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Chapter 291 – 292: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 291: Jianye Yu was sent to hospital

“Lan Yu, what are you talking about?”

Meiqin Meng was anxious and said, “Didn’t you like Bao Cao quite a lot when you were a kid? And your father and I both like him to be our son-in-law.”

Jianye Yu also changed his attitude and coldly said, “You should listen to us about marriage. it’s one of the most important things in your life. And this is set by your Uncle Cao more than twenty years ago and me, so how can you change it?”

Mr. and Mrs. Cao were also a bit unpleasant.

“Jianye, be nice to her.” Then Wangfu Cao looked at Lan Yu and said, “Lan Yu, is there something Uncle Cao has done wrong? You can tell me, so I’ll know what I should do!”

Lan Yu shook her head.

“Did Bao Cao make you unhappy?”

“Uncle Cao, you’re very nice and Bao Cao didn’t do anything wrong.” Lan Yu bit her lips and said, “I’m really sorry. Someone has taken my heart away. I’m sorry.”

Hearing this, Bao Cao was completely furious.

He stared at Lan Yu and said, “Is it Kris? Is it because of that useless son-in-law? Isn’t it? Have you already f****d with him?”

“Bao Cao, calm down.” Wangfu said in a deep voice, “It’s not proper to yell in front of your Uncle Yu.”

“Dad, I can’t calm down.” Bao Cao said in a furious voice, “Your son has been cuckolded.”

Jianye was also very unpleasant and asked, “Lan Yu, who is Kris?”

“Uncle Yu, let me tell you.” Bao Cao sneered and said, “Kris is a ‘remarkable’ person. He is not only a live-in son-in-law, but also relied on others to live. In our school, he is famous for being a loser.”


A live-in son-in-law?

That’s to say, Kris had a wife?

“Lan Yu, is what he said true?” Jianye tried his best to suppress his anger to make himself look not so angry.

“No… No.” Lan Yu shook her head painfully. To be honest, after she left Holy Dragon Scripture, she had already figured it out.

She wanted no one but Dong Zhang and she should keep her words.

She couldn’t forget Kris, or maybe she was escaping and she didn’t know how to face him.

“Tell me the truth!” Bao Cao yelled at Lan Yu, “Then tell me where have you been all these days? Are you with that wimp…”


“Shut the f**k up!”

Wangfu slapped his son and said angrily, “How can you say so about her? She’s your future wife.”

Hearing Bao Cao’s words, Jianye trembled with anger.

“Lan Yu, tell me, is this true or not?”

Lan Yu didn’t answer it. Though it was true that she didn’t sleep with Kris, but she slept in Dong Zhang’s bed.

“Well, well, how can you do this?” Jianye said in pity, “You are really the shame of my family.”

“Jianye, don’t be angry.” Meiqin said anxiously, “Lan Yu, explain to your father.”

“Mom, don’t push me. Bao Cao and I can’t be a couple in this life, but we can still be friends.” Lan Yu Lan took a deep breath and said, “Uncle Cao, I’m sorry. I can’t be your daughter-in-law.”

Wangfu didn’t know what to say. No one could tell how embarrassed he was.

“No need. My Cao family wouldn’t dare to marry such a whore.” Bao Cao’s mother Lin Fang scoffed, “What a shame. She was hooking up with a married man. If she marries Bao Cao, the child may not be Bao Cao’s.”

“You are already thirty this year and why don’t you know how to behave yourself?” Fang Lin sneered and said, “You’re five years older than my boy. Actually, never have I agreed this marriage and now it’s time to say!”

“Forget this marriage. It’s a shame for our family.”

Jianye and Meiqin both looked extremely embarrassed and Wangfu didn’t stop his wife. Apparently, he agreed with her. acquiescing to what she said.

“Mom and Dad, do you know what? Lan Yu was flirting with that wimp in front of me.” Anyway, Bao Cao and Lu Yu was over, so since he couldn’t get her, why not destroy her? “Also, she’s sharing one man with a female teacher in our school.”


Lan Yu was also trembling with anger. If it wasn’t for Bao Cao, would she need to beg Kris?

Did she need to kiss him?

“Nonsense?” Bao Cao sneered and took out his phone to play the video of the Pill-making Conference, “Uncle Yu, look at this. This is what your daughter has done.”

In the video, Mrs. Qingyuan shouted, “Kris, you’ve taken the virginity from your brother’s wife and Emei School’s Lan Yu, and you even had an affair with your alchemist. How dare you come today? How can I allow an a*****e like you to survive in the world? Today I’m going to punish you…”

At the same time, Jianye and Meiqin were both shocked.

They looked at Lan Yu, unable to believe what they had watched.

“No, it’s not like that…” Lan Yu shook her head repeatedly. It wasn’t like that at all.

“Lan Yu, I’m so disappointed in you.” Jianye covered his chest and gasped like a cow, “From today, you’re no longer my daughter…Ah…”

Saying so, Jianye’ s let out a painful moan, then his body slumped and he directly fainted on the sofa.

Hejing Residential Area

Kris was now hugging Mary, comforting her.

There was a huge change in the family, which was a big blow to Mary.

“Honey, will you divorce me?” Mary looked at Kris.

“Silly girl, never.”

Kris gently rubbed her nose and said, “You will be my wife for the rest of my life until I die.”

“People say that men become bad once they become rich.” Mary said worriedly, “Now you’re rich, will you have another woman?”

Kris laughed dryly, “That’s impossible.”

“No. Honey, how much money do you have on you?” Mary said, “Give me your money and I’ll keep it for you. Then from now on, each day, I’ll just give you a few hundred bucks for your living expenses, so that it will be forever impossible for you to date with someone else.”

“Really? Then I will be living back to my previous miserable life?”

“Come on, give me or not?”

“I’ll give it all to you.” Kris had no choice.

Buzzing. Just at this time, the phone rang.

Kris took out his phone and looked at it. It was a call from Lan Yu. Why was she calling him at this time?

“Honey, who was that on the phone?”

“Shh, it’s from Officer Yu.” Then Kris connected the phone.

“Kris, you have to come to the First People’s Hospital. My dad is… Please come…”

As soon as the phone was connected, Lan Yu’s hysterical cries were heard.

“What? OK. I’ll be right over.”

After hanging up the phone, Mary frowned and asked, “What happened?”

“Officer Yu’s father is in the hospital and I’m going to see him.” Said Kris, who was about to get up.

But he was hugged tightly by Mary, “Her father is in hospital, so why did she call you?”

“No, I want to go with you.”

Now Mary’s parents had just gotten divorced and she was quite sensitive, which Kris also knew, so he nodded and said, “Alright, you can come with me.”

At the same time, outside of the resuscitation room, Lan Yu’s mother and the three members of Cao family were all anxiously waiting.

Lan Yu was even more incomparably repentant.

“Why did you show that video to your Uncle Yu?” Wangfu also felt sorry. Although Lan Yu had disgraced him, the decades of friendship between him and Jianye was real.

“Okay. Don’t blame him.” Fang Lin said in a cold voice, “You should blame this cheating woman. This has nothing to do with Bao Cao.”


Wangfu couldn’t say more. Although what she said was true, why did she say it right now?

Meiqin was even more desperate.

At this time, Kris and Mary came.

When she saw Kris, it was as if Lan Yu had instantly found someone to rely on.

But when she saw Mary, she instantly became depressed.

“Kris, thinks God you’re here.” Lan Yu pulled Kris to her side and said with a wailing voice, “Kris, my dad is being rescued now. Do you have any pills that can save my dad?”

“Don’t worry. First tell me what happened to Uncle Yu.”

“It’s a heart attack and the success rate is only 50%.” Lan Yu said anxiously, “I know you are omnipotent and you will help me, right?”

At this time, Mary came and pulled Kris to her side, “Officer Yu, Kris is my husband. It’s not appropriate for you to hold his hand like this, right?”

“Mom, look, this man is Kris and next to him is his wife, Mary.” Bao Cao said as he pointed at Kris and Mary.

“What a shame. I can’t believe she asked him to come here.” Fang Lin scoffed and said, “If I had such a daughter, I might just go die. What a shame.”

“Okay, stop.” Wangfu stopped Fang Lin. Since now Jianye was still being rescued, didn’t make more trouble.

Hearing Fang Lin’s words, Meiqin was so ashamed and angry. It was too humiliating. Even if her daughter had done something wrong, there was no need to scold in this way.

“Why stop me?” Fang Lin stared and said, “My son’s fiancée called another man over. If this was in ancient times, she would be sentenced to death. I have to teach her a lesson today!”

Then she held Bao Cao’s hand and said, “Go, son, mom will help you get revenge today.”

Arriving in front of the three, Fang Lin glanced at Kris and said, “You are Kris, right? My son said you’re Lan Yu’s paramour, right?”

This made Kris frown.

He looked at Bao Cao who was smirking. What the hell? Why this dummy was here?

“Auntie Lin, what’s a paramour?” Lan Yu said, “Watch your words. I’m not your daughter-in-law, and besides, your son and I are only engaged when we were kids. That doesn’t make any sense.”

“How dare you? Do you think you deserve to be my daughter-in-law?” Fang Lin spat, “Just a piece of shit like you just deserve a wimp live-in son-in-law.”

“You’re Kris’s wife, right?” Fang Lin asked Mary, “I’m afraid you still don’t know. Your husband has f****d with this bitch.”

Chapter 292: Mental Communication

“Aunt Lin, this is the last time I call you Aunt.” Lan Yu said coldly. “Don’t talk nonsense just because you are older in age.”

“I have no relation with Kris, nothing happened between us.” then, she looked to Mary honestly. Then she said “Mary, don’t worry, nothing happened between Kris and me.”


Bao Cao laughed. Then he took out his cellphone. He slid the screen so that a video was out.

In the video, Bao Cao questioned Lan Yu why she betrayed him, and Lan Yu slapped Bao Cao hardly.

At last, Lan Yu said icily “You are right, I love Kris.”

Then she went to the balcony.

The video was taken by a friend of Bao Cao. He saved it on his phone.

He planed to forgive Lan Yu if she could love him again.

But now it seemed she was not going to do so. Then, Bao Cao was going to be rude also.

“Bao Cao, you are so contemptible.” Lan Yu gnashed her teeth while saying that.

“As the says goes, the day has eyes and the night has ears.” Bao Cao laughed coldly. Then he said “see? Mary. Do you still believe in her?”

Fang Lin laughed. Then she said “Is it good to be slapped? That’s what you deserve to betray Cao Family.”

Mary looked at Kris unbelievably.

Kris looked gloomy seeing that. He looked to Bao Cao coldly. He thought in mind that he would teach him a lesson one day.

You could eat anything without permission, but couldn’t speak out anything without permission.

“Mary, I really have nothing with Lan Yu.” Kris said after taking a deep breath.

“Haha…I think what shall happen already happened.” Bao Cao said ironically.



“I slap you for my son, you don’t worthy his love.”

As her words fell, she rose her hand again in order to slap Lan Yu. Meiqin Meng came at the moment and caught her hand, then she said “That’s enough. Why you slap my daughter? Do you think I would agree my daughter to marry your son if my husband didn’t value promise so much?”

Female was weak, but a mother was strong. Then Meiqin said “You already cursed her, if you slap her again I will fight back. Don’t forget who is backing us.”

“I’m helping you to teach your daughter. You don’t thank me but threatening me here. ” Fang Lin said angrily. “I thought your daughter was shameless enough, I never expected that you are wors than her. Like mother, like daughter. It’s lucky that my son didn’t marry your daughter, or we will be in troublesome the rest of our lives.”

“Shut up.” Wangfu Cao came from other place, then he pulled Fang Lin. The long-hair but short-sighted woman, it was okay to make trouble, but she really think Yu Family could be abused so easily?

It was Emei school that backed Yu Family. Even though Yu Family was rich, but at most it could be called the second class.

Even they were first class, Emei could beat them easily.

She really thought he liked Lan Yu very much?

Cao Family would abandon her long ago if she was not the eldest apprentice of Emei School.

“Sister-in-law, so sorry. I apologize to you.” Wangfu apologized to Meiqin “Jianye is till undergoing emergency treatment. We will leave here to reduce your trouble. Tell me if you need any help.”

Then he kicked Bao Cao and said “Apologize to your aunt and Lan Yu?”


“Apologize now if you think I’m your father. Or I don’t have a son like you.”

“Aunt Meng, Lan Yu, I’m so sorry.” Bao Cao said unwillingly.

“Sister-in-law, I still want to tell you. If Lan Yu wants, our family still want to marry her.” then he pulled Fang Ling to leave the hospital.

Bao Cao hurried up to follow his parents seeing they left.

“Lan Yu, is it painful?” Meiqin asked painfully.

“Mom, I’m fine.” Lan Yu shook her head, then she looked at Kris and said “Kris, save my dad, please.”

Kris never saw Lan Yu begging someone like this. So he sighed then said “I will try.”

Speaking of this, Kris pulled Mary to a corner, then he said “Baby, I really have nothing with Lan Yu. Her father is in danger now, I can’t leave him alone. Trust me, okay?”

Mary didn’t talk but biting her lip. Her mind was complicated now. Lan Yu admitted in the video that she loved Kris. Even though they had nothing now, it didn’t mean she would not do other things to Kris.

“Okay, I trust you.” Mary nodded unwillingly.

“Thank you, Mary.”

“But you have to promise me that you will not contact her in the future.”

Kris didn’t change his expression for a long time. Then he nodded calmly and said “Okay.”

Then Kris took Mary back to Hejing Garden.

Kris took out his pots for decocting medicine in a hurry.

Kris bought them specially last time when he bought furniture.

This time, Kris was going to make a Heart-nourishing Pill.

The basic remedy of the Heart-nourishing Pill was a century-old ginseng.

The Heart-nourishing Pill was easy to make. It was a intermediate medicine. However, Kris didn’t own a century-old ginseng. He had some thousand-year-old ginseng left last time when he made Sky-nourishing Pill.

Its medicine effect would be even better than a hundred-old ginseng.

Kris brought some other medicine from the Holy Dragon Cult.

Both auxiliary and basic remedy were well-prepared.

Kris put all the medicine needed into the pot, then he began to refine Heart-nourishing Pill.

Kris refined over one hundred pills in the Holy Dragon Cult so that his alchemy was greatly improved.

It supposed to take two hours to refine a Heart-nourishing pill, but he made it just in an hour.

And he had no feeling at all for the genuine energy in him was full.

The Tianmo Kungfu was so powerful that the genuine energy in his body kept running out like a Perpetual motion.

Kris opened the pot cover and there were four milk white Heart-nourishing Pills.

One pill was enough to cure Lan Yu’s father. So Kris picked up the rest three pills in case of need.

“Mary, wait me at home. I’ll be back soon.”

Kris went out after saying goodbye to Mary.

Mary wanted to stop Kris, but she didn’t at last. Her insecurity was getting stronger.

Twenty minutes later, Kris arrived at the First People’s Hospital by taxi.

Lan Yu came to Kris once he arrived.

“Here you are, this is the Heart-nourishing Pill. Uncle Yu would be fine after taking it.”

Meiqin Meng took the pill from Kris, then she asked “Lan Yu, are you going to give your father this pill?”

“Yes.” Lan Yu nodded.

“Nonsense.” Meiqin shouted at Lan Yu. “Your father is still in danger and you are killing him if you go inside the operation room.”

The door of the emergency room opened at the time, then a doctor came out. He said gloomily “Who is Jianye Yu’s family?”

“I’m his wife.” Meiqin replied nervously. “Doctor, is the operation successful?”

“The patient is not well now. Sign the critically ill notice first.”

Meiqin was shocked at the doctor’s words.

“Doctor, please save my husband. Please.”

Lan Yu was also worried so that she said “Doctor, please give my father this pill, ok?”

The doctor frowned, then he looked at the pill in Lan Yu’s hand and asked “what’s this?”

“It’s a Heart-nourishing Pill for heart disease.” Kris replied.

“Bullshit” the doctor pointed at Kris and shouted “What is it? Never heard before. The patient is in danger now and you want him to take pills causally. It might cause serious problems.”

“Can you shoulder the responsibility if something horrible happen?”

“I’m confident with my pills.” Kris answered confidently.

Lan Yu, who was hesitate at first, said after hearing what Kris said “I’m his daughter and I will shoulder all responsibilities.”

“I’m his doctor in charge, I don’t agree.”

“Me, either.”

Mengqin and the doctor said at the same time.

“Hurry up to sign the critically ill notice.” the doctor went inside after saying that. And the light outside turned red again.

It was quiet embarrassing outside the operation room.

Meiqin looked coldly upon Kris and said “You already got married, then don’t tangle my daughter anymore.”

“Mom, I told you that I haved no relationship with Kris. It was me who begged him. He helped me a lot.”

Lan Yu knew her mother would not believe it no matter how hard she explain to her. But the truth was she was begging Kris for help all the time, not Kris.

Kris saved her many time, in Dongmang Mountain, at the gate of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, at the Xiluo Bay. She owned him three lives all together.

And even in Holy Dragon Cult…

She looked at Kris, except for his appearance, he was exactly like Dong Zhang in height, voice and gestures.

She had an illusion that Kris and Dong Zhang was the same person.

Kris just smiled but didn’t reply.

He sat on the bench of the hallway.

Time past gradually and the door of the emergency room opened again.

The doctor came out with a look of haggardness.

“Doctor, did the operation succeed?” Meiqin rushed up and asked.


The doctor sighed and shook his head. Then he said “Sorry, we did our best.”


Meiqin felt feet weakness and sat on the ground directly.

It was like all her strength was detached.

“No, it’s not real.” Lan Yu rushed in the operation room.

Kris followed her.

Lan Yu was broken down seeing her father who was lying on the operating bed lost his breath.

“Dad, wake up, I’m Lan Yu.” She was so sad. “Wake up. You promised me that you will give me away on my wedding.”

“Dad, I’m sorry, wake up please.”

“Little girl, my condolences.”

“Restrain your grief, a dead man cannot be restored to life.”

The nurse in the emergency room comforted her.

Even they were used to the departure of people, but they still felt pitiful each time when there was a patient die.

But Kris felt a faint vital signal as he went to Jianye Yu at that time.

He didn’t die.

Kris was surprised at that. Then he suddenly remembered the second-class Kungfu of Tianmo Kungfu, it was named Mental-forging Method.

Now his spirit exceeded ordinary people greatly. And it’s said on the Mental-forging Method that people could infuse what he wanted to say to others’ brain when one’s spirit was strong enough.

Jianye pretended to die?

Maybe I could try if I could talk with him mentally, Kris thought.

Then Kris looked at him wholeheartedly.

“Uncle Yu, could you hear me?”

“Uncle Yu, can you?”

“Uncle Yu?”

Jianye Yu didn’t reply after several times, so that Kris began to doubt himself.

Then a weak voice said in his mind

“Who.. Who are you?”

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