Chapter 281: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 281 A Special Gift for Pingan (1)

When Xiaomei Pan and her boyfriend had gone far away, Xiran Xiao said, “Why don’t I hate her as much as I used to?”

“Me too,” Venus said.

“The environment has such a great impact on people. She used to be so thin and dark, but now she can be so beautiful.” Xiran said.

When she returned to the villa in the evening, Venus told Kerry about her meeting with Xiaomei, but Kerry was indifferent, as if he did not know her.

Venus was satisfied with Kerry’s attitude.

As time went on into late October, Venus’s baby kicked her often. She could sometimes feel the baby turning over in her belly, and her body was getting heavier and her legs and feet were swollen.

When Kerry came back at night and saw how badly her feet were swollen, he would give her a massage.

“I’ve discussed it with Tianye. We’ve arranged for you and Xiran to be admitted to the best maternity hospital in Sky City.”

Venus was reading a comic book, and then said, “Ok, that’s fine. I’ll listen to you.”

“It will be Pingan’s second birthday in a few days, and I want to throw him a birthday party and invite all of his friends.”

Venus put down the comic book. “He’ll be very happy. Do you buy him that little car he asked for last time?” said she.

“I already bought it,” Kerry said happily.

Venus looked at him and smiled, “You’re doing more and more what a father should do.”

Kerry laughed.


On the morning of his birthday, Pingan ran around happily and asked Venus, “Mom, what is a birthday?”

Venus wiped the sweat from his forehead. “It’s the day your family and friends come to celebrate your birth and welcome you into the world.”

“Can I get to celebrate my birthday every year from now on?” Pingan asked with wide eyes and excitement.

“Of course you can celebrate your birthday every year.”

“Wow, that’s awesome.” Pingan said.

As they were talking, Kerry came over with a large cardboard box. Pingan ran over and asked curiously, “Dad, what’s this?”

“It’s a gift from Kevin.”

“When will he be back? I miss him.” Pingan said.

“He’ll be back for New Year’s.” Kerry said as he unpacked the package

“What did Uncle Kevin get me for New Year’s?” Pingan asked excitedly.

Kerry unwrapped the cardboard box and inside was a white robot. It was about Pingan’s height.

“It’s a robot.” Kerry said excitedly.

Then he searched through the box and found the manual and remote control.

“Can it talk?” Pingan asked.

“Let try it.” Kerry pressed the switch.

The robot’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then it made a voice, “Hello, Pingan, I am Xiaobai, happy birthday to you.”

“Xioabai, what can you do?” Pingan asked curiously.

“What do you want me to do?” Xioabai asked.

Pingan tilted his head and thought, “Can you walk?”

“Yes, I can.” Xioabai said. Then the robot started walking, and would also automatically round the corner when it encountered an obstacle, and return to Pingan after walking a few meters.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Pingan shouted excitedly. “Can you sing?”

“Yea, I can sing.” The robot said and began to sing, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ……”

Venus also came over and exclaimed, “It’s so smart.”

Kerry was surprised, too. “It’s really powerful. I also want to start a company to develop intelligent robots.”

“You really never forget to make money at any time.” Venus smiled and said.

“Yeah, I have a wife and kids to support, so of course I have to make more money.”


Today, Pingan was wearing a handsome little suit and a pair of leather shoes, like a prince.

In the afternoon the guests arrived one after another, and Pingan stood at the door to greet them.

“Pingan, happy birthday. This is the rag doll for you. Do you like it?” said a girl.

Chapter 281 A Special Gift for Pingan (2)

Rag dolls are something that girls like. Although Pingan didn’t like this gift, it was a gift from his friend, and he was happy to accept it.

“Thank you, I like it very much.” said Pingan.

Just after three o’clock in the afternoon, a red Bugatti Veyron stopped in front of the villa. Kerry took a look and had mixed emotions. It was the same car he had lost to Tianye earlier.

“Uncle Tianye, you’re here.” Pingan cheered and ran over.

“Happy birthday, Pingan.”

Pingan looked into the car for a few moments and asked, “Where is Aunt Xiran?”

As he spoke, Xiran got out of the car. “Pingan, happy birthday. Do you miss me?”

“Yeah, I love Aunt Xiran the most.” Pingan said happily, and then he helped Xiran out of the car.

Xiran’s belly was already very big, and luckily she was tall enough to bear such a weight.

“Auntie, will your little baby kick your belly?” Pingan asked, stroking her belly.

“They kick auntie’s belly every day.”

“My sister is also very naughty and often kicks mommy in her belly,” Pingan said happily, tilting her head, “When all three of them are born, I will become their brother.”

“Yeah,” Xiran stroked his little cheeks, “you must be good to them, right?”

“Yes.” Pingan replied, and then he asked in a low voice, “Auntie, where’s my birthday present?”

Xiran smiled, then took a document from Tianye’s hand and gave it to him, “This is your birthday present.”

“Thank you, auntie.” Pingan joyfully took it and opened it, but he couldn’t read what it was. “Auntie, what is this?”

“This is the share transfer letter of Mu’s Group.” Xiran said calmly.

Venus took it over and looked at it and was surprise, “You’re giving Pingan too many shares.”

This document clearly showed that Pingan would own ten percent shares of Mu’s Group. Venus also only owned twenty percent of Mu’s Group’s shares.

“This is my gift to Pingan. Just take it,” Tianye explained, “He also has half of Mu family’s blood in him. This is what he deserves.”

Kerry took the document away from Venus’ hand, quickly scanned it, put it behind his back, and then said to Venus, “Both of them are rich people. Such a small amount of shares is nothing to them. Let’s just accept it as tuition for Pingan.”

Tianye looked at him and wanted to give him a punch, “Kerry, I find that you are getting more and more thick-skinned.”

“But I’m not as thick-skinned as you are,” Kerry immediately retorted, “You won this car from me, but you’re going to drive it over here today to show off. Didn’t you do that on purpose?”

“Yeah, I do drive this car here on purpose. How about we fight again and you win it back?”

“Even if I were to fight with you, I wouldn’t choose today. Pingan is the main character today.”

“Are you afraid? I think you are afraid to lose all the cars in your garage to me.” Tianye sneered.

“I’ve never been afraid since I was born.” Kerry said arrogantly.

“Is that so? Then someday I’ll show you what it feels like to be afraid.” said Tianye.

“Well, I think there’s no need for that.” Kerry laughed.

They kept arguing. Venus and Xiran, who were standing next to them, shook their heads and laughed. Then they walked into the room together.

“Every time I see them fighting, I always feel like they’re the quarrelsome lovers.” Xiran laughed lightly.

“Yeah, I think so.” Venus nodded.

“Auntie, what are quarrelsome lovers?” Pingan asked curiously

Xiran wasn’t going to explain, only saying, “You’ll know it when you grow up.”

“Oh,” Pingan responded and ran off to play with the children.

These mothers of the children were stunned to see Xiran enter. They had never seen a woman who looked so beautiful even when she was pregnant.

Xiran was a very easy-going person, and she got to know everyone very well. They sat around and exchanged pregnancy and parenting tips.

Around 5pm, the cake Kerry ordered arrived.

The cake was in the shape of a Transformer bumblebee, and once the box was opened, all of the children gave a “wow”.

“Wow, it’s so cool.” Pingan exclaimed. He circled around the cake, “It’s really so cool.”

Kerry saw her son so happy and felt that her efforts were not in vain.

“You blow out the candles and make a wish first, and then we will cut the cake, how about that?” Kerry asked Pingan.


Everyone sang the Happy Birthday song in unison. Then Pingan closed his eyes and bowed his head and made a silent wish. “I hope my mom will give birth to my sister soon. I will love her very much.”

Just after this wish, a faint voice came into his ears, “Brother, don’t let the candles burn out.”

Chapter 281 A Special Gift for Pingan (3)

Pingan was stunned, “That sound is so familiar.”

“Brother, don’t let the candle burn out. It will explode.” The voice sounded again.

Pingan snapped his eyes open, and before the song was finished, he quickly squeezed the two candles out with his fingers, and the small candle was less than five centimeters away from burning out.

Pingan’s action surprised the crowd. “Shouldn’t he be blowing out the candles? Why did he put out the candle?

Venus busily took Pingan’s two small hands and nervously asked, “Does your hand hurt? How can you snuff out a candle with your hands?”

Pingan’s gaze fell on his mother’s belly, his expression serious. He wanted to tell his mom what he had just heard, but there were too many people here.

Kerry noticed his son’s abnormality and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

Pingan looked up at her father, then at the curious crowd, and suddenly said, “Dad, can you come with me to see Xiaobai? I want to bring him here to sing a song.”

Kerry was confused, but he readily agreed, “Okay.”

Pingan took his father’s hand and walked out, and then turned around and said, “Please don’t touch the cake until I get back.”

Turning the corner to the toy room, Pingan said to Kerry, “Dad, I just heard my sister talking when I made a wish.”

Kerry was shocked, “Sister? You mean the sister in Venus’s tummy?”

“Yeah, she called me brother.”

“What did she say?” Kerry asked, not suspecting at all that Pingan was lying because his son was much more powerful than his powers.

“She said not to let the candle burn out. It would explode.”

Kerry was shocked, busily asked, “Are you sure that’s what she said?”

“I’m sure. She said it twice.”

Kerry turned pale and ran out to the living room quickly. If there really was something wrong with that cake, it would be too dangerous and the whole house would be blown to bits.

“I’m sorry everyone. This cake is not to be eaten. John, take this cake away immediately.” Kerry, not caring about the surprised looks of the crowd, ordered John to take the cake away.

John didn’t know why, but by the look on Kerry’s face, he knew there was something wrong with the cake. He let the two bodyguards lift the cake carefully, and walked out of the house.

Kerry’s eyes kept following the cake. Suddenly the man behind the cake was tripped, and the cake fell down at a 45 degree angle.

Pingan ran as fast as a bolt of lightning directly to the cake that was sliding to the ground.

Kerry stopped the time as fast as he could. He was able to freeze the time of an ordinary man, but he could not freeze the time of Pingan, who was even more powerful than him.

Kerry chased after him and finally saw him in a lawn.

The cake was lying on the lawn, which had been thrown to pieces. Inside the cake was a small bomb with a lot of fuses attached to it. The bomb looked small, but the explosive power was not to be underestimated.

It was obvious that the bomb was meant to take revenge on Kerry. In normal circumstances, when Pingan blew out the candles, he was surrounded by Venus, Xiran and Tianye. If something happened to one of them, it would be the heaviest blow to both families.

“Dad, what should we do?” Pingan asked with a sad face as he squatted on the lawn.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” Kerry used his powers to make the cake and the bomb fly together, and then quickly transported them to the back of the rockery mountains farthest from the villa and placed them on a boulder before returning.

“But who the hell sent this bomb?” Kerry thought. Suddenly, a man’s face came to his mind. “Gavin is still alive?”

Then he returned to the villa with Pingan in his arms. Now the time in the villa was still standing still.

“You just pretend that nothing has happened later. Be happy. It’s your birthday today, and you have a lot of friends over, so don’t be downhearted, okay?” Kerry softly reassured her son.

Pingan nodded, but there was still worry in his eyes, “Dad, who is trying to hurt us?”

“I don’t know. But I will find that bad guy. Don’t worry.”

Then everything went back to normal and everyone could move

The two guards at the door saw that the cake was gone and were about to ask questions. John quickly realized that something must have just happened and whispered, “Don’t ask anything. Just keep walking.

The two bodyguards finally obeyed John’s order, pretended that nothing had happened, and hurriedly left.

In the living room, none of these guests asked why the cake was inedible, and no one discussed what happened. Perhaps they didn’t see Pingan move because he was so fast and not everyone was paying attention to the cake.

“Pingan, that cake was so beautiful, why can’t we eat it?” A kid asked.

Before Pingan could say anything, Kerry quickly explained, “I’m really sorry. I just got a call from the bakery that the ingredients for that cake were not very fresh. I was afraid that children would have a bad stomach if they ate it, so I let John take it away.”

Several adults nodded, but they all knew that this was not the reason why the cake was taken away. Kerry was a well-known figure in Sky City, and no bakery would dare to make a cake for him with ingredients that were not fresh. They understood that since Kerry didn’t want to talk about it, there must be a reason, so they didn’t ask any further questions.

From the moment Pingan and Kerry left, Venus, Xiran and Tianye felt that there was something strange. Now that they heard this explanation, their doubts deepened.

“Thank you all for coming to celebrate my son’s birthday, especially all of you children, and thank you for considering Pingan your friend.” Kerry, as the host, raised his glass and said, “To Pingan’s healthy and happy growth.

When the party was halfway through, Venus pulled Kerry’s sleeve under the table, and Kerry took her hand in his.

“What just happened?” Venus asked in a low voice.

“I’ll tell it to you tonight.” Kerry said with a smile.

When Tianye helped his wife to go to the bathroom, he touched Kerry’s shoulder as he passed by, gesturing for him to follow him. Kerry knew what Tianye was going to ask and followed him to leave.

After Xiran went into the bathroom, Tianye turned around and hurriedly asked Kerry, “What’s wrong?”

“There’s a bomb in the cake,” Kerry said succinctly.

“Fuck! Who did this?” Tianye cursed, and a person’s face appeared in his mind, “Shit! It can’t be that bastard. Didn’t he die in the sea?”

“I don’t know who put the bomb in the cake, but he probably did so, because very few people know that Pingan is celebrating his birthday today,” Kerry leaned against the wall and said fiercely, “If it were him, I’d kill him this time.”

“So where did you put the bomb?” Tianye asked worriedly.

“It’s outside the villa, behind the rockery. I’ll go back to check it out after the guests leave the villa.”

“You can’t let the guests leave.” Xiran’s voice rang out. She was already out of the bathroom.

“Even if we were to leave, we can’t go out through the gate.” she continued.

Kerry was surprised, “Why?”

“I guess the guy who is delivering the bombs must be lurking around the villa right now. If I were him, I’d be very interested in seeing what I’ve accomplished. Once you send your guests away, it’s the end of the birthday party. When the other guy sees that his plot didn’t work out, he’ll know keep an eye on us and also hide even deeper in the future. It will be even harder for us to find him.” Xiran explained.

“Xiran is right. If he didn’t succeed this time, he would do it again next time. We have to find him now.” Tianye said.

“But I can’t estimate the power of the bomb. There are too many people here.”

“We can’t get out of here through the front door, but we can get out of here through the other doors. Don’t you have any other way out of this villa than a front door?” Xiran said.

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