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Chapter 292: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 292 I’m His Old Friend (1)

From the first day she joined the military, Yiyao Duan took off this jade, but wherever she went, she would bring it with her. She had been carrying it for more than twenty years.

Opening her closet, she found that most of the clothes inside were military uniforms, only the innermost part held two pieces of casual clothes, a black T-shirt and a light gray jacket. Yiyao held her chin and thought for a moment, and took the suitcase and filled it with a few pieces of clothes.

The next day, she woke up very early. After packing up, she went out with her suitcase and the car was waiting for her outside.

Xiaoliu, who was driving the car, took off his sunglasses and took a look at her. “Is this what you’re wearing out?” He said with dissatisfaction.

Yiyao looked down at herself. She was wearing a black T-shirt, light gray jacket, army green wide-legged pants, and a pair of Martin boots. She was dressed cool, yet her clothes didn’t show a bit of feminine beauty.

“What’s wrong with me wearing this?” Yiyao asked him with and a serious tone.

“It’s cool.” Xiaoliu said with a smile. “You’re very cool.”

Yiyao threw the suitcase into the car. She didn’t open the door, but jumped into the car directly. She patted Xiaoliu’s shoulder, “Let’s go to the airport.”

“Yes, Capitan.” Xiaoliu gave a proper military salute and then started the car.

On the way out of the camp, there were soldiers everywhere who were exercising with their topless bodies. Sweat dripped from their heads down to their tanned muscles.

“Have fun.” Passing by a training ground, the vice-captain shouted to her while carrying a log to do sit-ups.

Yiyao smiled lightly and said, “Don’t be lazy. If I come back and find that your physical strength get weak, you are to be punished.”

“Yes. Capitan. “The vice-captain said. “My body will only get stronger, it won’t get weak.”

Yiyao waved her hand at him. “I’m leaving.”

“Can you find a boyfriend this time?” Another soldier asked her with a smile.

“Brat, it’s not so easy to find a boyfriend.” The vice-captain slapped the soldier on the neck, “Our captain must marry a general level sergeant.”

“No nonsense. Punish him to do a hundred sit-ups.” Yiyao faintly said to the vice-captain.

“Yes!” The vice-captain replied.


An hour or so later, the car arrived at the airport. Yiyao got out of the car. Xiaoliu poked his head from the car and asked, “Where are you going by plane?”

“Sky City.”

“What are you going to Sky City for?” Xiaoliu asked curiously.

“I’m going to visit an old friend.” Yiyao said, “I haven’t seen him for many years.”

“Is he your first love?” Xiaoliu said excitedly.

Yiyao hit him on the head with the officer’s card in her hand, “Go back.”

“Be careful on your way.” Then he drove away in the military car. Yiyao put on her sunglasses and stepped into the airport.

Because of the officer’s card, Yiyao took the ticket and quickly got on the plane.

In fact, she only needed to make a phone call to get Jingyan Ye’s information, but Yiyao was eager to know if he had kept his promise and tried to become a person of note.

She decided to ask people when she arrived in Sky City to see if others knew Jingyan Ye. If she really couldn’t find him, she would call and ask someone else.

After two years of experience, Jingyan Ye officially took over the position of president of Yehuang Group today. The job was handed over clearly a month ago, so after the shareholders’ meeting, Kerry took Venus to the airport. They can finally go on a trip around the world.

When Yiyao got off the plane and walked towards the exit, she inadvertently saw a man put his hand into a lady’s bag. She took a big step and grabbed his hand, saying coldly, “What are you doing?”

The man screamed due to the severe pain. It was only then that the owner of the bag reacted. She was none other than Venus. Kerry went to change her boarding pass and she was waiting for Kerry here alone.

“See if your stuff is missing.” Yiyao reminded Venus.

Venus busily looked at the bag, looked up and said, “Nothing is missing. Thank you.”

“Let go of my hand. You’ve broken my hand.” The man’s face turned white because of the pain. Yiyao was the first place in various physical competitions, and so many men in the army were not as strong as her. Her strength must be great.

Yiyao didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself. When she saw the airport police coming, she let go of the thief’s hand. Seeing that the thief was going to run, she casually stretched out her leg and the thief tripped and fell to the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Kerry asked as he changed his boarding pass.

“He tried to steal something from me. But this girl caught him.” Venus explained

Kerry turned to Yiyao and was slightly stunned. This girl had a stern aura all over her body. She looked like a well-trained soldier.

“Thank you, Miss.” Kerry said.

Yiyao nodded gently. At this time, the police arrived. Venus told them about what happened, and the two officers said, “Madam, you can go now.”

Then they turned to Yiyao again, “Madam, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Can I go now?” asked Yiyao.

“I’m sorry you can’t leave now. According to the procedure we need you to make a statement first.” The policeman smiled and said.

Yiyao took out her officer’s ID card directly from her pocket and gave it to him. The policeman looked at it for several seconds and then gave it back to her.

“Well, you can leave now.” he said with a smile. “Have a good trip.”

Chapter 292 I’m His Old Friend (2)

Yiyao Duan picked up her luggage and walked out with big strides.

Kerry looked back at her a few times, confirming the speculation in his mind.

“What are you looking at?” asked Venus. She also looked back.

Kerry put his arm around her shoulder and laughed, “That girl is a soldier.”

Venus was surprised, “How did you know?”

“She has the air of a military person.”

“Why didn’t I see it?” asked Venus.

Kerry smiled and didn’t say anything.

As soon as she arrived in downtown Sky City, Yiyao went to the place where she used to live, and then to the kindergarten. At noon she went into a restaurant.

While waiting for her food, Yiyao looked at the TV in the restaurant, which was showing the news of Sky City.

“Kerry, the president of Yehuang Group, stepped down from his post today. His son, Jingyan Ye, will take over all of Yehuang Group’s businesses. “said the news host

Yiyao was shocked. “Jingyan Ye? Is he the Jingyan Ye that I know? He is the president of Yehuang Group?” She didn’t know anything about Yehuang Group, but she thought it should be famous in Sky City.

Yiyao stared closely at the TV screen, eager to see what this Jingyan Ye looked like. However, the news only had footage of the company and then a picture of Jingyan Ye.

But through this photo Yiyao confirmed that he was the person she would visit today.

Yiyao felt so lucky to have heard from him as soon as she came to Sky City.


When the waiter served the food, Yiyao asked her, “Excuse me, is this place far from the Yehuang Group as mentioned on TV?”

“Not very far. You can take a cab and be there in 20 to 30 minutes. The tallest building in the city center is Yehuang Group.” The waiter said enthusiastically.

“Thanks.” said Yiyao.

The waiter looked at her and saw a suitcase next to her and asked, “Miss, are you there to apply for a job?”

Yiyao smiled, “No, I’m there to visit my friend.”

“I thought you were going to look for a job. I heard that Yehuang Group has particularly strict recruitment conditions.” The waiter said a few words, and then left.

It was spring, and the peonies on the streets of Sky City were blooming. The fragrance of flowers was wafting in the air.

She had not come back for more than twenty years. Now Sky City had changed a lot. Yiyao didn’t recognize many places now. She didn’t take a taxi, but chose to walk. She wanted to enjoy the city.

At four o’clock, Yiyao arrived at the Yehuang Group. As the waiter said, this building was the tallest one around.

She pulled her suitcase inside, and before she could enter, she was stopped by the security guard.

“Sorry, ma’am. You are not an employee here, so you cannot enter the company.” The security guard said politely.

Yiyao stood straight and said flatly, “I’m here to visit an old friend of mine.”

“May I ask which one you are looking for?”

“Jingyan Ye.”

The guard froze and looked her over carefully. Then the guard said, “Madam, do you have an appointment?”

“I need an appointment to see him?” Yiyao asked, puzzled. She had been in the military for too long and didn’t know the rules of the company.

“Of course. Mr. Ye has to deal with a lot of work every day. He is very busy. If you don’t have an appointment, I can’t let you in.”

“Then please inform him for me that my last name is Duan and I am his old friend.” Yiyao said.

The security guard hesitated for a moment and said, “Please wait for a moment.”

Coming to the front desk, the security guard said to the girl, “There is a woman looking for Mr. Ye. She said she is an old friend of Mr. Ye, surnamed Duan. You tell Mr. Ye’s secretary about it.”

The girl pouted, looked at Yiyao standing at the door, and said disdainfully, “If anyone can see Mr. Ye, he’s going to go crazy.”

The security guard smiled awkwardly, “You’d better call Mr. Ye’s secretariat, in case she’s really Mr. Ye’s old friend.”

“No need. Mr. Ye has gone to the branch after the meeting. He’s not in the company right now.”

“Okay then, I got it.”

Back at the door, the security guard said apologetically, “Madam, Mr. Ye went to the branch office. He’s not in the office right now.”

Yiyao frowned, “Then when will he come back?”

“It depends. If it’s too late, he’ll probably just go home and not come to the office.”

“Okay, thanks.” said Yiyao. Then she pulled her suitcase and wandered around the streets. She casually found a hotel to stay.

As the security guard said, it was already after 7 pm after Jingyan got off work from the branch, so he went straight back to the Ye family villa.

Chuxue Ye sat cross-legged on the sofa reading a magazine. When she saw him come in with a tired face and asked, “How do you feel on your first day in office?”

Jingyan leaned back on the sofa and closed his eyes and said, “I’m too tired.”

“Now you know that Daddy has a hard time managing the company. Luckily I am wise and don’t work at the company.” Chuxue said with a smile.

“You’ve graduated for half a year. Have you thought about what to do?” Jingyan asked sleepily.

“I want to open a store.” Chuxue got up from the sofa and came up to him, “Brother, can you help me open a store?”

“What kind of store?” asked Jingyan.

“A cake store, the best cake store in Sky City.”

Chapter 292 I’m His Old Friend (3)

“You can make cakes?” Jingyan Ye looked up and asked curiously.

“I can eat cakes.” Chuxue Ye smiled, “I will hire the most famous dessert chef, and then hire some beautiful waitresses. I think the business will be very good.”

“I guess you just want to eat it, right?” Jingyan laughed.

“Brother, please help me open a cake store. Otherwise I’m idle at home every day and Uncle Henry is annoyed with me.”

Henry, who just happened to be passing by, was busy explaining, “I don’t mind her being at home.””

Chuxue laughed and made a “hush” gesture at him. Then she began to flatter Jingyan, “Brother, please help me to open a store, right next to your company, where there are the richest people. You can also come to the cake store when you have time.”

Jingyan was silent for a few minutes, pointed to the shoulder and whispered, “Help me massage my shoulder.”

“Then you agree?” Chuxue asked in surprise.

“Well, Yes.”

Chuxue was very happy and gave him a kiss on the cheek, hugged his neck and said, “Brother, you’re so nice. I’m so happy to have such a good brother.”

“But the money has to come out of your account, not the company’s account.”Jingyan said in a serious manner.

“Yes.” Chuxue nodded hastily. Even though the account was hers, she usually needed Jingyan’s signature to agree to transfer large amounts.

In one of the hotels in Sky City, Yiyao Duan took a shower and sat on the bed watching TV. She hadn’t watched TV for a long time, and the programs she watched were still military related.

The next day, Jingyan came to the Yehuang Group. However, neither the security guard nor the receptionist said anything about someone looking for him. At ten o’clock, Yiyao came again, still wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

“Is Jingyan Ye here?” She asked the security guard directly.

The security guard was shocked by her aura and asked her to wait for a while, and then ran in to discuss with the receptionist.

“What should we do? She’s here again.”

The receptionist looked at her with contempt, “Go out and tell her that Mr. Ye is in a meeting and doesn’t have time.”

“Is this okay?”

“Have you forgotten what happened last time?” The girl reminded him.

The guard’s face changed, “Then it’s better to let her wait at the door. I don’t have that much salary to be deducted again.”

It turned out that a few months ago, a beautiful-looking girl came to the company, saying she was Jingyan’s good friend. The guard saw that she looked good and wore high-class clothes, and then he let her into the company. But the woman didn’t know Jingyan at all and just came to harass him. That time, the security guard was almost fired. It was because his supervisor put in a good word for him that he was not fired, but he was fined three months’ bonus.

“Miss, President Ye is in a meeting.” said security guard.

Yiyao stared straight at him. The guard was a little timid and felt a chill at his back. He felt that this woman’s gaze was terrifying.

“You’re not lying to me, right?” Yiyao asked in a cold voice.

“Of course not.” The security guard was in a dilemma, “How about you give Mr. Ye a call?”

“If I had his phone, I wouldn’t be standing here wasting time with you.” said Yiyao angrily.

The security guard heard her angry tone and also got angry, “Then I can’t help you. I am also acting according to the company regulations.”

Yiyao thought of barging into the company directly, but she was afraid of affecting the image of the soldiers. When she was hesitating, her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller number, a new look came into her eyes, and then she picked up the phone. “Sir, what’s up?”

The other party said something, and Yiyao’s gaze became stern, “Okay, I got it.”

After Yiyao just left, Chuxue appeared in front of the company. She just sat in the car and saw the security guard talking with a woman from a distance, and asked the security guard curiously, “Who is that girl just now?”

The security guard respectfully replied, “I don’t know her. She said she was an old friend of Mr. Ye and came to see him, but she didn’t have an appointment.”

“Old friend?” Chuxue raised her eyebrows. She basically knew all of her brother’s old friends, but she didn’t know this girl.

After taking a few steps, she went back to the security guard and asked, “Did she say what her name was?”

“No, but she seems to be surnamed ……,” the security guard thought for a long time before saying, “I remember that yesterday she said her surname was Duan.”

“Her last name is Duan?” Chuxue thought for a moment, and suddenly remembered that the girl her brother had been pining for was surnamed Duan.

“Are you sure?”

The guard looked at Chuxue who wore a serious expression and stammered, “Yeah, I …… I’m sure.”

Chuxue looked up to find the girl just now, but she had long since disappeared in the crowd.

Then she ran towards the elevator and came to her brother’s office.


There were several executives in the office, and Chuxue smiled awkwardly at them. Several senior executives liked the cute and mischievous Chuxue and smiled kindly at her.

“Put this file here. I’ll read it.” Said Jingyan Ye.

“Yes, Mr. Ye.”

Then Jingyan looked at his sister and said, “I’ve told you many times. Don’t run in the company.”

Chuxue asked directly, “Brother, what is the name of your best friend from kindergarten?”

“Her name is Yiyao Duan,” Jingyan said, picking up the papers on the table. “What’s wrong?”

“Just now the security guard said a girl named Duan came to see you without an appointment, so he didn’t let her in to see you.” said Chuxue.

Jingyan was stunned by this news. In more than twenty years, this was the first news about Yiyao.

“Tell me what just happened?” Jingyan asked anxiously.

The two walked briskly into the elevator, and then Chuxue said, “I just saw the security guard talking to a girl downstairs, and then the girl left, so I asked the security guard who she was.”

Hearing Chuxue talking about what happened in front of the company, Jingyan’s heart beat a little faster.

“It’s her. It must be her coming back for me.” Jingyan excitedly grabbed his sister’s arm.

“But she’s gone.” Chuxue said disappointedly.

“I’ll have someone check her information in all the hotels in Sky City right now.” With these words, Jingyan took out the phone to arrange things.

By the time the elevator reached the first floor, he had finished informing the ones who should be notified. When the security guard saw the boss coming down, he knew he was in trouble.

“The girl said her last name was Duan?” Jingyan asked the security guard.

The guard’s palms were sweating, “Yes, sir.”

Jingyan was both surprised and anxious, “When did she come?”

“She came here yesterday afternoon.”

“Yesterday afternoon?” Jingyan asked, “Why didn’t anyone inform me that she came to see me?”

The guard bowed his head. “I asked the receptionist to call the secretariat to tell you, and the receptionist said you had gone to the branch.”

“You idiot.” Jingyan scolded him in a stern voice. Chuxue, who was standing next to him, was startled. Since she had the memory, this was the first time she had seen her brother get so angry.

The guard lowered his head and did not dare to speak.

Jingyan took a deep breath to calm himself down and asked again, “What did she say?”

The guard thought for a long time before remembering a little and said, “The girl said …… she was an old friend of yours and came to see you.”

“Is that all?” Jingyan asked in a cold voice.

“Yes, sir. She didn’t have an appointment with you, so I asked her to give you a call, but she said she didn’t have your number.”

Jingyan regretted that he should have let them know Yiyao’s name long ago.

“Did she take anything?” asked he. His hand clenched.

“She brought a suitcase yesterday.”

“Could it be that she just arrived in Sky City yesterday?” thought Jingyan, “She came to look for me but was turned away. According to her character, she must have been furious.”

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