Chapter 289: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 289 Are You Crazy? (1)

“All right. Call me when you need my help.”


Jingyan hugged Kerry and then walked to the security checkpoints, after finishing all the checks, he waved at Kerry. At that moment, he saw Kerry’s eyes. He didn’t dare to stay longer for fear that Kerry would see his tears as well, so he walked directly into the gate.

The top university in the world would be a bit hard for most students, but for Jingyan who had studied two specialized courses, it was quite suitable.

During the spare time, he devoted himself in Physics Labs and some projects, besides, he also went to the financial streets. Apart from earning money, he wanted to learn management philosophy.

Of course, a handsome man like him would attract many foreign beauties, and some of them came to knock his door at night, however, Jingyan refused them all. After a while, there were some news saying that he was interested in man, so then, many gays came to him, Jingya felt very depressed and then changed an apartment.

He finished all the four-year courses within three years and made a speech as the representative of the best graduates of that year.

As a reward for his graduation, Jingyan spent all the money he earned to travel, not to Europe or America, but to Africa.

“Mom, I will protect myself from being eaten by tigers and lions and come to you safe and sound,” Jingyan promised repeatedly before boarding the plane.

However, Chuxue took the phone and said, “Brother, how can you leave me alone?”

Jingyan answered in a spoiled manner, “Well, you are so pretty, what if someone kidnaps you as the chief’s wife, then our parents won’t have a daughter.”

“Humph! It’s useless for you to say that.” Chuxue said angrily, “I’ll punish you when you come back.”

“Well, it’s all up to you, the plane is about to take off, I’ll hang up first.”

After finding his seat and placing his luggage, he began to sleep. It was only six in the morning and still dark outside. He got up at 4 a.m to take the plane.

As soon as he closed his eyes, a tall woman with short hair and cold eyes passed him and sat at the end of the plane.

When he woke up, the plane was still in the stratosphere, the sky was very blue, and there were large clouds outside the cabin, which made Jingyan feel great.

“Sir, do you want something to drink?” The flight attendant pushed the cart and asked in a low voice.

“Give me some water, please.”


Despite of the beautiful scenery outside, Jingyan fell asleep again.

Ten hours later, the plane landed on African.

Jingyan alighted from the plane with his luggage. He didn’t noticed the girl behind him at all.

After arriving the hotel, Jingyan took a shower and changed his clothes, then he went for good, the airplane food was so disgusted.

While sitting in front of the open-air restaurant, a local military jeep drove by with three men and one woman.

The woman was wearing a camouflage uniform and a black tight suit. Despite her plain look, Jingyan noticed her at the first sight. She focused on the way ahead and looked quite indifferent, like a soldier.

When the restaurant owner served the food, Jingyan pointed the car from distance and asked in local language, “Who are those people?”

After casting a glimpse of them, the owner answered, “Well, they are soldiers from the United Nation. They stays here to safeguard the peace.”

“Is here a rough area?”

The owner laughed apologetically, “Well, it’s much better than other places, after all, the army is here, but you have to be careful in other areas, there are many robbers.”

“Thank you.” Then Jingyan thought about that woman, he wanted to know whether she was a Chinese or not. It was so brave of her to be a peacekeeper.

Wait, why was he thinking about a woman?

After lunch, Jingyan rented a jeep from a local car dealership and drove alone. He had used to be alone these years. It was springtime in Africa, so there were grasses all over the ground. It was good for him to feel the nature, so he parked his car under a tree and enjoyed the scenery on the car roof.

The sky was extremely low and blue, as if had been washed. Flocks of buff and sheep were feeding in the grasslands, and occasionally a few rabbits would jump out and then burrow into the grass again.

A bird which he couldn’t distinguish the type, circled around his head, and after observing for a while, it boldly landed on his shoulder.

Seeing this, Jingyan smiled silently, feeling that he had become part of nature.

Suddenly, a herd of buff ran rapidly in the distance, and the earth was shaking, so Jingyan took out the telescope to see what had happened. Then he found that a tiger was chasing them, soon after, a calf was left behind.

Seeing this, Jingyan felt sorrow, he could do nothing to help it for this was the Law of the Jungle.

Wait, how could there be tigers in Africa?

Chapter 289 Are You Crazy? (2)

After adjusting the setting of the telescopes, he saw again, then he found that it was actually a leopard. However it was very similar to tiger and was covered by the grass, so he couldn’t see it clearly.

It was lucky of him to see such a scene on his first day in Africa.

The sun went down quickly. Jingyan was lying on the roof of the car, he enjoyed the soft wind and fragrance of grass. It was the first time he felt such relaxed.

Perhaps it was because he took a long flight, he quickly fall asleep again.

In his dream, a little girl stood in the sunshine and said, “Jingyan is my friend, don’t bully him.”

Then a gunshot woke him up.

He quickly got up and after seeing the situation, he was very nervous. His car was surrounded by three lions, they all looked at him fiercely.

Jingyan had a cold shiver, how could he be so careless to sleep in the plain.

“Bang!” Another gunshot was heard.

Then the lions roared impatiently, after looking at the military car, they left reluctantly.

After the lions left, Jingyan looked at the vehicles in a distance.

What a coincidence! The woman he saw in the morning was sitting in the car. She was wearing a camouflage uniform with a gun in her hands, it was she who fired the shots.

Jingyan couldn’t see her expression for she was wearing a sunglasses.

“Are you a Chinese, Japanese or Korean?” The woman asked with an indifferent voice.

Then Jingyan answered, “I’m a Chinese.” After looking at him for a while, she continued, “Do you know that you were in a very dangerous situation?”

Jingyan was a little apologetic, “I’m sorry, I just fell asleep.”

“You don’t need to apologize to me. Go to your room if you want to sleep. It’s very dangerous to sleep here.” The woman’s tone was extremely cold with a touch of mockery.

However, Jingyan was not angry at all, she saved his life, so he answered, “Thank you, I’ll pay attention next time.”

Then the woman turned to pat the driver’s shoulder and said in the local language, “Drive now.”

However, at this moment, Jingyan suddenly said, “Wait a moment.” Then, the woman looked back, as if were waiting for him.

Jingyan bit his lips in frustration, he didn’t know what to say but simply spoke out.

“What’s your name?” Jingyan hesitated for a while and asked such a silly question, “Don’t misunderstand, I just want to thank you.”

However, the woman was already used to this kind of tricks, so she smiled mockingly and said, “You don’t need to do that, it’s just a small thing, I’ll leave now.”

Then the man drove the car, and they left away.

Jingyan took off his sunglasses and gaped at her figure.

What happened to him? Why did he act like that? He must be crazy. Then he put on his sunglasses and drove back to the hotel in the sunset.

In the following days, he saw the wildebeest crossing the river in Kenya’s nature reserve, witnessed the speed and power of lions, enjoyed the dance of millions of flamingos in Lake Bogoria, and encountered giraffes and elephants walking gracefully in the sunset.

Jingyan was engulfed in such spectacular views, which he had never experienced before.

After seeing the views in Kenya, he was ready to set out for Tanzania tomorrow where he could see the hidden sky. He went to bed early and made a phone call to his family for he should get up early the next morning.

However, in the midnight, a gunshot broke the silence.

Jingyan got up and took out his gun from the suitcase, when he was about to go out, a knock was heard, it was the owner of the hotel.

“Sir? Are you awake?”

Jingyan pinned the gun to his waist, and walked barefoot over to the door, then he opened it, “What’s going on?”

“That bandit is coming again, leave here quickly or they will rob you.” The owner said anxiously.

“Bandits? Jingyan was confused, “Are they powerful?”

“Well, they are reactionary armed forces, which are very disgusted, my hotel had been robbed for many times. You’d better run now.” As soon as he said this, the window was broken.

“Oh my God, they’re coming, run please, I have to leave now.”

Then the owner ran away before Jingyan could ask about the safe place. Thus, he had no choice but to pack his luggage and leave.

Due to those invaders, the street was full of people, most of which were visitors. However, they were exactly the targets for they were rich.

Jingyan didn’t know where to hide, so he flew with the crowd. The sound of the gunfire came closer and closer, and some people screamed in fear.

After running for a while, Jingyan saw a police car, so he stopped. Then he thought there was no need for him to run since the police were coming, besides, he felt a bit shameful. He could simply use his supernatural powers.

Then a Chinese tourist tapped his shoulder while running, “Why don’t you run? They will come soon.” They met two days ago, and planed to travel together for they were all Chinese.

Jingyan pointed at the troop and said, “The troop is going to stop them.”

“Bullshit, they are just going through the motions. They are not well-armed as those rebels, and couldn’t hit them at all.”

“How do you know?”

Chapter 289 Are You Crazy? (3)

The young man pulled his arm while he was running and then said, “I’m an army fan, I‘ve checked that before and I know their forces. Those police are so weak.”

As soon as he said this, those police drove away.

“See, it’s better to rely on yourself.”

Then Jingyan shook off his palm and ran as well. The kind-hearted man soon disappeared in the crowd.

There was a nice Cafe beside the street. However, it was closed.

Jingyan walked to the entrance of the shop, seeing that no one was noticing him, he directly entered the shop in a second.

With his good eyesight, Jingyan found the bar, then he poured a cup of cold water, and sat down on a chair in the corner. He was observing the situation outside with his legs crossed.

The sound of gunfire was getting closer and closer, and there were cries and screams on the streets, people were begging for mercy.

Ten minutes later, a couple of guys with guns showed up, they smashed the the opposite supermarket, and took all the valuable things away.

What the hotel owner said was right, they were indeed a gang of robbers.

Then more and more rebels appeared, some pointed at the Cafe, as if were asking whether to rob it or not.

They enjoyed such feelings and nodded in excitement, then shot the Cafe at their will and swaggered in.

Jingyan was hidden in the darkness, like a fierce lion. He was ready to attack them.

At this moment, another sound of gunshot was heard, the rebels on the street started to fight back, as for those in the Cafe, they hid themselves and prepared to rush out.

Soon, several military jeeps appeared on the street with UN troops on it.

Seeing this, Jingyan suddenly thought about that woman. As he was thinking, some people jumped off the car, among them was a woman with small figure and swift movements. Could it be her?

“Please don’t come closer.” Jingyan thought in his mind. He didn’t want her to get hurt.

However, life is magical, the woman was searching for the target, at this moment, she became the target of those rebels. Seeing this, Jingyan felt very nervous.

When the woman turned back, the rebel in the Cafe pulled the trigger. At this critical moment, she dodged the shot and the rebel fell on the ground. Then she walked into the Cafe cautiously, as soon as the man hidden behind the door wanted to hit her, she took out a dagger and stabbed the man’s heart.

Her action was so swift that she attacked three rebels in just a second. After wiping the blood, she was about to leave, however, at this moment, she raised her gun and shouted in English, “Come out!”

Then Jingyan raised his hands and answered in Chinese, “It’s me.”

Hearing his voice, the woman frowned and said, “What are you doing here?”

“I just want to hide here, but they came in, and then you followed.” Jingyan replied in a helpless manner.

Seeing the suitcase beside Jingyan, she took back the gun and said coldly, “There is a police station in the east of this town, you can hide there if anything happens.”

“Thanks, I’m leaving tomorrow.”

The woman nodded, then she turned back and left.

“Wait.” Jingyan walked a few steps forward, the woman stopped but didn’t look back.

“Take care.” Jingyan didn’t know what to say, so he said this.

The woman didn’t say anything and left quickly. She was a soldier, and didn’t care about her life at all.

In the dim light, the woman deftly jumped into the jeep, she looked slim, but was actually great and powerful.

Seeing those men who were lying on the ground, Jingyan had no sympathy at all, they deserved this.

The town was covered with fear and cries, and the next morning, Jingyan left.

Originally, he decided to take plane, however, he wanted to enjoy the scenery along the way, so he chose to take long-distance bus. When passing by a military compound, he unconsciously looked for that woman but was disappointed.

He closed his eyes, wondering what had happened to him. He hadn’t acted like that for more than twenty years. He rarely had such great interest in woman except Yiyao Duan.

He wanted to know her name, and wanted to know what she was doing. Although they only met twice and all under very unpleasant circumstances. Well, they were just strangers, and probably wouldn’t meet each other again.

Then Jingyan opened the guidebook and stated reading the introductions about the tourist attractions in Tanzania.

After playing for more than fifteen days, Jingyan finally went to home with tanned skin. He was attracted by this land, it made him feel the nature despite some inconveniences in the internet and facilities.

Sky City airport.

A pretty girl in perfect shape was waiting in the departure hall. Although the big sun-glasses had covered her face, people could tell form others features that she was a beauty.

Several men had even bumped into others’ luggage in order to see her.

However, she looked indifferent and gazed directly at the entrance, those wanted to accost was stopped by the middle-aged man beside her.

It wasn’t until a tall, upright man appeared that the girl looked warmer, she ran to the man quickly and hugged him, then she said, “Well, I hugged you, where’s my gift?”

Jingyan looked at her helplessly and said, “You’re too perfunctory.”

“What? I’m obviously very sincere.” Chuxue retorted.

Jingyan looked at her carefully, and held her by the shoulders, then they walked out, “You look taller, do you wear lifts?”

“You are talking nonsense, obviously, I’ve grown taller.”

Seeing this, Henry greeted him with a smile and said, “Little Young Master, welcome, Young Master and Young Lady are waiting for you.”

Jingyan gave him his luggage and said, “Uncle, I’m already 24 years old, don’t call me Little Young Master anymore.”

Henry laughed but said nothing, he was used to saying like that.

Chuxue was still making fun of him, “Brother, you are too stingy. How can you leave me at home and even forget about my present.”

Hearing this, Jingyan stopped her and said with a smile, “Well, how can I forget that? Your gift is in the suitcase.”

Then Chuxue hooked his arm and smiled, “That’s more like it.”

They all looked very pretty, when they stood together, it was like a scenery, which attracted many people.

Jingyan looked at the scenery outside and said, “Sky City has changed a lot.”

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