Chapter 283 – 284: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 283: Give my money back

“Manager, really, that gentleman is waiting for you down there right now.” Xinying Bao said with a nod.

“What?” Hua Tao stood up instantly, “Why don’t you invite this gentleman up here, how can you let him wait for me?”

Jesus, that’s the person who owned Violet Gold Regal Card, no more than five people owned this card in the entire Westriver City.

He’s a real top-level tycoon. Those Colonel Cards or General Cards owners should step aside compared with him.

If he could ride on the cocktails on him, why should he beg for Director Zhang, he’s just nothing in front of Violet Gold Regal Cardholders?

The money he casually leaked through his fingers would be enough for him to complete his performance.

When Director Zhang saw Hua Tao yelling at him, he said with a pissed face, “Manager Tao, don’t you understand what I’m saying?”

“Mr. Zhang, there’s a VIP guest here, so I won’t receive you personally, please make yourself at home.” Hua Tao sneered and said as he was about to leave.

“What did you say?” Mr. Zhang opened his eyes wide and yelled at Hua Tao, “Don’t you want the deposit? How dare you talk to me like that!”

“You can deposit the fucking money as you will!” Hua Tao said coldly.

He’s had enough of this son of a bitch who came to the bank every day yet only deposited 3 or 4 thousand dollars, now he even wanted to lay a fucking hand on the bank tellers of his bank.

Screw you, treated him as a beggar for real?

“Good, good, good.” Director Zhang’s hands kept shaking in anger, pointing at Hua Tao, “Remember what you said, don’t ever regret it, and don’t even think about my savings if you don’t kneel down and beg for it.”

After saying that, he rushed out of the bank.

“Bah, what the hell!” Hua Tao spat on the ground. That man pretended to be a big-name.

There was no time for him to think, Hua Tao yelled at Xinying Bao as he ran, “Go, take me there!”

When he arrived at the hall and saw Kris for the first time, Hua Tao was still slightly hesitant. But when he saw the Violet Gold Regal Card in Kris’s hand, all the suspicions in his heart vanished, and he greeted Kris with a smile immediately, extending his hands, “Mr. Chen, it’s so good to see you, let’s talk in my office, where I can serve you with good tea.”

Kris shook hands with Hua Tao and nodded to show his agreement.

When they were just about to go upstairs, Mary, who was waiting in the rest area, saw this situation and came over immediately. She asked with her eyebrows, furrowed, “Husband, what’s wrong?”

This man should be the bank manager, why was he here to serve Kris personally? Was there really something wrong with the card that Kris gave Mom?

Just now, Jane Tang kept telling Mary that there was 10 billion in the card.

Of course, Mary wouldn’t believe it, if he really had the money, why would Kris marry her?

With 10 billion dollars, what kind of beauties couldn’t he find? There’s no need for him to be bullied in the Su family.

Yes, Kris had changed a lot during this period of time, but in Mary’s opinion, Kris could have borrowed money from Tianba Li.

However, this bank manager’s attitude was too flattering, he wouldn’t have to be so lowly even if he really had ten million, right?

“Husband, tell me the truth, how much money is in this card, and are you hiding something from me?”

This was the third time Mary has asked him like this.

Kris was busy explaining, “Mary, how could it be, just now this manager came down here to ask me about the bank card specifically, he told me that the bank’s system might have made an error and wanted to find out more about the matter.”

As soon as Hua Tao heard this, he realized immediately and smiled at Mary, “Mrs. Chen, don’t worry, we just have some questions want to ask Mr. Chen, it won’t take long.”

With Hua Tao’s helping out, Mary was not suitable to say anything, and the problem in her heart was gone.

Nodding her head, she said, “Alright, husband, I’ll wait for you downstairs, go quickly.”

Saying that, she walked over to the rest area.

Kris followed Hua Tao to the office and sat on the soft sofa, Hua Tao took out the fine tea that he had treasured for several years and made tea for Kris.

Xinying Bao, on the other hand, got their tea service.

Hua Tao was still shocked to see a person who owned a Violet Gold Regal Card as young as Kris.

Other than some big tycoons in China, who could have two billion dollars in liquidity?

This was nothing, when Kris threw another card in front of him and said that it had 10 billion in it.

He was dumbfounded.

Of course, he wouldn’t assume that Kris was lying. The Violet Gold Regal Card could already explain a lot about his identity.

Mr. Chen must be the son of a powerful and rich family. Otherwise where else could he obtain so much money.

Thinking of this, Hua Tao smiled even more happily.

Xinying stood beside, felt her feet soften when she heard the number, ten billion.

Her feelings about Kris changed instantly.

Kris, a low-key man who dressed cheaply, now had become one of the most eligible bachelors in her eyes, shining brightly when he sat on the sofa.

However, although she was envious, she didn’t have any thoughts on him, such a person was not someone she could have a chance with.

She had always been very self-conscious.

“Mr. Chen, please tell me your requirement, I will definitely meet your needs within my limit.” Hua Tao said.

A client at Kris’s level would be accompanied by the bank president in the head office. He didn’t expect that he would be able to serve such a powerful person one day.

“Manager Tao, I only have one request. When my mother-in-law and wife ask about it later, you just say it’s a problem in the banking system, understand?” Kris took a cup of tea, sipped it, and said.

If Jane and Mary knew about such a large sum of money, this matter must be concealed, how should he explain?

He was going to tell Mary about everything, but something has an enormous impact.

He needed to grasp the right time.

When the opportunity arrived, he would tell them bit by bit and also give them a buffer.

Such as the Divine Dragon Cult and the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, the resources he had now were simply not ordinary people could imagine.

When Xiaolong Tan told him that the Divine Dragon Cult possessed trillions of wealth, even he had some difficulty accepting the fact.

Not to mention Jane and Mary.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a surprise then, but a shock.

“Understood, Mr. Chen, don’t worry, you will definitely be satisfied.” Hua Tao repeatedly nodded with flattering respect, he said, “Mr. Chen, if, I mean if, what I do indeed satisfies you, could you…”

Seeing that Hua Tao was a bit nervous, Kris also understood what he was thinking.

When he was still the young lord of the Chen family, every day, there were dozens of bank managers and executives crying out and running to the Chen family’s door, begging him to deposit money and buy financial management.

Hua Tao naturally couldn’t be an exception, otherwise, why would he be so cooperative.

“Manager Tao, how about this, as long as you handle this matter well, I’ll open a bank account here. What do you think?” Kris laughed.

Hua Tao’s body trembled, he was still hesitating how to speak properly, but he didn’t expect Kris to mention it himself.

Looking at Xinying, both of them couldn’t tell how uplifted they were.

Look at this, this was a truly rich man. Rich people would not say one more word about things that could be solved with money.

Unlike that stingy Mr. Zhang.

“Mr. Chen, thank you so much. We will definitely provide you with the highest level of service, from today onwards, Xinying is your dedicated customer service 24/7 who serve you alone!” Hua Tao smiled and winked at Xinying.

Xinying understood and bowed to Kris excitedly and said, “Mr. Chen, I will definitely do a good job in serving you.”

The corners of Kris’s mouth curled up. Money makes the mare go, not to mention that banks are literally places about money.

Whoever had more money has the right to say!

“How about this, I’ll transfer two billion from this card to your subsidiary bank, the account is opened under my wife’s name, she is also a member of your merchant bank, you should be able to find out such trivial things, right?” Kris pulled out the Violet Gold Regal Card, if his memories were correct, excluding three billion given to Yuhan Qin, there should be more than three billion in this card.

Since he had decided to reveal himself, it was time to show them the tip of the iceberg of his strength.

“A billion… One billion?” Hua Tao was stunned by the big surprise.


One billion at once, and he’s saving a billion dollars for his wife!

This man, he’s so rich!

Xinying’s heart couldn’t help but tremble, such a man was simply every woman’s prince charming!

There were many millionaires and multi-millionaires inside the clients she usually served, and she had also been pursued by a number of rich people.

She considered herself to have seen the lives of the upper class.

However, now that Kris offered one billion dollars at once, it made her understand how ridiculous her thoughts were.

Yet she had become his dedicated customer service 24/7 now, this meant that she had more opportunities to contact Kris.

She admitted that at this moment, her heartbeat like a rabbit.

“What? Is it too much, I can reduce a bit.”

“Mr. Chen, you’re joking.” Hua Tao was stunned, he put on a smile instantly, urging Xinying to handle the paperwork.

A billion-dollar deposit!

In this small branch, Tao Hua could never canvass so much deposit in his lifetime.

With this performance, a promotion to head of the subsidiary band would be at his fingertips! After arriving in the hall with Kris, Hua Tao explained to Jane, “Aunt, I’m sorry, just now we verified with the head office, because of the upgrade of the inquiry system, some problems emerged in the inquiry balance page, there is only 10 million in this card.”

This card, of course, wasn’t the original one. As soon as Jane heard this, she was irritated, “Impossible! I saw it with my own eyes. It has 10 billion dollars on the bank account! Don’t you dare lie to me!”

“Aunt, this is our negligence, and I apologize to you.” Hua Tao bowed respectfully towards Jane, “If you don’t believe me, you can check the account at the ATM machine again.”

“No, it isn’t true…” Jane couldn’t accept this fact, how could ten million compare with ten billion?

Changhe Su was delighted, he snatched the bank card from Kris’s hand and ran to the ATM machine to check happily.

“Hey, there’s really ten million!”

Changhe Su took the bank card, looking surprised, he never thought the loser Kris could really offer them 10 million.

“Wife, enough, there’s really only 10 million in here.” Said Changhe, he stuffed the ten million into his pocket naturally.

Mary who stood beside said with her brows furrowed, “Dad, this money is for Mom, take it out.”

“Mary, you, aren’t your mother’s also mine?” Changhe said with a gloomy face, “How come you’re so ignorant…”


Before he could finish his words, Jane threw a sudden slap at his face, “You god damn dumb, give me my money…”

Chapter 284: Kneel to Kris

Biaozi reported to Lin Li about what had just happened at the sorority. After listening to him, Lin Li gave Biaozi a good compliment.

“You did a good job. Your bonus for this month will be doubled. Security Team 2 needs a supervisor, and I want you to take that position.”

“Thank you, Sister Lin Li!” Biaozi was quite excited.

“You’re welcome. You deserve it.” Lin Li was smoking a lady’s cigarette, whose posture was elegant.

“By the way, Sister Lin, Kris Chen also asked me to tell you that he will treat you to dinner when he’s free!”

“What? Did he really say that?” Lin Li said excitedly.

“Yes. He did say so.”

“Good, I’ll come over right now. You find a way to keep him stay…” She said and hung up the phone.

Biaozi froze, for Kris had already gone. How could he keep him stay?

“All cheer up. Follow me down and find Kris…”

After giving an order, he asked all of his dozen people to move.

At this time, Changhe Su’s face and neck were all scratched by Jane Tang, and he now was very awkward.

“Quickly give me the bank card. That’s my money!”

After losing ten billion dollars, this ten million was all she had, so there was no way to take the money from her!

“Alright, Mom, let’s go home.” Mary Su held Jane’s hand and said helplessly.

Changhe kept complaining, which made the crowd snigger.

What a wimp. His wife had been so meaning to him, but he didn’t dare to fight back. What a shame for a man.

It’s really a shame to a man.

Hearing the discussion, Changhe was pissed off.

How could he make others respect him after his wife had done such a thing to him?

“You bitch, I can no longer live with you. I want a divorce!” Changhe pointed at Jane, viciously saying so, and rushed out of the bank.

Kris froze.

How could his father-in-law become so brave that he dared to say such words as divorce?

Wasn’t he afraid of his wife’s revenge?

Mary was also speechless.

She understood what his father was.

“Changhe, how dare you. Divorce? Well, good. Divorce!” Jane’s hands were shaking with anger, “Mary, let’s go home and throw out all his stuff.”

Saying so, Jane stood up angrily, taking Mary out.

“Mr. Chen, goodbye!”

Hua Tao and Xinying Bao bowed respectfully at Kris’s back, making others shocked.

At this time, Hua Tao was super happy, for she felt that she gained a lot without letting others notice.

As soon as the three left the bank, Mary’s phone rang.

She picked up the phone, and it was a call from Mina Li.

“Hey, Mina, what’s up?” Mary asked.

“Mary, where are you now?”

“I’m at the trading company in the Jinyang Building.” Without thinking too much, Mary directly told her location.

“Mary, go…” The phone was cut off before she could finish her sentence.

She frowned, not knowing why the phone was cut off suddenly. She then called back a few times, but no one answered.

Forget it. Why not call back first? As soon as she put her phone in her bag, a bunch of strong men came to her.

The leader was Haoran Jiang and Wei Wan.

At this time, Haoran was wrapped in bandages, with seventy to eighty guys behind him, who menacingly surrounded Kris and the other two.

What surprised Kris the most was that Mina was actually among them. But her hands were tied, and her hair was messy. There was also a red slap on her face.

One could tell that she had been beaten.

Seeing so many people, Jane was so scared that she was unable to move. If it wasn’t for Mary holding her up, she would have been on her knees.

“Mary, you guys go. They’re here for revenge!”

Mina shouted at Mary. After Kris had just beaten Haoran and Wei Wan, the two men caught her for revenge.

They forced her to call Mary, who had no choice but to make the call. She was trying to let Mary leave quickly, but before she could tell her, the phone was cut off by Wei Wan.

“Bitch, shut the fuck up!” Wei Wan said viciously, “Do you want another slap?”

“Let her go!” Mary yelled.

“Let her go? No way!” Haoran smiled hideously. Now he was completely a rascal, not a gentleman, “If you know what to do, be good and come here. Stay with me and please me. Maybe I’ll let you go!”

“Horan, I… I’m your Auntie Tang.” Jane said, “It was Kris who just beat you, and it has nothing to do with us. If you want revenge, go find him. We are innocent.”

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Mary stomped her foot in anger, for she thought it was not proper to say so at this time.

“Auntie Tang, I actually wanted to be your son-in-law, but unfortunately…”

Haoran said, “If you want to blame someone, blame your ungrateful son-in-law.”

“Haoran, I also want to be your mother-in-law.” Jane forced herself to smile and said, “It’s still not too late.”

“Mom, how can you say this?”

“You shut up. Isn’t that asshole who messed everything up?” Jane snapped, “Isn’t it good to marry Haoran? He’s too much better than that wimp.”

Mina couldn’t stand anymore about what Jane said.

Jane was really silly and blind. She didn’t know that her son-in-law was so rich.

“Auntie Tang, actually, Kris he is…”

Just as Mina was about to say that Kris was the owner of Dashun Real Estate Company, Kris interrupted her and said, “Mom, you’re right. I’ll take responsibility for what I’ve done.”

“Mary, you come behind me.”

Kris took a deep breath and stepped forward to shield the two behind him.

“Honey, you. Let’s call the police. I don’t believe they can do such a thing in a law-governing society.”

Mary was afraid, but Kris was quite good at fighting. She had already known it at Binjiang Pedestrian Street last time. But this time, there were obviously more people, and it was quite hard for Kris himself to beat them all. What would she do if Kris was hurt or something?

“Honey, don’t worry. Believe me!” Kris tilted his head and smiled gently at Mary.

To be honest, though there were a lot of people with Haoran, they weren’t competent enough. They were just some ordinary people, who he could just wave his hand to beat them down.

When one’s practice reached a certain stage, the amount would not play a decisive role.

If it was seventy or eighty Practitioner of the innate-power stage, Kris might be more cautious.

This was the stage that made him confident.

Haoran and Wei Wan saw Kris’s indifference, they were instantly furious. “Fuck. Go, guys, fuck him up!”

Then those people took out their bludgeon from their waists.

At this moment, the roar of dozens of car engines came.


The car made a screeching sound as its tires rubbed.


Then the doors opened, and four or five big guys wearing sunglasses and black suits came out of each car.

“All of you stop. Now!”

At this moment, a domineering female voice came from behind.

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but look at her.

A woman, sexy and hot, in a red dress, walked over.

This person was none other than Lin Li.

“Fuck, who?” Haoran looked back and saw that it was a woman, a damn pretty woman.

“Wow, what a beauty!” Haoran laughed, making a pose, which he thought was handsome, and said, “Lady, why so tough? It’s not lovely…”

“Shut the fuck up. Do I allow you to speak?”

At this moment, a strong man showed up from Lin Li’s back, and it was Kuizi.

He was in the middle period of the acquired stage, who appeared in front of Haoran all of a sudden, directly smashing him to the ground with a punch to his face.

“Damn it. How dare you? Guys, go!” Wei Wan hid behind his guys and shouted.

However, out of his expectation, all his guys didn’t move at all.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? Fucking go!”

“Brother Wei…, it’s not that we don’t want to go, it’s that we don’t dare to.” At this time, a man in the crowd said, “They’re from the Black Scale Security Group.”


The Black Scale Security Group?

When Wei Wan heard this, he froze.


“This lady is the Black Scale Security Group president, and her brother is Hu Li. I’m sure you know that, right?” The man said again.

Hu Li? She’s his sister?


Haoran and Wei Wan went blank all of a sudden.

Who didn’t know the two Li in Westriver City?

The two were truly big wigs. Haoran and Wei Wan could be easily solved by them.

“Then, do you guys know that we work for Hu Li?” The man’s last words instantly destroyed Haoran and Wei Wan.

Jane was also confused, and she shouted at Kris, “You damn wimp. When did you offend Li family?”

At this time, she was constantly trembling. This fucking Kris, what a troublemaker. She was over.

Mary was so nervous that her palms were sweating. This man could compete with Tianba Li.

“Haoran and Wei Wan, I’m sorry. I’m afraid you have offended the wrong people.” As soon as he finished his words, more than a dozen guys caught the two and took them to Lin Li. Without looking at the two, Lin Li walked straight to Kris. Then she was on her knees and knelt directly on the ground, “I come late. Please do not blame me, Master.”


Seeing this, everyone was shocked.

Especially Lin Li’s men, they had never thought about this. Biaozi was also frightened. God, Kris was so awesome that he even made Lin Li kneel on the ground.

Mina was surprised, for Kris had once again made her change her attitude towards him.

Kris was too omnipotent.

This man was like the sun in the sky, incomparably bright.

She felt like she couldn’t help but want to worship him.

Wh… Wh… what?

Jane was also dumbfounded. What’s going on?

Why did she kneel to Kris?

All this was beyond her comprehension, and she had completely gone blank.

Mary bit her lips tightly. What the hell was going on?

What was her… What’s her relationship with Kris?

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