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Chapter 29 – 30: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 29: Stay away from my honey!

Doris was wearing a professional suit. The lower part was a buttock skirt, which highlighted her figure very well, but her face was very pure and clean, which did not make people feel she was coquettish. However, it was because of this, she was more attractive.

“Who is she? Whom she called? “

“I don’t know.”


Xiao Rongtao looked at Doris. His eyes were bright, and he thought that Belle broke up with him. This woman was better than Belle!

And Belle’s face was not good, because Doris was more beautiful than her. She was jealous of Doris.

Colin was being handcuffed by the police. Hearing the familiar voice, he turned his head immediately. Colin was stunned, “Doris, why are you here?”

He was upset. His wife saw that he was caught by the police. It was too embarrassing!

To be honest, Colin was not worried about what these policemen would do to him. After all, his father was behind him. Even if the company was in a big trouble, his father can still save him.

That was why he was thinking about that question.

Doris, as the person in charge of the project, was usually very busy. Even on weekends, she had to come out to work. Today, she was talking with several clients about some details. She happened to be in this hotel.

After send clients just now, she vaguely saw Colin’s figure and the police. She was a little worried, so she came. She didn’t expect that it was Colin.

Everyone was shocked!

Such a beautiful person called Colin honey!

Xiao Rongtao startled. The goddess was with Colin!

Belle’s face was even worse. Before people said that Colin didn’t give up her. Now, it was a slap on her face!

Everyone would choose Doris than her who was not beautiful than Doris.

Doris went to Colin and stopped the police. “Are you wrong? He didn’t commit anything. Why do you arrest him?”

The police also looked at Doris and said, “we are police officers. He is accused of fighting. You can see the things in this place. This is the evidence.”

Doris looked at Colin and said, “impossible!”

She knew Colin very well. He can’t fight!

At this time, Xiao Rongtao stood up and said, “he did it! We saw it with our own eyes! “

Doris looked at Xiao Rongtao, and frowned. Then she said to the police, “you said my husband fought. Why did you just arrest him? What about the people he fought with? Why don’t you arrest them? “

Colin was moved when Doris was so anxious to explain for him.

The policeman said, “we want to! But those people have run away. We must arrest one! “

Doris was very angry and looked at Colin. What should she do?

Colin smiled at her, “Honey, it’s OK. I didn’t fight. After they check out, they will let me go.”

The policeman nodded, “yes! Just go with me. After checking it out, we will let him go. “

“Believe me.” Colin said gently.

Doris looked Colin and had to let the police take Colin away.

Xiao Rongtao interrupted: “beauty, your boyfriend is so useless, and still fight. You just break up with him!”

Wang Lou said angrily: “Xiao Rongtao, enough! If you hadn’t betrayed Colin again and again, he would not have been taken away by the police! “

“What is betrayal? I’m telling the truth.” Xiao Rongtao was shameless.

The other students looked at him. The meaning in the eyes was obvious.

Doris understood at a glance and said coldly to Xiao Rongtao: “first of all, we have been married for two years. He is not my boyfriend, but my husband! Second, I believe him! Finally, you betray my husband. You are not a good man. You’d better to stay away from my husband! “

With that, Doris left on high heels.

But people were astonished.

Now it was normal for man and woman to call husband and wife directly. They all thought that Colin and Doris were just lovers. They didn’t expect that they married!

They even have married for two years!

Wang Lou was shocked to see Doris’s back. Colin has married such a beautiful wife secretly!

Xiao Rongtao was the most shocked. His face darkened mostly.

At this time, Belle came over and snorted, “jackass!” Then she left.

Others left as well.

The reunion made people so unhappy. It was impossible to get together again.

Colin was taken to the police station and detained.

The policeman who caught him immediately called, “Mr. Lee, the man has been arrested!”

On the other side of the phone, Fox chuckled, “very good! Good job! By the way, how is he now? His arms and legs have been broken? “

“Well, no, it’s said that he defeated more than than people alone.” The police was frightened when he thought about it.

Fox was surprised, “how could it be?”

After a pause, Fox said again, “well, I’ll come tomorrow.”

Colin was still fine. Fox would break his arms and legs by himself tomorrow! It was better! Fox didn’t thought that since Colin defeated more than ten people, how can he do that smoothly?

“OK” The policeman grinned and hung up.

After Doris left, she told her parents about it, hoping that they could find some people to help Colin. However, Eva scolded her.

“What? Did that trash become arrogant now? He dared to fight and was arrested! Doris, have you understood that Colin can’t be your husband at all? You must divorce him! He fights! Who knows if he beats you in the future.”

Baker just looked at them silently and did not give any suggestions.

Doris was very helpless, knowing that her parents would not help Colin so that she had to find ways by her own.

On the other side, Nina got a phone call and learned about Colin.

Later, Nina made a quick response and ordered the security captain of Marquis group immediately to go to Jiuzhou hotel to get the surveillance video at that time and send it to the director of the police.

She also stressed repeatedly that it must be sent to the director, because she knew that it was impossible for police officers to arrest people at random. They all needed to watch the surveillance video. However, those police officers arrested Colin without any evidence. They had premeditation obviously!

According to Nina’s order, the security captain sent the surveillance video to the director.

After the director looked at it, he patted the table, “useless!”

The chief of police was more than 50 years old. His hair on the temples was gray. He was still tall and powerful.

This surveillance video showed that it was none of Colin’s business. Moreover, he was the one who has been found fault. It was self-defense clearly!

“Don’t worry. I’ll go right away. I want let Marquis group down.”

Marquis group was a big tax payer!

After receiving the reply, the security captain went back to reply to Nina.

Nina said that she knew and believed that Colin would be released soon.

In the interrogation room at this time, Colin looked at Wang Lou and laughed: “are you not in prison so that you want to experience it?”

Wang Lou was speechless, “I’m here to be your witness. It’s clear that you didn’t fight, but they arrested you. In the end, even I was arrested as an accomplice!”

Colin smiled, “good brother. I did not mistake you!”

Wang Lou didn’t get angry. “We are friends. You don’t need to say that.”

“I’ll give you a big gift for your kindness.” Colin laughed.

Wang Lou waved his hand, and his shackles clattered, “come on! Wait until you go out! “

Colin stopped talking. They would go out sooner or later. When they went out, Wang Lou would know the gift.

Chapter 30: It happens that I need your help now.

At this time, the policeman who caught them came in. Although he was wearing police uniform, It could not cover his lewd temperament. In addition, he was a little bald, which made him look more obscene.

“Still thinking about going out? Are you dreaming? “

Colin squinted,” why can’t we go out? We didn’t kill people or commit crime!”

“You made people disabled. Don’t you break the law?” The bald cop said.

Wang Lou was angry: “we did not fight at all. Even if we fought, it is impossible to lock us for a lifetime!”

“You have to listen to me when you get here. Who cares if you fight or not?” The bald cop was proud.

Colin and Wang Lou Wen looked at each other. Now it was clear that someone wanted to trap Colin!

“Who order you to do that?” Colin asked.

The bald cop snorted, “Don’t be hurry! You will know tomorrow, and I think you’ll have a good time tomorrow!”


Colin thought it was OK. He wanted to see who was behind!

The police took a look at them, and they didn’t make any trouble. And then he went out happily. It was not a trivial matter tomorrow. He should take the opportunity to extort. Haha!

Just out of the interrogation room, the bald policeman was called by chief, “chief, what can I do for you?”

“Come to my office.” The director’s voice was very peaceful. The bald policeman didn’t realize danger so that he went to the office leisurely.

The bald policeman said to the director with a smile, “chief.”

Director Zhao saw the bald police, and asked very peacefully, “did you arrest people today?”

“Well, some people fought!”

Director Zhao looked at him, “some? How many? “

“Er…” the bald policeman was stunned.

Director Zhao patted the table suddenly. “Bang!” The bald policeman was scared to shake.

“Come on!”

A few seconds later, two policemen came in, “chief.”

The bald policeman’s eyelids jumped and he looked at the chief.

“Take away his epaulets and put him in the interrogation room!” the director said in a rage.

“Yes, sir!” Two policemen came. One held him and one took away his epaulets.

The bald policeman opened his eyes. “Chief, chief, I did nothing! Why take away my epaulet?”

“Nothing?” Director Zhao said angrily, “you still said you did nothing? If you catch two innocent people back, it’s all right. As a police officer serving the people, you don’t perform your duties well, and even arrest people for a little benefit. Your conscience is eaten by the dog? You don’t deserve to be a policeman at all!”

How did the chief know these things?

Director Zhao snorted coldly, “cuff him for me!”

When they saw this, they took off his epaulets and took out handcuffs to handcuff the bald police immediately.

“Director Zhao, listen to me! I’m not…” the bald policeman panicked and wanted to explain.

The director roared directly, “shut up! As a policeman, you don’t have any sense of being a policeman, and you are trying to argue!”

With that, the director did not give the bald police a chance to explain, and let people take him away directly.

After a while, the bald cop appeared in the interrogation room.

Colin and Wang Lou were happy to see this.

“Aren’t you a police? Why did you come in? ” Colin joked.

Wang Lou said, ” he may want to experience life in prison?”

The bald policeman felt humiliated and said angrily, “it’s none of your business! I’ll be out in a moment! “

“Well, if you have the ability, you could go out now!” Colin smiled.

The bald policeman’s face turned red. “Just watch. Even if I can’t get out today, I will go out sooner or later. But you are waiting to be beaten!”

Just now, the director was very angry, but they still worked for so many years. He was demoted at most, and would be released at that time! But that was just what he thought.

Colin narrowed his eyes,” Brother Scar and you were ordered by that person?”

“Hum! You’ve offended the wrong people! You deserve it!”The bald cop snorted.

The door of the interrogation room was opened.

“I don’t know who offended the wrong people!”

The bald policeman looked over and said in surprise, “Qin Hua? Are you here to let me out? “

Qin Hua looked at the bald policeman, and then looked at Colin and Wang Lou.

“The director is very angry. You accepted bribes, arrested people at random and violated the law. You should be here.”

“Two gentlemen, it’s our man who has problems. I’m sorry for this. You can tell me what you want, and I will help you.”

The bald cop opened his eyes incredulously. “What are you talking about?”

Qin Hua’s attitude towards the two sides was different, which made the bald police panic and can’t believe it at the same time, “You mistake! They were arrested for fighting! “

“Shut up.” Qin Hua glared at the bald policeman. “Do you think the director doesn’t know what you’ve done? Do you know who you arrested? “

“Who?” The bald policeman asked subconsciously.

Qin Hua snorted, “he belongs to Marquis group. Are you crazy? You dare to catch them?”

Wang Lou was shocked to looked at Colin, “are you really a man of Marquis group?”

Colin just smiled.

The bald cop was stunned.

He certainly knew Marquis group existed, but Fox said Colin was just a poor country boy! When did he become the man of Marquis group?

“Qin Hua, I’m sure there’s no mistake. Isn’t he a countryman?”

Qin Hua sneered, “what’s wrong with the countrymen? Can’t a countryman work in Marquis group?”

The bald cop was completely speechless.

Qin Hua said to Colin and Wang Lou: “Sir, now you can go out. Follow, please.”

Doris was trying to find a way out anxiously. When she was about to went out, there was a guest.

“Why did you come?”

Barr looked at Doris who opened the door and laughed, “I was invited by your mother.”

Eva heard the voice and came to the door with a smile immediately, “Barr is coming! Come in and sit quickly. Don’t stand all the time.”

Doris got out of the way and left. Barr took her, “Doris, I just came, but you want to leave?”

Eva glared at Doris, ” come back! Why do you go out? What’s the matter with you if he stays in prison?!”

“In prison? What happened? ” Barr asked with concern.

Eva snorted, “Colin fought with people, and was arrested!”

Barr was surprised and thought it was a good opportunity. “Doris, do you need help? I can use my connections?”

Doris’s eyes brightened, “you really can help him out?”

“Well, it’s OK to use some connections, but it’s a bit of difficulty.” Barr was a little embarrassed.

Eva on one side took Barr to the living room and said, “you don’t need to help that waste! Let him stay in prison, so as not to get out of the way. “

Doris looked at Eva, “Mom! Colin didn’t fight at all

“Who cares if he fought? He is in prison anyway.” Eva sneered.

Barr said immediately, “don’t worry, Doris. I’ll try to find a way now.”

Doris bit her lower lip. To tell the truth, she didn’t want to ask Barr to help, and she didn’t want to owe him any favors. However, except Barr, she couldn’t think of anyone else.

Finally, Doris had to nod and say, “OK, thank you.”

Barr smiled, “you’re welcome. It happens that I need your help now. It depends on whether you are willing or not.”

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