Chapter 290: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 290 I Don’t Remember You (1)

“Of course, look over there,” Chuxue Ye pointed to a newly-built antique street and said, “It’s all delicious food there. Last time I went there with Yuqi, we ate from the beginning to the end of the street.”

“If you eat like this, you will become a little fat pig sooner or later.” Jingyan Ye made fun of her.

“No way. I’m not going to grow fat. Last time it was fun. When I was walking in the street, someone came up and asked me if I wanted to be a star and he could make me a big star.” Saying that, Chuxue chuckled to herself, a pair of eyes narrowing up, as cute as a kitten.

Jingyan asked her with great interest, “What did you say?”

“I spoke Russian to him to show him I was Russian, and he had no choice but to leave.” Chuxue sighed, “Actually, I wanted to go have a try in the entertainment industry, but dad does not allow it.”

Jingyan touched her hair and teased her, “Forget it. If you enter the entertainment industry, your lousy acting skills would make millions of audiences suffer. Ye family can’t afford to lose the reputation.”

“Hum,” Chuxue’s small chin lifted, “I’m too good for that anyway.”

Seeing her extreme cuteness, Jingyan couldn’t help stretching out his hand to pinch her little face. Suddenly, there was a cramp in his five fingers, which jerked together in pain.

“It hurts. I let go, you let go too.”

An inexplicable force disappeared in an instant. Chuxue said with a smile, “My brother, I haven’t seen you for long. Should I remind you who is the most powerful one in our family.”

“No need to remind, you are the most powerful one.” Jingyan gave her a thumbs up.

“So, don’t pinch my face casually. I hate it most people pinching my face. I’m not a doll. Besides, I’m 22 years old and you still treat me like a child.” Chuxue complained.

“You are always a little girl in our eyes.”

“No, I’m not.”

After a smile, Jingyan did not talk any more. He turned to look out the window at the flash of scenery. There were so many thoughts in his mind. He understood why his father did not want to let his sister into the entertainment industry.

Because once she was fully exposed to the public, her every move would be exposed to cameras, and all her details would be magnified. Then, the secrets hidden in her body may be dug out by the paparazzi with no limit. What would his sister do then?

Therefore, they would rather nip all the signs in the cradle.

The car slowly drove into the place where he grew up. Far away, he saw his parents standing at the door of the villa and looking forward to him. His nose suddenly became sour. He had been away from home for quite a long time.

Before the car had stopped fully, Jingyan could not hold himself back any more and jumped out of the car. He shouted out with smiles, “Dad, mom, I’m back.”

Nearly 50 years old, Venus looked very dignified and not old at all, on the contrary, she looked noble and elegant. Venus saw the tall and handsome son, scolding her son tearfully, “You are finally willing to go home? You finished having fun out there?”

Jingyan reached out for his mother and leaned up to her face, smiling extremely sweet, “Mom, after all these years, how come you haven’t changed at all? You are still so young and beautiful.”

Venus chuckled and punched her son on the shoulder. “If I haven’t changed a bit, I must be a monster.”

“Then my mother is the most beautiful monster, otherwise, how could you make my father obsess with you for so long?” Jingyan joked.

Kerry raised his foot and kicked his son on the butt. He said with a smile, “You wild kid, it’s not that your mother made me obsess, it is that I love her.”

“Ouch…” Jingyan touched his butt with exaggeration, “Dad, how did you refine your love words over the decades? It’s too skillfully sweet.”

“Bro, you just heard one sweet sentence. Think about what I’ve been through more than a decade.” Chuxue led a faint sigh, “With such a father as the benchmark of a man, how can I find a qualified boyfriend?”

“Then you need to lower the level, for example, look for an ugly and poor man…”

Jingyan’s words were not finished and interrupted by his sister, “No, he can be poor, but he cannot be ugly, I have a high demand for appearance.”

Venus said seriously, “Whoever you are looking for, the first requirement is to be good to you.”

Kerry obviously didn’t like this topic. In his opinion, no man was worthy of his daughter.

“Come on, Ruyi is only twenty-two. Why is the rush? Don’t stand here, let’s get inside.”

After the lively reunion, Jingyan distributed the gifts he brought from Africa to everyone. He said to Kerry, “Dad, I want to use your contacts to find someone.”

Kerry put down his gift and raised his eyebrow, “Who do you want to look for?”

“One of my childhood friends.”

Chuxue looked surprised, “You haven’t forgotten your little friend?”

“I want to know how she’s doing.” Jingyan said sincerely.

Kerry and Venus looked at each other and sighed, “You don’t need to look for her. You can’t find her.”

Jingyan was shocked, “Why?”

“When you were in kindergarten, I investigated the background of the little girl. Before I found out about her father’s name, someone came to me and told me not to investigate anymore. As you can see, her father is not some ordinary officer. Later, she left Sky City with her parents. I tried to locate her, but there was no information at all. In the years to come, I didn’t get any news about her.”

Jingyan’s body was stiff as a withered wood and his brain was blank. Over the years, he had been working so hard so that one day he could go to her. He didn’t expect to get such an answer.

“Well…” Jingyan was stuttering, “That is to say… I couldn’t find her but have to wait for her to come to me?”

“So far it seems to be so.” Kerry didn’t want to hurt his son, but he could only tell the truth.

Jingyan sat down on the sofa dejectedly. Venus held his hand to comfort him, “Pingan, if the two of you are destined, you will meet in the future. You are only 24 years old. Your father met me when he was 30 years old. So, before that, you should manage yourself well, and you will seize fate better when it comes.”

Jingyan turned to look at Venus with a wry smile and said, “Mom, when you are comforting people, you don’t forget to show off your love, are you infected by my dad?”

Chapter 290 I Don’t Remember You (2)

“Spoiled boy, you know the best how to make fun of your parents.”

“Go have a good rest. From tomorrow on, go to the company with me. Study in each department for three months, and then go to work in each branch office for three months.”

Jingyan Ye cried out, “Dad, can’t you slow down?”

“Slow down for what? I’ve been busy for half my life and I’ve never slowed down to take a breath. I’ll give you two years to thoroughly master every link and process of the company. Then, I’ll leave the heavy burden to you.”

“Where are you going then?” Jingyan asked.

Kerry hugged his wife’s shoulder affectionately. “Your mother and I have worked hard for more than 20 years. It’s our turn to be carefree. Both of you go to work for the company.”

Chuxue was unhappy, “Dad, the company has my brother and does not need me.”

“Then what do you want to do after graduation?”

Chuxue said with a smile, “Can I play around and do nothing?”

“No way!” Three of them denied at the same time.

Chuxue shrunk his neck and murmured grievingly, “I’m just talking.”

They had a reunion dinner in the evening. Finally, Jingyan was lying on his own bed. After a long time of staring at the old photo, he fell asleep.

In his dream, he went back to the African prairie.

The majestic East African Rift Valley was close at hand. Jingyan suddenly saw something glowing in the deep jungle. He walked over curiously and reached out. A lion came from the side. At the moment of jumping to bite his neck, the lion seemed to be grabbed by tail to shake a few circles and then flew into the sky with a “whoosh”.

“Why are you still so timid?” A pretty little girl in a white dress and white shoes stood in front of him, still the same as what she looked like back then. On her face, there was a mischievously naughty smile.

“Yiyao Duan?” Jingyan exclaimed excitingly in surprise.

“It’s me. What’s up? You don’t know me after only a few days?”

Before Jingyan spoke, she seemed to see something novel and ran over happily. Jingyan quickly followed up, but in the blink of an eye, she disappeared in front of his eyes.

“Yiyao…” cried out Jingyan anxiously, looking for her everywhere. Suddenly, he tripped over something. He looked up and saw that it was that woman.

She was shot in the chest, and the blood kept flowing out. Jingyan covered her wound, but the blood flowed faster and even rushed out through his fingers.

“Hey, wake up, wake up.” Jingyan did not know her name, so he could only call her “hey”.

The woman slowly opened her eyes, took a look at him and then instantly disappeared in the same place.

Jingyan suddenly sat up from the bed, his forehead was sweating, and his heart was pounding.

How could he have such a dream?

It was normal to dream about Yiyao, but why did he dream about that woman? Besides, she was hurt. Was it possible that she was really hurt in reality?

Jingyan shook his chaotic head and comforted himself in a low voice, “It’s just a dream. Dreams are opposite.”

In the latter half of the night, Jingyan hardly slept. As soon as he closed his eyes, it was the woman bloody and injured. As a result, when Kerry saw him out of spirits early in the morning, he asked, “Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

“Maybe it’s jet lag, no big deal.” Jingyan did not intend to tell his father about meeting her, because he thought that there was no need. It was just a special experience.

Jingyan was a self-adjusting person. Although he didn’t sleep half a night, the moment he stepped into the company with Kerry, he became radiant.

The company’s staff changed one round after another, the old employees retired or resigned, and new resources constantly filled in. However, both the old and the new employees had a common voice in their minds when they saw Jingyan.

President Ye’s genes were so powerful, and his son was so handsome.

In the early morning, the company held a high-level meeting. Kerry personally arranged the work of Jingyan. The managers present had heard of Jingyan’s name. They knew that he had founded several companies when he was in school. They knew that he had obtained two degrees in Harvard in three years. Therefore, no one dared to despise this young successor.

“I repeat, he’s here to learn. So, no one of you should be partial to him. Once I know that someone take sides with him or flatters him, leave the company. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Ye.”

The saying that tiger’s son was also a tiger, which had been well confirmed by Jingyan.

Jingyan had a positive attitude and never put on airs. He did everything his boss asked him to do.

From spring to winter, Jingyan had mastered more than half of the basic information of Ye company in one year, and occasionally he could give some good ideas to Kerry.

That night, Jingyan was nibbling at the apple in the room while reading the information of the branch office. His sister Chuxue knocked on the door and came in.

“Bro, the little beasts are back. Let’s go out in the evening.” Chuxue said excitedly.

Jingyan put down the document, “When did they come back?”

“This morning. Just called me and asked us to get together.”

“OK, I haven’t seen these two guys for a long time as well. There is still some time, and I need to finish reading this document. When it’s about time, you come inside to get me.”


Chapter 290 I Don’t Remember You (3)

Two years ago, the brothers of the Mu family went to university in the country where the elders of the Xiao family to study. The old man was getting older. To a large extent, the arrangement was to accompany the two old people.

Occasionally, Yuqi Mu came back and went out with Chuxue Ye for fun. Yulin Xiao had not been back for a long time.

The place where several people made an appointment was the most upscale restaurant in Sky City. As soon as they met, the little beasts rushed up and hugged Jingyan, saying, “Bro, we miss you so much.”

Jingyan was overwhelmed by the two brothers’ enthusiasm, pulling them away from his body, “Enough, don’t play.”

Yulin blinked his eyes and said seriously, “Bro, you see that my eyes are sincere.”

Jingyan pushed away his face, “It’s all hypocrisy, no sincerity at all.”

“Big brother, you hurt our hearts so much.” Yuqi touched his heart.

Jingyan sat on the chair, crossed his legs and put his hands on his chest. He looked up at the two men who were extremely handsome. “Tell me, what can I do for you?”

Younger brother Yulin massaged Jingyan’s shoulder, saying boldly, “Brother, what do you want to eat and drink today? My treat.”

“Yes, yes. We’ll go to karaoke later. It’s my treat.” Yuqi immediately said.

Jingyan pointed at the two with his finger, “Haha, you two are typical ones who won’t get up early unless there are benefits. You must have something to ask me to be so generous.”

“Big brother, you are so smart. My brother and I have lower IQ than you.” Yuqi was flattering.

Chuxue sat beside him and teased the two brothers, “Little beasts, I’m getting goose bumps. What’s going on?”

“Don’t call us little beasts!” Yulin quite seriously said, “We are your elder cousins, show us some respect, OK?”

“You are only a month older than me.” Chuxue disdained.

“A month older is older.” Yulin’s voice just fell, his feet left the ground, weightlessness like floating up, scared him to apologize, “Chuxue, my little angel, my attitude is not good, don’t play, quickly let me down.”

Chuxue stretched his chin and turned his fingers in a circle. Yulin’s body followed him around in the air, laughing like a peach blossom. “We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Is it fun?”

“It’s not fun, it’s not fun. Good sister, let me down quickly. It’s not good to be seen by the waiters.”

“Oh, yes.” Chuxue’s fingers shrink, and Yulin was put down. If his brother hadn’t helped him, he would have fallen to the ground.

“Ruyi is an angel, don’t make fun of her.” Yuqi scolded his younger brother pretentiously. He called for the waiter and gave the menu to Jingyan. His face was full of smiles. “Bro, please order whatever you want.”

Jingyan was not being polite. He ordered some favorite dishes and sent the waiter off. He asked Yuqi, “Come on, what’s the matter? If you don’t say I won’t have this meal today.”

Yuqi poured out a cup of tea for Jingyan, and handed the cup to Jingyan respectfully, “Bro, in fact, this is very simple for you.”

“That’s not necessarily true,” Jingyan blew the tea in an elegant posture, “Say it.”

Yuqi sat on the chair beside him and said with a smile, “Bro, my and Yulin’s birthday is coming soon. What are you going to give us?”

“Not decided yet.”

“Don’t think about it. We’ve picked out our own gifts.” Yuqi’s eyes were shining and he said excitedly, “Bro, you just need to pay.”

“Ha,” Jingyan was surprised and exclaimed, “People should ask for their own birthday gifts! You are really out of my imagination.”

“Bro, a gift of course must be the one that the other party likes, so we choose and you pay, it is simply perfect.”

Jingyan thought for a moment, nodded and said, “OK, what did you choose?”

Yuqi took out his mobile phone from his pocket, found out what he wanted to buy, and carefully showed to Jingyan, “This is it.”

Jingyan took a look at it. A mouthful of tea almost came out and coughed.

Chuxue was very curious, took the mobile phone and said, “Let me see. Ah? You are too cruel to let brother buy you a sports car?”

Yuqi was embarrassed to smile, “It’s not that expensive.”

“Twenty million! Not that expensive? Yuqi, why don’t you buy it yourself when you’re so rich?” Chuxue said dissatisfiedly. Since she was a child, Jingyan had not given her such an expensive thing.

Yuqi said helplessly, “I want to buy it myself, but my parents say that before we graduate, they won’t give us so much money, and the money in my card is only enough for daily expenses.”

“Then wait until you graduate.” Jingyan interrupted.

Yulin quickly said, “No way, big brother, this car is limited, there is no one any more when sold out, we really have no way else but come to you.”

“Are you so sure I have so much money?” Jingyan frowned and looked at these two guys.

“Bro, you’ve been running companies since college, and the money you’ve made over the years will certainly cover the cost of a car.” Yulin patted his chest and said, “If bro buys us this car, when we are in charge of the company in the future, you can ask us for anything. Even if we have to sell the whole company, we will buy it for you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure!” Yulin vowed. Xiao family’s huge property was his in the end, what couldn’t be bought?

Jingyan took the mobile phone to have a look again, and said with disgust, “Where is this car beautiful? What do you like about it?”

“Limited edition.” Yuqi gave him a good reason. Seeing Jingyan slap him up, he quickly blocked it with his arm and said with a smile, “I was joking. This sports car is very cost-effective, and it’s also our favorite brand. You know, we haven’t bought any good cars since we were young. We usually have to choose when our parents don’t pay attention to drive. But if you give them to us, they are not the same, this will be our first luxury car.”

“How do you two use a car?”

“Why don’t you give me one for each of us?” Yulin came up like a dog.

“Go away!” Jingyan pushed his face away.

Yuqi explained, “single day I drive, double day he drives.”

Jingyan patted the two brothers on their heads and said with displeasure, “My uncle and aunt are going to scold me to death this time.”

As soon as Yuqi heard this, he grabbed Jingyan’s arm excitedly. “Thank you for your gift. We know that you are the most generous person in the whole world.”

Yulin naughtily bowed, “Thank you for your caring of us.”

Jingyan waved his hand, “Call the waiter in and I’ll order some more expensive dishes.”


Four people had not been together for a long time, there were endless words to say, after eating the meal, they still wanted to go to the best KTV in Sky City.

Yuqi and Chuxue were fighting for the microphone to sing, while Yulin and Jingyan were playing with dicers and drinking. They were having a good time. The door was knocked several times and then pushed open.

The eyes of the four people looked at the door together. A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes came in, followed by a young girl who served wine.

“Who are you?” Yuqi asked with the microphone.

The middle-aged man looked around, and his eyes fell on Jingyan. He nodded and said, “Hello, Mr. Ye. Hello, young masters. I’m the manager of this KTV. It’s my great honor to hear that Mr. Ye is here. If there’s something you can’t take good care of, please don’t hesitate to mention it, and we will certainly satisfy Mr. Ye.”

Jingyan had been in Sky City for more than a year. Kerry would take him when he attended various important occasions. Therefore, entertainment places would know a bigshot like him. In particular, Jingyan was so recognizable. When the manager heard that there was a group of beautiful men and woman, one of whom was a man with strange pupils, he came to flatter him with good wine.

“No, go out and close the door.” Jingyan had just won Yulin a game and wanted to urge him to drink.

The manager didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Instead, he said with a smile, “This is the wine we gave Ye. I hope you have a good time.”

At the end of the speech, the young girl who followed behind put the wine on the table. She looked beautiful in the eyes of ordinary people. However, Chuxue, such a gorgeous beauty, was always in front of Jingyan’s eyes, he had no interest in averagely-beautiful women for a long time.

The young girl put down the wine and secretly looked at Jingyan. Her eyes were full of surprise.

“Sir, if you need anything, please call the waitresses outside.”

“Thank you.” Jingyan led out these two words, and then handed a cup of mixed wine to Yulin. Leaning on the sofa, he said lazily, “This time, you can’t play tricks. I’ll personally supervise you to drink.”

When the manager saw that there was nothing for him to do here, he poked he young girl on the shoulder. When they left the private room and closed the door, the young girl’s eyes were still staring at Jingyan’s back.

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