Chapter 293 – 294: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 293: Alive

Kris Chen got excited that Jianye Yu was indeed still alive.

He really faked his death!

“Uncle Yu, my name is Kris Chen, don’t be afraid, I’m here to save you.”

After said that, Kris said to Lan Yu who was crying, “Lan Yu, get up, your father isn’t dead!”


Not dead?

The doctors and nurses in the emergency room were stunned.

Looking at the ECG instrument with a straight line on the screen, indignation emerged on the faces of many of them.

That’s hurt, her fathers died, and she was already sad.

Now you actually joked about the dead.

One nurse couldn’t help but say, “You are too harsh, she was already sad, and you’re making jokes about this kind of thing.”

“That’s right, you are over the line.”

Several nurses lent their voices in accusation.

Lan Yu stopped crying and looked at Kris with tears in her eyes.

“Kris, what did you say?”

“Come on, don’t cry.” Kris said anxiously, “Hurry up and give me the Heart-nourishing Pill, otherwise it’ll be too late.”

Hearing Kris’s words, Lan Yu handed over the Heart-nourishing Pill in her hand hastily.

Kris took the magical pill, then used his Genuine Energy to seal the acupuncture points all over Jianye Yu’s body, slowing down the flee of his vitality.

Immediately after, Kris took a bottle of glucose directly from beside, unscrewed the cap, and used his Genuine Energy to break the Heart-nourishing Pill into powder, then integrated into the glucose.

Then the glucose that was integrated into and Heart-nourishing Pill was being poured into Jianye Yu’s mouth.

“Stop it now!”

“Damn it, you are desecrating the bodies of the dead!”

Seeing this, several male doctors rushed over instantly and tried to subdue Kris.

Kris was annoyed and said, “Noisy!”

He stretched out his left hand and pressed down in an instant.


A majestic momentum instantly emanated from his body, and several male doctors who rushed up were instantly shocked down on the ground.

Lan Yu was now focused on Jianye totally, not even paying attention to what was happening next to her, she held her father’s hand and kept rubbing it, “Dad, you must be alright, Dad, you will be alright…”

“Quick, go call the security.” A male nurse said to a female nurse next to him.

As soon as his words were spoken, a female nurse rushed out of the emergency room.

When she walked out of the emergency room, she saw the director who was comforting Meiqin Meng.

She walked to the director anxiously, “Director Wang, bad news, someone is causing trouble in the emergency room and disrespecting body of the dead.”


Director Wang shouted out.

It’s indeed bad news.

“Then why don’t you guys arrest that trouble maker.”

The nurse said anxiously, “That person is too powerful, we all fell down by a wave of his hand.”

Director Wang was confused.

What the hell?

All of them fell down in one wave?

Was this a movie?

At this time, Meiqin Meng, who was sitting on the ground, stood up angrily, and a powerful momentum emanated from her body.

Her momentum was not weaker than the Practitioner at the innate-power stage of Middle period, Director Wang and the nurse were directly shocked to step back two steps.

In their astonished looks, Meiqin Meng rushed into the emergency room lightning fast.

When she saw Kris giving Jianye Yu drugs, she couldn’t be sensible at all.

Ever since she married Jianye Yu, she promised him that she would never use force again from now on.

But today, she was going to break her vow.

“Ah, I’m going to kill you!”

As soon as her words were spoken, a chilling sword appeared in her hand.

Raising the sword, she stabbed it directly towards Kris’s heart.


A ray of purple Sturdy Energy blocked the sure-kill slash.

Kris’s eyes went cold, ungrateful, he was kind enough to save him yet she wanted to kill him!

Pouring the last drop of the liquid into Jianye’s mouth, Kris reached out and squeezed the sword blade straightly.


The sword was crushed by him directly.

If it wasn’t for the fear that his powerful momentum would affect Jianye, he would have unleashed his momentum in the return-to-nature stage at Later period without reservation.

So what if you’re Lan Yu’s mother?

Saving Jianye was a matter of kindness, saving him was not his duty, he wouldn’t want to care if it wasn’t for Lan Yu.

“If you don’t want your husband to die, be good and just watch.” As the head of the Divine Dragon Cult, Kris could be formidable if he wanted.

Lan Yu bit her lips tightly, she looked at Kris with complex in her eyes.

“I’ll kill…”

“Mom, stop it.” Lan Yu was busy holding Meiqin Meng back, “Kris is saving Dad’s life, you don’t trust him, you should trust me, right? Why would I risk my father’s life?”

“Gosh, doomed fate.”

Meiqin Meng shrugged off Lan Yu’s hand, but she didn’t move.

Without being disturbed, Kris did two things at once, communicating with Jianye mentally while injecting his Genuine Energy into Jianye’s body so that the power of the Heart-nourishing Pill could be released as soon as possible.

Just like this, a minute or two passed.


A machine beside suddenly rang.

Then Beep, Beep, Beep, several beeps rang out one after another.

Everyone was horrified and looked towards the machine.

They saw Jianye’s heartbeat displayed once again on the screen.



He’s really alive!

Immediately afterwards, everyone gathered their gazes on Jianye.

It was seen that Jianye’s chest began to rise and fall faintly.


At this moment, everyone was confused.

Those doctors and nurses in the emergency room looked at Kris with incredulous eyes.

He, how on earth did he do that?

This huge contrast made the nurse beside feel her heart’s beating so fast, he was so awesome.

At this time, Meiqin Meng threw herself on Jianye’s body, crying with joy.

Lan Yu was both crying and laughing, shocked and happy, she couldn’t help but hug Kris and bury her head in his arms, “Kris, thank you, thank you so much, I owe you so much that I couldn’t repay you in my whole life.”

Kris stiffened, then he placed his hand on her back and patted her gently.

There was a sound of footsteps outside the emergency room, and Director Wang rushed over with a dozen security guards.

“Where is he? Where’s the troublemaker?” When he rushed inside, Director Wang asked the doctors and nurses next to him.

“Director, no need.” A doctor said with complex in his eyes.

“Yes, Director, no need.” A nurse said, “The person has already been saved by him.”


The man was saved? Are you kidding me?

When Director Wang saw the heartbeat at the bedside monitor, he was completely stunned.

This… How could this possible?

He couldn’t believe it as he walked over to the rescue bed and looked at Jianye who was breathing evenly, this was simply a reversal of his perception.

He could still be saved even his pupils were dilated?

Although Director Wang didn’t want to believe it, the facts were in front of him, so he couldn’t ignore the fact.

More than a dozen security guards looked at each other, they were all confused.

“Director Wang, is there anything else?”

The security captain asked.

“Oh, it’s okay.” Director Wang smiled awkwardly and said, “Go back, go back, it’s all a misunderstanding.”

“Alright, guys, let’s pull out.”

At this time, Kris placed his hands on Lan Yu’s shoulders and said, “Well, take care of your father, he could be wake up in a while.”

Saying that, Kris turned around and left.


Kris waved his hand without looking back and said nothing, walking out of the emergency room.

Looking at his back, Lan Yu bit her lip and shouted at his back, “I’ll treat you dinner recently!”

Seeing Kris leave, Director Wang chased after him hastily.

In the corridor, Director Wang stopped Kris who was pressing the button of elevator, “Hello, Doctor Miracle, my name is Libo Wang.”

Kris looked at him and said indifferently, “You’re blocking my way.”

“Doctor Miracle, I’m sorry, I apologize for my recklessness earlier.” Saying that, Libo Wang bowed respectfully at Kris.

The patients beside all looked at them, what was this?

Why was Director Wang bowing to this young man?

“No, I don’t really care about that.” The elevator arrived, Kris stepped inside.

“Doctor Miracle, can you give me a contact, I…”

Before he could finish, the elevator doors closed.


Libo Wang sighed and grumbled about how he was so stupid that he didn’t keep chasing after him.


Today, the Divine Dragon Cult announced that they would auction off the Obstacle-Breaking Pill in Westriver City at the end of this month.

As soon as the news was released, the entire martial arts world trembled.

Everyone’s subconscious reaction was, how could this possible?

Who doesn’t know that Obstacle-Breaking Pill is the panacea, it could help Practitioners to break through the bottleneck.

Whoever gets this kind of magical pills would hide it carefully for fear of being stolen.

But the Divine Dragon Cult announced directly to the entire martial arts world that they have Obstacle-Breaking Pills, and they will auction the pills.

There must be a conspiracy behind it.

Furthermore, the Divine Dragon Cult also said that they were tired of the endless conflict.

Now that the martial arts world has entered a different era, if there be still endless strife like a hundred years ago, the martial arts world would sooner or later be obliterated into history.

The six major schools were sneered at what the Divine Dragon Cult said.

Would they willing to take out divine medicine like Obstacle-Breaking Pill?

There must be a conspiracy behind it, they probably wanted to use Obstacle-Breaking Pill to lure the six major schools to somewhere and tried to wipe them out at once.

If Kris knew what they were thinking, he would have said, “You guys think too much.

However, despite of some people didn’t believe it, the news still ignited the martial arts world.

The news was even more explosive than the news of the failed siege of six major schools.

Who wouldn’t want an Obstacle-Breaking Pill? Although Obstacle-Breaking Pill would be useless after a Practitioner be promoted to the return-to-nature stage.

However, a Practitioner in the return-to-nature stage could be created by an Obstacle-Breaking Pill.

In six major schools, he could definitely be an elder level figure with real power.

At the same time, Yuanqiao Zhang, the president of the Academy of Six Major Schools, brought the other five vice presidents over.

They were, the Chief of Dharma Hall of Shaolin School, Master Shian; Emei School, Deputy Master Jinglian; Gaibang School, Deputy Master Daxiao Ma; Huashan School, Deputy Master Butong Hao, and Wuliangjian School’s East Sword King.

“Everyone, what do you think of the news spread by the Divine Dragon Cult?”

Yuanqiao Zhang broke the silence and asked.

“Amitabha, in my opinion, this should be a conspiracy of the Divine Dragon Cult.” Master Shian said.

“Good, I think so.”

“Agreed, the Divine Dragon Cult definitely doesn’t have good intentions.”

“I also agree…”

The others nodded, and in their opinion, that was definitely a conspiracy of Divine Dragon Cult.

“Great minds think alike, I think so.”

Yuanqiao Zhang nodded and said, “The Divine Dragon Cult is planning to auction the Obstacle-Breaking Pill at the end of the month, and it’s being held in Westriver City, and we, The Academy of Six Major Schools, are bearing the brunt of it. I suspect that their target would most likely be our Academy.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jinglian couldn’t help but slap the table, “Damn cult, how could it wants to put its fingers on students.”

“Yes, the auction of Obstacle-Breaking Pill should be a cover story put out by the Divine Dragon Cult, the real target should be our students of the Academy of Six Major Schools.” Daxiao Ma said.

“So what do we do? We can’t give students a break on those two days, can we?” East Sword King frowned and said, “If this news spread, would it humiliate our six major schools? People still think that our six major schools are afraid of Divine Dragon Cult.”

After saying that, everyone remained silent.

They afraid of hurting innocent students if they fight, yet also afraid of being sneered at by the world if not fight, the Divine Dragon Cult really made a good plan.

“Then we can’t just sit back and wait to die, can we?” Butong Hao gritted his teeth.

“Oh!” At that moment, Zhang Yuanqiao smiled and said, “I know what to do.”

“Master Zhang, say it quickly!”

“Say it!”

“Everyone, what do you say we gather elites and masters all of the world at the end of the month and have a tournament?”

Chapter 294: Martial Arts Contest


“Lord Zhang is full of wisdom that I admire much!”

“Wonderful, wonderful.” Daxiao Ma clapped his hands and laughed.

“Now, we won’t be afraid of the Holy Dragon’s tricks.” Nun Jinglian also nodded repeatedly.

“Smart, it’s really smart. I, Butong Hao, am really impressed.”

Hearing the praises from others, Yuanqiao Zhang laughed but did not speak.

Soon, the news that the six major schools was about to hold a martial contest at the end of the month became very well-known.

In an instant, it attracted the attention of martial-arts circle’ people all over the world.

For a short time, the Holy Dragon Cult auctioned the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, and the news that the six schools held the world martial contest detonated the whole martial-arts circle.

This made Shentong Wang, the Bishop of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, feel bothered.

Why? We were all cults, how come you had the nerve to show off like this?

In particular, the six schools besieged and failed to beat the Holy Dragon Cult, so the Holy Dragon Cult triumphed over the Sun-Moon Holy Cult and became the first cult in the world.

Now, the Holy Dragon cult was going to auction the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, which was a clear sign to keep their top position in the world.

After reaching a certain age like Shentong, what matters most was reputation besides power.

No way. With the mess done by the Holy Dragon Cult, our Sun-Moon Holy Cult cannot fall behind, we need to make a fuss too.

Therefore, after discussing with his followers, Shentong decided to hold a martial arts contest as well.

However, this contest was far different from the one held by the six major schools.

The purpose of the contest is to elect the new Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star.

Not all the people in this world are nice and kind. There are a few of them who are just evil.

Who didn’t know that the four Lords of Stars of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult were of high status. As soon as the news spread, the whole world became excited.

What a showtime now. The Holy Dragon Cult, the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and the six schools are fighting together. This is definitely a rare event in the martial-arts circle in the past 100 years.

However, soon news came from the Sun-Moon Holy Cult that their contest location was in Beihai City, not in Westriver city.

The reason of choosing Beihai city as the contest location was Shentong being afraid of attacks from the so-called decent sects.

Westriver city was the base of six major schools.

They were to vote for the Lord of Star, not to fight, so it was better to be more prudent.

After knowing this news, the six major schools were relieved, knowing that the contest location was not in Westriver. What they feared most was that the Sun-Moon Holy Cult and the Holy Dragon Cult would cooperate to attack them, in that case, it would be hard for them to fight back.


Wei Sheng and Weiwu Zhao slept in the hotel every day and waited for news. They almost went crazy.

“Why didn’t the Holy Son call us? He forgot us? ” Wei Sheng said with a disgruntled face, “So many days have passed, how about we go back?”

“Go back? Go back where? ” Weiwu said with a cold smile: “Kris Chen is having his time now, he is the Bishop’s treasure, if you leave the post without permission, you are just giving him the opportunity he wanted to get rid of us. Aren’t you passing the knife to Shentong by going back now? “

Hearing this, Wei Sheng shrunk his head and said with a indignant smile, “that’s reasonable, but we are about to take antidotes, if he doesn’t contact us in time, we wait for the poison to take affect and die?”

“Silly, we can call him.” Weiwu glared at him. How could he not see before that this fellow was so stupid?

“Hehe, you are right.” Wei Sheng scratched his head and then he took out his cell to call Kris.

Kris was about to go home, hearing his cell ringing. He took it out and saw that it was from Wei Sheng.

Holy shit, he forgot both of these two fellows completely.

After thinking a few seconds, Kris took the call.

“Where are you, Holy Son? It’s time for us to take the antidote in two days. Don’t forget to go to the Bishop to get the antidotes. “

Kris dried out for a second, is it time to take the antidotes already?

Last time he took the Yin Yang life-death pill as well in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult. Now it is time to produce some antidotes to get rid of the poison.

“OK, I see. I’ll bring them to you later.”

With that, Kris hung up the phone.

Remembering that he had not been to the branch of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult for a long time, he called Changkong Yin.

Fifteen minutes later, an extended Benz stopped in front of him. With the window coming down. Changkong respectfully called to Kris, “Branch leader.”

Kris nodded and got on the car.

Kris didn’t like Changkong calling himself Holy Son, which was weird. He preferred to be called branch leader.

“Branch leader, I have done what you told me to do.” As soon as he got on the car, Changkong reported to Kris: “the Apollo Security Company has been established, and we have taken over the security of Tianmeng Garden.”

“Well, good job!”

Kris nodded, thinking that Changkong was pretty efficient.

Hearing the praise, Changkong was happy.

Now was different from the past, with Kris being an important role in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult subject only to the Bishop and his wife. It was no exaggeration to say that he was the No.3 role in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

Even him, the vice branch leader also became important. When he went to other branches, the other branch leaders respectfully called him Boss Yin. It was so cool.

“Is there any antidotes granted by the top level recently?” Kris asked suddenly.

“No Sir.”

“Well!” Kris nodded. The brothers of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult in Westriver city all took antidotes. It can be said that the toxicity of Yinyang life-death pill has been completely removed.

Unlike the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, only one-third of the antidotes were given each time. They cannot remove the toxicity but only suppressing it. If you don’t take the antidote on time one year later, your muscles and veins will reverse all over the body and you will die.

All of these people were Kris’s loyal followers. They were Kris’s private power. Kris did not allow others to touch them.

So Kris thought it through before he decided to let Changkong to join the Golden Scale Group.

“Bro, I need to ask you something.” Kris asked.

“What? Please don’t call me that, branch leader. Just ask whatever you want to know.”

Changkong was uneasy hearing being called “Bro”. In the past, he might have answered to it. But now Kris was in such a high position, he dared not answering to that.

“It’s all right. There’s no one else here.” Kris patted Changkong on the shoulder and asked, “if I want you to join another organization, how would you like?”

Changkong didn’t think twice: “I will do whatever the branch leader asks me to do. Even if it is death, I will not frown at all.”

“Good, good.” Kris knew that Changkong was a man of his words, and since he had made such a commitment, he would never betray.

“The thing is I have established a society recently. Can you contact the disciples in private to see if they are willing to join…”

After the communication with Changkong in the car, he went along pretty well, especially when Kris mentioned the pension system, Changkong rushed to say :“My branch leader, please rest assured, with such generous treatments, the brothers will definitely say yes.”

“Well, I was right about you.” Kris smiled: “This matter is totally on your hands now.”

After arranging relevant matters, Kris told Changkong to pick some bidentata flowers.

Having spent two hours, Kris refined dozens of antidotes and took out two of them. He saved the rest antidotes away in case of emergency.

Because Weiwu and Yong Sheng took the Yin Yang life-death pill several times that of others, so they had to take the antidote every month. One third of the antidote could not suppress the toxicity, so they had to take the whole pill.

After refining the pills, Kris asked staff to send him back to Hejing Garden.

As soon as he got off the car, Kris met an acquaintance.

“Qiaoqiao, what are you doing here?” Kris went up to say hello to Qiaoqiao Liu.

“Hi Kris, what a coincidence.” Qiaoqiao hold fliers in her hands. When she saw Kris, her pretty face flushed.

“Are you doing a part-time job?” Kris asked.

Qiaoqiao nodded and said, “Yes, I just came here today. I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Kris had a good impression about Qiaoqiao. Although the girl’s family background is not pretty average, she was quite decent in her characters and values.

“Would you like to visit my house?” Kris said with a smile.

“Kris, do you live here?” Qiaoqiao asked.

“Well, my house is here.”

“That’s nice.” Qiaoqiao was very envious.

In fact, she didn’t come here by accident. She came here on purpose. She added Kris’s WeChat, so she knew that Kris had bought a house in Hejing Garden.

This was not the first day she stood here to send fliers. It was only not very lucky for her a few days ago to run into Kris.

“Come on, let’s go up.”

“I… I’ ll pass this time.”

Since the last time in Qianjun Hotel, Qiaoqiao knew that Kris was a big shot, not a girl like her who could get hold of. However, she was in a desperate situation, which made her think of Kris.

Kris looked at her with great interests and said, “Qiaoqiao, do you have anything on your mind?”

“Ah? Is that obvious? ” Qiaoqiao was scared and said it subconsciously.

Kris took a look at her and said, “how could anyone dress up so beautifully and send out fliers?”

Seen through by Kris, Qiaoqiao flushed from her ear roots.

She bent her fingers and didn’t know where to put her hands.

“Kris, in fact, I want to ask you for help.” Qiaoqiao said in embarrassment: “Tomorrow my parents will come, they will also bring a rich second-generation to set up a blind date for me. I want you to play my boyfriend, is that OK?”

“Acting as your boyfriend?” Kris touched his chin: “There are quite a lot of boys chasing you. Last time, a fellow called Feng Lu, who is very rich and good looking.”

Hearing Kris’s words, Qiaoqiao was speechless.

After the last time at Qianjun Hotel, Feng Lu saw her just like seeing a pest. He was scared to death.

Later, Feng Lu ask others to send a message to her that he didn’t know that she was the Boss’s girl before. If he offended her in any way, please forgive him.

“You are saying that it’s my fault?” Kris laughed and said, “Do you know anyone else except me?”

“There was Feng Lu before. Other people didn’t dare to talk to me.” Qiaoqiao pursed her lips and said, “So, you are my only choice.”

“Your parents are too anxious. Are you old enough to get married?”

“I don’t want to get married.” Qiaoqiao said in an indignant way: “I said I have a boyfriend, they just do not believe me.”

“OK, OK, I will do that.” Kris agreed to do what Qiaoqiao asked after thinking for a moment.

“Really? Great!” Qiaoqiao hold Kris’s hands excitedly, her plump breasts rubbing his arm, making Kris distracted for a while. This little girl is too inattentive.

“Kris, I’ll wait for you to pick me up at the gate of Westriver University at noon tomorrow.” Then Qiaoqiao hopped away.

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