Chapter 286: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 286 Simple Life, His First Love (1)

“Why do you say this?” Tianye Mu asked.

Xiran Shao said with certainty, “Look, it has not snowed here for years, but today the snow is so heavy that even the roads are blocked, which clearly shows that God doesn’t want Venus Mu to give birth in the hospital, because those doctors might be scared, and when the time comes, the secret will be known by others. And as soon as she was born, the snow stopped and the sun came out. Don’t you guys think it’s too strange?”

Tianye thought for a while and nodded, “I think you’re right.”

“My goodness. What a magic. She’s just born and she is so amazing. If I don’t have you and Pingan, I’ll be scared too.”

Xiran’ s parents didn’t know what’s going on, but observing others’ expressions and words, they seemed to sense there was something they didn’t know. So, they chose to be quiet and listen to them.

Venus touched her small face, raving, “You are so amazing. However, even if you’re a fairy, you’re still my daughter.”

“Huh, there is no fairy in the world, OK? She’s a human being, of course.”

“Hey, everything is possible.”

Pingan couldn’t take his eyes from his sister. He liked his sister so much, especially after the bath. He just even couldn’t stop looking at her, whose eyelashes were long and nose was so straight, with a mouth exactly like her mom’s.

“Daddy, what’s her name?” Pingan asked Kerry Ye.

Kerry turned his head away to look out the window and the snow was still thick outside. She seemed to be blessed by snow, so Kerry said, “Let’s call her Chuxue. Chuxue Ye.” (Chuxue in Chinese means the first snow.)

It’s the story between her and the snow, perhaps the name was what the God wanted.

“Chuxue Ye? Nice name, what’s the nickname?” Pingan had been greatly interested in this since he knew that people have nicknames.

Kerry looked deeply at his wife, “What do you think?”

Venus had already decided, “Ruyi, Pingan and Ruyi. (This means safe and happy.) What a good meaning.”

“All right.” Kerry agreed.

Pingan tilted his head to think, squinting, “Ruyi is better than mine.” He then whispered to his sister, “Sister, you will be called Ruyi from now on. Do you like it?”

Ruyi was still sleeping, with a smile on her face.

Finding Venus was tired, Xiran got up and said, “Let’s all go out first. Venus needs some sleep. She had a hard time just now.”

Pingan originally wanted to stay longer with his sister, but once he thought that his sister would be by his side all the time from now on, he left with glee.

After everyone left, Kerry held Venus’ s hand, leaving a kiss on the forehead and said, “Thank you. Take a good sleep and I’ll take you to the hospital for an examination when you wake up.”

“OK.” Venus hummed. She was indeed very sleepy.

Kerry gently closed the door and happened to hear Xiran’ s mother in the living room asking her, “What’s going on?”

Xiran was very embarrassed, “Mom, this is her privacy. I can’t tell you.”

“But I’m your mom.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t.” Xiran’ s tone sounded resolute.

Kerry laughed helplessly, “Xiran, it’s okay. You can tell them. We are family.”

“Are you sure?” Xiran didn’t expect that he didn’t mind this.


Unexpectedly, when she got Kerry’s permission, she grabbed his mother’s hand and said excitedly, “Here, I’ll tell you what’s going on. Don’t be too surprised when you hear it…”


Kerry rolled his eyes at her. Xiran really had not changed at all, although she was already a mother of two children.

Outside the sunshine was warm and Pingan was making a snowman. Afraid that the snow might melt too quickly, he ran to the door to call Kerry, “Daddy, come and help me make a snowman.”

“I’m coming.”

After Ye family’ s villa was rebuilt, it looked a lot warmer, with curtains and carpets changed to warm colors. Besides, Kerry installed a fireplace in the living room. It would be nice to sit around it in winter, reading books, chatting and drinking tea.

Ruyi grew up very fast. She was very different from her brother, who smiled a lot and rarely cried. But once she was not satisfied, such as feeling hungry, bored, or wet, she would burst into cries. Sometimes it’s real, tears dropping down, but sometimes it’s fake crying, that Venus didn’t want to answer her.

By the end of the year, Kerry was busy with his company affairs, but he never socialized. As soon as he got off work, he would go back to see his little princess. Once he saw her, his fatigue would all disappear.

Life went on like this and the Spring Festival arrived.

On the day of New Year’s Eve, Kerry, holding Ruyi, directed the servants to paste the couplets.

“A little bit up, right, right, right, okay.”

At that moment, John ran over from not far away with joy in his voice, “Young master, look who’s back.”

Kerry turned around, only to see a sturdy figure. Because behind him was the sunset, his face was in the shadows. Before he could see who it was, Pingan ran towards the man in the shadow, “Kevin!”

Kerry smiled. It was his brother.

Kevin gave his luggage to the servant, bending down to hug Pingan and lift him up to go round several times before stopping, and said, “Pingan, look at you. You’ve grown up and I’m afraid next time I come back I can’t lift you up.”

Pingan giggled, “How? I will always be this small.” After speaking, Pingan noticed a beautiful woman next to him and asked curiously, “This lady is so beautiful. Who is it?”

“This is my friend. She will spend the festival with us.” Kevin introduced.

The lady extended her hand to greet, “Hello, I’m Xiaoyou.”

Pingan also reached out and shook her hand, thinking for a while before saying, “Hello, nice to see you.”

Then they walked towards the villa. Pingan asked Kevin in a small voice, “Uncle, is she your girlfriend?”

Chapter 286 Simple Life, His First Love (2)

Kevin Ye looked at him in surprise and laughed, “Do you know what a girlfriend is?”

“Of course,” Pingan said proudly with his chin up.

Kevin pinched his little nose and said softly, “No, she’s not my girlfriend.”

“Oh, what a pity.” Pingan sighed.


Pingan shook his head, “You are so handsome and I think she should grasp the opportunity.”

“Ha, ha, ha…” Kevin burst into laughter, “You little guy, I just haven’t seen you for a while, but you’ re getting smarter, aren’t you?”

“Sure.” Pingan always accepted his praise.

When he reached the door, Kerry Ye looked at his brother who had grown mature again, feeling proud of him.

“Brother, I’m back.”

Kerry went up and patted him on the shoulder, “Welcome back.”

“Is this Ruyi?” After greeting Kerry in a simple way, Kevin was immediately attracted by the baby in his arms, “Gosh, she’s so cute. Let me hug her.”

Now, Ruyi was not the one with blood all over, but a beautiful baby girl, whose skin was tender and white, purple eyes were like radiant diamond. Everyone saw her would be captured by her.

“How can there be such a delicate and beautiful baby!” Kevin praised the baby in his arms. Looking at the strange man in front of her, she grinned. In a moment, she was like the angel who could get away the coldness and bring the spring.

“She’s smiling, she’s smiling at me.” Kevin was unexpected.

Kerry came over to have a look. Yes, she’s smiling at him, so Kerry was a little bit jealous, “Hey, she has never smiled at me like that.”

Kevin was even happier to hear that, “Ruyi, you like me a lot, don’t you?”

Venus heard the sound and came out. Seeing Kevin, she was happy and surprised, “Kevin?”

Kevin looked up, only to see a woman in a white fur coat and with a pair of wide-legged pants, and a pair of slippers with pink rabbit pattern. Her face was rosy and her eyes were still watery. She seemed to gain some weight, but she was more charming.

“Hi, Venus.” He greeted. Kevin, obviously, still couldn’t forget her.

“Why didn’t you let us know you’re coming back? We can go and pick you up.” Venus complained, but she was happy to see him back.

Kevin smiled, “I knew the way home and wanted to give you guys a surprise.”

“It’s indeed a surprise.” When Venus saw the strange lady behind him, she became curious about her and asked, “Why not introduce this lady to me?”

“Xiaoyou, my friend.” Kevin briefly introduced.

“Hello. Nice to meet you. We’re glad that you come.” Venus said with hospitality.

Xiaoyu smiled, “Nice to meet you. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“Not at all.” Venus thought she was Kevin’ s girlfriend, so she was very excited and said to John, “Arrange a room for this lady. Just the south one. Sunshine is good there.”

“Yes, young lady.”

“Don’t stand here. It’s quite cold outside. Let’s get inside.” Venus asked them to come in.

Kevin entered the door and noticed the changes in the villa, “Redecorated?”

Kerry walked next to him, “Well, something happened some time ago, so I renovated the villa.”

Kevin was a little surprised. It seemed something important had happened, otherwise he wouldn’t do that, even the windows were new.

“It’s beautiful. It’s what a home should look like.” Kevin said delightedly.

“I’m glad you like it.”

Kevin took a look at his brother, giving him a smile.

This was the place where they grew up, so naturally Kerry hoped his brother would like it.

In the evening, the villa was decorated inside and outside with large red lanterns, with Chinese knots hung up high, offering a auspicious and peaceful atmosphere.

Kerry and Kevin were taking a walk around the villa. “Tell me something about Xiaoyou, OK?”

Kevin knew he was going to ask, so he chose to confess, “She’ s really not my girlfriend. She’s my schoolmate, who is a Chinese but has been brought up abroad. She has always wanted to know what the Chinese New Year is like. Learning that I am coming back, she followed me back. I cannot stop her.”

“Oh…” Kerry knew things couldn’t be so easy. Maybe now she was a classmate, but after the festival, it might change.

In the evening, everyone gathered at the restaurant, including John, Mrs. Qin, Henry and Nighthawk.

The year before last year, it was Kerry who spent the festival alone. Last year it was Venus and Kevin. Thank God, this year, all of them were there and it was the warmest and happiest one for Ye family.

“It’s been a hard year for everyone. Happy New Year.” On the main seat, Kerry proposed a toast.

“Happy New Year, Happy New Year!”

What played on TV was Spring Festival Gala, for sure. For Ye family, the happiness was just about to begin.

At 12 o’clock, gorgeous fireworks exploded overhead. Pingan ran around excitedly, Venus was in Kerry’ s arms and her daughter slept soundly in her arms.

“It’s so good.” Venus said softly. She flushed because of the wine, looking cute and lovely.

“What?” The sound of fireworks was so loud that Kerry did not hear her.

Venus stood on her tiptoe and whispered, “I said, it’s so nice.”

Kerry smiled and lowered down his head to kiss her deeply on the lips.

Yes, it’s so good to be like this.

They had gone through a really hard time, with too many partings and deaths. Fortunately, they never gave up on each other, always believing in love. Though their love journey was not that smooth, they finally gained their own happiness.

After the kiss, Venus’ s eyes glowed, for she suddenly remembered their first meet. She hooked his finger and said, “Come here, I’ll tell you a secret.”

“What?” Kerry got closer to her.

Venus slowly said, “Actually, the woman in the CK International Hotel that year was not Xinyou Qiao, but me.”

Kerry froze for a moment, but there was no surprise as Venus had expected.

He gazed at her, with a sly smile, and said, “I already know that it’s not you.”

Venus was confused, “How do you know?”

Kerry turned his head to look at the fireworks, deliberately ignoring her.

“Hey, how do you know that? When?” Venus was so curious that she shook his arm and kept asking.

Kerry wrapped around her shoulders with another hand and brought her inside the room, whose hot breath annoyed her, “Don’t complain anything later. And I’ll tell you.”

Venus blushed again, and ran upstairs in a huff.

“You agree? Wait…” Kerry chased after her.

Outside, the fireworks were still exploding, but Kerry believed that their lives had just begun, and the bright future was waiting for Pingan and Ruyi.

The best kindergarten in the city

On the first day of school, Jingyan Ye’ s strange pupils made a big stir in the school. Swarms of children had never seen them before and ran to his class to have a look after class.

Chapter 286 Simple Life, His First Love (3)

At first, Jingyan Ye couldn’t get used to it, but he complained nothing and just endured it. Because his mom and dad had told him that this was his fate.

He thought that these naïve guys would probably lose their interest after several times, but some went too far and even came to ask him.

“Hey, why are your eyes different from ours?” The boy asking was physically strong, a head taller than Jingyan, seeming to be a senior.

Jingyan sat on the stool and looked at him indifferently, retorting, “Why are your two eyes in the same color?”

The little boy didn’t know how to answer and he thought for a while before saying, “They should be so. Everyone is like this. You’re the different one.”

“That’s because you’ve only seen the same ones. There are many people in this world having eyes in different colors. You just haven’t seen them.”

Jingyan’ s calmness made the boy a little confused, who began to doubt himself.

“Do you have any more questions? Please leave if you don’t.” Jingyan had to hold back his anger to keep himself from saying the word “Fuck off”.

Perhaps it was Jingyan’ s attitude that upset the boy, who was ready to throw punches at Jingyan, “Do you know who my father is? How dare you talk to me like that?”

With his arms crossed over his chest, Jingyan was exactly the same as Kerry Ye.

“Oh, whoever your father is, I don’t care at all.”

“You…” The boy grabbed him by the collar and was about to hit him when the teacher ran over and shouted, “Stop it!”

Seeing the teacher coming, the boy grunted and let him go, “We’ll see.”

Jingyan snorted inside. How could he be afraid of him?

“Jingyan, he didn’t hit you, did he?” The teacher asked with concern.

Jingyan smiled, “No, Miss. Thank you. I’m fine.”

His smile warmed the teacher, making the teacher like him for an instant.

Jingyan thought that’s the end of the story, but he didn’t expect that the next afternoon, Jingyan was stopped by that young boy and a bunch of children in a small corner of the kindergarten.

“Hey, I went back and asked my mother and she told me there is no one in this world with eyes in different colors. You are a monster, aren’t you?” The boy said arrogantly.

Jingyan gritted his teeth. He wanted to use his superpower to beat him, but his father had told him that unless it’s absolutely necessary, he’d better not use that.

“Monster, monster, monster…” Those children next to him were oohing.

Jingyan just chose to ignore them and shoved the boy roughly and said, “Get out of the way.”

But the boy was too strong to push away. He then yelled, “How dare you push me? You’re done.”

Seeing his fist raised high, Jingyan thought to himself, “If you dare to hit me, I will break your arm.

However, just as the fist was coming down, the boy was kicked from behind, whose body leaned forward and fell to the ground.

“Ah!” After all, he was a child, and it certainly hurt, so he cried at once.

Jingyan looked up, only to see a little girl taller than him, standing there like a shero. She had two pigtails, whose skin was not very white, probably because of the sun. Her face was rosy, with a pair of beautiful dark eyes. Her dress was with some dirt, as well as her white shoes.

At this moment, Jingyan knew he would forever remember this scene. After several years, Jingyan still felt warm once he recalled.

Yes, it was warm, even the dirt on her white shoes also gave him the warmth.

With a smile, the little girl said in a clear and sweet voice, “Hey, little fat boy. You bully others again.”

As soon as the boy heard this, he got up from the ground, wiping away his tears and said, “I’m not bullying girls. Why do you want to get involved in this?”

“Whether boys or girls, you can’t do this to them. You know what? I’ll beat you up and punish you.” The little girl came forward and raised her fist at him, making him take several steps backward in fear, and others were obviously afraid of her, running away since she appeared.

The little girl took Jingyan’ s hand and said to little fat boy, “From today, he is mine. If you dare to hit him again, I will beat you up.”

Jingyan was directly confused, he… was hers?

Anyway, her little hand was soft.

“Let’s go.”

The little girl then took Jingyan away from the small corner and after they got to the lively playground area, she let him go and said with a bright smile, “Hello, my name is Yiyao Duan. What’s your name?”

“I’m Jingyan Ye.”

“I heard about you yesterday. From now on, we are good friends. If you follow me, no one will dare to bully you.” Yiyao patted her chest and said with some pride.

Jingyan nodded and smiled, “Thank you.”

Looking at his smile, she got distracted for a moment, “You look so good when you smile. I haven’t seen a kid who is prettier than you.”

Jingyan praised with sincerity, “You’re pretty, too.”

Yiyao laughed, “My mother always says I’m like a boy. You’re the first one to say this.”

“A boy? Definitely not.” Jingyan didn’t know why her mother said so.

Sitting on the swing next to her, she said, “Maybe she thinks that I’m too energetic. I don’t like stay inside but run around to have fun. Look at them.” She pointed to the little girls not far away in skirts, who were walking gracefully like a little princess, “Mom wants me to be like that.”

Jingyan pushed her on the swing, “I think you’re good too.”

Yiyao tilted her head and asked him with a smile, “Really?”

“Sure. I mean it.”

“Thank you. It’s very nice of you.” Yiyao grinned as a gust of wind blew and countless flowers were falling down from the trees, enveloping them.

Today, Jingyan met a girl. For him, she was not “a boy” but a shero.

In the following days, with Yiyao, Jingyan got the chance to know more friends. Because she was a senior, most kids Jingyan knew were also from senior classes.

Children were pure and naïve, so when his classmates got used to his pupils, they quickly accepted him. The reason was simple—he was pretty and treated others well. Therefore, he got more friends.

However, as long as there was time, he still liked to stay with Yiyao. Whether it was building a castle with sand or swinging, Jingyan was inexplicably happy.

At night, Kerry lay in bed talking with his wife.

“Pingan seems to like that little girl named Yiyao very much, and he has been talking about her when he comes back these days.”

“I know this. It’s good for him to have a childhood sweetheart. He can be much happier in the kindergarten.”

Kerry fiercely pressed her down and stared at her, “Tell me, do you have one?”

“Hey, it seems that I do have one.” Venus deliberately pretended to recall, “Let me think about it. What is his name…”

“Don’t.” Kerry kissed her deeply in order to stop her.

Venus kissed him back. Now they had a happy life and she actually didn’t want to think about the past.

Life went on like this year after year.

It was an unusually hot summer morning, and the temperature was high at eight o’clock.

In the kindergarten auditorium, Jingyan focused on the graduation performance on the stage. In a red dress and with long hair covering her shoulder, Yiyao was sitting straight in front of a piano, playing with her slim fingers. The music was beautiful.

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