Chapter 287 – 288: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 287 The Crisis of Mother-in-Law

At the same time, something happened in the private room of Muse Bar. A woman wept behind a man, and her face was half-hidden behind her sleeves.

The man wore a fat and brutal expression. The scar on his face made him look particularly ferocious.

Several strapping guys pressed Changhe Su to kneel on the ground. Bitter attacks sobered him up.

“Sorry……sorry, bro. I have no idea that she was your girl. ” Changhe said with a frightened face, “If I knew it earlier, I would never dare touch her!”

“ooo…Xiong Gou, you have to have my back. ” The woman bitterly wailed, “He harassed me all the time and even wanna raped me. Thanks to your arrival in time, otherwise I would have been raped by the asshole.”

At this, Changhe was frightened by her words. He shook his head continuously, “No, no, it’s not true. It was she…”


Xiong Gou suddenly gave Changhe a slap on his face, which surprised him extremely. Then, he took a mouthful of cigarette smoke, squatted down, and pressed the butt against Changhe’s hand.


Changhe let out a scream.

“Zi… zi… zi”

The burning cigarette left a coin-like scar in Changhe’s hand.


Xiong Gou blew smoke on Changhe’s face, said fiercely, “Do you mean it was my girlfriend that seduced you and tore the clothes herself?”

“Xiong Gou, this man is too stubborn. How about breaking his hands and legs and hamstring his penis?” A younger follower proposed.

“That’s right. This old man wanna rob the cradle. Go to hell! Who gave him the courage to bully your girl?”

“Cripple him! And call the police to send him to jail. “


Hamstring my penis? Send me to jail? Changhe was scared to death.

“Sir, please, please, we could have a peaceful negotiation!!”

“Don’t do this, please! Don’t disable me! Don’t call the police!”

A man in his lifetime is craving for only two things: women and fortune. Life would be tedious if his penis was disabled.

Calling the police is another way to shame him. Rumors would deprive of his prestige later in Su Family.

“Alright. I could accept your request. But it depends on your action. ” Xiong Gou smiled coldly.

“Thank you, Sir. I could offer compensation! How do you think about ten thousand dollars?” Changhe said hastily.

At this, Xiong Gou turned annoyed.

“What the hell? You think I’m a beggar? ” Xiong Gou said mercilessly, “Pull him out and kick the shit out of the old dog now. Then call the police and sue him for attempted rape. “

“Yes Sir. “

His order excited his followers, whose eyes shone with a wicked gleam.

Changhe shuddered and said hurriedly, “How about twenty thousand dollars?” Xiong Gou looked at his girl.

That girl gave him a meaningful glance and shook his head slowly.

Then she wept loudly, “Xiong Gou, I wanna die! I’m no longer your girl only! I lost my chastity!”

“God damn it. Now, send him to the hell!”

“Sir, don’t do this! I have no money! It’s true!” Changhe said desperately, “I only have this on me……”

“You an asshole! You Wanna cheat me? Your clothes are all from famous brands. And you say you can only afford twenty thousand dollars?”

“Listen, this shit ain’t over without 1 million dollars!” Xiong Gou said fiercely, and then he ordered his followers, “What are you doing? Do it now!”

Hearing this, the guys seized Changhe’s hair and pulled him out rudely.

Changhe felt that he was almost scalped.

“Sir, please, we can work this out!” He shouted, “One million dollars is too much for me. I really can’t afford this……”

“How about one hundred thousand?”

“Alright, alright, I’ll give you one million……”

Then at the moment he was about to be pulled out of the room, he shouted, “Sir, I’ll give you the full compensation……”

A gleam of excitement flashed in the eyes of Xiong Gou and his girl.

“Wait, bring him here. “

Xiong Gou stared at Changhe and said, “There would have been nothing if you make it up earlier.”


Changhe smiled bitterly and said, “Sir, could you return my phone? I should call my wife and ask her to pay the money.”

“Shit! Don’t play tricks!” A guy swore at him.

“No, no, no, ” Xiong Gou said, “give his phone back, just let him call. “

Just now, when they kicked him, all of his valuables were searched out.

Now Xiong Gou wore Changhe’s Longines watch worth 50000 dollars.

A man who wears a valuable watch and uses Porsche President’s mobile phone couldn’t afford one million?

Xiong Gou would never trust it.

Changhe gave Jane Tang a call.


The ringing woke Jane up.

She picked up the phone and hung up the phone directly. What the hell did he call her for?

Ask for forgiveness?

Did he think that a few words through the call could make all things up?

It’s just divorce. Who cares?

She hung up the phone straightly.

Do not try to coax me this time!

“Sorry, the phone you dialed……”

Changhe was sweating profusely on the other side. Why? Why not answer the phone??

“What tricks are you playing?” Xiong Gou frowned.

“Sir, please wait for a moment. It would be connected soon. “

Then he dialed again. And Jane hung it up again.

My dear wife, please answer the phone……please……

At that time, Changhe was full of remorse.

He swore that as long as Jane answered the phone, he would listened to her, always. God bless, please answer the phone.

Praying secretly, Changhe dialed the fourth call.

“What are you doing? Is that just divorce? Our permanent-residence booklet and marriage certificate have been prepared. Don’t worry, I assure you that I’ll arrive on time at 10 tomorrow morning. “

When the phone was finally connected, Jane’s annoying voice came from the other side.

“Honey, help, help!” Jane’s voice was heavenly music now in Changhe’s ears.

“What’s up? Where are you, Honey?”

Changhe’s worried voice fretted Jane. What she said at first was, but her grief was talking. When aware that Changhe was in danger, she turned scared immediately.

“Honey, come to Muse Bar right now, and don’t forget the credit card.” Changhe said, “Be sure that Mary Su is not bothered. “

If Mary knew her father fell into disgrace, he would lose his position in her mind. Jane was totally surprised. “You’re in the bar now?”

”There is no time to explain more. Just come here quickly and bring the credit card! Don’t forget it!”


He didn’t finish his words.

Alright, there is something that happened.

Jane rushed to get up and put on a skirt casually, and then come out of the bedroom with her handbag hurriedly.

When passing Mary’s bedroom, she slowed down cautiously for fear of disturbing Mary. But what she didn’t know was that Kris, who stayed in the bedroom alone, opened his eyes when Jane went out.

It is too late. Where is she going since the father-in-law is not at home?

Kris got up and followed Jane secretly in case that Jane was trapped in danger.

Downstairs, Jane stood at the gate of the community, anxiously.

Then she caught and got in a taxi.

“Sir, please keep up with that taxi in front of us!”

Kris also took a taxi and followed Jane.

Fifteen minutes later, the taxi stopped at the entrance of the Muse Bar.

Off the car, Jane rushed into the bar.

“Honey, tell me the room number!” Jane asked worriedly.

“Seventeen! Hurry up!”

Hanging up the phone, Jane hastily walked in.

To be honest, it was her first time to come to a bar. She took years at home to attend to her husband and raise the daughter, and thus she had few chances to get in such places.

As soon as she entered, she was dazzled by the deafening music.

Seventeen? Where is the room seventeen?

Jane searched for anxiously.

Soon she found the right room. While the door was opened, she witnessed a woman was sobbing and wrapping her arms around her chest protectively. And a man was kneeling in front of the woman. That man was Changhe Su exactly.

“Honey, how did you get punched like this?” Looking at Changhe, beyond recognition, she felt distressed.

“You’re the old buddy’s wife?” Xiong Gou sat on the sofa and looked Jane up and down with lustful intent.

Good, good. This woman is so stacked. She stayed in a good figure though a little bit old.

Xiong Gou was excited because he thought he got a very nice woman.

“Who are you?” Jane looked at him on the alert. She looked around and found several guys staring at her wickedly.

“Who am I?” Xiong Gou said icily, “The old buddy attempted to rape my girlfriend when I caught him.”


Rape your girlfriend?

Jane gazed at Changhe stunningly in disbelief.

“Honey, you must trust me. I didn’t do that!” Changhe shook his head like shaking a baby’s rattle, “You must trust me! Really!”


Jane slapped Changhe on the face, and she was bursting into tears.


What the hell is it? Just a few hours later, he could feel free to sneak off the bar to do the nasty with other’s girls, and more than that, he was caught by the girl’s boyfriend?

So what would happen in the years abroad? With girls on each arm? Waking up in a different woman’s bed every morning? Bullshit!

At this, Jane felt disgusted. She can’t believe that she was sharing the same bed with such a man.

“Jane, trust me! ‘ve been wronged!”


“Changhe Su, I must be blind to marry you!” Her face was bathed in tears, “Since now on, it’s none of my business whether you’re dead or alive! We must divorce!”

When there come some trust issues, all the explanation is a vain effort.

Jane stood up and intended to leave here. All she wanted was to get away as quick as possible.

“What?” Xiong Gou gave her an icy smile, “You wanna go without money left?”

He motioned with his hand, and his guys grabbed at Jane. “Let me go! What do you want?”

“What do I want?” Xiong Gou walked over and said, “Your man bullied my girlfriend, you know? You think you could leave here without any compensation? How can there be such a good thing?”

“Jane, give him money, please.” Changhe kept pleading, “Once a lover, always a lover. You must save me since we were once so important to each other. I really don’t want to be labeled as a rapist. “

Chapter 288: My mother-in-law was in danger

At that moment, Changhe Su completely panicked.

If Jane Tang left him alone, he would be utterly discredited.

“I beg you. I beg you. They said they would maim me and call the police to arrest me if I don’t give them money,” Changhe cried and said.

“Don’t leave me alone. I really don’t want to go to jail,” Changhe said.

“You finally admit it,” Jane said. She shuddered with anger. Although she was angry, they are married for many years. Although she had made up her mind to divorce with Changhe, she didn’t want to see Changhe be labeled as a criminal.

What would others think about Mary Su if they knew her father is a rapist?

At the thought of that, Jane said with a shaking voice, “How much they asked you to pay?”

Changhe was ecstatically happy. He held out a finger and said, “Just 1 million dollars!”


1 million dollars?

God damn you! Do you know how much 1 million dollars is?

Jane was so angry that she wanted to strangle him.

“I have no money!” Jane said.

“What? You have no money?” Changhe said.

“It’s impossible. Didn’t Kris Chen give you 10 million dollars today?” Changhe said confusedly.

“I really have no money,” Jane said coldly.

As soon as Jane said that, Changhe stunned for a while and then showed a fierce look on his face.

“Are you really wanting to fold your hands and see me die? You are such a bad woman. I must have been blind to marry a wicked woman like you,” Changhe said resentfully.

“Changhe, you’ve finally spoken your mind. You’ve been in touch with that widow all these years. Do you really think I know nothing?” Jane said with a dismal smile.

“How do you know that?”

Changhe stunned for a moment and said subconsciously.

“Ho, ho. Do you think I don’t know why you went to America? It’s because she is there,” Jane burst into tears and said.

After hearing what Jane said, Changhe was completely speechless.

“You did a good job of echoing each other. I don’t care what’s going on between you two. It’s a fact that your husband bullied my girlfriend. It’s perfectly justified that you should pay what he owes.” Xiong Gou walked to Jand and said with a cold smile.

“Since you don’t pay, don’t blame me for being unreasonable.” Xiong Gou said.

As soon as Xiong Gou said that, several men kicked and beat Changhe.

“Ah, stop your attack. Jane, are you really going to let me get beaten to death by them?” Changhe wailed.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

They attacked Changhe with fists and feet mercilessly.

Jane’s body kept trembling. She clenched her fists, and her nails almost sank into her flesh.

“Stop your attack. I will give you the money,” Jane said, wiping away her tears.

“OK, stop!” Xiong Gou said. He waved his hand, and the men stopped attacking Changhe.

“That’s right. If you had agreed to give me money, he wouldn’t have been beaten up.” Xiong Gou said.

“Tell me your card number. I will give you the money now!” Jane said.

After telling Jane the card number, Xiong Gou’s phone received the bank’s message two minutes later.

At the sight of the figures, Xiong Gou was very happy.

“Well, I’m leaving now.” Jane looked at Xiong Gou coldly and said.

Changhe stood up. He could finally leave.

However, Xiong Gou stretched out his hand to stop them too.

“Don’t rush off. That’s all over of the matter of my girlfriend, but I’ve got one more bill to settle with you.” Xiong Gou said.

“That’s blackmail. I gave the money to you. What more do you want?” Changhe said hysterically.

Jane’s face clouded.

“Ho, ho…” Xiong Gou said

“My girlfriend forgave you, but as her boyfriend, do you know my feeling when I knew my beloved woman was bullied?” Xiong Gou said.

There was an evil look on Xiong Gou’s eyes, and he stared at Jane.

“Just as the saying goes, I will pay him back in his own coin. Your husband bullied my girlfriend. You, as his wife, shouldn’t be bullied by me to comfort my broken heart?” Xiong Gou said. Then he licked his lips in an obscene way.


What he said brought Jane’s heart into her mouth.

It’s impossible!

Jane shook her head. She clasped her hands to her breast and showed a frightened look.

“Brother, you can’t do this. It’s against the law…” Changhe said.

“Fuck you. Didn’t you know it’s against the law when you bullied my girlfriend?” Xiong Gou said.

Xiong Gou kicked Changhe over.

Then he walked to Jane and said, “You can rest assured. I am the most gentle person to a woman.”

Then he stretched out his hand to Jane, who fell forward by his push.

Jane was about to fell into Xiong Gou’s arms. At that critical moment, the door of the box was kicked open.


The door was kicked fly from the outside and it hit several men. Ah… The men were knocked to the ground. Then howls came.

Whoosh! A figure as fast as lighting rushed in. He gave Jane a hand when she about to fall. Those actions took only two or three seconds.

“Who the hell are you?” Xiong Gou said.

Xiong Gou was frightened and went back several steps. Jane, who was behind Xiong Gou, also let out a scream.

“Kris, where do you put your hand?” Changhe stared at Kris and said.

At that moment, Jane caught on. When she saw that it’s Kris, she panicked. “Kris, what are you doing here?” Jane said.

“Mom, you didn’t tell me you were going out. It’s late, and I worry about your safety, so I follow you.” Kris said.

As Kris spoke, he got his hand off Jane’s waist. But as soon as Kris got off his hand, Jane frowned. “Oh, it hurts. Hold me. I’ve sprained my ankle,” Jane said.

Kris looked down and found there was an egg-sized swell around Jane’s ankle.

So Kris had to hold her again. At that moment, Xiong Gou turned his hand. Then a saber was in his hand.

“Boy, I don’t care who you are. You won’t know who I am until I poke two holes in you,” Xiong Gou said. Then with a stern look, he stabbed at Kris with the saber.

Kris curled his lip disdainfully. Then he lifted his foot and kicked Xiong Gou away. Xiong Gou banged the wall of the box violently.


Xiong Gou spatted a mouthful of blood.

Xiong Gou got up from the ground with difficulty, and the flesh of his face trembled uncontrollably. “Fuck, do you know who my boss is? How dare you hit me? I’m a man of Bob Sun.” Xiong Gou said.

After hearing what Xiong Gou, there was a panic look in Changhe’s eyes. “Bob Sun?” Changhe said with a shaking voice.

“Hum, of course! If you are sensible, just kneel down and kowtow to me thrice. Maybe I can spare you.” Xiong Gou snorted.

Changhe’s body shivered. He pointed to Kris and said, “Brother, he did all this. I have nothing to do with it.”

“None of you can escape!” Xiong Gou said. Then Xiong Gou shouted at his men behind him, “Go to find Bob and tell him there is someone making troubles.”

Then a man hurriedly got up from the ground and rushed out.

“Kris, come on, let’s go,” Jane said, enduring the pain in her ankle.

“Mom, don’t worry. Just sit here for a while, and I’ll rub your feet.” Kris said. Then he helped Jane sit on the sofa.

“Boy, you are so arrogant,” Xiong Gou said. Xiong Gou held the saber tightly in his hand. He wanted to rush to Kris, but he was afraid.

Kris didn’t say anything. He squatted on the ground and took off Jane’s high-heeled shoe. “Mom, I will rub your foot. It might hurt a little.” Kris said.

Then Kris pressed Jane’s swollen ankle with his hand.


Jane couldn’t help crying out, “It hurts…”

Changhe almost bit his teeth to pieces. “Son of a bitch, take your hand off her,” Changhe said.

Kris ignored him. Genuine Energy was slowly fed into Jane’s ankle through Kris’s palm.

The pain faded gradually, and a trace of coolness came through Kris’s palm. It’s so comfortable that Jane wanted to moan.

“Oh, it’s so comfortable,” Jane said.

Jane felt her body was soft and a strange feeling welled up. In fact, her feet are her sensitive parts, which Changhe didn’t know.

After hearing what Jane said, Changhe was very angry. “Jane, you are a bitch!” Changhe scolded.

Just as Kris was concentrating on pressing Jane’s foot, there was a rush of footsteps outside. It was clear from the sound that quite a few people were coming.

“Fuck, who dares make troubles in my zone,” Bob said.

The voice came before he arrived.

As soon as he said that, a crowd of big men swarmed into the box. The leader is none other than Bob.

“Bob, you’re finally here.” Xiong Gou said.

As soon as Xiong Gou saw Bob, he went up to him. “The boy not only hit my men but also bullied my girlfriend.” Xiong Gou said.

Then Xiong Gou pointed to the woman huddled on the sofa with unkempt clothes.


Why is he so arrogant?

Bob has never seen such a brash man. “How dare he make troubles in my zone, hit my men, and bully the girlfriend of my men? Is he courting his death?” Bob thought.

“Fuck you, stand up!” Bob shouted. Because Kris had his back to Bob, Bob couldn’t see Kris’s face clearly.

“Mom, stand up. Does your foot still hurt?” Kris said. Kris ignored Bob and helped Jane put on her shoe.

“Oh, it really doesn’t hurt,” Jane said. Jane stood up, and she didn’t feel the pain in her ankle.

“That’s good,” Kris said.

Kris nodded and stood up. Then he turned around and looked at Bob without expression.

Bob’s feet were weak the moment he got a good look at Kris. Bob’s body couldn’t help shivering, and his feet trembling.

“Bob, the boy doesn’t take you seriously, how about…” Xiong Gou said.

“Clap!” Before Xiong Gou finished what he wanted to speak, the furious Bob pressed him to the ground. Bod got on top of Xiong Gou and slapped him in the face continuously.

“Fuck you, Xiong Gou. How dare you slander Kris?” Bob said.

“Your girlfriend is ugly. How can she match Kris?” Bob said.

“I’ll beat you to death, you idiot…” Bob said.

Xiong Gou’s men were dumbfounded. When they saw Bob was in a rage, they had a sense of impending disaster.

Xiong Gou’s face was as swollen as a pig’s face. “Bob, you’ve hit the wrong person. It’s he…” Xiong Gou said vaguely.

“It’s you who I want to hit,” Bob said. Bob slapped Xiong Gou a dozen times more, and Xiong Gou knocked out.

Then Bob stood up and walked to Kris.

Then Bob knelt in front of Kris. “Kris, I’m sorry. It’s my fault that I don’t discipline my men, who offend you. It’s my fault.” Bob said.

As he spoke, he kept slapping himself in the face. Changhe and Jane were completely stunned.

What’s going on?

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