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Chapter 287: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 287 Grow Up And Robbery (1)

She always said that she was a tomboy. It turned out that she had such a lady moment, but Jingyan Ye had never seen it before.

At the end of the performance, Yiyao Duan got up to thank the audience. The auditorium burst into warm applauses. The little girl winked at him as she looked around. Jingyan couldn’t help smiling.

Jingyan had no idea about what the next performance was at all. He was only thinking about one thing: after this show, Yiyao would leave the kindergarten and he would never see her again.

Thinking of this, Jingyan got up and left his seat. He came to the back stage of the kindergarten’s senior class. He recognized his girl at a glance.

Yiyao was sharing the joy with other kids excitingly. Seeing him coming, she immediately stopped talking with her friends and asked him, “What are you doing here?”

Jingyan was a little depressed. “Which elementary school are you going to after graduation? I’ll go to there too next year.”

Yiyao was stunned, taking his hand and saying, “Come with me.”

The two came out together. The usually-spacious playground was empty now. They found a a cool place. Yiyao was also in a low mood. “I won’t stay in Sky City for elementary school.”

“Why?” Jingyan was very surprised.

“I never told you that my father was a soldier, and I grew up in a military community. This year he was assigned to work elsewhere, so my mother and I will follow him.”

Jingyan was stunned. After a long silence, he said, “Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. It’s a very far-away place, anyway.”

“Then I won’t see you again?” Jingyan’s little heart hurt and his eyes soured.

Yiyao laughed broadly. She opened her arms to hug him. “When we grow up, I will come to Sky City to find you.”

“So many people in Sky City, can you find me?”

“Of course I can,” Yiyao released him and looked straight into his eyes. “You are so special. I can find you just by asking around. But you have to be good too, so that more people would know you. In this way, I can find you easier.”

Jingyan nodded vigorously, “Yes, I will grow up to be very great. You must come back to me and don’t forget me.”

“I won’t.” Yiyao’s smile was brilliant, “But when I go to you, what if you don’t know me anymore?”

Jingyan frowned and thought for two seconds. Then he quickly took the red rope off his neck. On it hung a piece of fine white tallow jade. It had been worn for a long time, and it was a bit transparent.

“This is what my father went to a temple and acquired for me. My name is engraved on the back. You can find me with this in the future, and I will know you as soon as I see it,” Saying that, Jingyan put the jade pendant around her neck. Over the past year, Jingyan had grown a lot, as tall as Yiyao.

Yiyao touched the jade pendant, put it inside the collar and pressed it, “I will write to you, as long as your home address remains the same.”

“It won’t change, ever.”

“That’s a deal. Pinkie promise.” Yiyao held out her little finger, and Jingyan caught her finger. “Pinkie finger, pinkie promise, no change for a hundred years. Seal.”

This summer, two innocent children made a promise under the peach blossom tree, but they did not know that in order to recognize each other in the future, they paid a hundred times the efforts.

After school, a military jeep carried Yiyao away. Jingyan chased after the car running for a long time, until the car disappeared from view. Then, he burst into wild tears.

For the next two days, Jingyan did not take a bite of food.

Watching her son like this, Venus was worried. Kerry said “it doesn’t matter” though, “He will eat when he is hungry. He will be fine in two days.”

This afternoon unexpectedly, Jingyan freshen up with high spirits. That was because Yiyao sent him a letter.

Jingyan, my parents and I left Sky City today, as long as I have time, I’ll write to you. This little golden lock was given to me by my grandmother when I was one month old. I’ve been wearing it for a long time. Now you keep it for me. Good bye, see you next time. Your good friend, Yiyao Duan.

The handwriting was somewhat zigzagging. Many words that she couldn’t write were replaced with Pinyin. Nevertheless, Jingyan was happily enjoying reading it. She really wrote to him!

“Well, my son has belonged to another woman so soon, I’m really not used to it.” Venus was leaning in Kerry’s arms and said with boundless sentiments.

“It won’t be that soon, at least 20 years later.”

“Twenty years, that’s very soon…”

In the days following, Yiyao sent several letters more, sometimes from far away by the sea, sometimes from the deep in mountains. Once there was a picture of herself in the letter, standing in the sunset, a braid, a red rope around the neck, and a hat in the hand. Her smile was exceptionally sweet. That day, Jingyan looked at the photos and giggled for a long time.

One year, two years, three years……

One day, when Jingyan passed by his old kindergarten by car, it suddenly occurred to him that he had not received a letter from Yiyao for a long time. When he got home, he flipped through the small box. Among the few letters, the last one was from a year and a half ago, and it was sent from the frontier. So far, he never heard from his best friend.

Sitting on the carpet dispirited, Jingyan was depressed. Where was she now? Did she forget him?

This night, Jingyan did not come down to dinner.

Venus went to knock on the door and heard her son inside saying, “I’m not hungry.” She had no choice but to return to the dining room.

“Pingan is not eating?” asked Kerry.

“He probably thought of his good friend again. He went into his room as soon as back from school.”

Kerry grinned, “I didn’t expect this boy to be so affectionate that he could be thinking about the girl for such a long time.”

Venus signed, “It’s a pity that the little girl’s father is a military officer and they can’t reveal their location, otherwise we can take Pingan to meet her.”

Kerry smiled faintly, the father was not just a military officer.

He took an empty bowl, filled with rice and dishes, and gave to her daughter, saying coaxingly, “Ruyi, send the meal to your brother, he will be hungry if he doesn’t eat.”

The five-year-old Ruyi already grew into a little beauty. Her skin was like snow and her eyes were like stars.

She held the bowl and nodded, and instantly disappeared.

Kerry was speechless. When could she walk normally at home?

At the age of seven, Jingyan Ye was already seemingly a handsome young man. Leaning against the head of bed, he began to read those old yellow letters one by one again.

“Dinner time.” Ruyi suddenly appeared in front of him. The latter was not in the least surprised. He had long been used to the silent way of appearing of his sister.

“Put it over there dear. I will have it later.”

Chapter 287 Growth and Robbery (2)

Ruyi sent out mind power, then the bowl and chopsticks floated by themselves and landed on the table.

Squatting down in front of her brother, she held her chin with both hands and said, “You are reading the letters from your little female friend again.”

“Yes.” Jingyan Ye closed one letter and opened another one.

“Is your friend beautiful?”

Jingyan thought of the small pretty face in the sunshine and smiled to himself, “Very beautiful.”

“I’d love to see her.” Ruyi thought that the girl who could let her brother miss for so many years must be very beautiful and cute.

Rubbing the top of her hair, Jingyan said dotingly, “I’d love to see her, too.”

Ruyi stood up and said, “Come on bro, have the meal. I haven’t finished mine either. Bye.”

Then she was gone, in the next second.

Jingyan’s hand was frozen in the air, taking a long while for him to get it back. He said to himself, “Heartless little girl.”

“I’m not a heartless little girl.” From the void came Ruyi’s protest.

“You are not a heartless little girl, I am then?” Jingyan teased her on purpose.

“As my brother, you are making fun of me. No food for you.” As soon as the voice fell, Jingyan raised his head to look for the bowl on the table, gone already.

Hey, this little girl was so vengeful.

The fifth year Yiyao left.

The best noble school in Sky City.

Fourth grade.

Math class.

The experienced teacher wrote questions on the blackboard and heard faint laughers coming from below. Looking back, the teacher found that all the students were sitting in serious postures with serious faces, except for one student.

“Jingyan Ye!” The teacher exclaimed.

A heroic-spirited little boy sitting in the middle of the classroom suddenly stood up and quickly tucked the thing in his hand into the drawer.

“What are you doing?” The teacher asked sternly.

Jingyan put on an innocent look. His childish voice sounded, “I didn’t do anything.”

“What did you put in the drawer just now?” The teacher put the book on the desk and stepped down from the platform.


“You take it out yourself,” the teacher came up to him and reached out one hand, “Take it out.”

Jingyan blinked and asked in grievance, “Sir, there is really nothing. What do you want me to take?”

The teacher didn’t believe it since he saw Jingyan put something into the desk with his own eyes.

“Jingyan, don’t you think that your father is a millionaire in Sky City, so you can break the rules of the school. Don’t forget, you’re just a student.”

After hearing this kind of words countless times throughout his childhood, he had been already immune to it. He was a good boy inside though. He did nothing but playing with the little robot recently-produced by his dad’s company.

Of course, this must not be found out by the teacher, otherwise, his dad would be called and he would be in a big trouble.

“Sir, I really didn’t do anything, you can search if you want.” Jingyan got out of his seat as he said.

The teacher was stunned. Search or not?

What if he didn’t find anything after searching? Wasn’t that too shameful? But if he didn’t search, it meant that he admitted that he had wronged Jingyan, which would also made him look shameful.

The teacher started to think himself being impulsive. When he took over this class, the previous teacher told him that the last student that could be managed in this class was Jingyan Ye. He could do whatever he wanted in the class, as long as he didn’t affect the class discipline, besides, never mind whether he listened or not in class. In the end, he was always the first in the exams of all courses anyway.

Now, great, what should to do with the kid?

Seeing the teacher’s complex expression, Jingyan asked again, “Sir, are you searching or not?”

The teacher glared at him and compromised, “Since you denied, I believe you this time, go and solve the subject on the blackboard.”

“Oh, yes sir.” Jingyan walked to the platform with a flat face. If he had known that the teacher chose to believe him, he would not use his powers to make the robot disappear, now he didn’t know where it was and he lost his best toy to play with.

After a glance at the subject, Jingyan picked up the chalk to write it up. In less than a minute, the answer was written on the blackboard, which aroused a burst of exclamations from the kids below.

Although he was only nine years old, his handwriting was more beautiful than the teacher’s.

“Not bad,” said the teacher with a dry cough, “Go back to your seat.”

After class, the students gathered around and started chattering, “Jingyan, where is the little robot you played in class? Can I see?”


“Yes, yes, I didn’t see it clearly.”

“Mm-hmm, it looks so awesome. Take it out and let’s see it again.”

Jingyan was a little embarrassed. The teacher didn’t see the robot, but these kids did. What should he do now? He couldn’t take it out at all.

“That…” Jingyan hesitated, “That’s a new invention of my father’s company. How can I show it to you casually? It’s about trade secrets.”

“It’s just a look. We can’t learn how to make it.”

Jingyan deliberately blocked the drawer with his body, “No, if you really want to see it, you can buy one and take it home to play.”

“How much is it?” Someone asked.

Jingyan rubbed his chin and thought for a moment, then put out three fingers.

“Three thousand?”

Jingyan glanced at the one asked and said, “3000? You can go and buy a regular toy.”

“Thirty thousand?”

“Yes.” Jingyan’s tone was firm. In fact, he didn’t know how much neither. He wanted to get through this first.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to do. A little white boy asked at the time, “Jingyan, can the price be less? Thirty thousand is a little more.”

Jingyan lifted his chin, “No, not a cent less.”

“Let me take another look then. What are their functions?”

Jingyan couldn’t show it to him of course, because there was nothing in the drawer. He kept a straight face and said, “You can’t see it any more. Sign up if you want to buy it; go away if you don’t. Is there anything in our Ye family not cool?”

The little boy was in a bit of a dilemma. Finally, he bit his teeth and said, “I’ll buy one. You bring it tomorrow, and I’ll give you the money then.”

“Good.” Jingyan looked around and asked the others, “Who else want to buy it?”

Elementary school students tended to follow suit. When one bought something, others would want it too. This also had something with Jingyan’s prestige and popularity among his classmates inseparably.

“I want one too…”

“Don’t rush, don’t rush. Come on, whoever wants write your names on this piece of paper…”

Those who could study in this noble school were from either rich or powerful families in Sky City. For these young masters and young madams, taking 30000 dollars to buy a high-tech robot was just taking a little sum from their usual allowances.

When the blank paper fell into Jingyan’s hands, 15 names had been written on it, which was half of the class.

Jingyan looked at the names on the paper, happy and worried at the same time. He was happy that he sold 450,000 orders at once. He was worried that what if he sold it cheap?

It would be a disservice to his father’s reputation of business genius.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the school bell rang. Kids ran to the school gate.

Some of the kids who were great buddies with Jingyan usually were talking, laughing and walking together. A fifth-grade girl ran up to him, a pair of watery big eyes looking very attractive.

“Jingyan, my home is on your way, can you give me a lift?”

The kids besides moved away immediately with laughing noises. They pushed and shoved Jingyan, but he said calmly, “No.”

“Don’t be so stingy. It’s on your way.” Despite being laughed by the crowd, the little girl was bold and her face didn’t turn blush.

Jingyan said with a smile, “It’s not a lucky day because I’m going to my dad’s company.”

The little girl was momentarily distracted by his smile. A little boy beside chuckled, “Miss, your home is on my way actually, how about you take my family’s car?”

The little girl glared at him with a “No”, turned and ran away.

Things like this, Jingyan encountered almost every day, but he never agreed. Of course, if it was another person, even if she didn’t ask him, he would follow her and beg her to get in his car, just like when he was in kindergarten.

The other one who had the same trouble as he did was his sister Chuxue Ye.

On the way to school, Chuxue was surrounded by several little boys. They didn’t do anything but looking at her with smiles, as if enjoying a wonderful painting.

Carrying a small schoolbag, Chuxue walked out slowly, with a posture of not putting these boys in the eyes.

When she took a step, these little boys took one step back. One boy finally couldn’t help it and said with a smile, “Chuxue Ye, can I make a friend with you?”

Chuxue did not speak. She had got experiences, for these boys who came to her for chatting, she chose to ignore them.

On her first day of elementary school, a senior boy deliberately came to talk to her. She didn’t know anything at the time and said her name casually. Then unluckily, it spread all over the school in half a day. Almost all the boys in the school came to see her afterwards, which was comparable to the scene when Jingyan Ye entered the school.

Since then, boys constantly came to talk to her. To save troubles, she did not say a word to them. Because once she opened her mouth, what she said and how she said it would be all over the school the next day.

“Chuxue Ye, why don’t you talk?”

Chapter 287 Growth and Robbery (3)

Chuxue Ye didn’t open her mouth, but a voice sounded behind, “Because you are too ugly.”

Everyone turned around. Two boys, who were alike as two peas, looked at them coldly. The level of their appearances was equal to that of Jingyan Ye of the senior grade. In private, the girls even divided into two groups in order to fight for whether Jingyan was more handsome or the twin brothers were more handsome.

“Guys, when did you leave? Why didn’t you wait for me?” Chuxue complained and quickly stepped forward. She took the two boy’s arms and walked to the school gate together, leaving a group of boys in place puzzled.

The twins were no strangers. They were the pair of little beasts of Mu family.

They went to the same elementary school as Ye’s brother and sister, and were in the same class as Chuxue.

When a girl was beautiful, glorious at family background, and good at learning, she would be generally envied and hated in school. While for Chuxue, she had one more item to let girls envy, that is, she had three handsome brothers to protect and guard her. As a result, Chuxue was isolated by the girls. The few girl coming to her were the ones who wanted her to deliver love letters to Jingyan Ye and the two little beasts.

Of course, Chuxue didn’t care to do such kind of thing. With a disinterested “Give him yourself”, she would send the girls off.

At the school gate, Jingyan was waiting in front of the car, with a trace of impatience on his face, “What took you so long?”

“Ruyi is blocked again,” Yuqi Mu, the elder brother said.

Jingyan sighed, opened the car door and said, “Get in.”

Yulin Xiao stretched out his neck and looked at the lines of luxury cars around him, “My father didn’t come?”

Henry bowed and said with a smile, “Mr. Mu and Mrs. Mu went out to travel today, so the two young masters have to stay at Ye’s house for the time being.”

“Hey, they left us behind to enjoy themselves again. Are they our real parents?” Yulin muttered, complaining.

Since the little beasts went to elementary school,Tianye Mu took his wife around for tours. Anyway, Ye’s family could take care of them.

In the car, Jingyan thought about the price of the robot, and asked Henry tentatively, “Uncle Henry, how much is the robot that my father gave me yesterday?”

“Fifty thousand dollars.”

“Ah? So expensive? ” Jingyan was shocked, thinking, it was over, he made such a terrible loss.

Henry looked at him suspiciously, “What’s the matter?”

Jingyan quickly calmed himself down, “Well, I mentioned it to my classmates today. They all want to buy it and let me ask about the price.”

“Fifty thousand dollar is the discounted price. It is now sold at 68,000 dollars in the market.”

Jingyan was completely withered. He thought he could make a huge profit this time, but he didn’t expect to lose big time.

Henry glanced at him as he drove and laughed, “Young master, you didn’t tell your classmates the price, do you?”

“No, no…” Jingyan immediately refuted. How could he do such a stupid thing?

Henry smiled without speaking. The young master cherished reputation as always.

While the kids were playing high in the back of the car, Jingyan looked out of the window gloomily, wondering in his secret calculation where to get the money to make up for the deficit.

Suddenly, he saw a group of students surrounding a little girl in the alley by the road, which seemed to be threatening her, and what she was holding in her hands seemed to be his little robot.

“Stop the car.” Jingyan quickly exclaimed.

Henry slammed on the brake and pulled over, “What’s the matter?”

Jingyan unfastened his seat belt and said, “I saw an acquaintance and I need to go ask her something. Wait for me for five minutes. You don’t have to get off the car.”

“Be careful.” Henry reminded him.

“I know, I know” Jingyan got out of the car, closed the door and ran to the alley.

From a long distance, he heard a man’s voice saying mischievously, “Little girl, give me the robot in your hand, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“It’s mine. Why should I give it to you?”

“Look at what you’re wearing, how can you afford such an expensive robot? You must stole it somewhere.”

The little girl held the robot in her hands tightly and glared, “I didn’t steal it. This is mine.”

The boy stepped forward, wanting to capture the robot, “How dare you lie! Give it to me, or we will send you to the police station as a thief.”

“Ah…don’t you touch me, help, robbery…” the little girl cried out at the top of her voice.

“Damn it, she is a piece of something,” The boy was at a loss somewhat, and then said to the standing few. “What are you doing stupefied there? Do it quickly.”

After that, the group came up to fight for the robot from the little girl.

While protecting the robot, the little girl yelled hard, “Help, help, robbery!”

Jingyan watched for two minutes. Seeing that the robot was about to be taken away by them, he snapped coldly, “Stop it.”

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