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Chapter 282: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 282 Kill You With My Own Hands (1)

Kerry Ye thought for a moment and frowned. “There seems to be one, but I don’t know where it is. John the Butler should know.”

“That’s fine. If you don’t know the exit, the others won’t possibly know.”

The three people returned to the dinner table. After sitting down for a while. Kerry and Tianye Mu came to the study room to arrange the following things methodically.

The joyful laughter in the villa lasted until more than ten o’clock in the evening.

Suddenly, a tremendous noise exploded in the dark, and the flaming fire lit up most of the night sky. All at once, the air was full of the smell of gunpowder.

Kerry stood in a corner of the villa and cursed with bitter hate, “Damn it, if this bomb explodes in front of us, we will turn to ashes in an instant.”

Tianye Mu held his hands in front of his chest and looked at the blazing fire indifferently. He said faintly, “Yes, you are right.” Then he patted Kerry on the shoulder, “Well, don’t be dazed. Let get to work. Remember, don’t do anything first when you catch him. I want to see what he looks like.”

Kerry didn’t care, “What’s so good to see, isn’t it just two eyes, one nose and one mouth?”

“Why don’t you say that everyone looks like that? Then why are there differences between beauty and ugliness?”

“All right, all right. Catch him first.”

It turned out that all the guests in the villa, including Venus, Xiran Xiao and Pingan, all left the villa as early as an hour ago.

It was a road that had not been walked for more than ten years. If it hadn’t been for John leading the way, maybe all the cars would have lost their way.

At leaving, Venus held on to Kerry’s hand, and her eyes were full of worries. “Kerry, you must be careful, and don’t let anything bad happen.”

Kerry rubbed her face tenderly, as if to engrave her appearance in the bottom of his heart. “I will be careful. I have such a beautiful wife, such a lovely son, and a baby girl on the way. How can I allow any accident to happen to me? Don’t worry. I will come back soon to see the baby born with my own eyes.”

Venus gave him a light hug and left a kiss on his lips, like saying goodbye.

“Baby, take care, wait for me to come back.” Kerry looked deeply into her eyes.

“I will.”

After sending two pregnant women and Pingan back to home, Tianye Mu went back to Ye’s villa. At leaving, Xiran Xiao was much calmer, giving him advice, “Put the bomb a little further and use the gun to detonate it. Don’t get close.”

“I know, my darling wife.” Tianye took her hand, “You are sure you don’t want to see me off?”

Xiran glared at him, “What’s the point of seeing you off? It’s not that you don’t come back.”

Tianye shrugged, “OK, you sound right, then I’m leaving.”

“All right, be careful on the way.” Xiran waved to him. When Tianye got in the car and left, she found a layer of cold sweats on the palm of her hands.

How wouldn’t she worry about him? He was the man she loved the most, and the father of her baby. But she didn’t want to be weeping and sobbing in front of him, or put any pressure on him. On the other hand, she believed in his ability.

Watching this scene, Venus was a little ashamed of the way she handled the farewell before leaving. She couldn’t help asking, “Xiran, am I too weak? Every time something occurred, I’m so worried, worrying about that something might happen to Kerry.”

Xiran came over with hands supporting her waist and sat down beside Venus.

“I’m worried too. You see, my palms are sweating, but I trust your brother more. No matter what happens, he has the ability to come back to me. Actually, you should trust Kerry more because he has the ability that ordinary people don’t have. Self-protection is absolutely not a problem.”

After listening to Xiran’s words, Venus felt a little relieved. Yes, how could she forget, Kerry was not an ordinary person. How many times did he escape from death? There was no difficulty in defeating him.

Pingan nestled next to Venus, his little hand caressed the baby in his mother’s abdomen, talking gently, “Sis, how do you know there’s explosives in the cake? It’s amazing. Come out soon. I can’t wait to see you.”

Venus was also looking forward to this, but she had a hunch that this little girl in her belly must be more powerful than Pingan’s superpowers. Thought about it, before the baby girl was born, the baby girl could send messages to her through dreams, and the baby girl knew where the danger came from. Not to mention that the baby girl was a superpower, even saying she was an immortal reincarnation, Venus would not be so surprised.

As a matter of fact, as early as in May when she did the four-dimensional color ultrasonic diagnosis, Venus had already seen the baby girl’s appearance, with eyebrows and eyes like her own, and mouth like Kerry. The baby girl didn’t open his eyes at the time, so she didn’t see whether her eyes were purple or not.

If it was really purple, Venus could imagine how colorful the life would be after the baby girl was born.


At the moment of the explosion, the dark shadow in the woods outside the villa were illuminated by fire.

Then the shadow heard people screaming, crying, and calling for ambulance. Standing under the huge tree and enjoying his masterpiece, the shadow gave out evil laughter.

Kerry Ye, I don’t believe you can survive this time.

Serving the purpose, the shadow followed the direction of coming to return with ease. But as soon as he got to the main road, a person appeared in the field of vision.

The shadow instinctively hid into the dark, while heard the other party’s cold laughter, “Come out, I’ve been waiting for you all night.”

The shadow was shocked. It was not someone else, it was Kerry.

Shouldn’t he have been killed or injured by explosion in the villa? Why was he here?

“Don’t hide. You can’t escape tonight.”

As soon as the words fell, nearly ten strong men jumped out of all directions. Each one of them carried a gun in their hands, and surrounded the shadow in a tight ring.

Chapter 282 Kill You With My Own Hands (2)

The shadow’s head shook a little, his straight back became bent and his voice became slightly hoarse. He put on an air of being frightened and stammered, “You…who are you? I don’t know you.”

Kerry approached step by step. His eyes fixed on the shadow and said coldly, “Gavin, stop pretending, do you think you can fool me with a little trick?”

The shadow kept his head down, his eyes were invisible, full of fear though. Then he retorted, “You recognized the wrong person. I am not the one you mentioned.”

“Really?” Kerry stopped more than a meter away from the shadow. “If you’re not Gavin, what are you doing outside Ye’s villa in the middle of the night? Enjoy the scenery? “

“I…I’m just a tramp. I sleep wherever I go. I happened to walk by Ye’s house today and I’m too lazy to move anymore. I didn’t expect to…”

“Well, what a great make-up story. Unfortunately, I don’t believe a single word of it. Let me see your face. ” Kerry’s voice was harsh and ruthless.

The shadow stepped back a few, seemingly very timid, and shook his head constantly, “No, you’d better not watch it. My face has been injured and I don’t want people to see it.”

“Of course you don’t want people to see it. You’re afraid I’ll recognize you,” Kerry said sarcastically.

The shadow, with head still lowering down, said hoarsely, “We don’t know each other at all. How can I be afraid that you will recognize me?”

“Well, look up, let me see you then.”

As the words fell, eight or nine beams of light shed on the shadow, lighting him up brightly.

Although the shadow bent his back, it could be seen that he was very tall, about 1.8 meters or above. His clothes were very ordinary, but clean, without any stains.

Kerry checked him up and down, and the speculation in his heart was certain.

“Look up.” Kerry said in a shrill voice.

The shadow hesitated for a moment, and slowly raised his head. Then, the beams of light followed his face. Kerry and almost everyone’s heart gushed out a feeling of nausea.

As the shadow said, his face had been injured, and it was quite a serious injury. This face could hardly be called a face. It was like that it had been bitten and gnawed by something, leaving a hole. The whole facial skin was wrinkled together, which squeezed the facial features out of shape.

The pair of eyes were not as deep and insidious as imagined, but too turbid to see what was inside.

“You’ve seen my face. Excuse me, do we know each other?” The man asked gloomily, with his horrible face, making people uncontrollably have chills.

Kerry calmed himself and questioned, “Since you said you are a tramp, how can there be a tramp dressed in such clean and tidy clothes?”

“Ridiculous,” the shadow sneered. “Who says tramps have to be dressed dirty?”

“What about your luggage? Where do you sleep on such a cold day?” Kerry kept questioning.

There was no expression on the man’s face, or maybe there was, but Kerry and others couldn’t see it.

The man said sarcastically, “Since I’m a tramp, naturally, l sleep where I go, why do I need luggage?”

“That sounds so,” said Kerry, walking around the man and his eyes keeping scanning him. A few seconds later, Kerry laughed, “But I’ve always been preferring to kill wrong than to let go. Since you bumped into me today, don’t blame me for being cruel but blame your own bad luck. Guys, break his leg, tie him up and bury him.”

Before the bodyguards answered, the man said angrily, “Do you know there are laws? How dare you kill people off streets?”

Kerry gave a “not care” smile, “If you have family, friends or social status, maybe I don’t dare, but you are a tramp. If you are gone, you are gone, nobody cares. No one will notice the disappearance of a tramp.”

“You…” The man was infuriated, “What the hell did I do to offend you that you have to let me die?”

Kicking the pebbles under the feet, Kerry said lightly, “As I just said, you’re out of luck. What are you guys waiting for? Do it now.”

Then, several bodyguards came up and pressed the man down on the ground. There were no traces of opportunity for the man to resist.

Fists and feet hit on him like heavy hammers one after another. The man yelled at the top of his voice, “Help, help!” This was the villa area, and it was midnight, so no one passed by. No one would hear him even if he broke his throat by yelling.

The other despair to the man was that his yelling attracted another group of people. The attracted was not others but Tianye Mu.

“Who is this man?” Tianye looked at the man rolling on the ground and asked Kerry.

“Just found here. I think he’s very suspicious.” Kerry glanced at the man who had been beaten and bleeding, showing no trace of warmth in eyes, and he went on, “We didn’t find anyone else. He just came out of the woods and ran into me.”

Tianye looked down at the man’s face carefully. Startled, he asked in a low voice, “Is this the bastard?”

Kerry shrugged and deliberately said, “Not sure.”

Chapter 282 Kill You With My Own Hands (3)

“Shit, so creepy, it was a thousand miles away from what I expected.”

Kerry Ye gave him a disdainful look. “What’s the matter with you? You are still interested in observing whether other is pretty or ugly?

“Forget it, no one knows if he’s dead or buried anyway.”

“You have a point. Kill it.” Tianye Mu and Kerry were very close, of course he knew what he meant.

Kerry must have seen some real flaws, that was why he said so. But if the man was indeed unjustly killed…then die unjustly.

The man was being beaten badly. He bared his teeth and cried out pain. Knowing that if it went on like this, he would surely be beaten to death by Kerry, so he came up with an idea. As avoiding the falling punches and kicks, he said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute.”

With a wave from Kerry, the bodyguards stopped the beating. Kerry came up and asked him, “What do you want to say?”

“I…I saw a few people sneaking out of here just now.” The man said feebly.

Kerry and Tianye glanced at each other, with a look of doubt on their faces.

“When did you see it?” asked Kerry.

“I was just about to go sleeping when I heard a loud noise. I got up and had a look. It was an explosion in the direction of the villa, just then, I saw several people sneaking away.”

Kerry thought for a moment, as if to judge whether his words were true or not, “Why didn’t you say that just now?”

The man answered in innocent and grieving tone, “As soon as you came to me, you determined who I was and didn’t ask me if I had seen anyone. I remembered it when I heard your conversation just now.”

“Is that true?” Tianye asked.

“It’s true, absolutely true.” The man struggled to get up from the ground and said firmly.

“How many of them? Do you have a good look of them?”

“There are four of them. It was too dark to see their faces clearly.”

Kerry, holding hands in front of his chest, walked around him, “Which direction did you see them going?”

The man pointed to a random direction, “Towards that way.”

“Bullshit!” Kerry angrily objected. “An hour ago, the villa was guarded into a fortress with iron walls within the range of five miles. Let alone four people, not a single one can escape. If you have to make up a lie, it’s better to say that they flew away.”

A trace of surprise flashed through the man’s eyes. As he retreated to Tianye’s direction, he said in distress, “I really saw it. I’m not lying to you. Maybe you didn’t pay attention thoroughly, and they escaped by luck.”

“Still lying,” said Kerry, who didn’t believe a word of his story at this time, stared at his eyes closely, “Gavin, it’s you. Don’t pretend any more. Last time you must be hurt by the explosives, that’s why your face has become like this. No matter how you made up your story today, I won’t fall into your trap and let you go. You’d better give up and show us who you really are.”

“What are you talking about? I can’t understand a word,” the man retreated voiceless and expressionless, and suddenly turned around, fast as lightning. When everyone saw it clearly, a sharp knife had been put on Tianye’s neck.

“Put the knife down.” shouted Kerry, with a look of awe.

The man’s gloomy eyes radiated killing intentions. The smile made his face more distorted, and his voice was restored, “Kerry, we meet again.”

“Hum! Sure enough, it’s you,” Kerry gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists, “I didn’t expect that you were not dead. You got quite a long life.”

“If it wasn’t for revenge on you, what do you think made me live with this face to this day? It’s you, you have turned me into a ghost. Today I’m going to make you pay blood for blood! ” Gavin yelled at him, and his emotions got excited. The knife in his hand, which was not grasped with strength well, cut a bloodstain.

Kerry sneered, “If you want me paying blood for blood, release Tianye Mu and take me instead.”

“You’re both assholes, I won’t let go either of you.” Gavin acted like going crazy.

Kerry’s eyes inadvertently turned purple in an instant. Next thing, Gavin found that he lost control of his hands. Like being controlled by a huge force, the knife abruptly left Tianye’s neck.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Tianye escaped from his grip and ran to the besides of Kerry.

Purple eyes shifted, the knife in Gavin’s hand inserted to his own chest with a “puff”.

“Ah -” the piercingly sharp pain made him scream.

Kerry looked at him like a devil and said in a flat intonation, “Gavin, it wasn’t me who made you into the way you are now, but yourself. If you hadn’t coveted the incomplete treasure map, hadn’t kidnapped my pregnant Venus, and hadn’t detained my son, there won’t be any connection for the two of us, let alone such a deep hatred. You made all this by yourself, it’s your own fault, I’m just protecting myself.”

The blood was gurgling from Gavin’s chest. He wanted to cover it, but he couldn’t move. “Kerry, don’t make yourself so justified. You wanted to take that treasure as your own.”

Kerry looked up to the sky and roared a few times. He shook his head and said, “Gavin, I can’t talk senses to people like you. You’ve been lost in the so-called treasure. Why don’t you think about it, if this treasure really exists, how come so many brilliant talents from ancient times to the present haven’t found it? And you’re so sure you can find it? Aren’t you too confident in yourself?”

“They didn’t find it, it is because, the treasure has been waiting for their true master, which is me.” Gavin’s eyes were filled with madness, and the expression on his face was much more twistedly distorted.

Kerry led out a sigh, “Well, even if you are the owner of the treasure, so what? You are where you are now, look at you.”

“It’s all because of you, all because of you.” Gavin shouted angrily, tried all his strength to break away from Kerry’s mind control, and then rushed to Kerry and Tianye.

But the moment he stabbed at Kerry, again, his movements turned still in place.

Kerry looked at him with pity and said plainly, “Give it up, you’d better go to hell to find your treasure. I won’t touch a finger of yours. Let yourself end this ridiculous thing.”

As the words finished, the knife in Gavin’s chest was pulled out by himself, and then was stabbed hard into his own heart.


Gavin fell to the ground. The blood was flowing all over the ground and was soaking his whole body.

“You…what the hell are you?” Desperately looking at Kerry, Gavin used the last breath of strength to ask him.

Kerry stood at a height, where the moon hanging behind him. The condescending posture and the moon made him look like a God coming down to earth.

“Save this question for Death when you arrive in hell.”

Blood was constantly flowing from Gavin’s body, and temperature was also rapidly fading from his body.

At the last moment of dying, Xuan Chu’s smiling face appeared in front of Gavin. He failed the one who had been warm, gentle and obedient to him all through this life. They may not be able to meet even in the next life.

Xuan Chu, sorry.

We’d better not see each other in the next life. I can’t afford it.

The moonlight in his eyes became dimer and dimer, until he closed eyes.

As the promise made by Kerry a few hours ago, he watched Gavin’s life come to an end.

He came forward and personally checked his pulse, no beating at all.

He died.

Looking at the man in the pool of blood, Kerry and Tianye recalled all the deadly battles along the way, and felt a little sad in hearts.

“What are you thinking?” Kerry asked Tianye next to him.

“I’m thinking, we still don’t see what this guy looks like.” Regret was all in Tianye’s tone.

Kerry nearly fainted. “Damn, why do you care about his looks so much?”

“Aren’t you curious? He was able to make countless men and women sacrifice for him! He must look like Brad Pitt.” Noticing that Kerry had no expression, Tianye asked him, “What about you? What are you thinking?”

Kerry sighed, “I was wondering how should we deal with him.”

“Why bother to think? Put the body into a sack and then throw it into the sea, bingo.” Tianye came up with a neat solution.

“OK, l’ll leave it to you then. Venus doesn’t allow me to kill people, so I don’t want to do it.” With that, Kerry turned and walked out.

Tianye shouted at his back, “Do you have to be so innocent? Do you think I don’t know you?” After shouting, he said to the bodyguards nearby, “According to what he just said, get rid of the body quickly.”

“Yes, Mr. Mu.”

When the two returned to the villa, the smell of gunpower was still floating in the air. Because the bomb was too powerful, all the glass in the villa was broken shattered, and even the tiles on the top of the villa had fallen a lot.

“The villa looks like it needs some renovation.” Kerry looked up at the things in the villa and led out a faint sign.

“Fix it as you wish. This is not the only villa you have.”

“I’m used to it.” Kerry grew up here since he was a child. Although the Ye family had a lot of real estate, he still liked it here, because there were traces of his father’s life here.

“Even if the glass is not shattered, Venus and the kids can’t live here for the time being. The air quality is terrible.” Tianye had to pinch his nose.

Kerry nodded and said, “Yes, they can’t live here. Tomorrow I’ll ask John to clean up the villa in the eastern suburb. It’s not far from where you live.”

“That’s great.”

The two came to the place where the bomb exploded. A big pit about one-meter deep was blown out on the ground, and all the surrounding turf was burned clean. There was still smoke coming out of the pit, and all the servants in the villa were constantly putting out the fire.

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