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“What do you want to drink? Just order it.” Bryant felt that this man’s hand was so powerful that he never kept talking. It was his favourite cold type.

Good figure, cold, why don’t you take the initiative?

Bryant murmured like Chuck’s hanging wire and money. Chuck shook his head and pointed at Bryant.

Bryant’s heartbeats, and his heartbeats, is this too direct? Shouldn’t you know, should you do that for a few months?

“Hate, you want me to order? Too fast, drink the bar first.” Bryant, she was not a casual woman, mainly because Chuck’s figure attracted her.
Chuck still ordered her, almost coming soon.

Bryant was helpless, “Handsome, too fast. Would you like to drink first? Ah…” Chuck grabbed her fiercely, then turned around and left.

Bryant screamed suddenly. Someone nearby looked at her strangely. She was busy covering her mouth, and her face suddenly turned red, just like an apple.

She has never seen such a bold man, how long has it been since? How many minutes did you actually move your hands directly?
Moreover, it hurts!

This devil man practised bone claws, right? Bryant felt so painful that She was caught and pulled, hum!
Bryant suddenly smiled so bold man!

I grabbed myself and wanted to run so fast, that would not work. She chases Chuck.

At this time, slap!

“What the hell are you! Haven’t you seen a woman?” A beautiful woman suddenly slapped a man with a rabbit mask.

Bryant saw it, hummed Chuck, please, you don’t have to be so popular under the guts of having money?

She could see “Chuck” and continued to chase into the crowd. The money was so chaotic that she couldn’t chase the girl seriously? Sure enough, you can’t change the breath of silk hanging in your bones.
Chuck thought about it, grab her, let her know that she is a maniac, shouldn’t she? Won’t you talk up again?

Chuck didn’t feel much just now, but Bryant’s delay let the cat mask beauty over there just disappear. Chuck muttered that this figure is very similar to Yvette, and is also the perfect perfect figure. Chuck is in the crowd Looking for a woman with a cat mask.

It should be Yvette, then found her, and took her away from here!

Because Chuck thought, why did the stranger’s number tell him this? Why would you know that Yvette is here?
There may be weird.

Chuck, who has eaten once, will definitely guard against it!

But Chuck felt that his hand was caught again. He looked back, and it was Bryant again. Is this woman sick?

“I want to run when I catch it? Is it so easy? Come here! Drink!” Bryant pulls Chuck, Chuck is too lazy to care about her, she has to find a cat mask beauty.

When Chuck struggled, in another corner, a person with a devil mask gazed at it with a pair of beautiful eyes. Under this mask, there was a perfect face. That’s right, Yvette!

The reason she came here was that the old man showed Yvette a video, which was a video of Chuck being abused by the old man, but this video was treated specially. When Yvette saw it, she felt distressed and angry. ..

The old man said Chuck was arrested and moved to the capital. As the guard, Logan, the owner of this bar!

So Yvette came over to force Logan to show up!

She must be released from Chuck. Of course, she doesn’t know that this is the old man exercising her. The old man knows that Logan won’t hurt Yvette much, so why not?

In the desperate situation, let Yvette grow up!

Yvette was looking for a target. She did not want to hurt the innocent. She was about to create chaos because the old man told her that Logan should be here.

Yvette’s eyes were glancing, which one would be Logan?

Suddenly, she found that someone was looking at herself, a woman with a cat mask, Logan’s observation, it was amazing, looked around, basically locked Yvette.

Logan came over, Yvette’s eyes chilled.

“Don’t act rashly, come in with me.” Logan walked over and said, Yvette, hesitated, grabbed the dagger in her hand tightly, and followed Logan to the corner.
“What are you doing here?” Logan asked she didn’t plan to turn around with Yvette. “My husband is in your hands and let my husband go.” Yvette’s eyes were cruel!

“Who said that Chuck is in my hands?” Logan understood and sighed in her heart. What did the woman used by the family?

“You are not allowed to call my husband like this!” Yvette was cruel!

“Alas, Chuck has gone back. Looking for you over there, you can see him when you go back.” Logan sighed and suddenly felt that Yvette was particularly pitiful.

“Do you think I will believe you?”

“I am Chuck’s aunt, why would I deceive you?” Logan was helpless at this point.

“My husband doesn’t have any family members. You lied to me!” Yvette stabbed out the dagger, and soon, much faster than before, but how could Logan not find it?

She sighed and grabbed Yvette’s wrist, pressing hard. Yvette’s wrist hurt, and the dagger couldn’t catch it. “Yvette, do you know? Chuck is really in the sea market, don’t believe me to call him, now! “

“Okay, you fight!”

Logan took out her mobile phone to call, but Chuck was entangled by Bryant, and it was too noisy, how could he hear it? Missed, Yvette’s eyes became more and more ruthless!

Boom! Yvette took advantage of Logan’s failure to pay attention, and drew his dagger on the back of Logan’s hand, bleeding. However, Logan’s eyes didn’t blink at this pain, “Don’t do this, Chuck doesn’t like a woman who is too ruthless.”
Logan let go, Yvette attacked again, “Let my husband go!”

Logan avoided it, she could easily subdue Yvette and even hurt her, but she knew that she would do it and Chuck would definitely feel distressed.

After several times, Logan did not resist and kept avoiding. Yvette attacked more and more. Logan sighed, grabbed Yvette’s hand again, and took her dagger, but how did Yvette let her do this?
Logan kicked with his feet.

Logan evaded. Yvette couldn’t help but hit the corner chair. Logan worried, “Yvette, are you okay?”

Yvette poked over with a dagger, Logan grabbed it, Yvette was angry, she knew that she was not an opponent, and she would definitely be caught in this way, how can she save Chuck?

She ran outside, and Logan’s assistant ran over, “Master Tang, I’ll chase.”

“Well, don’t hurt her, catch her back to see me.”

Logan felt that after grabbing Yvette, then she would be taken directly to Chuck, so it could not be explained clearly?

“Yes!” The assistant found Logan’s hands bleeding, she was shocked, “Master Tang, your hands.” Logan’s hand is so beautiful, he has never been injured.
“It’s okay, you go, be careful, this Yvette is very ruthless.” Logan shook his head, this injury is nothing, at least, Yvette just fine, Chuck will not be distressed. Logan felt it was worth it.

The assistant led the person quickly, Yvette found that someone was chasing it, and the speed was very fast. Yvette ran quickly, and she vowed to rescue Chuck.

Logan wiped the blood from the back of her hand with a tissue. She came out and was ready to go out directly from the back to the office and wait, but suddenly, she was held by one hand and re-entered the corner.

Chuck finally got rid of Bryant. The woman was crazy and had to ask herself to drink. Chuck grabbed her again. Bryant was a little angry and ignored. Chuck was at ease, but it still felt good.

He looked in the crowd and found a beautiful woman with a cat mask. He was close. He thought it should be Yvette. He was very surprised. “Wife, wife…”

Chuck didn’t let go about her.

Logan’s beauty is particularly cold in the first place. Was she accosted like this? But she heard the sound, the sound is familiar, tactical? She forgot to resist, or she would get out in one move. How did he come to Beijing? what happened?

“Wifey, I finally found you, my wife,” Chuck was crying for too long, too long, I haven’t seen Yvette for too long! This figure is the same as Yvette, Chuck can feel it, the same unevenness, perfect to the extreme!
Logan was so hugged by Chuck, and at such a close distance, she was stunned and embarrassed. How should she remind him that she was not Yvette?

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