Chapter 293: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 293 His Goddess (1)

Damn it. If he had known that, he would have come back to the office yesterday no matter how exhausted he was.

“Why did she leave just now?” Chuxue Ye asked.

“Her phone rang.”

Chuxue was eager to know what Yiyao Duan looked like and she turned her head to Jingyan Ye who didn’t look good and said, “Brother, let’s go to security office. We might find the surveillance of her.”

What Chuxue said instantly reminded Jingyan. That’ s right. He didn’t know what she looked like after she grew up, so he’d better go to the office since he had no information about her for now.

“Follow me.” Kerry said to the security guard.

The security office was on the first floor of Yehuang Group and their presence made the staff a little surprised.

“What’s the time of yesterday afternoon?” Jingyan asked the security guard.

“Around four.” The security guard said respectively.

“Show me all the surveillance of the entrance after 3:40.”


The staff, after several clicks, showed the video on the big screen, starting from 3:40 with fast play, and at 4:10, the security guard stopped and said, “That’s her.”

Then the video was played in a normal speed. A girl carrying a suitcase appeared, in extremely simple clothes, but with outstanding temperament, making people feel like she was like deep ocean. She was gorgeous but unattainable.

When Jingyan saw her, he went completely blank. How could it be…?

The figure in the video made him remind of the girl in Africa two years ago. Was it actually she?

“Zoom in, please.”

When the girl’s face was clearly presented on the screen, Jingyan almost forgot breathing. It’s her.

It turned out the two of them had met in Africa two years ago, and she had saved his life. Was it their destiny?

It’s easy to understand why she didn’t recognize him. The first time, he was wearing sunglasses and the second time it was at night, so of course she couldn’t see his eyes. But Jingyan blamed himself for not recognizing her.

No wonder he kept thinking about the woman he only met a few times for so long. She was Yiyao and that’s the answer.

“Brother, is it she?” Chuxue interrupted his thoughts.

Staring at the face in front of him, he was radiant, “Yes. Look at the jade on her neck. I sent it to her.”

“Oh! That’s why I haven’t seen you wearing it.” Chuxue tilted her head, smiling, “She’ s very pretty.”

Jingyan couldn’t describe how happy he was now. He just kept missing her. “Well, she’s beautiful.” For him, she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

“You guys download this video, as well as any video related to this girl, and send it to Mr. Ye’ s mailbox.” Chuxue instructed.

“Yes, Chief Ye.” Although Chuxue did not hold a position in the company, she was the major shareholder of the company, so the employees called her Chief Ye.

Just as Jingyan was lost, his phone rang and he quickly picked it up, “Any news?”

“Boss, the person you’re looking for is at the Hongrui Hotel. I’ll send you the room number.”

“Got it.”

Jingyan ran outside and Chuxue followed him, who also wanted to know about Yiyao.

As soon as Jingyan got into his car, he disappeared, which made Yiyao piss off. However, Nighthawk was calm there. Then Chuxue complained, “He left me alone again. I want to see her. Hurry up, please.”

“Ruyi, you can also teleport, can’t you?” Nighthawk said with a smile.

“But I don’t know where Hongrui Hotel is.” Chuxue said with frustration.

Nighthawk shrugged. Well, she could only get there by car.

In order not to let anyone find out, Jingyan chose the underground parking lot of the Hongrui Hotel, where it was dim, with no people around.

With hope and expectation, Jingyan quickly ran to a room on the 8th floor.

After taking a deep breath, fixing his messy clothes and wearing a smile, he knew he was ready, though he couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes. What should he say?

“Yiyao, you’ve finally come to me.” Or, “Yiyao, nice to see you again.”

Whatever. He needed to see her first. Jingyan knocked on the door finally…

He didn’t hear the footsteps inside, so Jingyan wondered if she had gone out to have fun.

He knocked again…

“Sir, may I help you?” A voice suddenly sounded behind him, so Jingyan turned around, only to see a hotel staff in uniform.

“Hello, I’m looking for the guest staying in this room.”

“Oh, she has checked out ten minutes ago.”

“What?” Jingyan subconsciously raised his voice, “Check out?”

“Yes, she did.”

The hope inside him instantly went away. His eyes lost the brightness, too.

The staff took a look at him and was about to turn around and leave when Jingyan stopped her, “Excuse me, may I ask, is this room booked by a lady named Duan?”

“It is a lady, but I don’t know her name. This can only be found at the front desk.”

“Thanks.” Jingyan went downstairs. He needed to know whether it was Yiyao or not.

When he came to the front desk, several beautiful ladies were there, focusing on their work. Seeing Jingyan come, they were a little surprised. Obviously, they all knew this young man.

“Mr. Ye, what can I do for you?” A beautiful woman stood up and asked respectfully.

“Can you please tell me the name of the guest of 812 who has just checked out?” Jingyan said anxiously.

The lady was a little embarrassed, “Mr. Ye, I’m afraid….”

“She has checked out anyway, please, it’s very important to me.”

The pleading made her unable to say no. Anyway, a good-looking face had too many advantages. Any woman seeing this face couldn’t reject him.

Chapter 293 His Goddess (2)

After hesitating for just a few seconds and taking a look at her colleague, she agreed in the end, “Okay, I’ll make an exception for you.”

“Thank you, thank you very much.”

A minute later, she looked up and said, “The guest who checked in yesterday night is called Yiyao Duan and she checked out twenty minutes ago.”

Hope was once again shown in his eyes. It was really her. Yiyao was coming back for him.

Although it was a pity that they hadn’t met each other this time, he finally got something about her. Besides, they had met two years ago.

“Mr. Ye, are you all right?” The beautiful lady asked Jingyan Ye, who was now immersing himself in his own world.

“Oh, thank you.” Jingyan thanked again and walked outward somewhat lost. Just at the moment, Chuxue Ye ran in, who almost knocked her brother down.

“Brother, where’s she? Where?” Chuxue searched around, but there was no one.

Jingyan said in disappointment, “She just checked out before the moment I came.”

“Such a coincidence?” Chuxue was surprised.

“Yes, it is.”

Finding that his brother was in an extremely low spirit, she realized what Yiyao meant to him. Not daring to tease him, Chuxue comforted instead, “Brother, cheer up. Since she comes to you, it means she has not forgotten you. Maybe this time she had an emergency, so she left. I bet she’ll come to you again.”

An emergency?

Jingyan remembered their encounter two years ago, and then associated it with her family background. He thought she should be a soldier. Would there be something dangerous and urgent for her to deal with? Would she be safe?

“Brother, why don’t you say anything?” Chuxue shook his arm.

“Nothing, I was thinking that what you said was right.”

Judging from his expression, Chuxue knew he was thinking about something else. But since he was so depressed, she wouldn’t mind.

As soon as Jingyan returned to the company, he got to know the whole thing. Then he fired the security guards and the receptionist, and informed all employees that if a girl named Yiyao Duan came to the company in the future, he should be informed as soon as possible.

Once the employees got the message, they wondered who Yiyao was, making the new president on the second day send such a notice.

Of course, everyone had his own speculations. Some even privately voted online, in which “his first love” was chosen by most people.

“Fuck, what’s going on? Mr. Ye actually also joined.” The initiator stared at the screen and shouted.

“What? What did Mr. Ye vote for?” The men in the office ran over, eager to see it.

The initiator was a little awkward, “Mr. Ye is awesome. He reprogrammed it and added an option and voted for it.”

The crowd then looked at the last option, which was written—My goddess.

“Wow! No way!”

“My god. Goddess!”

“Ah! He kills me. I never thought he’d be so cute. I suddenly like him so much.”

People in the company then gossiped everywhere. Since the boss confessed, everyone felt free to say anything. Those who didn’t vote all voted for the last option, so that its total number exceeded “his first love” to be the number one.

Jingyan burst into laugter after seeing the result.

His life seemed to have more hope. Every day he drove, he would slow down to see if he was lucky enough to meet his girl again.

In the morning, Secretary Liu, who had been working for over thirty years, came in with a document.

“Mr. Ye, this is the information of the two newly recruited secretaries. Please take a look.”

Jingyan trusted him and didn’t take the document, smiling, “I trust you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ye.” Secretary Liu’s hair was neat. Although the gray hairs near his temples told he was no longer young, it showed more calmness and experience.

“Have you finished handing over all the work you have?”

“Yes. Tomorrow, after the two new secretaries arrive, I will also officially leave. Secretary Wang will train them.”

Jingyan nodded and asked with concern, “Then where are you going to go after you resign?”

Secretary Liu smiled gently, “After working for more than thirty years, it’s time to take a break. I plan to go on a trip with my wife and spend more time with my grandchildren.”

“That’s good. If you need any help in the future, please come to me. Yehuang will always be your home.” Jingyan was nice to him. His father told him when he was a little boy that Liu was a hard-working man and things he did had always been perfect. He was indeed a talent and that’s why his father kept him in the company for so long.

Secretary Liu was moved and nodded, “Well, okay. Mr. Ye, thank you. I’m not going to waste your time. See you.”


With his head held high, Secretary Liu left. He was in favor of Jingyan, who was as intelligent as Kerry, but he treated people nicer and the only thing he lacked was experience. For employees, they should be lucky to have him.

The next day, Secretary Liu officially resigned and Secretary Wang became the new secretary. When he left, Jingyan sent him all the way to the entrance of the company. Secretary Liu felt this was too much, but Jingyan said that this was his father’s intention, so Secretary Liu accepted it.

When he returned to the office, the moment he sat down, Secretary Wang knocked on the door and came in.

“Mr. Ye, do you want to see the new secretaries?”

“No, thank you. There is a bunch of work waiting for them.” Jingyan buried himself in piles of documents, not even with his head up.


Chapter 293 His Goddess (3)

Secretary Wang returned to the young girls who were looking forward to meeting Jingyan Ye and said, “Mr. Ye is busy. I’m afraid he has no time to see you.”

One girl was a little disappointed. Then Secretary Wang took a glance at her before saying in a colder voice, “I think I don’t need to talk more about the work, since you all have some working experience. But I want you to know several rules here.”

“Yes, please.” They respectfully answered in the same time.

“First, don’t have any thought about Mr. Ye. Once you do, get out of here immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes, we do.” Secretary Wang said it very clear, who warned them not to seduce Jingyan. In fact, even if they tried to do so, Jingyan would just ignore them. Secretary Wang just did not want to break the rules here.”


After telling them the four rules, Secretary Wang asked another person to show them around.

In the afternoon, Chuxue Ye got nothing to do, so she came to Jingyan to let him give her the money to open a dessert store.

Secretary Wang said to the two new girls, “Which one of you will go and bring a cup of coffee to Mr. Ye? Remember to add an extra teaspoon milk and sugar. He likes it being sweeter.”

“I will.” The girl who was filing papers immediately raised her hand. She had waited for this opportunity for a long time and how could she let it go?

“Hurry up.” “Yes. I’m coming.”

Jingyan’ s office

“Brother, do I still have your word on that?” Chuxue sat on his desk. A pen was floating in the air and its tip was targeting at Jingyan’ s snow-white shirt.

“Of course, but I’m too busy these days. Give me more time, OK?” Jingyan really had no choice.

“No.” The pen got closer to him and Chuxue took out her final weapon, “Did You forget who told you the information of Yiyao Duan? If it’s not me, how would you know that she came to you?”

As soon as she mentioned this, Jingyan surrendered, “Good, tomorrow. I will give you the money.”

“Promise me.”

Jingyan looked at her in a serious way and promised, “I promise you, my dear sister.”

Then the pen returned to the place where it was just now, and Chuxue also said with satisfaction, “OK, I trust you.”

After they made a deal, someone was knocking on the door.

Chuxue got down from the table. She could do whatever she wanted in front of her family, but she had to keep up appearances in front of others.

“Come in.” Jingyan said coldly.

A secretary brought in a cup of coffee, who was in a pink suit and her figure was fine judging from that. She was young and energetic.

“Mr. Ye, here’s your coffee.”

Chuxue stood next to her brother, taking a glance at her and said with a smile, “I haven’t seen you before? New here?”

“Yes, Miss Ye.” The girl responded with a clear voice, and also looked up at Chuxue.

When they looked at each other, Chuxue suddenly remembered something and asked, “Wait, why do I feel I’ve seen you before?”

“Yes, we did. We met one year ago.” The girl said with a smile.

Hearing this, Jingyan also looked up at her. He also felt it was a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember more details. After all, there were too many women he had seen and he only remembered Yiyao.

“When and where?” Chuxue got nothing to do anyway, so she started a conversation with her.

The girl caught Jingyan’ s gaze, who got a little surprised and said calmly, “A year ago on the street. That night I was chased by a gang of people for the gambling debts my father owed and it was you and Mr. Ye who saved me. I do not know if you still remember.”

Chuxue frowned and thought for a long time. Was this true? She remembered nothing at all.

“Do you know why you don’t remember? You’ve got drunk and you only cared about being a shero. It was me who helped you deal with the mess.” Jingyan stared at her with contempt.

“Wow, that’s it.” No wonder she couldn’t remember and she only felt that she had seen her before.

The girl was happy to see Jingyan still remember the whole thing, “I never thought Mr. Ye still could still remember. It’s me, Xuan Zhao.”

Jingyan said, “Well, that’s just what I remember.”

Although Jingyan’ s tone was cold, Xuan Zhao was happy and continued, “I originally wanted to work at Yehuang as an intern a year ago, but it was quite hard for me to realize that, so I trained myself in other companies for more than a year. Now, with experience and competence, I am finally here.”

“Well, thank you.”

Xuan Zhao smiled, with her hands together, “I will work hard.”

“OK, I’m not going to waste your time.”

Xuan Zhao had reached her goal this time and of course, she wouldn’t continue staying here. Then she quickly left.

Chuxue took a sip of the coffee while looking at her brother in a weird way, “Brother, do you feel anything?”

“How do you know everything?” Jingyan laughed helplessly.

Sitting on the chair opposite him, Chuxue crossed her legs and said smugly, “I don’t know anything about business, but I’m much smarter than you about this kind of stuff.”

“Well, drink your coffee and leave. I know what I should do.”

“I just want to remind you to be careful of those girls. You’re not an expert in this field.” Chuxue pursed her lips.

Jingyan laughed, “You know what. During these years, your brother has met too many girls and I know what they are thinking about. Anyway, thank you. But I know what to do.”

“Hey, I didn’t expect my brother to be so confident. OK, I won’t say more. Bye.” Chuxue then left.

Jingyan was really afraid of his sister, and he didn’t know which man in the world could conquer her.

After Jingyan got to know Yiyao was the soldier he met in Africa, he was wondering whether he was qualified enough to stand by her side.

It was getting hotter. Jingyan has inherited his father’s talent for business and was getting better at the job, whose decisions made the board admire a lot.

However, Xuan Zhao was very upset. She had been here for almost two months, but Jingyan seemed indifferent to her and even rejected her somewhat, which was a very bad start.

For example, once, she got up very early to buy the most famous porridge in the west of the city and placed it on Ye Jingyan’ s desk while she was cleaning his office, expecting that Jingyan would accept it. However, Jingyan came out with the breakfast and asked them, “Who did this?”

Xuan Zhao immediately stood up and smiled sweetly, “It’s me.”

Jingyan walked over and placed the breakfast on her table, with no other feelings in his eyes, “Thank you, but I just need you to focus on your job. You don’t need to do this. Moreover, I only eat breakfast at home.”

Xuan Zhao was dumbfounded and went blank, and she didn’t even know when he had left. It was the snickers of the others that brought her back to reality.

She immediately flushed. No one had ever rejected her like this and it was always her who rejected others.

Secretary Wang was in rage, “Come with me.”

Xuan Zhao came back to her senses and she entered Secretary Wang’s office.

“What did I say on the first day of work? Do you remember?”

Xuan Zhao trembled and said, “I do but I really wasn’t trying to seduce Mr. Ye. When I passed by this morning, I saw a lot of people buying it, so I brought one for Mr. Ye. I just wanted to care for him and I didn’t want to seduce him.”

“Xuan Zhao!” Secretary Wang shouted, “I know exactly what is in your mind. No more. You’re fired.”

Xuan Zhao froze and she really didn’t expect Secretary Wang to be so serious, but she couldn’t just leave. Everything hadn’t started yet and what about her goals if she left?

Xuan Zhao then talked about some nonsense, “Mr. Wang, in fact, I have known Mr. Ye since I was a child, and Mr. Ye has told me to apply for a job here. You can’t just kick me out.”

Secretary Wang was stunned, “What did you say?”

“I got to know Mr. Ye in elementary school…” Xuan Zhao told him many fake stories about their relationship. Besides, she mentioned the encounter happened a year ago, and made it clear that it was Jingyan who asked her to come to work at Yehuang. She was not qualified enough at that time and that’s why she needed to work somewhere else for a while.”

After listening her story, Secretary Wang kept in silence for a while, “Are you telling the truth?”

“Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to send breakfast to Mr. Ye.” Xuan Zhao tried to suppress the timidity inside and said with seriousness.

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