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Chapter 284: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 284 Name the Baby (1)

“I know, then accompany her for a walk when she feels better, it will make her recover more quickly.” The nurse said and walked away.

Xiran was very painful with her forehead full of sweat. So she said, “Who said that a caesarean birth doesn’t hurt? That’s talking nonsense.”

At this moment, Kerry, who was standing beside, looked at his wife. Fortunately, Venus had a natural birth, or he couldn’t imagine how she would endure. Then he whispered to Venus, “Let’s go, I’m not convenient here.”

Then Venus realized it and thought it was indeed inconvenient for Kerry, so she said to Xiran with a smile, “Have a good rest, I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

Xiran weakly waved at her, “Well, I’m tired now, be careful on the way.”

“I’ll send you out.” Tianye was about to get up, but Venus stopped him.

“Just stay here to take care of Xiran, I’ll go first.”

“Goodbye aunt and uncle.” Kerry politely greeted Xiran’s parents, then he held Venus out.

Venus kept smiling on the way back, so Kerry smiled and said, “You look so happy.”

“Of course, this is the first child in Mu family, how can I not be happy?”

Kerry helplessly shook his head, as for the battle between two families,Ye family never won.


After arriving at home, Pingan ran up excitedly, “Mommy, is the baby a boy or a girl?”

“A boy.”

“That’s great, I have a brother!” Pingan ran around happily. A younger brother was different from a younger sister, they could play cars, gunfights, and games together. A younger sister was unable to do that for she would be very weak.

However, soon he would realize his fault.

The next day, Venus came to the hospital with the carp soup made by Mrs. Qin and Kerry went to work. However, this time Pingan insisted to come for he wanted to see his brother. Besides, Henry and Nighthawk came as well.

Xiran was exercising, although the wound was still very painful, she was strong to tolerate that.

“Uncle, aunt!” Pingan shouted as soon as he entered the ward.

Venus tapped him in the back, “Don’t shout, your brothers are sleeping.”

“Oh, I forget that,” Pingan smiled apologetically, “Uncle, where are my brothers? I want to see them.”

Tianye pointed to the pram under the sun and said, “There.”

Pingan scampered over to the pram, and the babies were sleeping quietly, their faces were not as red as yesterday, and looked prettier.

“Wow, they look the same, they are so cute.” Pingan whispered, “Grow up quickly, I’m your brother, you have to know me.”

Seeing this, Venus smiled happily and put the food box on the table, “Xiran, this is the soup made by Mrs. Qin, it will help you to generate more breast milk, come and have a drink.”

“Well, pour a bowl for me and I’ll drink it after finishing this round.” Then she continued.

Venus looked around and didn’t find Xiran’s parents, so she asked, “Brother, where is aunt and uncle?”

“I told them to go home and rest, they came to the hospital as soon as they arrived yesterday and stayed until this morning.” Tianye’s voice was hoarse, but excited as well.

He felt so happy to be a father, he was not tired at all. After Xiran finishing her exercise, Venus took the fish soup to her and said, “Drink it quickly, it’s hot and smells good.”

After drinking, Xiran praised, “It’s quite delicious.” Then Venus replied proudly, “Mrs. Qin’s cooking skill is perfect. I’ll bring it to you every day.”

“Thank you, Venus.” Xiran said with a smile.

“What?” Venus pretended to look out.

“What are you looking at?” Tianye asked.

“Wonders never cease, she thanks me, it’s amazing.” Venus said with a smile.

Hearing this, Xiran wanted to kick her, but she couldn’t do that for her wound hurt. So she said, “Don’t be arrogant.”

“Well, I don’t dare to act like that,” Venus sat opposite to her, “Have you named the child?”

“Not yet.” Tianye answered, he looked at Xiran and continued, “We decided to have two children long ago, one’s surname was Mu and the other’s surname was Xiao. However, they are all boys, so I want Xiran’s parents to name one and I’ll think about the other one carefully.”

Chapter 284 Name the Baby (2)

Hearing this, Xiran was surprised, she thought he was joking and she thought that a man like him would definitely mind the name of their children. She didn’t expect that…..

“Why are you looking at me? Hurry up and drink the soup.” Tianye said.

“Is this really your thought? Do you really agree that?” Xiran asked again.

Tianye nodded seriously, “Of course, it is you who give birth to the child. He is your son, so it’s acceptable. He is our child regardless of his surname, there is no difference.”

“Tianye, you’re so nice.” Xiran said sincerely.

Tianye smiled, “Drink the soup, they are still waiting for you to feed them.”

It was the first time Venus heard about this, she definitely approved this for she know the difficulties to be a mother.

“Speaking of names, what’s Pingan’s name?” Tianye asked.

Hearing this, Venus suddenly realized it, “Oh my god, I forget, how can I forget this!”

Hearing this, Pingan turned back and asked, “Mom, what do you mean?”

Then Venus explained patiently, “We are talking about your name, Pingan is just your nickname, only close people can call you like this.”

Pingan nodded his head, not knowing he whether he understood or not. However, Tianye was speechless, “Pingan is already two years old, how can you forget this? You are really very funny.”

Venus laughed dryly, “Sorry, I forget.”

When Kerry came back in the evening, Venus told him about this, Kerry was stunned for a while and said bitterly with a smile, “Oh my God, I forget about it, too.”

Pingan put her hands around his waist, pouted his mouth and complained, “You are too careless, I’m two years old and still don’t have a name.”

“Well, you don’t even have a household registration either.” Kerry added, seeing that Venus looked surprised, he quickly said “It’s not a big deal, I’ll do it tomorrow, but we have to decide on his name first.”

“We’ll think of a few names, then pick the one that you like, other kids don’t have such privilege.”

Pingan pouted and said, “Well, other parents won’t forget their child’s name either.”

Hearing this, Kerry and Venus looked at each other and then smiled, Pingan was really a clever boy.

“Anyway, let’s think about your sister’s name together, or we’ll forget again.” Venus came up with the idea.


In order to find good names, they took out many books from the study, form Book of Songs to The Songs of Chu, besides there were also books related to poetry in Tang and Song dynasty, and The Xinhua Dictionary was placed in the most prominent position. Whenever Venus found a good name, she asked Kerry to write down, after a few hours, Kerry wrote two sheets of paper, one for Pingan and one for Pingan’s sister.

During this period, Pingan was playing by himself, beside him placed a robot. When he was about to fall asleep, Kerry finally said, “It’s done. Come to pick one.”

Pingan looked helpless, “Dad, I can’t read very well, you’d better read to me.”

“All right, then listen carefully,” Kerry cleared his throat and read, “How about Qingze Ye? It symbolizes mountains and water.”

Hearing this, Pingan shook his head and said, “I don’t like it.”

“Kangchen Ye, Jinghuan Ye, Haocheng Ye, which one do you like?”

Kerry read many names, but none of them attracted Pingan’s attention.

“Jingyan Ye.”

“Wait,” Pingan suddenly said, “That’s it, I like this.”

“Jingyan Ye?” Kerry asked again.

Pingan nodded seriously, “Yes, that’s it, that’s my name, well I need to sleep now.” Then he asked the robot to follow him.

“Yes, master.” The robot replied.

Pingan swayed and walked to his bedroom, with the robot following him.

Seeing Pingan’s figure, Kerry turned back and said to Venus, “The name is so familiar, I think I’ve heard it before.”

“Well.” Venus didn’t look at Kerry, she pretended to be calm and said, “There was a popular TV series not long ago, the main character was called Jingyan.”

After thinking for a while, Kerry finally remembered that and said, “Well, that is the name of your favorite character.”

“Yes.” Venus smiled proudly, “That’s a good name, I hope that Pingan could be like the character who is upright and righteous.”

Kerry was completely speechless, it was rare for a woman to pursue a star like this.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?” Seeing that Kerry’s expression was weird, Venus asked.

Kerry was a little aggrieved, “Nothing, since Pingan loves the name, it’s fine.”

Venus felt happy about this, the name appeared in her mind by accident, she didn’t expect that Pingan would like this, it seemed that he was affected by the TV series.

“Well, I’ll decide on our daughter’s name, let’s go to bed now.”

“Fine.” Venus was happy now for she was satisfied with Pingan’s new name. Whatever Kerry said, she agreed.

The next day, Venus came to send Xiran soup again, as soon as she opened the lunch-box, the smell filled the ward immediately.

Mrs. Xiao praised, “Your cook is really great, the chicken soup smells so good.”

Hearing this, Venus smiled while pouring out the soup, “It’s Mrs. Qin’s specialty. She has been in Ye family for a long time and when Kerry’s mother was sitting the month, she did this for her.”

Then Mrs. Xiao looked at Venus with a smile and said, “Thanks a lot, Venus, I’ve been living abroad, so I’m not good at cooking Chinese food. The chef in our family is also just so so.”

Venus took the bowl to Xiran and replied, “You are too polite auntie, Xiran is not only my friend, she is also my sister-in-law, I need to look after her. ”

Hearing this, Xiran drank some and said, “Mom, don’t be polite, that’s how we treat each other.”

“That’s right, auntie, we are good friends, there’s no need to be so polite.” Venus replied.

Mrs. Xiao looked at them and sighed, “I want to have another child, in this way, Xiran won’t feel lonely, however, it’s too dangerous for me to do that. I’m satisfied to see that she has such a good friend like you.”

Hearing this, Venus was a little shy, so she quickly changed the subject, “Does the wound still hurt?”

Xiran replied while drinking the soup, “Just a little, it’s much better.”

“Is there enough breast milk?”

“No. They eat too much.”

Seeing that the bowl of soup was almost finished, Venus took another bowl for her, “Drink more, Mrs. Qin says it’s good for breast feeding.”

Xiran glanced at her, “You’re treating me like a cow.”

“You are like a cow now.” Venus teased her.

“Well, it’s not wise of you to tease me now for you’ll soon be like me when you give birth to the baby.”

Venus laughed, “By the way, who will take care of you after you are discharged?”

“Your brother has hired two postpartum doula, one for the child and one for me.”

“That’s good, I’ll ask Mrs. Qin to cook for you if you can’t find the right person.”

“Your brother is so careful, how could he forget about this, I know you are just saying.” Xiran immediately said.

“Well, don’t say it in such a frank way, auntie is here, don’t embarrass me, okay?” Venus said.

Chapter 284 Name the Baby (3)

Then Xiran said, “You are talking nonsense.”

Seeing this, Mrs. Xiao lectured her, “Xiran, don’t say like that, Venus is a nice girl.”

“Yes, what a nice girl I am.” Venus echoed.

“Mom, she’s not a girl anymore, her son is over two years old and ……”

While she was saying, Tianye came in with the pram, when he saw Venus, he greeted her, “You’re coming.”

“Well, where are you going?” Venus asked, then she walked to him, both babies were looking at her curiously with black eyes, “Wow, they look so cute, they will definitely attract many girls when they grow up.”

“I take them to do the check for they were born prematurely, fortunately everything is fine.” Tianye smiled gently, his eyes were full of love.

Venus hooked one of the baby’s fingers and teased, “I’m your auntie.”

Tianye looked at her with a smile, “It’s merely three days after their birth, how can they speak?”

“Well, it’s funny.” Venus continued, “Which one is the brother?”

“The one you are playing with.”

Then Venus looked at them carefully, “But they look exactly the same, so how can you distinguish them?”

“Look more carefully, the brother gets bigger eyes.” After looking again, Venus said, “I can’t distinguish them at all.”

“Well, you will know when they get older.”

Venus was not depressed at all and then asked, “So do they have names?”

“Of course, the elder is called Yuqi Mu, and the younger is called Yulin Xiao.”

After thinking for a moment, Venus asked, “The ancient avatar Kykin?”


“Wow, that’s cool, it is the name of the ancient avatar.” Venus caressed one of the baby’s face with joy, and then he gave her a smile. It seemed that he like this name.

A week later, Xiran was discharged from the hospital, and Venus didn’t have to send soup everyday, which made Kerry feel much more relieved.

Every time he went to work, he was worrying that Venus would hurt herself on her way to the hospital, which made him very anxious. Now that she didn’t need to send soup, he was finally relived.

That night, after Venus had a phone call with Xiran, Kerry snuggled into her shoulder and said, “I find that you care Xiran more than me. She is not a child anymore, you don’t have to instruct her like that.”

Venus patted his face, “Although she’s not a child, she gave birth to two children and has to take care of them, can you do that?”

Hearing this, Kerry kept silent.

However, physical desire was his intuition. After seeing Venus’s breast, Kerry couldn’t restrain his desire, so the next moment, he touched Venus’s body.

“Get your hands off.” Venus quickly looked around and found no one, fortunately, Pingan was playing somewhere else. So she continued, “The doctor said we can’t do that in these months.”

According to the past experiences, Kerry guessed that she actually wanted this, so he picked her up to the bedroom. Venus was a bit shy and asked, “Am I heavy?”

“You are my whole world, what do you think about that?” Kerry answered and kissed her on the lips.

Venus nudged his lips with one hand, “You are sweet, where do you learn this?”

“Well, I’ll let you know later.” After saying that, Kerry kissed her deeply.

His eyes were filled with desire. However, she was not worried at all for she knew that Kerry was a man who knew inches and metres.

After kicking the door, Kerry carefully placed her on the bed, and then kissed her directly, it was a kiss full of love and affection. Then, he looked at Venus whose face was already red.

“How do you feel?” Kerry pecked her lips again. Then, Venus licked her lips and replied, “Pretty well.”

It was totally a torture for Kerry.

“Don’t seduce me, I can’t endure any longer.” Kerry said helplessly.

Venus felt comfortable that night, but Kerry was a bit miserable, he bathed in the cold water to cool himself down.

After that, they cuddled at night.

In the midnight, Venus was awakened by contractions, which made her insufferable. Then she woke Kerry up.

“Kerry, my tummy hurts.” Venus said weakly.

Then Kerry quickly turned on the lights, after seeing Venus’s pale face, he asked anxiously, “Are you okay? I’ll send you to the hospital right now.” Venus nodded, she was painful now.

Hearing this, Kerry quickly helped her wear the clothe and then called Henry. When he carried her downstairs, Henry was already waiting there.

“Send us to the hospital now.”

Henry felt something was wrong when he answered the phone, and after seeing Venus’s face, he was frightened and quickly drove them to the hospital.

“Can you bear that? If it hurts, then bite my arm.” Kerry hugged Venus tightly in his arms, the face of Xiran still remained in his mind. Thinking that his wife had endured the same torture, he wanted to bear it for her.

Venus had already experienced such things, so she could bear that and shook her head, “It’s fine, I can bear it.”

Hearing this, Kerry was heartbroken, how could she still say this in such a situation.

“Keep quiet and save your energy.”

“I have to talk or my whole attention would be focused on my tummy.”

Kerry didn’t know what to do for he was so anxious. Fortunately, Venus gave him an idea.

“Sing a song to me, I like to hear you sing.”

“Well, I remember you like Jay Chou, I’ll sing his song.” Then he started singing.

His voice echoed in the crowded car, which was very impressive. Venus was completely moved for she knew that Kerry didn’t like Jay Chou at all. He must learn it for her.

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