Chapter 29: Shut up – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

In Mingdong Wei’s house, Jane Tang had woken up.

She looked at Mingdong in despair; she never expected that her ideal future son-in-law would do such a thing.

At this time, she and Mary’s hands were tied tightly, and she couldn’t untie the rope that bound her.

“Help, is anyone here?” Jane cried, “Please help us.”

Mingdong put his hand over his mouth and made a motion to tell her to shut up. He smiled evilly and said, “Stop screaming, no one will hear you even if you keep screaming. My doors and windows can be soundproofed.”

Jane’s heart was filled with remorse. Why hadn’t she seen through this despicable man before? Clenching her hands tightly, she said, “You’ve got to let us go. It’s against the law for you to do that. You still have a good future, so don’t ruin your future.”

“You just shut up.” Mingdong walked over, grabbed Jane by the hair, and roared, “Ruin my future? I tell you, my future has been ruined. I’ve had a hard time making something of myself after being in the business for decades. Still, I never expected that Chen Family has just kicked me out of the company and ruined my ten years of hard work.”

“What did you say? You got kicked out of the Chen Family?” Mary said, “Didn’t you sell the company so you could buy me the ‘Heavenly City’ necklace?”

“What a laugh.”

Mingdong covered his stomach and laughed, “You’re so naive. You believe this kind of crap? I’m only worth $20 million, why should I buy you a $100 million necklace? Aren’t you being childish?”

“I thought you said you used the project with the Chen family.”

“That’s a lie.”Mingdong said, “In fact, the loan contract was a loan I made to the bank two years ago. The contract for the Chen Family’s project is actually a termination contract between the Chen Family and me. You’re so stupid. I only have twenty million assets, why should the bank lend me one hundred million?”

“I didn’t expect that you’d be so stupid.”Mingdong sneered, “You’re pretty and sexy, but you don’t have to think so highly of yourself. Let me tell you the truth. I didn’t give you that necklace. The funny thing is you don’t even know who sent it to you. I’m sure you have quite a few boyfriends. I didn’t realize you are a bitch too. I was so blind to think of you as a pure goddess.”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

Mary almost cried because of anger. If she hadn’t been tied up, she would have stood up and slapped Mingdong several times.

He laughed and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it and taking a deep drag, “It’s useless to say anything now. Don’t worry; I’ll caress you both properly.”

“Mingdong Wei, why did you do such a thing?” Jane could never have imagined Mingdong would become like this.

“You asked me why?” Mingdong asked rhetorically, and then he said to himself, “I have lost everything. The Chen Family kicked me out, and the project was terminated. I also want to ask why. Why is the Chen Family doing this to me?”

Without waiting for them to speak, Mingdong continued, “I went to ask Chen Family why he fired me, and they told me that it was because I had messed with someone. What’s more ridiculous is that I still don’t know who I’ve messed with. I’m hopeless, and I’ll never be able to turn my life around. So I’m going to fulfill my old wish.”

After saying that, Mingdong turned back fiercely to look at Mary and said with the greedy look, “Mary, I’ve liked you for so many years. Today, I can finally have you.”

Mary shook her head desperately, and Jane begged Mingdong to let Mary go, but he didn’t listen to her.

Just as they were desperate, there was a loud knock on the door.

Mingdong was shocked. When he came to himself, he looked fiercely at the two, “If you two dare to make sound, I will get you guys killed.”

After he threatened the two women, he then slowly walked to the door and asked, “Who’s knocking?”

“Hello, SF-Express. The candles you bought have arrived,” A voice came from outside the door.

Mingdong let out a sigh of relief; it turned out to be the delivery man. He had indeed bought some candles online. Originally, he was thinking of inviting Mary to the house for a candlelight dinner after the Su Family’s old lady agreed to their marriage. But now there was no need.

“Leave it in front of the room,” said Mingdong.

“I’m sorry, sir. Our goods must be delivered to the cus tomer before we leave, and the list still needs your signature.”

“Damn, that’s fucking long-winded,” Mingdong cursed.

And then Jane looked anxious at Mary and whispered, “Do something.”

Mary understood her mother’s meaning. If they didn’t take advantage of this gap to figure out what to do, they would be in trouble when Mingdong returned.

The mescaline was strong enough that they were still powerless even though so much time had passed.

It took a lot of effort for her to take out the phone from her pants pocket. She was going to call Kris.

Jane saw Mary texting Kris. She did not dare to speak loudly, but lowered her voice and said, “Call the police quickly. What’s the use of calling Kris?Call the police now.”

Mary quickly called the police. After the call went through, Mary did not dare to speak. She knocked on the phone screen nine times, corresponding to the international emergency distress signal S0S. Then she quickly hung up the phone.

She didn’t dare to spend too long on the alarm call. If Mingdong found out, their situation would be even worse.

She believed that the distress calls would be discovered by the polices of Westriver City.

After Mingdong signed for the delivery, he placed the candle on the table and then lit them.

Looking at beautiful Mary and her mother, Jane, he could no longer control his desire.

At the same time, the birthday banquet was still in progress in Su Family’s manor. The master of ceremonies at the entrance said, “The owner of the Liren Group, Liren Zhang, comes to the birthday banquet.”

Liren Zhang was another big shot, and she was also a famous beauty in Westriver City.

This time, the entire villa was shocked. Although Youming Zhou and Guobang Liu were famous, they were probably not able to compare with Liren Zhang.

The current Liren Group was very famous throughout the country, and its products not only sold well at home but even had a small reputation abroad.

Once the latest Tianzi series of cosmetics was launched, it became popular in the country. Their company’s products were hard to buy now.

“The Su Family’s old lady even knew Miss. Zhang, it seemed that she had a wide social network,” said one man.

Now, the crowd looked at the beautiful Liren Zhang standing in the doorway in surprise.

She was wearing light makeup, and five or six strong men were following behind her. She twisted her buttocks and walked over with high heels.

She was very charming, and her aura was strong. Her pretty face and the exquisite figure attracted the attention of the men present.

“Excuse me, is Master Chen here?” asked she.

Liren Zhang stopped, and the strong man behind her placed the gift on the ground.

The gift was actually a pure gold statue. It needed a few strong men to carry the pure gold statue, so it should be very heavy.

The people there were all amazed. Youguang Zhou was the first to give his gifts of Luminous Pearl, and then it was a villa worth ten million dollars that Guobang Liu gave. Now, Liren Zhang gave her gift of a pure gold statue.

Who the hell was this Master Chen? He was able to get so many famous businessmen to give gifts to the Su Family.

The Su Family’s old lady was also flattered; she did not expect Liren Zhang to give her a gift.

After the women present saw Liren Zhang, they hurriedly walked up to her. They all wanted to buy the Tianzi series of cosmetics from Liren Zhang.

“Miss. Zhang, do you still have stock of your company’s Tianzi series of cosmetics? Can I have a set?”

“Miss. Zhang, I’m willing to pay double the price for the Tianzi series.”

“I’m willing to pay three times the price…”

The price of the Tianzi series of cosmetics in the black market was already five times the market price. They paid more than three times the market price for the Tianzi series cosmetics, and then they would benefit from the price difference in the black market.

Liren Zhang had no time to pay attention to them. She looked around but didn’t see Kris’s, and she was a little disappointed.

However, she learned from Youguang Zhou and the others that Kris was at Su Family. She presumed that Kris, Eldest Young Master, had a good relationship with Su Family.

After thinking a while, Liren Zhang said, “Since you are all friends of the Young Master, you are also my friends. The Tianzi series of cosmetics are out of stock now. But it’s not a problem for our company to produce a few more sets.”

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