Chapter 289 – 290: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 289: The truth

Kris Chen looked at Bob Sun coldly. Instead of stopping Bob, Kris let him slap himself repeatedly.

To tell you the truth, Kris was disappointed in Bob.

Kris turned and looked at Jane Tang, who was with a dull face. “Mom, let’s go home first.”

Jane’s body vibrated, and she caught on. Then she looked at Kris with a complex expression and said, “Who the hell are you?”

Kris smiled and said, “I’m your son-in-law.”

Changhe Su shuddered and stood up from the ground. He walked to Jane flatteringly and wanted to hold her hand. But Changhe was rejected by Jane coldly. “Don’t touch me. You’re disgusting.” Jane said.

As Jane spoke, she stepped back.

“Jane, it’s all my fault. Why don’t we go home first and then have a talk,” Changhe said. Then Changhe winked at Kris.

Looking at Changhe’s swollen face, Kris wanted to laugh. Kris roughly knew what’s going on when he was outside the door.

My father-in-law is an awesome person. He came to the bar late at night but encountered a badger games.

Instead of taking unfair advantage, he got himself in a lot of trouble.

“Mom, why don’t we go home first? We can talk about it at home,” Kris said.

After hearing what Kris said, Changhe said immediately, “Yeah. Jane, let’ go home first and talk about it at home…”

Then Changhe yanked Jane and left the box quickly.

After Changhe and Jane left, Kris’s face clouded.

“Well, stop,” Kris said coldly.

Bob was more frightened when Kris started to talk.

Bob kept kowtowing and saying, “I’m sorry, Kris. I am to blame…”

“What should you be to blame for? Do you know what’s going on?” Kris said impatiently.

“Well, it’s my fault that I didn’t discipline my men, and they offend you,” Bob said with a wry smile.

“Ho, ho.”

Kris smiled grimly ad said, “It’s nothing big that they offend me, but how can your men play badger game with my father-in-law?”

“They not only gave him a beating but also blackmailed a million dollars of my mother-in-law. They also wanted to take advantage of my mother-in-law. But for my timely arrival, I’m afraid…” Kris said.

Kris didn’t say the following. When Bob heard this, he was trembling with fear and sweating.

“Fuck you, Xiong Gou, you’re courting your death. Don’t get me involved if you want to die,” Bob thought.

“To tell you the truth, I’m disappointed in you. You go back to tell Heqiu Zhao that he shouldn’t tread on air when he made some achievements, and he should discipline his men. If I find out anything like this again, I will not show any mercy,” Kris said.

Then Kris walked out of the box without taking a look at Bob. By the time Kris left, Bob felt as if he had been plucked out of the water.

Bob stood up and looked at the woman huddled on the sofa. Then he looked at Xiong Gou, who was unconscious.

Bob stabbed Xiong Gou directly in the thigh.


Xiong Gou’s thigh was pierced through.

After seeing that, the woman on the sofa was scared to death.


After being pulled out of the bar by Changhe, Jane didn’t say anything.

Changhe implored, “Jane, don’t get mad, will you? It’s all my fault. I apologize.”

Jane still said nothing.

“How on earth are you going to believe me?” Changhe said.

“I told you I did nothing to that woman. It’s a conspiracy. They wanted to extort money,” Changhe said in exasperation.

“Ho, ho…”

Jane smiled coldly and pulled her hand out of Changhe’s.

When you’re so disappointed in someone, you don’t want even to say a word to him.

Jane was tired. She thought her forbearance for these years could make Changhe return to the fold. But she was wrong, completely wrong.

At that moment, Kris walked out of the bar.

“Dad, mom, let’s go home,” Kris said.

Then Kris hailed a taxi. Without speaking, Jane got into the co-driver’s seat, and Changhe and Kris sat in the back.

The atmosphere in the taxi was strange along the way home.

Jane became as silent as a new person. But Changhe chattered on and on, and Kris was miserable.

When they got home, Jane went straight into her bedroom and locked herself in it. “Jane, can you open the door and let me in?” Changhe said.

“Dad, mom is in a temper. Why don’t you sleep in another room? Today we have a guest at home. Mary Su’s friend is here,” Kris whispered.

Changhe thought for a while and nodded. Then he went to another room.

Kris sighed. “It’s such a restless day. I can finally get a sound sleep.” Kris thought.

Kris was shaken awaken when he was sleeping the next morning soundly.

“Honey, wake up!” Mary said. Kris opened his eyes and saw Mary with an anxious look. “Honey, what’s going on?” Kris said.

“Honey, my mother wants to get a divorce,” Mary said.


Kris sobered in an instant.

At that time, Jane was holding the marriage certificate and household register in the living room. She looked at Changhe coldly and said, “Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce. From now on, we are strangers.”

“Jane, what the hell are you talking about? I won’t divorce you in any case,” Changhe said resolutely.

Mina Li looked embarrassed as she stood in front of the bedroom.

She didn’t know what to do in such an embarrassing situation.

“Mary…” Mina called Mary, who just came from Kris’s bedroom. Then she saw Kris behind Mary, and she blushed immediately. She lowered her head and daredn’t look at Kris.

Kris also blushed and turned his head uneasily.

“Mina, come and persuade my mother with me,” Mary said.

Then Mary held Mina and walked to Jane. Mary was completely unaware of Mina’s discomfort.

Kris followed them two with a wry smile.

“Mar, talk to your mother,” Changhe said.

After seeing Mary, Changhe was happy and said that immediately.

At that moment, Mary saw the bruise on his face, and she was very surprised. “Dad, how did you get the bruise on your face?” Mary said.

Changhe’s put on an embarrassed look. “This’s not important. Just help me to persuade your mother,” Changhe said hurriedly.

Although Mary was confused, she knew what mattered. Mary went to Jane’s side and said, “Mom, you can have a good talk with my father. Why do you want to get a divorce?”

“Yeah, aunt. Uncle didn’t mean to it when he said he wanted to get a bank divorce yesterday. Don’t be angry. Mary will be in a dilemma,” Mina said. But Jane was determined to get a divorce. “Nobody can change my mind. I’ve endured it for 20 years, and I don’t want to endure it anymore,” Jane said.

“Changhe Su, if you have any conscience, just leave me alone,” Jane said.

“Oh, Jane, what on earth are you talking about? Why should I leave you alone? You should make your point clear,” Changhe said.

“Mom, you can tell us what’s going on,” Mary said. Mary was anxious, and she looked at Kris and said, “Honey, come and persuade mom.”

Kris put on a wry smile. Yesterday he heard something about the story, but not the whole story.

However, Changhe seemed to have done something unforgivable, or Jane would not want to get a divorce at this juncture.

What happened in the bank yesterday was just a trigger.

Jane took a deep breath and looked at Mary, saying, “There is no need to do so. Mary, there is something I don’t want to tell you. But as things come to this, I will tell you everything.”

“Changhe Su, you want to make my point clear, right? Well, I will tell them all the things you did,” Jane said.

“You’ve been in American for more than ten years. You lied to us by saying you were doing business in America. But I know you’ve been with that bitch, and you’ve had a child,” Jane said expressionlessly.


As soon as Jane said that, all those present were dumbfounded.

Mina covered her mouth in disbelief. She looked at Changhe surprisingly, and she didn’t expect he is such a person.

Kris sighed to himself and knew what’s going on.

Mary was startled. She looked at Changhe in disbelief and said, “Dad, you tell me if mom is telling the truth.”

“Mary, how’s that possible? How can I betray your mother?” Changhe said with an embarrassed look.

“Bah, how impudent you are! Where is the bruise on your face come from? You went to the bar yesterday and became obstreperous after you were drunk. Then you wanted to take advantage of a woman, but you were caught by her boyfriend, and he gave you a beating. How do you explain that?” Jane said.


Jane threw another bomb, making Mary stunned.

“It was because I quarreled with you yesterday that I went to the bar to drown my sorrows. I swear I never touched her. I have been wronged. Ask Kris if you don’t believe me,” Changhe vowed solemnly.

“Dad, that’s how you got the bruise on your face,” Mary said.

At that moment, Changhe’s towering figure in Mary’s heart was collapsed.

“Mary, you believe me. I’m wronged,” Changhe said.

“Changhe Su, will you stop it? Is it better that I make a clean breast of all the things you did?” Jane roared.

“You’re a mad and wicked woman. You’ve made all this up. A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe. You can say whatever you want. Let’s see who Mary will believe,” Changhe shouted.

“OK, I will satisfy you!” Jane said.

“Do you still remember the investment you made a few months ago? It cost the Su family 400 million dollars.” Jane said through gritted teeth.

“I do. I told you the money was gone,” Changhe said.

“Bah, Changhe Su. You can only fool Mary with that. Do you think I don’t know you transferred the money to that woman? Let me tell you, I still have the information about your transfer at that time on my phone. Would you like to see it?” Jane said with a bleak smile.

Oh my god!

Kris was dumbfounded after hearing that.

It’s a self-directed performance that the Su family was cheated out of 400 million dollars.

“No… It’s not true. Dad, you tell me it’s not true.” Mary broke down and shouted at Changhe. Tears welled up in her eyes in an instant.

“Changhe Su, I gave your countless opportunities in these ten years, and I thought you would return to the fold. But I was wrong. I was really wrong.” Jane sighed.

“Mary, when you were a kid, you always asked me why dad didn’t come home. Now I tell you it’s because he’s got a brat outside, so he had no time for you.” Jane said.

Chapter 290: Meet the Family


Jane’s words were like a thunderbolt from the blue sky, which made three people dumbfounded.

Mary bit her lips and trembled uncontrollably.

Kris came forward and hugged her.

The mother-in-law has been holding back for more than ten years, now she would like to reveal everything at once.

What a blow was this to Mary?

“You, you…”

Changehe Su pointed to Jane and could not say a word. His face became purplish.

“Well, isn’t this enough?” Jane laughed sarcastically: “You said that the 30 million was cheated by a friend. In fact, you gave it to that bastard, don’t you?”

Upon saying these words, tears came down from Jane’s eyes.

“I’ve been cheating myself for nearly 20 years. That’s enough, today I wake up.” Jane smiled with tears: “Changehe Su, I am tired, let me go.”

“You, you…”


Changehe Su sighed, then put down his hands, said: “OK, let’s get a divorce.”

At ten o’clock in the morning, Changehe Su and Jane officially terminated their marriage.

Perhaps feeling owed to Jane much, he left with nothing.

Fair enough, he did not buy any property for the family over the years.

From the moment of leaving the Civil Affairs Bureau, Jane felt truly happy.

The only person to whom she felt in debt was Mary.

She went to Mary, hugged her, and said with tears in her eyes: “Mary, I’m sorry, mommy didn’t make it right for you over the years, I only wanted a complete home for you.”

Mary also cried and hugged Jane: “Mom, I never blamed you. Thank you. You’ve sucked up so many grievances for me these years. Now that I’ve grown up, you don’t have to suffer anymore.”

“Wu wu wu… Mary, my baby angel.”

The mother and the daughter hugged together and began to cry.

Changehe Su on the side felt that he was embarrassed to stay so waddled away. As soon as he got into a taxi home, his cell phone rang.

Taking a deep breath, Changehe Su adjusted his mood and took the call. “Daddy, where are you?”

“Baby, did you miss daddy?” Changehe Su said with a smile, “Where’s your mommy?”

“Mommy went to France for business. She asked me to go back hometown to visit grandma and the family!”


Visit the family?!

Changehe Su was shocked and asked, “Ling’er, where are you now?”

“I am at Westriver International Airport now.”

At the same time, Westriver International Airport, a 19-year-old girl was standing in the waiting room.

This girl was no other than Changehe Su’s illegitimate daughter, Ling’er Su.

She was 19 years old this year and was about to go to a colleague. Her mother wanted her daughter to go back to China for a colleague.

Although she grew up in America, her roots were still in China. Therefore, it was sooner or later to meet the family.

As soon as she saw Changhe Su, Ling’er Su jumped up and hugged him, giving him a face-to-face embrace.

“Daddy, you made it!”

Changehe Su said with a bitter smile: “Ling’er, how can you come here without saying a word? What if you run into a bad man on the road? What’s wrong with your mother? Neither did she say a word about your coming. “


Ling’er Su smiled: “isn’t this a surprise for you?”

“By the way, daddy, I brought a gift to grandma. Would grandma be happy to see me?”

“She…will!” Changehe Su said with a dry smile.

“Really? That would be great!”


In the Su family hall, the old lady of the Su family had an inexplicable sense of intimacy when she looked at Ling’er Su.

“Daddy, is she grandma?”

Ling’er looked at the old lady and whispered.

“Yes, Ling’er, she is grandma,” Changehe Su nodded with a smile.

Frankly, he was so worried right now. He didn’t say anything about his divorce from Jane, and now his illegitimate daughter appeared from nowhere. Changehe Su was ready to be scolded hard.

“Hi grandma, my name is Ling’er Su, my father’s daughter in America.” Ling’er Su was happy to see the old lady, because she didn’t have a grandma or grandpa in her childhood.

After hearing Ling’er Su’s words, the old lady was slightly stunned and then looked at Changehe Su.

“Mom, this is… my daughter with Yanjing Cui.” Changehe Su said bravely: “And, I… I have divorced Jane.”


Hearing this, Mrs. Su’s face suddenly changed.

“You little brat, what’s going on here?”

Seeing the old lady getting angry, Changehe Su was even more afraid. He had intended to be honest, but now all he did is to blame Jane for everything. When the old lady heard that Jane had 10 million yuan but refused to give it to Changehe Su, the old lady said in a cold voice, “Didn’t they say only 20 million yuan last time? Why is there another ten million more? “

Hai Su jumped out and said, “Grandma, they certainly don’t want to help the Su family. That’s why they said that on purpose.”

Hearing Hai Su’s words, Changehe Su wanted to explain, upon the thought that Jane was so heartless, he gave up the idea.

Let’s make the best of the mistake!

“Yes, mother, I come back from America to let Ling’er meet the family. But this vicious woman not only drove me out of my home, but also forced me to divorce.” Changehe Su said indignantly, “Mother, do you have the heart to see the child of the Su family wandering outside?”

The old lady did not speak, and her expression was cloudy.

At this time, Hai Su came near to the old lady and whispered a few words to her ears.

The old lady’s face lit up with joy, and then she said, “Well, I mistreated Yanjing before. Since she has given birth to our Su family’s child, it’s time for her to be accepted by the family.”

“Well, you ask Yanjing back, and then call on the children of the family so that they both can meet the family.” The old lady said, “Since you and Jane are divorced, you should remove her and her daughter from the family history and add Yanjing and her daughter to the family history.”

“Mother, is that appropriate?” Changehe Su said with a bitter face.

He just wanted to quietly let the child meet the family, but the old lady wanted to gather every one of the Su family. This was to go public with her identity.

“What’s wrong with it?” the old lady’s eyes glared and said, “Are you and Yanjing’s child disgraced?”

Then, Mrs. Su waved to Ling’er Su: “Come on, my good girl, let grandma take a good look.”

Ling’er Su obediently stepped forward and took the old lady’s hand. She said with a sweet smile: “Grandma.”

“Oh, what a smart child. Tell grandma, how old are you this year?”

“Grandma, I’m nineteen years old.” Ling’er Su said with a smile: “By the way, grandma, mommy asked me to bring you a gift from America.”

Ling’er Su trotted aside and took the gift out of the trunk.

She opened the gift box, inside placing a pair of exquisite white jade bracelets.

“Grandma, this is the jade bracelet that mommy specially selected for you.” Ling’er Su picked up the bracelet and put it on the old lady, “This pair of bracelets was made by Tiffany’s super jewelry master requested from mommy. It cost more than two million dollars.”


This bracelet cost more than two million dollars?

Wasn’t that more than 10 million Chinese yuan?

Hearing this, the old lady bloomed. Now it was even more pleasing to see Ling’er Su.

“Good, my good girl.” The Su family’s old lady thinks that among her many granddaughters, she liked Ling’er Su from the first sight most. Seeing Ling’er is like seeing herself in youth.

“Have a good chat with grandma tonight.”

“Great, grandma.” Ling’er was also very glad. She didn’t think grandma would like her. It turned out that grandma liked her so much.

Hai Su quietly thumbed up at Changhe Su. This uncle was really something. He has brought home such a big daughter without any sign.

Changhe Su smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Let it go, since it already happened, accepted it.

He went outside and called Yanjing Cui. It took a long time to get through.

“Hi, honey, why you called me so early?”

Yanjing Cui’s voice was very lazy over the phone as if she was sleeping.

Changehe Su patted his head and forgot the time difference.

“Yanjing, there’s something I want to discuss with you.” Changehe Su said, “Ling’er has met my mother.”

“Really? What did the old lady say?”

“My mother likes Ling’er very much.” Changehe Su said with a smile: “She wants you to come back, and then let you two meet the family!”

“What? Really? “

The scream came from the phone, and Yanjing Cui suddenly woke up.

“It’s true, of course.”

“Great great great.” Yanjing Cui said three “greats” in a row, and then she said, “Darling, I have to stay in France for three days, then I will fly directly to you from here. Remember to pick me up from the airport.”

Then she hung up.

“I finally wait for this moment. Jane, I will get ten times, even a hundred times what you took from me.”


Westriver City, in the villa of Yu family. Bao Cao and his parents sit opposite Lan’s parents.

They came to propose marriage today. Although they made a marriage arrangement when they were babies, they should follow the rules now that they were grown-ups.

Wangfu Cao, Bao Cao’s father, said with a smile, “Jianye, today we are here to discuss the two kids’ marriage. You see, the two kids are grown-ups now. It’s time for them to get married.”

Jianye Yu nodded and said, “Yes, it’s been nearly 30 years in a blink of eyes. Both kids have grown up.”

Wangfu Cao and Jianye Yu grew up together as young kids. After they got married, they agreed that if their children were of the same sex, they would be brothers or sisters, and if they were heterosexual, they would be married.

“Uncle, please feel assured to give Lanlan to me, I will not let her suffer even a little bit.” Bao Cao poured a glass of water to Jianye Yu with a smile.

Jianye Yu nodded with satisfaction. Bao Cao grew up under his eyes. He felt completely relieved to give his daughter to Bao Cao.

Exchanging a glance with his wife Meiqin Meng, both nodded tacitly.

“Jianye, since you and my sister-in-law have agreed, I will say no more.” Wangfu Cao smiled: “How about getting engaged three days later and getting married next month?”

“Is this… a little too rush?” said Meiqin Meng.

Jianye Yu nodded and said, “Or, we ask about Lanlan’s own opinion.” Before he finished speaking, Lan Yu came out of the bedroom and said, “I veto. I don’t want to be engaged or married to Bao Cao.”

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