arrested the perpetrator?”

When that security captain heard this, his face turned cold, and said at Kris, “Lord Chen, please wait a moment.”

After saying that, he stood up from the ground, walked over to Wei Wan, and slapped him directly in the face.

“Shit, are you blind?”

The security captain didn’t feel enough yet, he threw another slap at him.


“Do you know who is him? This is Lord Chen!”

Two teeth in Wei Wan’s mouth were slapped to the ground, and Haoran even cringed in fear, he was also afraid of being beaten.

Mina, who stood beside laughed, see, this was what would happen when you offended Kris.

After slapping Wei Wan a few more times that made his face swollen like a pig, he came to Kris’s side and said respectfully, “Lord Chen, my name is Biaozi, I’m Sister Lin’s, fellow man.”

Sister Lin?

Kris frowned, “You’re talking about Lin Li?”

“That’s right, Lord Chen!” Biaozi said respectfully, “Sister Lin sent your picture to the group chat of Black Scale Security, so we all know you.”

“Sister Lin said that seeing you is just like seeing her, if anyone dares to disrespect you, we should teach him a hard lesson.”

Kris was speechless.

Sending her picture to the company’s internal group chat, only she could do such a thing.

He didn’t even know what to say about this flattery.

“Alright, alright.” Kris waved his hand impatiently and said, “Say thank you to your sister Lin for me, and tell her that if I have time, I’ll treat her for dinner.”

After Biaozi heard Kris’s words, he repeatedly nodded, ” Lord Chen, we’ll leave first.”

Saying that he waved his hand and left with his fellow men.

“Husband, when did you and Lin Li get to know each other again?” Mary looked at Kris with surprise. There was only one person who called Lin Li in the entire Westriver City also ran a security company, and that was Hu Li’s sister.

That woman was well known in Westriver City.

“I also met her by chance,” Kris said.

At this time, Kris walked over to Jane, took out a card from his pocket, and handed it over.

This action made Jane shocked.

This was a bank card?

What’s this loser doing with a bank card?

Was there any money on the card?

“Mom, aren’t you out of money? There are 3 million dollars in this card, it’s my little token of filial piety to you and dad. You can buy anything you want.” Kris smiled.

Didn’t you mention 3 billion dollars for the bride price?

All right, I’ll give you 3 million. You’ve got nothing to say then, right?

When Jane heard Kris say this, she sneered immediately, “Kris, are you bluffing me? There’s 3 million in this card? Tell me the truth, did you borrow money from those gangsters? It’s not usury, is it?”

Seriously, Jane was already scared of usury.

“Husband, the money…”

“Don’t worry, the money is mine.” Kris came through, he didn’t want to hide anymore.

Although Mary felt strange, she still said to Jane, “Mom, now that Kris has said so, you can take it.”

Saying that, Mary pushed the card in front of Jane. Jane looked at the card and she was confused.

Wasn’t it borrowed?

Then where did this piece of shit get the 3 million?

After thinking about it, she was certain that there couldn’t be 3 million on it, she needed to go to check the bank account, if she didn’t get the money, see how she would mock him.

Picking up the card, Jane said, “Eh, then I’ll have to go to check the bank account if it really has 3 million dollars on the card, this small amount of money is barely enough to compensate for our family’s 3-year care of Kris.”

Kris smiled and didn’t say anything, he held Mary’s hand tightly.

After receiving the bank card, they couldn’t stay here, after all, they were embarrassed themselves if they stayed here after beating people and making trouble.

As soon as they left the Golden Sun Building, Jane rushed towards the Merchant Bank. She wanted to check if there was money on the card or not.

At the bank. Jane just took out the bank card and inserted the card into the ATM.

However, she didn’t know the password.

So she called Mary, “Mary, what is the password of that card from Kris?”

Mary and Kris were now standing at the Golden Sun Building entrance, looking at Kris.

Kris said, “Six zeros.”


She hung up the phone instantly.

Mary shrugged her shoulders, helplessly, “My mom probably went to the bank to see how much money is in the card.”

“Don’t worry, there’s 3 million in the card.” Kris smiled.

Mary looked at Kris curiously and asked, “Kris, tell me, where did you get the money? Is there something you’re not telling me?”

Kris scratched his head and was about to confess, then he took out the other two cards from his pocket.

Seeing this card, Kris’s face changed instantly, and said, “Fuck! I got the wrong one!”

It’s done. It’s done!

Kris just took the wrong card, Kris has three cards in his pocket, one was the Merchant Bank’s Violet Gold Regal Card…

One was an ordinary bank card he had been using for the past two years, Kris had deposited 3 million in it for emergencies.

The last one was the Golden Scale Society’s capital card. This card was given to him by Quizi. All the assets of the Golden Scale Society were deposit in it.

The one that he gave to Jane had fucking 10 billion on it!

“I’m screwed, I’m screwed!”

Kris couldn’t delay a second and pulled Mary straight away, “Something bad is going to happen, go back and find your mother!”

Meanwhile, Jane inserted the card into the ATM and checked the balance after entering six zeros.

“Yo, there’s really money in this card, let me count how much is it.”

Jane said to herself.

“One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand…”

The more she counted, the more Jane’s heart blossomed!

“Ten million for real!”

“Well, why are there so many zeros?”

Jane furrowed her eyebrows, and her heart began to thump.

“This is…”


“A billion!”

“Ten billion!!!”

Chapter 282: Jane Tang was going crazy.

Jane Tang gasped. She was dumbfounded.

“Ten billion dollars?”

Then she fell to the floor and was unable to hold back her trembling. All of a sudden, the people came around.

“The woman is sick here.”

“Call 120…”

Quickly, the bank’s staff trotted over with the first aid kit and helped Jane up. He told people to go away so that the air could circulate.

When Jane came back to her senses, she kept mumbling, “Ten billion, ten billion … so much money, so much…”

The people around her were all confused when they heard what she said, “Is she mad?” And at this time, Kris and Mary also came over. Changhe Su followed behind them. As soon as the three of them entered the bank, they saw Jane, who was surrounded by the crowd.

“Mom, are you okay? I’ll take you to the hospital for a check-up.”

Mary squeezed through the crowd and crouched down in front of Jane, looking worried.

What Jane had done these days was very unreasonable. But no matter what, she was her mother. She couldn’t blame her. Kris stood behind Mary, and he caught a glimpse of the bank card on the floor that Jane was holding in her hand.

The people around him were whispering. Kris smiled as he heard the comments from the others.

Her mother-in-law had definitely known the money of the bank card, and then she was freaking out. If Jane knew he was rich now, she would often ask for money from him. He had to think of a reason to cover this.

At this time, Changhe also came over.

Seeing Jane was in a daze, Changhe rushed to her, grabbing her hand, “Jane, are you okay?”

Jane suddenly became excited when she saw Kris

She shook off Changhe’s hand and walked over to Kris, looked at him, and said excitedly, “Kris, there’s a lot of money in this card.”

Jane took Kris’s hand and looked him up and down as if she were getting to know him again.

“It’s incredible. He’s been in Su family for over two years, and it’s Mary who gives him money every day. Why does he have so much money?” Jane thought.

“Honey, what are you talking about?” Changhe frowned and said.

Mary was also confused and looked at the two of them, puzzled, “What? Ten billion?”

“I don’t know.” Kris pretended to be confused.

“Mom, what’s wrong with you? What’s about ten billion?” Mary took her hand and said worriedly.

“The card that Kris gave me has ten billion dollars.” Jane was so excited that she practically shouted as she said it.

As soon as she said it, the entire bank went silent. Everyone was dumbfounded. They all stared at Jane and Kris.

Then it was followed by a burst of laughter.

“This woman is crazy, isn’t she?”

“Ten billion dollars? That’s ridiculous.”

“I’m afraid this woman just fell to the ground and bumped her head.”

“Miss, you’d better take your mother to the hospital for a checkup.”

People didn’t believe what Jane said. He wasn’t even wearing two hundred dollars altogether. Maybe it would be impossible for him to have one thousand dollars.

The bank employee also shook his head, “Ma’am, since your mother is fine, I will go to work first.” Then he left with the first aid kit.

Jane became anxious then and said loudly, “There are ten billion dollars in this card, I didn’t lie.”

“Honey, please believe me. I really don’t lie.” Jane took Changhe’s hand and said, “You’ll believe what I say, right?”

Changhe was also embarrassed. If Kris had 10 billion dollars, why was he willing to be the live-in son-in-law of Su family?

What a joke. All the assets of the entire Su family didn’t exceed two billion dollars. Ten billion dollars was five times the assets of the Su family.

“I think it’s getting late. Why don’t we go back early?” Changhe’s eyes kept the mocking smile. He didn’t take Jane’s words seriously.

Mary looked at Jane and said, “Mom, how can you have ten billion dollars? You must have misread it.”

“Why don’t you all believe me?”

Jane shrugged off Mary’s hand and came up to Kris, “Kris, tell them, there are ten billion dollars in this card.”

“I don’t know. Let’s go home.” Kris said, “You must be so tired, so you have misread the balance in your card. Do you want to relax at a spa?

“There’s just 10 billion in this card. You gave this card to me, and the money in it is mine. No one is going to take it away from me.”

Jane rushed to the counter and said to the bank counter staff, “You check the balance inside for me.”

“If you want to do business, please line up. You’re cutting in line now.” The bank counter staff said.

Then people around her spoke up and accused her, “Can’t you see we have such a long line?”

“Get in line.”

“If she’s gotten billion dollars, why not go to the VIP counter?”

“I’m sorry.” Kris pulled Jane aside and said, “Mom, let me help you get in line, okay?”

And then he took the bank card from Jane’s hand.

Jane nodded, “You remember to tell me first when it’s time for you to do business.”

Mary came over at that moment as well and took her mother to sit beside.

Kris watched a lot of people lining up, so he walked toward the bank’s staff, handed her the card, and said, “Where is your manager?”

Xinying Bao was stunned, said, “Sir, our manager is very busy. If you want to do any business, you can just do it at the counter.”

He really thought he had ten billion in his card. As an employee of the bank, she couldn’t just get angry, or she would have had security throw him out.

“A crazy man.” Xinying Bao muttered.

Kris smiled faintly and directly took out a bank card from her pocket and threw it on her table.

Xinying saw Kris throw the bank card directly in front of her and got angry, “What’s wrong with you, you’re too rude……” Before she could finish her sentence, she was shocked by the bank card in front of her.

“Oh my god, this is Violet Gold Regal Card.”

She couldn’t believe it when she called her colleagues and said, “Is It a Violet Gold Regal Card?”

Her colleagues next door stood up, joked, “Are you kidding me? How could any customer with a Violet Gold Regal Card show up at our bank?”

When she saw the bank card on the table, she swallowed the rest of her words.

“Xinying, go find the manager, I’ll help you receive this gentleman.” She said, pulling the hair behind her ears to the roots and revealing a sweet smile.

The disdain and contempt on her face earlier were instantly replaced by surprise.

She had been working in the bank for several years, and she had only received a customer with Colonel Card. It was the first time she had seen someone with a Violet Gold Regal Card.

“Sir, please wait a moment, I’ll go to find the manager now.”

Xinying immediately curtsied, running to the manager’s office. Without knocking, she opened the door and entered the office, “Manager, I have something to talk to you.”

Hua Tao was receiving a VIP holding a Colonel Card in his office. He explained to him the benefits of depositing money in their branch. Still, the customer didn’t even want to deposit money in the bank.

He was already on fire, but now Xinying just came in without knocking at the door, which annoyed him.

Hua Tao’s face turned cold, and said coldly, “What are you doing here? Can’t you see I’m talking to a VIP?”

Then he apologized to a man next to him, “Mr. Zhang, I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Since you have something to do, let’s talk about it later.” The man put down his teacup and was about to leave.

Hua Tao stopped him and said with a smile on his face, “Mr. Zhang, please wait a few minutes. You haven’t tasted the Biluochun Tea yet.”

After saying that, he shouted at Xinying, “Do you know you have offended Mr. Zhang? Why don’t you apologize to Mr. Zhang?”

Xinying was scared and lowered her head, apologizing to the man.

Mr. Zhang looked at Xinying and was attracted to her.

“Your branch has such beautiful staff. How come I haven’t seen her before?” said the man.

Hua Tao was startled, “He has a crush on Xinying?”

Then he said to Xinying, “Why don’t you make tea for Mr. Zhang?”

Xinying bit her lips, walked up to Hua Tao, and whispered in his ear.

“Are you serious?” Hua Tao said suddenly.

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