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Chapter 285: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 285 The First Snow of The Year (1)

When Kerry Ye had no love for Venus Mu, what he wanted was to t*****e her, but now, falling in love with her, he would do his best to love and care her.

A song eased Venus a lot. Perhaps the little girl inside her also heard the song, so she gradually quieted down.

After this song, Kerry began to sing again, still Jay Chou’ s song.

After four songs, the car arrived at the hospital, and Venus got much better, almost feeling no pain.

“Let’s have a check-up it even if you’re feeling better now,” said Kerry. But ten minutes ago, the pain had made her face distorted.


They came to the obstetrics department which Kerry had appointed earlier and had a thorough examination. Then the doctor said in a serious way, “It’s just a pseudo-contraction, not in labor, you…are not doing anything, aren’t you?”

Venus blushed all of a sudden, with her head down and didn’t answer the doctor. Kerry, however, explained in an easy manner, “We didn’t do that. We just cuddled each other for a while.”

The doctor knew what he was talking about and hearing what Kerry said, he said, “Don’t do that again, OK? There are three weeks left to deliver the baby. If she is stimulated, it is easy to cause premature labor.”

As soon as he heard this, Kerry immediately became serious, “I am sorry and I won’t do it again.”

“Okay, that’s it. It’s not a big deal. Be careful and you can’t touch her belly too often, which is also easy to cause pseudo-contractions. But it’s normal, but if the pain is regular and the time intervals are getting shorter, come to the hospital immediately.”

“I see. Thank you, doctor.”

Kerry then took Venus out of the doctor’s office, who was annoyed and gave him a spiteful pinch.

“It hurts. Honey, forgive me.” Kerry pretended to beg for mercy. In fact, it did not hurt much and he was just making fun of her.

“Will you do it again?” Venus’ s face still blushed.

Kerry answered, “I won’t. Never, I promise.”

Only then did Venus let him go. She laughed, “It’s your fault. What an embarrassment.”

Kerry comforted her, “No, baby, don’t think in this way. Doctors have met such cases before and they have got used to it. He would just laugh at us, no more.”

“Come on, stop!”

“Well, OK. Let’s go back.” Kerry circled her waist and walked into the elevator with a smile on his face.

Fortunately, it’s not a big deal, otherwise, Kerry would spend the rest of his life to regret.

It seemed that Kerry couldn’t touch Venus until she’s in labor. Well, he must depend of his hands.

When they got back in the car, Henry asked with concern, “Young master, how is the young lady?”

“She’s fine. The doctor said it’s normal.” Kerry explained simply, who had received a warning from Venus.

“Thank God.” Henry breathed in relief and started the car to go back.

Only then did Kerry realize that what he was wearing was a T-shirt, for he was in a hurry to get to the hospital, so he only changed the clothes for Venus and he had no time for himself.

When they got back to the villa, John was waiting for them with the light on, and when he saw three of them back and the young lady looked quite good, he then went back to sleep.

After all this, Venus was so tired that she fell asleep as soon as she lied down, who did not wake up until the next morning.

In the meantime, Kerry came in several times to check on her, fearing that something might have happened to her again.

After washing up, Venus was hungry and went out to look for food, but she was a little surprised to see Dr. Han in the living room.

“Dr. Han, what are you doing here?”

Dr. Han looked sad, “Of course it’s Mr. Ye that asks me to come. He called me early in the morning and told me to come over and stay at the villa from today until you gave birth, but I didn’t bring anything with me.”

“Okay, okay, stop for a moment, will you?” Kerry came out of the study with a cup of tea and called out Henry, “Send him back to get his stuff. Remember, bring him back.”

“Sure.” Henry said with a smile.

Dr. Han sighed and looked at Kerry helplessly, then left.

Venus didn’t know his intention and asked, “What’s going on with Dr. Han? Doesn’t he want to come?”

“This guy is now a famous expert at several hospitals, making money by my reputation, so how can he be happy when I trap him here for more than half a month?”

“Oh, I see,” nodded Venus, “Then let’s just keep him here. Anyway, he needs to pay something for using your name.”

Kerry scorned, “My name is worth much more than that.”

Venus ignored him and went to the kitchen to look for something to eat.

The following days, just as the doctor had said, the more she got closer to the date, the more frequent her pseudo contractions occurred, but with Dr. Han here, she didn’t worry that much.

It’s just a hard time for Dr. Han, a good surgeon, who was forced by Kerry to deal with obstetrics stuff.

Pingan knew that her mother was not feeling well, so he seldom came to make trouble for her, who spent most of his time with Satsuma.

Tianye Mu’ s twins were almost one month old and there were four day left before her due date, so she took Kerry and her son to her nephews’ one-month celebration party while she could still move around.

The wedding of Tianye and Xiran Xiao had not yet been held, and Xiran was a low-key person who didn’t like noise, so all the guests today were family members, except for Kerry’s family, there were Xiran’ s parents.

“Wow, is it snowing outside?” Pingan was surprised to see the snow.

It was the first time for him to see this, so his excitement was overwhelming.

Venus looked out the window and answered him, “Yes, it’s snowing.”

Chapter 285 The First Snow of The Year (2)

“It’s been years since it snowed in Sky City, and the first snow is so beautiful.” Kerry Ye walked to her, appreciating the snow with her together.

The temperature on the ground was still a bit high, so the snowflakes melted as soon as they fell on the ground.

“Dad, when can we build a snowman like the one on TV?” Pingan looked at Kerry with hope.

“We can do that when there is enough snow.”

Pingan cheered, “Then I hope it can snow forever, so we can always build snowmen, right?”


Receiving an affirmative answer, Pingan went back to the car window.

The God seemed to have heard Pingan’ s wish, and in an instant, the small snow turned into large diamond-shaped snowflakes, and soon the ground was covered with snow.

The speed of the car slowed down. Usually it only took 20 minutes, but today Henry drove for almost an hour.

The housekeeper and Tianye welcomed them at the door.

Pingan neglected his beloved uncle and rolled around in the snow as soon as he got out of the car, laughing and throwing the snowballs into the sky.

Kerry was afraid he would catch a cold and spoke loudly at him, “Don’t you want to see your brothers? Let’s go inside first.”

Pingan finally remembered why they came today, so he rushed towards Tianye after stomping, “Uncle, where are my brothers?”

Tianye squatted in front him, warming his little hands, “They are inside. Look at you, your nose is red now. Go inside, shall we?”

Pingan laughed, breaking away from him and ran inside, “I don’t feel cold.”

Kerry helped Venus to get out of the car. When Tianye saw her come, he frowned and said, “It’s snowing, so it’s dangerous for you. I don’t mind at all if you can’t come.”

“It started to snow halfway and besides, how can we not come to my nephews’ one-month celebration party?”

“Well, well, fine. It’s cold outside. Let’s get inside.”

Inside the house, Pingan looked curiously at his brothers, wanting to touch them, but afraid that his hands were too cold and freezing. Seeing Xiran Xiao walking over, he smiled and said, “Auntie, they are so beautiful, even more beautiful than me.”

Xiran bent down and gave him a k**s on the forehead, “Oh, thank you. But you’re just as pretty as your brothers.”

“Auntie, when will they be able to walk and talk?” Pingan asked again.

“By this time of next year. I think they will be able to walk.”

Pingan was disappointed, “It’s a quite long time.”


“I want to play with them.” Pingan blinked. In fact, there was another reason. He wanted to hear hem call him brother. In TV, he saw that elder brothers had a lot of power, who command his siblings to do a lot of things.

Of course, Xiran didn’t know that’s what he was thinking about, “Good, when they are able to walk, I’ll let you take care of them. I trust you.”

Pingan patted his chest, “I will. Thank you.”

Venus came in and greeted Xiran’ s parents first, and was surprised to see Xiran, “My God, look at you. How can you be so slim?”

Xiran smiled bitterly with helplessness, “I have to feed two children every day. Even if I were 200 pounds, I guess I would be slim too.”

“Mom is never easy,” said Venus in a low voice as she walked up to her, “but your t**s are still the same as before. You’re hotter, I think.”

Without blushing, Xiran said, “I’ll tell you the secrets if you want to know.”

Venus’ s eyes lit up, “Of course.”

Xiran whispered in her ear, which made Venus blush immediately. When Kerry saw this, he knew that Xiran was talking about something dirty.

Tianye felt warm to see the scene. His wife and his sister had a good relationship and his sons were healthy, with parents beside him, but the only sad thing was that his parents were not here.

If his parents were still here, they would be very happy to see their grandson.

“What are you thinking about? Why do you look so somber?” Kerry looked at him in puzzlement.

Tianye cheered himself up. Today should be happy and even if he missed his parents, he should be with joy.

“I was wondering, why did you come with no gifts?” Tianye ridiculed.

“No, you’re wrong. I’ve brought a unique gift.”

“What is it? Why I don’t see it?”

Kerry pointed to the snow outside the window and said proudly, “The first snow outside is my gift.”

After thinking for a while, Tianye got to know what he meant, “Gee, f**k you. I only see you as a businessman, but I never thought you would be so sentimental.”

“Thank you.” Kerry accepted his compliment, although Tianye didn’t mean that.

Tianye rolled his eyes at him.

Kerry came to the stroller, taking out a small and delicate box from his pocket. He opened it, and there were two pieces of white lamb’ s—fat jade (yangzhi baiyu), the color of which showed that they were fine jade, delicate and pure without any impurities.

Kerry picked up the jade and gently hung it around the neck of a baby, “Guan-yin is for boys; Fo is for girls. I hope Guan-yin will protect you two and you will grow up peacefully and happily.”

Seeing this, Tianye smiled. He knew that Kerry wouldn’t bring no gift.

The babies were very active, with four little hands waving in the air, whose eyes were shining, smiling at Pingan and Kerry.

At noon, they gathered together and it was very lively.

The snow outside was getting heavier and heavier, and the snow on the ground was already over ten centimeters high. It must be the heaviest snow in recent years.

Chapter 285 The First Snow of The Year (3)

Kerry Ye picked out all the fish bones for Venus Mu and placed the fish meat in her bowl. But when Venus just took a bite of it, her belly hurt suddenly, like the baby inside was kicking her belly, and her chopsticks fell on the table because of the sudden pain.

“What’s going on? Are you OK?” Kerry asked with concern.

Venus gritted her teeth and nodded, who had a strong premonition that she was going to give birth. Grabbing Kerry’ s arm, she took a deep breath and said, “Hurry up. The hospital, I think the baby is coming.”

This made people present stunned. When they realized what was going on, Tianye Mu rushed outside, shouting, “go and start the caravan. We need to go to the hospital.”

Compared to Xiran Xiao, her mother was more experienced, who walked over to ease Venus, “Don’t worry. Take it easy. Take a deep breath now.”

Venus had read a lot of books about what to do before labor these days, but when the day came, she went blank, and what she could feel now was the pain, much more than the last few days.

“Ah!” Venus could not help but cry out, making Kerry anxious, so he directly picked her up and went outside, “Where is the car? Is it ready?”

Tianye stood outside, in extreme anxiety. It was too cold and the snow was heavy, making it impossible to start the engine.

“I can’t wait. Use my car. Henry, take our car.”

Henry rushed over, “Sorry, young master. Just now the news said that Sky City’ s traffic was now in a mess, and several roads has been blocked. There is no way for us to get out now.”

Henry was right. It had been years to see snow in Sky City, so no one could expect it to be so heavy. And People didn’t put chains on their tires. With the snow getting heavier, cars were out of control. The traffic lights also were useless. Traffic accidents were happening one after another and there were not enough police. Therefore, the main roads were impossible to go through.

Kerry didn’t know what to do at the moment. Anyway, he couldn’t fly to the hospital.

He could fly if he was alone, but Venus was pregnant and he was not sure where he would land. If he stopped at a strange place, it would be very dangerous.

Pains kept coming to Venus, who felt her baby was going to get out by herself.

“It’s too late. let’s do it here.”

“Huh? That’s impossible. It’s too dangerous.” Tianye was the first one to object.

Venus’ s forehead was soon sweaty. The pain was not as strong as just now and she gasped and said to her brother, “It’s okay, I had a check yesterday. The baby’s head has gone down. It’s not the first time, so it shouldn’t be that hard.”

Tianye didn’t agree, but he knew that it was the only choice at the current moment.

Kerry couldn’t let Venus take the risk, so he made a decision, “I’ll use my superpower to take you to the hospital.”

“Don’t. It’s too easy to expose yourself.” Venus denied and gazed at her husband, “I’m fine. Trust me.”


“Ah!” Venus’s scream interrupted Kerry’ s words.

Then Kerry felt his hands get w*t.

Take me to my room. My water has broken.” Venus shouted.

Now, they couldn’t waste any time.

Xiran then led the way, “Follow me.”

Kerry picked Venus up and followed.

Xiran pushed open a guest room. No one had slept there, so everything was clean and the room was warm.

Kerry put his wife on the bed and saw that she was about to be killed by pain, his eyes were red.

“Tianye, ask two maids to come. They have more experience than me.” Xiran asked Tianye to go and said to Kerry, “Do something, hurry up. Take off Venus’s pants.”

Kerry at this time, was in a mess. He could only do things that Xiran asked him to do.

After taking the pants off, two maids came inside. One touched Venus’ s belly and said, “The baby is already in the pelvic cavity. Bring the hot water and scissors.”

Xiran passed on the message to Tianye at the door.

“Kerry, you can leave.” Venus said.

Kerry held her hand tightly and shook his head, “No, I won’t. I want to stay here with you.”

“No, I’ll look ugly when I give birth. Leave, please. I don’t want you to see this.”

“It doesn’t matter, I like whatever you look like.”

The pain hit her again. Anyway, she couldn’t kick him out at the moment. There was something more important waiting for her.

“Take a deep breath… Again…”

Outside the room, Tianye held Pingan, who was now a little scared, pacing.

“Uncle, did it hurt so when mom gave birth to me too?” Pingan asked in a small voice, because he knew his mother was having a hard time.

Tianye nodded, “It hurt more. Because you were the first child.”

Pingan seemed to feel a little guilty and said after a moment of silence, “I’ll care and love my mom in the future.”

“Good boy.” Tianye stroked his little head.

Outside the house, it was still snowing. The strong wind with snowflakes was in response to Venus screams, as if it showed its joy to welcome the new life.

Half an hour later, a baby’s cry cut through the stagnant air.

“Here she is.” Tianye shouted in surprise.

Xiran’ s parents and Pingan were also happy.

“Is it a girl? Is it a girl?” Pingan got away from Tianye, pushing open the door and was shocked by what he was seeing.

Tianye found something wrong, so he asked, “What…”

After he asked, he also froze, as well as Xiao family, and everyone in the guest room. The time seemed to stop and only baby’ s crying could be heard.

What shocked them was the newly born baby girl.

In the mid-air, the baby was floating in the air. The cord had just been cut, so she was with blood all over. She was crying loudly, announcing her come to the world.

The first one to react was Kerry, who put down the scissors and stretched out his hands to hold the baby girl in the air.

Feeling the warmth, the baby girl’s cries gradually stopped and she opened her eyes to show them her beautiful purple pupils.

She had purple pupils, too.

No wonder…

Kerry quietly and the baby girl stared at each other. He had dreamed of her in his dreams, but never could see her face. Now he saw it, and he was completely conquered by her.

Although she was a newborn baby, but her skin was white and smooth, having all the good features from Kerry and Venus—large eyes, small nose and small mouth.

Venus also came back to her senses, reaching out and said, “Let me see her.”

Kerry brought the baby girl to her, and when Venus saw her purple eyes, she knew that she would be much stronger than her dad.

The two maids had never seen such a miraculous thing, who could not believe their eyes. God, someone could actually fly and it was just a newborn baby. Could it be that she was actually not a human being?

Thinking of this, they looked at her with respect and fever.

Pingan ran in and came to the bedside. When he was looking at her, she also turned her head to look at him. After a few seconds, the girl giggled.

Pingan was surprised and cheered, “She’s smiling, she’s smiling. She likes me.”

Pingan’ s words made everyone come back to their senses. They fixed their eyes on the girl again, only with more curiosity than before.

Venus knew what they were thinking, but now it was not the time. She was tired and sleepy.

“Kerry, go wash the baby. Sister, get some clothes for her.”

Kerry nodded. When he was about to wash her, a beam of sunlight shone through the window onto the baby girl’s little feet.

“Oh my god, the snow stopped.” Tianye rubbed his eyes. Two minutes ago, it was snowing heavily and how could it stop all of a sudden and even with sun coming out?

“Yes, it stops. How can this be possible?” Xiran’ s mother was also puzzled.

Seeing the two maids was in surprise, with weird expression, Xiran said to them, “You can leave now. Remember, don’t tell anyone what you have seen today, or the Buddha will blame you.” They believed in Buddhism.

They nodded and left in a hurry.

What they saw today might make them wonder in their rest of life.

When it was settled, Kerry gave the baby a bath and dressed her. Venus changed a clean room and several people sat together to discuss this.

The first to speak was Xiran, “How do I feel this snow has something to do with the little girl?”

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