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Chapter 29 – 30: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 29: I like your handsome and wealth

Was she blind and failed to see it through?

Venus Mu sneered and stared at the two calmly.

“Is that true?”

Kerry Ye frowned as soon as Yiyao Mu got close to him, the woman’s perfume smelt really disgusting for him, but Yiyao and her father didn’t realize that, obviously. Their faces flooded with flattery. Changrui Mu said, “Haha, this is my dear daughter, Yiyao. She has always admired you so much…… You should chat with each other more, I’ll go to arrange something!”

Then Changrui went away and left the private space for his daughter and Kerry, he even ignored Venus across from him.

Of course Yiyao understood her father’s intention, she immediately stepped forward to approach Kerry, sitting beside him, acting like a lovely girl, “Yes, brother-in-law, you look much more handsome than the pictures on the newspaper, when I see your face, I……”

While saying this, Yiyao lowered her head and covered her face, she looked so shy…… And she wasn’t faking it. When she got close to Kerry and stared at his perfect, flawless face, her heart could not help but start pounding, and her face blushed.

Kerry was so handsome, compared with him, Zihang Lu is nothing.

Yiyao has sent very clear signals, if Kerry still hasn’t realized Mu Family’s intention, he really failed to live up to his high IQ, he couldn’t help but lift the corners of his mouth, looking at Yiyou, “Why do you like me?”

Yiyao froze on hearing this, after a while she finally responded, “I like your handsome and wealth, I also like your…”



Venus really disdained this, she couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

What she did was caught by Kerry, he kept smiling with his eyes focused on Venus, but said to Yiyao, “But, you know, I am your brother-in-law……”

Yiyao was stunned, she averted her gaze to Venus following Kerry’s eyes. It seemed as if she just realized Venus’s existence, her eyes were filled with anger.

How lucky this bitch is! She was just dumped by Zihang and then married Kerry, Yiyao even wanted to vomit blood thinking of this.

Seeing Yiyao’s face changed, Venus couldn’t be happier. She said with a smile, “Yes, my dear sister, the man next to you just got married with me a few days ago.”

Sure enough, as these words were spoken, Yiyao got even more furious, she couldn’t wait to gut Venus like a fish.

Kerry was staring at the smile on Venus’s face, it’s the first time to see her being so happy since they knew each other.

Seeing the look in Kerry’s eyes, Yiyao was so jealous of her sister, and it suddenly occurred to her, then she said “Brother-in-law, you might not know, my sister is not a single woman until the day before you get married. She was so greedy and vain that she dumped her old boyfriend to marry you!”

When Yiyao mentioned the name of Zihang, Kerry’s face suddenly changed and his eyes darkened, Yiyao was proud to see this.

Venus felt this woman was so ridiculous, how can a woman be so shameless as she is? Yiyao knew clearly why Venus broke up with Zihang. Now she even has the effrontery to say that, Venus was speechless.

“Yiyao, you should shut up. You know clearly what you have done. Even if you don’t want to save your face, I do!” Venus sneered.

Hearing this, Yiyao quivered. She was thinking, but confronted Kerry’s suspicious look, so she had to finish her words, “You’re such a vain woman, you dumped Zihang in order to marry my dear Kerry, why can’t I tell the truth? Are you afraid that I’ll tell him about the hickeys all over your body that night?”

At this moment, Yiyao started to call Kerry “My dear Kerry” instead of “Brother-in-law”.

Chapter 30: The Photo of Tianye Mu

“You…” Venus gritted her teeth and stared at Yiyao Mu, the words were on the tip of her tongue, but she bit them back, feeling extremely embarrassed.

Seeing this, Yiyao became proud immediately. She bet that Venus didn’t dare to tell Kerry that her virginity was sold by Zihang Lu to a stranger. As expected, she was right.

Kerry looked sullen, he clenched his fists tightly. Especially seeing Venus kept her head down and didn’t refute, his anger reach its peak.

This goddamned woman…he just wanted to tear the woman sitting across from him to pieces!

“I’m going to my room to see if there is anything being left…” being stared at by Kerry coldly, Venus felt like she was sitting on pins and needles, so she found an excuse to go upstairs and went back to her room.

As for Kerry and Yiyao, if Kerry couldn’t resist Yiyao’s seduction just like Zihang, then she wouldn’t bother to care about him.

Venus quickened her pace, but she didn’t expect that when she opened her room, several of Yiyao’s artistic photos were hanging on the wall. It was apparently that her room now belonged to Yiyao.

This was….

Before Venus flew into rage, the sound of Yiyao’s mother, Xinyi Fang’s footsteps approached. She came over with a smiling face, and after taking a look inside the room, she closed the door satisfactorily.

Venus and Xinyi were standing in front of the room. Xinyi looked friendly, “Ah, Venus, I’m sorry! Since you’re married, Yiyao wants to live in a bigger room, so we let her move in! Anyway, you’re married and your things have been moved into the Ye family. You wouldn’t mind this, right?”

Venus stood still, this villa was bought by her parents when they were still alive. Her room was the room with the best natural lighting in the house. The room was designed by her brother, the materials were chosen by her mother and the wallpaper was put up by her father… However, on the third day of her marriage, it became Yiyao’s room.

Venus’s eyes reddened; she bit her lip, “Aunt Xinyi, I…”

However, as she just started talking, Xinyi curled her lips and sai, “Venus, I didn’t mean to blame you, but you have married into the Ye family. The villa of the Ye family is much more bigger than ours. You won’t be able to come back and live here often, so why don’t just give this room to Yiyao?”

Venus held back her tears, nodded and didn’t say anything .

Xinyi was satisfied, she tapped on Venus’s shoulder, “I’m going to talk to Mr.Ye,” she said, and left.

Venus finally burst into tears. It was not that she didn’t want to fight for her room, but she knew that it was useless to fight. She wouldn’t come back to the Mu family often. Hence, sooner or later this room would be occupied by Yiyao.

She sniffed, then turned to the room of Tianye which was next to hers.

Perhaps her uncle and aunt were worrying about something. Although Tianye had been missing for so long, they hadn’t changed his room.

Venus opened the door and walked in. The room hadn’t been cleaned up since she left the Mu family, and the table was covered in a layer of dust.

Venus took a rag and wiped the table clean. Suddenly she saw a frame on the table and picked it up. In the picture, a handsome boy was holding her, both of them were smiling happily.

It was a photo of Tianye and Venus, taken in a park on Venus’s 20th birthday. Tianye had later made it into the frame.

My brother….

Where have you been?

Why isn’t there any news about you?

Are you still alive… Venus’s eyes reddened again.

At this moment, a deep voice came from the doorway, “What are you looking at?”

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