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Chapter 283: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 283 The Birth of Twins (1)

The bomb could be detonated beyond the villa area, but in order to convince Gavin and avoid starting a fire in the hill behind the house, Kerry carefully moved the bomb to the area farthest from the house.

John the Butler saw him coming, came forward with a dusty gray face, and asked with concern, “Young Master, are you all right?”

“I’m fine. Is anyone hurt?”

“No, everyone’s fine.”

“Well, that’s good. Tomorrow you take some people to that villa in the eastern suburbs. We’ll stay there for the next few days. By the way, have this place renovated.”

“Okay, I got it.” John saw Kerry frowning, so he comforted him, “Young Master, go back to stay with young Mistress. She must still be worried about you. Just leave this place to me and Henry.”

“Okay. After putting out the fire, let everyone go to sleep. We’ll talk about what’s to do next tomorrow.” Kerry had exhibited rare kindness.

“All right, young master. You and Master Mu quickly go back.”

Kerry looked at the scene again, and then left with Tianye Mu.

On the way to the villa of the Mu Family, Kerry received a phone call in the car. It was from Director Wei of Public Security Bureau.

“Kerry, we just got a phone call saying that there was a fire in the direction of your house, accompanied by a big blast. What happened?”

Kerry lied with a serious tone, “Oh, it was just the explosion of natural gas in the kitchen, but it’s all fine now. Don’t worry about it.”

“Are you okay?” Director Wei asked.

“Yes, and the fire is out.”

“That’s good. I was so scared just now. I thought something happened to you. Now that I know you are okay, I am hanging up the phone.”


After Kerry hung up the phone, Tianye Mu laughed and teased him, “The explosion of natural gas? You really dare to say. In whose house the natural gas explosion can blow up half the sky?”

“what else should I say? Say a bomb went off in my house? He will definitely ask questions about every detail. I just didn’t bother to say it.” Kerry leaned against the back of the seat, lazily staring at the neon light flashing outside the car.

A few days ago, he always felt unsettled, feeling that something was about to happen. After Gavin died, he became much more relaxed.

When they returned to the villa of the Mu Family, it was already past midnight.

The living room was brightly lit. Kerry had already called to inform Xiran Xiao and Venus the success of the plan, and asked them to sleep first. But it was a bomb that was involved in the plan, how could the two women fall asleep?

Hence, when Kerry and Tianye Mu approached the villa, they saw their respective wives were still waiting on the sofa. Pingan couldn’t stay up any longer and fell asleep beside Venus.

Xiran Xiao was about to get up, but Mu Tian Ye took a big step forward and pressed her, “Don’t move.”

“Why is your neck bleeding?” Xiran Xiao had sharp eyes, and she saw the wound on his neck at once.

He touched the wound and did find bleed on his hand. But it was not much, so the wound should be shallow.

“Ah…It’s nothing. It’s just that I was held hostage by that bastard and got a cut. I’ll put a band-aid on it after taking the shower.”

“Is he really Gavin?” asked Xiran Xiao in surprise.

“Yes, it’s him,” Kerry answered and helped Venus to sit down, “It’s unbelievable that he’d still be alive.”

“What about now?” Venus asked nervously.

Kerry answered casually, “He’s committed suicide.”

“Huh? Suicide?” Venus was quite surprised, “It’s not something he would do.”

Tianye Mu glanced at Kerry and laughed, “With someone around, he would do it.”

Kerry glared at him, took Venus by the hands and said, “I didn’t do it. I just used some tricks. You won’t blame me, will you?”

“You are being silly. Why would I blame you?” Venus said seriously, “He has tried to kill us so many times. Of course we cannot show mercy. Do we want to keep him alive to hurt Pingan and my unborn child?”

“I’m glad you think that way,” Kerry finally smiled at ease, “I was so afraid that you would blame me. Now everything is fine.”

Kerry jumped to hug his wife, but Venus ruthlessly pushed him away with both hands, “The smell of gunpowder is too strong on your body. Go take a shower.”

Kerry lowered his head and sniffed his shoulder, “Yes, a little bit. Then I’m going to take a shower. You go to the bedroom first. I’ll come out later to hold Pingan.”

“Okay, got it.”

Xiran Xiao also pushed Tianye Mu on this end of the sofa, “You don’t smell good either. Go take a shower.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Xiran Xiao laughed so hard and said,”Venus is still here.”

“So what? She is my sister. Does she dare to laugh at me?” Tianye Mu looked at Venus as if he was threatening to throw her out immediately if she dared to say “yes”.

Chapter 283 The Birth of Twins (2)

Venus instantly raised her hands as a sign of surrender, saying with a smile, “I didn’t see anything.”


As the due date was getting closer and closer, Xiran Xiao became more and more nervous. Even though Venus reassured her that everything would go smoothly, she was still anxious and restless. After all, it was her first time to give birth to a child.

“Will I be in too much pain to give birth by then?” Xiran Xiao grabbed Tianye Mu’s hand and asked.

God knows how many times she had asked this question in the past few days.

Tianye Mu was as patient as ever, “No, if natural birth doesn’t work, you’ll have a C-section.”

“Will I bleed heavily then? In TV drama, when a woman gives birth to a child, she will bleed heavily, and the doctor will ask the father if he wants to save the adult or the child.”

Tianye Mu wanted to laugh, “That’s a TV drama, and it’s a costume drama. With advanced medical care nowadays, even if there is a hemorrhage in the middle of the birth, the blood bank has prepared the required blood. It is even enough to give you a full-body blood exchange.”

Xiran Xiao frowned and looked worried.

Tianye Mu reached out and hugged her by the shoulders, letting her lean against his chest. He gently stroked her bulging belly, and softly said, “Don’t worry, I’ll always be by your side when the time comes.”

“Can you go into the delivery room?”

“Yes, I’ve already communicated with the doctor. I’ll be with you when you go into the delivery room.”

Xiran Xiao was relieved, “Tianye, do you think I’m cowardly and making a scene of giving birth?”

Tianye Mu kissed her on the forehead, “Sweetheart, you’re the best mother in the world, and I’ve read that every pregnant woman is imaginative before giving birth to a child, you’re not an exception.”


“Of course it’s true. Why would I lie to you?”

The couple were whispering when the butler came in from outside and informed Xiran Xiao of the arrival of her parents.

She was so excited that she stood up, “My parents have returned?”

“Yes, yes, the car just came in.” The butler replied excitedly.

“Help me up,” Xiran Xiao pressed her hand on Tianye Mu’s arm, got up with his support, and walked out with clumsy steps.

Tianye Mu was worried that she might fall, so he instantly said, “Slow down, slow down.”

It had been a while since Xiran Xiao had seen her parents. She was certainly eager. When she walked out the door and saw the car driving near, she hastened to greet them.

But as she was in such a rush, she tripped over herself and lunged forward.

Tianye Mu was so scared that he grabbed on her waist immediately. But he was afraid that he used too much strength and would hurt the fetus. In the end, Xiran Xiao still fell unto the ground, but with Tianye Mu as her cushion.

The butler was following the couple the whole time. After seeing this, he hastened to help Xiran Xiao to stand up.

At this time, the car braked to a stop and Xiao’s parents got down from the car and ran over.

“God, what are you in such a hurry for? Slowly get up, slowly …” Xiao’s mother held her daughter by the arm and told her to stand up slowly.

“Xiran. You’re a mother now. How can you still be so short-tempered?” Xiao Jia’s father couldn’t help but scold, but his voice was full of care, “Fortunately, Tianye acted as your cushion. Do you feel…”

“Dad, stop.” Xiran Xiao took a deep breath and turned her head to ask her mother with a grimace, “Mom, does it feel hot when the water breaks?”

“Yes,” Her mother’s face turned pale. She looked between XiranXiao’s legs who was wearing fleece pants, so she couldn’t see anything. She asked, “My God, did your water break?”

Xiran Xiao was about to cry, and her voice began to tremble, “I think so. It feels like peeing my pants.”

“That’s right,” said Xiao’s mother. She patted Tianye Mu on the shoulder, who was dumbfounded, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and drive her to the hospital.”

Tianye Mu gathered his wits together and shouted to the butler, “Hurry up. Drive the prepared caravan, and let’s go to the hospital immediately.”


“Mom, I’m afraid.” Xiran Xiao’s eyes instantly turned red, and her hand clutched her mother’s hand tightly, strangling a red mark.

Xiao’s mother softly comforted her daughter, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. We’ve still got the time after the water broke. Think about the baby in your belly. You must not panic.”

Xiran Xiao gritted her teeth and comforted herself, “I won’t panic. I won’t panic…” While saying this, She felt the water was flowing faster. Her tears streamed down, “Tianye, how come the car has not arrived yet? “

When he saw her crying, his heart broke, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry. The car is coming. The car is coming.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, a caravan stopped in front of Xiran Xiao, with a bed in the middle and a seat next to it.

“Here we go. Slow down. I’ll carry you to the car.”

Xiran Xiao laughed through her tears, “I’m so heavy now. Will you be able to carry me?”

Tianye Mu picked her up and put her on the bed while saying, “I’ve been working out for so long just for this day. What do you think?”

Nestling against his chest, Xiran Xiao’s uneasiness had all gone and she gradually calmed down. Tianye Mu’s hands were so strong, giving her the biggest sense of security.

Xiao’s parents also got in the car and it sped off to the hospital, where the reservation was made.

In the car, Tianye Mu called the hospital to inform them of the emergency, and asked them to be prepared.

Xiran Xiao held her mother’s hand all the time. In order to distract the attention, she asked, “Mom, why didn’t you tell us you and Dad were coming home? If you made a phone call in advance, we’d be able to pick you up.”

Xiao’s mother laughed bitterly, “Your father and I wanted to give you a surprise, but we didn’t expect it was a shock instead of a surprise.”

“Yeah, you see, if you guys had called in advance, I wouldn’t have been so excited and tripped over myself.”

Chapter 283 The Birth of Twins (3)

Tianye Mu took Xiran Xiao’s another hand, placed it on his lips and kissed it. He sounded very guilty, “It’s my fault. I didn’t take good care of you. It’s all my fault.”

Xiao’s father said, “It’s not your fault. We saw her fall down by herself. Xiran, when are you gonna grow up?”

“Dad,” Xiran Xiao grumbled, “You used to say that you wanted me to be your little princess forever, but now you want me to grow up quickly.”

“It was before your pregnancy. Now that you are with babies, of course I hope you can grow up quickly, otherwise Tianye will be so tired from taking care of three children.”

Tianye Mu couldn’t help but smile. His eyes were full of tenderness, “It’s okay. I am happy to take care of them for the rest of my life.”

Xiao’s parents looked at each other, praising their son-in-law in heart. Although the Mu Family wasn’t as rich as the Xiao Family, as long as Tianye truly loved Xiran, it won’t be an issue.

“Xiran, don’t be afraid. All the pregnant women have to go through this step. Just grit your teeth and push hard for a while, the baby will soon come out. Don’t be afraid.” Xiao’s mother comforted Xiran.

She nodded, “As long as all of you are here, I’m not afraid.”

The caravan drove fast on the road, and it only took ten minutes to arrive at the hospital. The obstetrician and nurses were already waiting at the door of the emergency room.

As soon as the car stopped, a few experienced nurses immediately came forward to carry Xiran Xiao off the car and pushed her into the hospital.

Tianye Mu held Xiran Xiao by the hand beside the cart the whole time. After a rough check-up, the doctor said, “She has too little amniotic fluid in her stomach. We can’t wait anymore. We had better gave her a C-section. It’s too difficult for the twins to be born naturally. Besides, they are premature. If we don’t do the surgery now, the twins are going to be in danger.”

Tianye Mu immediately said, “Please do as you see fit.”

Soon, Xiran Xiao was pushed into the delivery room.

After a local anesthetic was injected, she couldn’t feel her stomach.

Tianye Mu held her hand and knelt down beside the delivery bed to talk with her, “Do you want a son or a daughter?”

“Son, he will look very much like you.” She said feebly.

“I hope it’s a daughter who looks like you. When she is three or four years old, I’ll buy her lots of beautiful dresses and dress her up like a little princess. When she grows into a teenage or in her twenties, there will be a lot of young men going after her. By then I will have to make things difficult for her suitors. I have to let them know that my daughter is not so easy to get…” Tianye Mu droned on about the future of his unborn child. He couldn’t bear to let Xiran Xiao talk too much, so he kept talking himself.

Suddenly, a loud baby’s cry interrupted his fantasy. Tianye Mu was startled. He turned around to see a baby with blood streaks on the body which was held up in the air by the nurses.

“It’s a boy. The father come quickly to cut the umbilical cord.”

Tianye Mu’s mind went blank. He didn’t notice his feet were numb because of long-time squatting until he stood up. He walked toward the nurse with the help of the delivery bed and his hand was shaking with a pair of scissors.

“Cut it.”

At first he couldn’t bear to do it. However, the nurse urged him, so he cut the cord.

The baby’s cry was loud, but it sounded so beautiful to Tianye Mu. His heart was filled with great happiness.

He used to think that his life was not complete until he found Xiran Xiao and could spent the rest of his life with her, but today, he realized that his complete life could be even more perfect.

And this perfection was brought to him by his wife, Xiran Xiao. He would never be able to repay her in his life.

While he was still deeply moved, another baby’s cry sounded again. Another twin was born.

“Another boy, congratulations. Come, come, cut this umbilical cord.”

Tianye Mu was immensely surprised. He moved numbly to complete all his mission. Both babies were taken away to be cleaned by the nurses before he and Xiran Xiao could take a look at them.

The doctors began to stitch up Xiran Xiao’s wounds, Tianye Mu came to her, kneeling down on the floor. He eyes were brimming with tears. He bowed his head and kissed her forehead. A drop of tear fell into her hair, “Xiran, thank you. Thank you for giving me two sons.”

“But you have no princess.” Xiran Xiao teased him weakly.

Tianye Mu shook his head, “Never mind. You are my princess forever. Having you is enough.”

Xiran Xiao opened mouth and smiled, “Are our sons beautiful?”

“I haven’t seen them yet,” said Tianye Mu, rubbing her face with his fingers and saying gently, “But their mom is so beautiful. I’m sure they can’t be ugly.”

“Their dad is handsome, too.”

Tianye Mu nodded, “You’re right. Now, close your eyes and rest for a while. When you wake up, you’ll be able to see them.”

“Em, I’m so tired. I’ll sleep for a while.”

Outside the delivery room, Venus and Kerry rushed over. Although Kerry kept saying, “Walk slowly. Walk slowly,” but Venus was so anxious that she would definitely fly over if she could.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Xiao.” Venus greeted Xiran Xiao’s parents.

“Venus, what are you doing here? You’re still pregnant.” Xiao’s mother asked with concern.

“I’m fine. How long has Xiran been in there?” Venus looked toward the door of the delivery room.

“Over an hour. She should be out soon.”

“Oh, then she should be out soon.” Venus repeated.

Kerry had been carefully holding Venus, and after greeting Xiao’s parents, he said to his wife, “Sit down and rest for a while.”

Xiao’s mother agreed and helped Venus to sit down, “How did you know that Xiran was in the hospital?”

Kerry said, “Venus called Xiran, but no one answered, so she called to the villa. The people there told us she had been sent to the hospital, so we rushed over.”

When she heard the housekeeper say Xiran was in such a dangerous situation, Venus was so frightened that her heart almost stopped beating. So she grabbed Kerry and ran to the hospital.

Xiao’s mother looked at Venus’s belly and said with a smile, “You must be having a daughter.”

Venus was surprised and asked, “How do you know?”

“I can tell by the shape of your belly. Besides, a baby girl will make the mother appear more healthy. Since you look so good, you must be having a daughter.”

Venus’s mother died early and she had no elders, so she rarely heard these words of experience, which sounded amazing when she first heard about them.

“Auntie, you’re amazing. It is indeed a girl.”

“See? You and Xiran got pregnant almost at the same time, so it should has been eight months. You should exercise more, which is good for giving birth.” Xiao’s mother took Venus’s small hands and suggested kindly.

The first time Xiao’s mother heard about Venus was when Xiran introduced her as the younger sister of Tianye Mu. Xiran also said Venus was a very good little girl. Xiao’s mother had liked Venus very much when she first met her. Now Venus had become Xiran Xiao’s sister-in-law and the two girls had very great relationships, so Xiao’s mother treated Venus as her own daughter.

Venus said with a gentle smile, “I know. These days, I often go for a walk whenever I am free. I thought Xiran and I would deliver the babies on the same day, but she was ahead of me. It seems that her two babies can’t wait to see the world.”

“I hope she and the two babies can all be safe.” Xiao Jia’s mother said worriedly.

“They will be. Don’t worry.”

As soon as Venus’s voice trailed off, the door of the delivery room was pushed open from inside and a nurse came out asking, “Who is Xiran Xiao’s family?”

“We are.” Xiao’s parents hurried forward.

“Congratulations. Xiran Xiao has given birth to twins, both boys. The three of them are all safe, and Mrs. Xiao is now having her wounds stitched up. Mr. Mu asked me to tell you not to worry.”

Venus grabbed Kerry’s hand in surprise, “Did you hear that? Two baby boys, gosh, that’s great. I am an aunt now.”

Kerry hugged her back softly, “Yes, I heard it. Don’t be so excited.”

Apart from Venus and Kerry, Xiao’s parents were also extremely excited. Xiao’s father exclaimed, “God, two baby boys were born. Xiran is so great. We Xiao Family not longer has just one heir.”

“Yes, yes, we have two grandsons. We’re grandparents.” Xiao’s mother was emotional, and her eyes quickly became wet.

Over ten minutes later, Tianye Mu pushed his wife out of the delivery room, and the two babies were washed clean and placed next to their mother. The two boys not only looked exactly like each other, but resembled Tianye Mu and Xiran Xiao.

“Wow, the babies are so cute and beautiful.” Venus exclaimed from the bottom of her heart.

“Of course. Don’t forget who gave birth to them.” Tianye Mu said proudly.

Kerry took a closer look at the two babies. He personally felt that although they were very beautiful, they were still not as good-looking as Pingan.

Xiao’s mother stayed by her daughter’s side and looked at her lovingly, “Xiran has had a hard day.”

Xiran Xiao was still asleep, with a faint smile on her lips.

After half an hour, the effect of the anesthetic wore off, and Xiran Xiao was awakened by the pain.

“Ah, the wound hurts so bad.” She groaned. But she couldn’t touch the wound, so she had no choice but endure the pain.

Tianye Mu was distressed for her. He stretched out an arm, “Xiran, you can bite me if you feel painful.”

“Go away.” She scolded him. How could she bite him? “Where are my babies? I want to see them.”

Tianye Mu quickly turned around to take one of the baby out of the stroller and showed him to her, “Look, this is our son.”

Xiran Xiao managed to have a look at it despite the pain. She said with a long face, “Why is he so ugly and so red?”

Her mother by her side laughed, “What’s ugly about him? A newborn baby like this already looks good enough. His skin will turn white in a couple of days.”

“Really?” Xiran Xiao was very unsure because she couldn’t imagine that a baby that looked like a monkey now could become a chubby white baby in a few days.

“Really. When you were born, you were uglier than them.”

“That’s great then.”

As they were talking, a nurse pushed the door in, “You have woken up? Okay, then come down and take a walk.”

“Huh? Just after surgery?” Tianye Mu asked in doubt.

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