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Chapter 291: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 291 It’s Okay To Lose To Me (1)

“Stop looking at them. These people are way out of your league.” The manager said jokingly. He knew what the young girl was thinking.

The girl blushed. She summoned up her courage and asked: “Manager, who are these people?”

The manager answered: “That man whose eyes are of different colors is Jingyan Ye. He is going to be the next president of Yehuang Group. His father is Kerry Ye. I think you know him. He is very famous. It is said that Kerry will resign within the next two years, and then Jingyan will replace his father’s position.”

The girl was very excited. She said: “Jingyan seems so young. Is he really capable of running such a big company?”

“Obviously he can. When he was still a student in Harvard, he built a few companies on his own, and now he is helping his father with the affairs in Yehuang Group. Everyone is saying that he is very talented in business.” The manager said admiringly.

The girl’s eyes sparkled. She asked: “Who are the other three people? Who is that stunningly beautiful girl?”

“You mean the girl with purple eyes? She is Chuxue Ye. She is the most beautiful woman in Sky City, and she is Jingyan Ye’s sister.”

“She is Chuxue? I heard about her! She is indeed a beautiful woman!”

The manager nodded. “Yes, she is. She is much more beautiful than the celebrities on TV.”

“What about the twins?”

“Oh, they are Mu Family’s young masters. They are Jingyan’s cousins. Their family background is even more powerful than Jingyan’s. And these people are all in a very good relationship, which is quite surprising because I thought these rich people are all……”

The girl didn’t hear what the manager said next, because she was still thinking about Jingyan.

“His name is Jingyan Ye.” She thought to herself. “So many years have passed. And now I meet him again at this place. Is this just a coincidence?”


The four of them had a very good time, and they didn’t come out of place until eleven o’clock. They had so much alcohol and they needed each other’ s support to walk. The manager of the KTV had been waiting for them in the hall, and when they came out, the manager walked over and said: “Mr Ye, Do you need me to send them back home?”

“That’s not necessary.” Jingyan said. He was the only somber one among the four of them. “Someone will pick us up.”

“Okay, that’s good.”

Chuxue was very drunk. She couldn’t even walk without the two brothers’ help. She was still muttering: “Yulin! You lost! You must drink!”

“Yes. I will drink when we get back home.” Yulin responded.

“You can’t drink as much as I can……”

They were out of the KTV. A draft of air blew past their cheeks, and Jingyan felt refreshed.

Henry opened the door and helped them to get into the car. He said: “Why did you drink so much?”

“We are just happy.” Jingyan said.

Henry heaved a sigh. He said: “I think your father will be angry with you guys.”

Jingyan sat in the front seat, fastened the belt and said: “Don’t worry. He won’t be angry. We are all adults. And also, Yuqi and Yulin will stay at our home. Their parents are not home anyway.”

“No problem.”

The car was filled with the smell of alcohol. Jingyan rolled down the window so that the fresh air could come in. He looked outside the window, and suddenly, for no particular reason, he remembered what happened that night in Kenya. He remembered that woman who pointed a gun at his head and asked who he is. It’s been a year. He couldn’t recall her appearance but her character left such a deep impression on his mind.

Suddenly, Henry slammed on the brakes and the car stopped. Jingyan was nearly thrown into the windshield because of inertia, but luckily, his seat belt was fastened. The other three, who were sitting at the back, were not that lucky. Yuqi’s head bumped onto the window, and he shouted in pain.

Jingyan then noticed a girl fell down in front of the car.

Henry gave a short laugh. He said: “What the hell is she doing? I didn’t hit her! Is she trying to scam some money? Then she met the wrong person.”

Henry wanted to get off the car and ask her what happened. But suddenly, he noticed a few muscular men appeared. They were all holding sticks, and they walked to the girl and beat her violently.

“She is not trying to scam.” Henry said. He then get off the car and shouted: “Stop!”

These men stopped beating the girl and looked at Henry. They said: “This is none of your business! Stay out of it!”

Henry spread his hands and said: “I didn’t want to intervene, but you blocked my road!”

“Then just make a fucking turn! That’s all!” A man shouted back.

“If you don’t want me to intervene, pull her aside and stay out of my way!” Henry said coldly. He didn’t intend to help the girl, because there is so much injustice in this world and he couldn’t possibly offer help every time. Besides, he thought the girl was must punished for some terrible mistakes she made.

The girl cried and crawled to Henry, She begged for help. She said: “Please help me. If you don’t help me, they will kill me!”

Henry took a step backwards. He said: “I’m sorry. I can’t help you.”

“Please! I am still a student! My father owes them a lot of money, but they want me to pay the debt! How can I possibly have that much money?” The girl cried bitterly.

Chuxue heard what the girl said. She got off the car and shouted at these men: “If her father is in your debt, go and find her father! Why are you bullying a girl! What kind of men are you!”

Hope flared up inside the girl. She crawled to Chuxue and cried: “Please, please help me.”

Henry said to Chuxue: “This is very complicated. We should stay out of it.”

Since Chuxue was still under the influence of alcohol, she felt very brave and righteous. She said: “She is still a student, and I am also a student. We are both girls, and we must help each other. Look at her! She is bleeding.”

These men recognized Chuxue when they saw her purple eyes. And surprise flickered across their faces. One of them said: “Aren’t you Ye Family’s daughter? What a nice surprise. But this matter is just between us and this woman. Please stay out of it!”

Chapter 291 It’s Okay To Lose To Me (2)

“What will you do if I insist on taking this girl away with us?” Chuxue Ye said with her chin tipped.

“That’s easy. If Miss Ye can pay the debt for this woman, we can let you take her away.”

“How much does she owe you?”

Henry tried to stop Chuxue, but Chuxue only ignored him.

“Three million.” That man smiled.

Chuxue frowned. She said: “Three million?” She thought it was at least ten million.

That man laughed. “Yes. I think that means nothing to Ye Family.”

Chuxue answered: “Ye Family is rich, but my father worked very hard to earn the money. So three million is not a small sum.”

The girl then begged frantically. She said: “Miss Ye, please help me. I will work very hard, and I will pay the money back to you in the future!”

Chuxue felt dizzy. She didn’t know what to do next. She patted on the car and said: “Jingyan, get off the car! What should I do next?”

Jingyan sighed helplessly. He got off the car and patted on her head. He said: “You should know you are not capable of dealing with these things before you stick your nose into this business.”

Chuxue smiled. She said: “I am not worried, because I know you can always help me.”

These men looked at each other when they saw Jingyan getting off the car. They felt very glad because they thought Jingyan would pay them the money.

The girl was shocked when she saw Jingyan. She called out: “Mr Ye!”

Jingyan was still somber, even though he also had a lot of alcohol. He said in a cold voice: “I am not going to give you the money. You have two options. First: You leave this girl alone. Second, I will call the police.”

“Mr Ye, don’t you think you are being unreasonable?” That man said.

Jingyan then took out his phone directly and called the police. He said through the phone: “Hello, police station?”

These people were frightened before Jingyan even finished himself. They said to the girl: “Today you are lucky! But you won’s escape from us! We will see you tomorrow!”

And within a few minutes, these men all disappeared from view. Jingyan also hung up his phone.

Chuxue had sobered up a little bit. She said: “Did you really call the police?”

Jingyan glanced at her and pushed her back into the car. He said: “No. I was just bluffing.”

Chuxue leaned against the window and stared at Jingyan with her sparkling eyes. She said: “Big brother, why are you so smart?”

Jingyan stroked her nose and said in a soft voice: “I am so flattered. I can’t even remember the last time you said something nice about me.”

Chuxue then pointed at the girl they just helped and asked: “What should we do about her?”

“We are not the Saviour.” Jingyan said. “We can help her this time, but we can’t help her all the time. She must learn to save herself.”

Chuxue said: “But she will be beaten to death!”

“Don’t worry. They won’t kill her. If they still want the money, they will have to keep her alive.”

Chuxue thought about it and nodded.

“Uncle Zhang. Let’s go.” Jingyan said to Henry. He ignored the girl who was still on the ground. He was about to get into the car, but the girl got hold of his leg all of a sudden.

“Don’t you remember me? Mr Ye!” The girl looked at Jingyan expectantly, and her eyes brimmed with tears.

Jingyan’s brow furrowed. He said: “I don’t know you!” He tried to break away from the girl but he failed, because the girl was grabbing him so tightly.

“Mr Ye, don’t you remember? We met each other when we were still kids!” The girl said.

Jingyan laughed coldly. He said: “I have met so many people when I was younger. Should I remember every one of them?”

“No, that’s not what I mean.” The girl stood up. She looked at his angelic face and continued: “When I was younger, I found a small robot. On the way back home, a group of bigger kids tried to snatch the robot away from me. At that time, you appeared. You fought with these kids and you drove them away. Then you said you want to buy that robot and you can pay me five thousand yuan, so I sold it to you. But later I learned that robot is worthy of thousands of yuan. Don’t you remember?”

Jingyan suddenly remembered this incident when the girl brought the robot up. He remembered his father, Kerry, scolded him severely for buying that robot. And after that incident, he began to focus on his study.

The girl knew he remembered that incident from his expression. She felt glad and she said: “So, do you remember now?”

“That indeed happened.” Jingyan said.

The girl then smiled brightly. She said: “I remembered your face because you are very good-looking, and I never thought we would meet again. What a coincidence!”

Jingyan’s dislike for this girl diminished. He said: “It’s late. You should go back home.”

The girl’s smile faded. She said: “I can’t go back home now. Those people know where I live. So they are must waiting for me at the door.”

“So, what’s your……”

Chapter 291 It’s Okay To Lose To Me (3)

“Uncle Henry. Let’s go.” Jingyan said. And Henry’s train of thoughts was interrupted. He got back into the car and found the other three kids had already fallen asleep. He started the car and said in a low voice: “Did you see the way that girl walked away? She was almost beaten to death but she still looks so energetic.”

Jingyan looked at Henry in surprise. “Uncle Zhang, you are so observant!” He said.

“Pingan, you can’t always trust what you see. Sometimes people are just forcing smiles on their faces, and there are always traps behind their smiles.” Henry said.

Jingyan said: “Don’t worry, Uncle Zhang. I don’t care about her at all. How can I possibly fall into her trap?”

Henry looked at Jingyan and said: “Good. You are so much smarter than your father.”

Jingyan laughed heartily. He said: “My father will be angry if he knows what you said.”

“It’s okay. Your mother will be on my side on this matter.”

“You are right.” Jingyan said. He then leaned against the back of the seat and closed his eyes. He also noticed that girl was not acting normal, but he wasn’t worried. He wouldn’t even remember that girl by tomorrow, because there is another girl who has a very special position in his heart.

They finally arrived at home. Kerry and Venus were already sleeping. The servants took them to their rooms and put them to bed.


It was a military camp hidden in the mountains. After a military drill, a woman walked back to the camp. She was dressed in a camouflage uniform and a pair of leather shoes. Her hair was rather short.

When she got back, she found her soldiers were all squatting on the ground with their head drooped, as if they were a bunch of prisoners. She lifted her belt up and hit one of them playfully and said: “What the hell are you doing? Is your head too heavy to be lifted?”

The man who got hit said in a sorrowful voice: “Madam, we brought shame on you.”

“Yes, you did. If you can’t do better next time, I will send all of you back to your original troops.”

These soldiers all stood up and shouted in unison: “Don’t worry! We will do it better next time!”

The woman walked to a soldier whose arm was dislocated. She asked: “Does it hurt?”

The soldier grinned. “It’s not that bad.” He said.

“I heard you have found a girlfriend. Is she beautiful?” The woman changed the subject.

Suddenly, the soldier gave out a high-pitched scream. Turned out, the woman moved his shoulder back to its original position when he was not paying attention. The man complained: “Madam, you should tell me before you do it. So that I can be prepared.”

The woman patted on his shoulder and said: “Does it still hurt?”

The soldier moved his shoulder and said excitedly: “It’s cured! Madam, you are even better than the army doctor!”

“Thank you. Practice makes perfect.” She said. She then looked at the others and said: “Tonight we are going to have a celebration. Get yourselves cleaned up. We lost a few men in the drill, but our enemy suffered a much worse lose. So it’s still worth celebrating. And, Mr Six, tell the chief to make more dishes for tonight.”

“No problem!”

“Thank you, Madam!” These muscular men shouted in unison.

The woman then put on a serious expression and said: “Don’t get yourselves drunk!”

“No problem!” These men were all surprised. Because the information they got from what she said was that they are allowed to drink alcohol.

At night, the celebration was held. The soldiers were drinking and playing with great gusto. The woman grabbed a bottle of beer and walked outside the camp. She looked at the moon, and remembered the two years she had spent in Africa. She remembered how the people in Africa were struggling in extreme poverty. And now she had come back for two years and she finally realized the importance of her job. As a soldier, it is her responsibility to make the people live a peaceful life. She must maintain the peace in her country, whatever the cost may be.

At that time, a familiar figure walked towards her. He has rugged features, and he has a pair of hawk’s eyes. But he wore a very disappointed expression, because he lost in the military drill that day.

“Why are you out here?” The man sat beside her.

“Look how beautiful the moon is.” The woman responded.

“You are very satisfied, aren’t you.” The man snatched the bottle from her and took a big gulp.

“Of course I am. Everybody is having a very good time.”

The man could hear the soldiers laughing heartily in the camp. He wiped his mouth and said: “Well, that’s life. There are always wins and loses. Next time, I will absolutely win against you.”

The woman patted on his shoulder and said: “Don’t feel bad. You lost to me. That’s not a shameful thing.”

“You are right. Everybody knows your name. You are basically invincible in this army and even our commander once lost to you. But I don’t understand. You are so talented. Why don’t you get a cushy job? Why do you come here?”

The woman stared at the moon. Her features are soft but her expression was fierce. She said: “I have always been an aggressive woman. I hate to live an easy and peaceful life. That kind of life just doesn’t suit me very well. And also, I want to train my squad into an invincible squad. I want my enemy to shudder with fear when they hear the name of my squad. That is my dream when I first joined the military.”

“I think you have already achieved your dream. Everyone is now very proud of your team.”

“No. It’s not enough. There is still so much to learn.” The woman said.

The man looked at her. She is indeed an aggressive woman. He thought.

“Forget it. You won this time. And you will be given five days’ vacation. What’s your plan for your vacation?” The man asked.

The woman leaned back and rested her head on her palms. She crossed her legs and said lazily: “I have no plan. I’m going nowhere.”

“Aren’t you going back home?”

“No. I met my father before the drill. He is absolutely going to ask me about this drill if I go back. I don’t want to talk about it.”

The man then suggested: “Maybe you should go for a travel. See your friends. Go shopping. Buy some beautiful clothes. You are a very young girl. You can’t spend all your time in this camp!”

The woman smiled bitterly. “I am working in the military. What’s the point of buying fancy clothes.”

“But still, you can’t waste these five days here. Do you have a boyfriend? How can you find a boyfriend if you spend all your time here?”

“Boyfriend? “The woman laughed heartily. “I have been in the troop for so long and now I just don’t think about these issues.”

“Then you must cherish this vacation and leave this camp. Maybe you will find someone you like. Our commander is so worried about you. He thinks you will become an old maid.”

The woman nudged the man with her elbow and said: “You think no man wants to get married with me? I am so beautiful. I don’t need to worry about that.”

The man smiled. “You are right. Every man in our troop wants you to be his wife.”

“That’s not possible. Only half of them want me to marry them.” The woman said smilingly. She looked at the moon. And suddenly, she remembered someone from childhood. She remembered she told that person that she would go back and find him when she grows up. Then she decided to go back to Sky City during this vacation and visit that man. He was still a small boy the last time she saw him, and she wondered what had become of that boy.

Then, the woman jumped up and dusted her trousers.

“Where are you going?” The man asked.

“I’m going back to sleep.” The woman waved at him.

The man looked after her as she disappeared from his view. “Sleep? At this hour? Nonsense.” He said to himself.

The woman went back to her dorm. She opened a drawer and took out a little box. Inside the box was a little jade pendant. A Bodhisattva was curved on the front side of the pendant, and on the back side was curved a name: Jingyan Ye.

The woman holding the pendant is none other than Yiyao Duan. She is the leader of a special forces squad of C Army.

“It’s okay. I will go back to school. They won’t go to the school to find me.”

“Oh. You are still a student.”

“Yes. I’m a senior student. I will graduate soon, and then I will work. I think life will be better when I can make some money.” The girl said confidently.

Jingyan gradually developed a fondness for this girl. He always likes girls who are confident and independent.

“I see. If these people find you again, do remember to call the police. Don’t reason with them. They are unreasonable.” Jingyan said.

The girl nodded. “I know. Thank you, Mr Ye.”

“Goodbye.” Jingyan turned around and was about to get into the car. But the girl called him again. And Jingyan looked at her.

“Eh, I will need to find a job after graduation. So, can I go to your company to work?” The girl asked shyly.

Jingyan replied: “Yes. Yehuang Group is hiring new staff in the near future. You should give it a try. If you are good enough, you will get a job in the company.”

“Thank you. Mr Ye. I will try!” The girl bowed to him slightly and ran to a bus stop. “Mr Ye, my name is Xuan Zhao! Don’t forget me!” She shouted back.

Jingyan shook his head and smiled. Why should he remember her. He thought.

Henry looked after the girl as she left, and he felt very confused.

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