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Chapter 288: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 288 Marry Me When I Grow Up (1)

Those boys stopped unconsciously and turned around to see a boy who was shorter than them, wearing the uniform of an exclusive school in Sky City.

The eldest boy, who was interested in Jingyan Ye, laughed and said, “Yo, here comes a rich guy. Boy, are you here to give us some money?”

“Let her go, and I will let you go.” Jingyan Ye said indifferently.

“Hahahahaha ……” Those children let out a loud laugh, “Bastard, how old are you, and you dare to be so arrogant?”

“If you want to do it, do it quickly, I’m still busy, I don’t have time to play with you.” Jingyan Ye rolled up his sleeves slowly.

“That’s too arrogant, guys, let’s fight!”

However, when they rushed forward, Jingyan Ye ended the fight in less than a minute, and all the children were lying on the ground, grimacing and crying out in pain.

Kerry had taught him Kung Fu since he was in kindergarten, not for fighting with others, but for self-defense, because his identity was so special as Kerry’s son and he would certainly experience a lot of provocation in the future.

Jingyan Ye walked up to the little girl and saw her staring blankly at him with shock in her eyes. He got so used to this kind of emotions, he asked with a smile, “Little girl, where did you pick up the robot in your hands?”

The little girl came back to her senses, but she still stared at him, “I …… I picked it up in the bushes at school.”

“Tell you what, how about I give you money and you sell me the robot?”

“That ……” The little girl hesitated for a while, it was hard for her to find a toy to play with, if she sold it to him ……

Jingyan Ye bent down and squatted in front of her, looked at her in an equal level, and smiled slightly, “Little sister, you won’t play with it even if you take it back, I’ll give you money, you can buy ice cream to eat, you can buy pretty Barbie dolls, and you can buy a lot of delicious food, how about it?”

The little girl had never seen such a beautiful little brother, so she was lured by his smile to nod her head and say, “How much are you paying me?”

“How much do you want?”

The little girl looked down at the robot in her arms and stretched out five fingers hesitantly.

“Five hundred Yuan?” Jingyan asked her.

She wanted to say 50 Yuan, which was a lot of money for her, but she didn’t expect the little brother offer 500 Yuan.

Jingyan saw that she didn’t say anything and thought it was too little, so he said, “Five thousand? It the best I can offer, and I only have five thousand Yuan now.”

The little girl nodded her head in shock, five thousand Yuan was a large sum of money for her.

Jingyan put his hand into his pocket, and after a moment’s pause, a wad of cash appeared in his hand, then he started to count.

He took the money out and counted five thousand Yuan. “Here, five thousand, take it,” said Jingyan, who had replaced the robot with the little girl while she was still confused, and then put the money into her hand, smiling, “Why don’t you go now? I’ll keep an eye on these villains for you, and then I’ll leave when you’ve run far away.”

After Jingyan reminded her, the little girl stuffed a thick wad of money into her backpack, climbed up and ran away. After she ran for a while, she turned back and yelled at him, “Little brother, what’s your name?”

“Why do you ask my name?” Jingyan got up and asked curiously.

The little girl’s eyes sparkled with laughter, “Little brother, you are so good-looking, can I marry you when I grow up?”

“No.” Jingyan refused without hesitation.


“Because I will marry someone else.”

“Oh, well, goodbye, little brother.”

Jingyan looked at her back. This little girl was really bold to say such words.

Jingyan didn’t give a single glance to the punks as he passed between them.

The first thing Jingyan did when he got back to the car was to touch the backpack under his feet, and then he smiled with relief. Henry, who was in the driver’s seat, looked at him meaningfully and asked, “Are you done?”

“Yeah, let’s go home.” Jingyan said in a relaxed tone.

Chuxue Ye, who was sitting in the back, came to the front and pointed at the stains on his clothes and said, “Brother, why are your clothes dirty?”

Jingyan pretended to pat his clothes, “It should be because I rubbed against something dirty.”

Chuxue Ye had a look at him for a few moments and smilingly said, “Brother, you just got into a fight with someone.”

“How do you know?” Jingyan responded subconsciously, but it was too late when he realized what he had said.

The Mu brothers were all interested in what Chuxue said, so they all came forward and said, “Brother, why didn’t you call me for a fight? I can give you a hand with that.”

“So can I. Dad just taught me a few tricks a while ago, but I haven’t tried to use it yet.”

Jingyan was speechless, and turned his head to lecture the three of them, “All of you, sit still.”

“Nah ……”

Although the three of them were not convinced, they always listened to Jingyan and had no choice but to sit back down.

“No one is allowed to mention this matter at home, or else I won’t take you out to play anymore.” Jingyan threatened them.

Chuxue Ye raised her pretty eyebrows, “Then you have to tell us, why did you fight with others?”

“I didn’t fight, I just saw a bunch of guys bullying a little girl, so I went up and taught them a good lesson.” Jingyan said in a righteous manner, didn’t mention anything about the robots.

“Wow, brother, you really defended the weak against the strong.” The younger brother, Yulin Xiao, said admiringly.

Jingyan said shamelessly, “Yes, but aunt and uncle don’t like me fighting with others, so don’t tell them about it.”

“Well, I won’t.”

Jingyan stretched out his hand and touched his hair, “Yulin is a good boy.”

The other two showed their disdain.

After Jingyan had pacified the three little ones, Jingyan turned to Henry, who was driving the car, and said with a smile, “Uncle Henry, please.”

“Young master, I was driving and didn’t hear anything.” Henry said in a serious voice, looking straight ahead.

Jingyan was overjoyed, “Thank you, Uncle Henry, I know you are the best.”

Of course, he loved Pingan (Jingyan) the most, because Pingan had suffered the most but he’s a warm boy, so he loved Pingan so much.

When he got home, Jingyan picked up his schoolbag and rushed into his room, saying that he had to do his homework and not to be disturbed.

John was puzzled as to when the young master had ever done his homework. When pigs fly?

Kerry and Venus came back from work and asked those little kids to go downstairs and have dinner.

Jingyan looked at his father for several times and finally made up his mind, “Dad, there are some students in my class who want to buy small robots.”

Chapter 288 Marry Me When I Grow Up (2)

Kerry raised his eyelids, put a peeled shrimp in Venus’s bowl and asked slowly, “How many?”


“I’ll have Henry deliver them to the school tomorrow,” Kerry peeled another shrimp to his wife, and asked casually, “How much did you sell?”

Jingyan didn’t dare to look at his father’s eyes and faltered as he messed with his bowl, “Of course, I’ll sell them at the market price.”

“Oh, that’s sixty-eight thousand Yuan.”

“What? Didn’t Uncle Henry say fifty thousand?” Jingyan was surprised. He counted his savings as soon as he came back to home, and if it was fifty thousand, he would have just enough money to cover.

Kerry smiled faintly, “Fifty thousand Yuan is a discount price out of friendship, it could be offered to you Uncle, but not your classmates.”

“You’re too stingy that you even charge Uncle for money.” Jingyan said with great dissatisfaction.

“How can I support you without charging other’s money?”

Jingyan got panicked, he said cheekily after hesitated for a while, “Dad, please give me a discount price for my classmates.

“Why should I feel embarrassed about it? Even reckoning makes long friends.” After Kerry said that, his thigh was pinched by Venus, Kerry held her hand under the table after got her hint.

Jingyan still didn’t give up, “Dad, please give my classmates a discount price for me.”

“Is it you don’t have enough money?” Kerry asked coldly.

“Right.” Jingyan answered quickly, yet he covered his mouth with one hand immediately afterwards.

Venus couldn’t conceal her laughter, and Jingyan knew he had been exposed and quickly stood up to apologize, “Dad, I was wrong.”

“Why?” Kerry didn’t put down his chopsticks, but his tone was serious.

Jingyan confessed, “I shouldn’t have taken the robot to school and played with it in class, and I shouldn’t have told my classmates that it only cost thirty thousand Yuan.”

“Good, you’re pretty honest.” Kerry teased him.

Jingyan smiled, “Of course, I wouldn’t dare to lie in front of you, my old father.”

Kerry picked up a piece of tofu and threw it over to Jingyan, who caught it with his bowl hastily.

“Who are you calling, am I old?” Kerry was very upset, he’s only in his thirties. Well, thirty-eight is still thirties.

Jingyan put down his bowl, came to his father obediently, and praised him in good conscience, “I was wrong, you are not old at all, you are a young man of 20 years old. People will think we are brothers if we walk in the streets.”

Kerry gave him a pat on his neck, laughing and scolding, “What are you talking about, brat?”

“I swear, I meant what I said, Dad, you look so young.” Jingyan looked so pious.

Kerry was completely helpless with such a son, where did he learn to speak so flippantly?

Seeing that his father was smiling, Jingyan knew that this was almost over, so he asked carefully, “Dad, how did you know about this?”

Kerry snorted, “Your classmate’s parents and I are business partners, and they called me to ask about the robot, so I inquired the details. I didn’t imagine that my good boy did business in the school. It’s a good idea to do it, but I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars all of a sudden. If you go on like this, Yehuang will be lost by you.”

“Just once, there will be no next time.” Jingyan said obediently.


Kerry didn’t say anything more, but Jingyan couldn’t help but shiver, waiting for his father’s punishment with his arms hanging down.

Kerry ate porridge one mouthful at a time, and added a bowl of soup for his wife from time to time, saying, “drink some more” while ignoring Jingyan completely.

The other three kids, though not laughing at Jingyan loudly, were winking at him secretly, because they loved to see their big brother being punished.

A few minutes later, Venus pushed Kerry’s arm, then Kerry said, “Daddy teach you a lesson today not because you lost the money, but because you shouldn’t be so swagger in school. You think you’re smart, you topped every exam, your teacher likes you and spoils you, so you think the world is around you?”

Kerry paused and said to the other three, “Listen, you all, it’s a big world, and you can’t always outdo others. Is your ideal so small only to inherit the family business? Do you have the ability to operate the company well after inheriting it? Can you guarantee that tens of thousands of employees will be fed? Can you live on your own without succeeding the company?”

Kerry’s words silenced the four youngsters. Although they were young, their daily life made them mature enough to know the responsibilities they would have to take on in the future.

Kerry slowed down, he signed, “The God is just. He gave you a smart brain and a rich life, but he will always take something away from you, especially Pingan and Ruyi. You are gifted with great talent, but you don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, maybe one day, misfortune will come to your door. Make yourself strong and powerful when your life is going well, so if something unexpected happens, you will be able to cope with it. After all, you are the one who live your life, parents only accompany you for a limited time.”

All children lowered their heads and didn’t speak, Venus felt the atmosphere was a bit heavy, she coughed and said, “Everyone, eat your dinner first, and then we’ll talk afterwards. Pingan, go back to the dining table.”
Chapter 288 Marry Me When I Grow Up (3)

But at this point, who have the mood to eat? They were already fed up by Kerry’s lecture.

Chuxue Ye stirred the rice in the bowl with a spoon, all of a sudden, her tears fell into the bowl.

Venus was shocked, she turned to comfort Chuxue Ye hastily, “Baby, why are you crying?”.

Chuxue Ye said with a deflated mouth and tears in her eyes, “I don’t want you to leave, I want you to stay with me forever.”

Venus felt her eyes were sore, she stared at her husband, “They are so young, why do you say that? The children will know when they grow up.”

Kerry was so afraid of his wife being angry, he said with an apologetic smile, “Sorry I said to much.”

“Baby, don’t cry, mom and dad will be by your side, we still have to watch you grow up, work, fall in love and get married, don’t worry, mom and dad will stay with you for a long time.”

“Really?” Chuxue turned around and asked Kerry.

Kerry nodded, “Of course it’s true, but don’t get married so early. Dad can afford to raise you.”

Chuxue was delighted in a second, she said happily to the Mu brothers beside her, “Hurry up and eat, after that we’ll go to play games.”

“Well, good.”

Kerry and Venus were startled, they always couldn’t find out what’s their daughter thinking about.

After the meal, Jingyan returned to his room silently and stared at the robot on the table. Kerry knocked on the door and came in.

“Still thinking about today?” Kerry sat next to the desk casually with a much better attitude.

Jingyan’s expression was complicate, “Dad, did I do a terrible job?”

“Of course not, you’re only in the fourth grade, you’re still young, you have the right to make mistakes, and daddy won’t blame you. Besides, daddy has always felt that you are daddy’s pride because you have done better than daddy.”

Jingyan was puzzled, “Are you joking, dad?”

“I’m serious,” said Kerry after a moment’s pause, “When I was at your age, one day, I suddenly discovered that I had a mysterious power …… “

The story was very long, like something that happened in the last life. Kerry narrated it without any ripple in his heart, like narrating someone else’s affairs.

Kerry thought it would take a long time, but in a few minutes, he finished his story of those years, “Dad is telling you this because I don’t want you to waste your talent and don’t want you to feel regret that you didn’t try hard enough in the future. By then it will be too late. For example, I did a lot of terrible things to your mother, and when I recalled it later, I wanted to kill myself. Luckily, your mother forgave me, otherwise you and your sister wouldn’t be here today.”

Jingyan was surprised by this, “How’s that kind of thing happened?”

“Uh-huh.” Kerry was very despondent, in fact, he still felt regret when he thought those days now.

When Kerry saw the picture of the girl on the desk, he smiled gently and said, “This little girl should have grown up by now.”

Jingyan also looked at the photo and smiled, “Maybe she’s taller than me.”

“You like her so much.” It’s rare for Kerry to tease at his son.

Jingyan blushed slightly, “Dad, she’s different.”

Kerry patted his son’s shoulder, “Pingan, you have to remember that only if you are good enough to stand in the highlight can you attract her attention, and she will be able to find you, you’ll be able to find her. Don’t wait until she finally meets you, but you are useless and unattractive, so that even if you meet her, she will not stop for you.”

Jingyan raised his head after a moment’s contemplation, he said with more determination in his eyes, “Dad, I know.”

“Good boy.” Kerry has done the work on his son and said when he was about to leave, “And since you have quoted thirty thousand Yuan, Dad can’t disgrace you in front of your classmates, honesty is the most important being a businessman, so the deficit will be paid by your own account, do you have any disagreement?”

“No.” Jingyan could hardly keep up with his father’s pace, hadn’t his father just encouraged him warmly? Why he talked about money now?

“Good, and good night.” Kerry left delightedly and came to report the results.

That night, Jingyan had difficulty in falling asleep. He remembered what he had said to Yiyao Duan when he parted her. His father was right, he couldn’t be so swagger, he had to work harder so that he could be able to find her.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and people come and go.

In the long river of time, all humans are just passers-by.

This year, Kerry, his wife and two children went abroad to attend his grandfather’s funeral.

This year, Kevin brought the girl he liked home, and the two of them got a license, yet they chose to travel instead of having a wedding.

This year, John broke his leg accidentally and died after a few months of recovery. The night before the funeral, Jingyan and Chuxue kneeled in the memorial hall for a whole night to mourning John. Afterwards, Henry succeeded his position.

A few months later, Mrs. Qin passed away peacefully due to overwhelmed grief, and Jingyan and Chuxue also kneeled in the memorial hall to mourning for her hard work for the Ye family all these years. For a long time, Venus was so sad, and the Ye family could not find a better cook than Mrs. Qin.

That year, at the age of 21, Jingyan was enrolled by one of the world’s top universities with absolute excellence grade, and he chose to further his studies.

When Jingyan left, he only packed a few clothes, but in the deepest place of his suitcase was an exquisite little box with a small golden lock inside. Of course, there was also an old, almost worn-out photograph of a girl. Although the girl in the photo was nowhere to be seen or heard from, he had to keep his promise.

“Take care of yourself in the United States, you have to solve your living expenses and other things by yourself.” Kerry wore a long black coat with a black suit inside, he stood still and gracefully, time had taken away the frivolity from this man, but left him with maturity and charm. While he talks and moves, he seems like a man walks out of a painting.

Jingyan now become a big boy with a height of six inches. His features are extremely similar to his father, yet more delicate that he’s like the most perfect masterpiece from an artist’s hand without any flaw.

He was dressed in a light gray jacket, wore a pair of jeans and a pair of white sneakers, exuding the vigor and vitality of a young man.

Jingyan smiled confidently, “Dad, I am your own son, I’ll still live a good life at school even if you don’t give me a penny, and maybe I’ll earn a few million dollars for fun.”

Kerry was not worried about him at all, “Those gaming companies you created, I will manage for you temporarily, but you to solve major projects yourself, of course, the account is in my hands.”

“Yes, I know, just don’t make my companies go bankrupt.” Jingyan said in an exaggerated manner. He established those gaming companies when he was in the four-year study college, as he had taken all course credits in two years, he was bored so he wanted to go to Harvard to see what the world’s number one university was like.

If it weren’t for the fact that so many people were here, Kerry would have kicked him.

“No companies ever be bankrupted in your father’s hands.”

“Okay, you are the best.” Jingyan subdued, as that’s why he admired his father. He said after a while, “If …… she sends me a letter, tell me immediately. “

Kerry smiled, “Of course, I’ll let you know at the first time.”

At that moment, the boarding information of this flight was broadcasted on the radio, and suddenly, a wave of reluctant emotion came to his heart, Jingyan’s nose became sore immediately, “Dad, take good care of mom and little sister.”

“Yes, don’t worry.” Kerry was also a little sad, since Pingan returned to him, he rarely let Pingan left him.

“I’ll call you guys when I get there.”

“Well, remember to call your mother’s cell phone, she will be very happy,” Kerry told him. Venus and Ruyi didn’t come today, they didn’t want to cry into tears now.

“I remember.”

Jingyan’s flight was broadcasted again, he looked back at the security checkpoint, turned around, stretched out his arms and embraced Kerry, saying softly, “I’m leaving, dad.”

Kerry’s eyes finally turned red, his son hadn’t hugged him for a long time.

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