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Chapter 294: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 294 Yiyao Is Coming Back (1)

“Okay, I’ll give you one more chance. If you do it again next time, there’s no room for negotiation, whether you know Mr. Ye or not.”

Xuan Zhao immediately bent down and thanked him, “Thank you, Mr. Wang.”

When she left, Secretary Wang still thought about this, afraid that Jingyan Ye would blame him for not having principles s, so he found a document on his desk that needed to be signed and entered his office.

“Mr. Ye, this document needs your signature.” Secretary Wang observed his expression, which seemed that he was unaffected by what had just happened.

“Well, put it there.”

Mr. Wang hesitated and asked, “Mr. Ye, it was a contravention of my duty. I’m sorry. May I ask should I let Xuan Zhao go?”

Jingyan took a look at him but he still looked indifferent, “If she made a mistake about her job, you could let her go. But if it’s because of this morning’s porridge, forget it. Just warn her.”

“Yes, I see.” Mr. Wang knew what he should do and left the office.

In fact, Xuan Zhao was quite quiet and didn’t do anything excessive. What she did this morning was also the first time. Considering her family background, Jingyan didn’t want to be so hard on her because he knew how much it needed to get into Yehuang. He didn’t want to ruin her future because of one mistake.

Secretary Wang, however, was thinking that Xuan Zhao really did have some relationships with him.

Near the border

A bunch of drug dealers were trading and the total amount of money was over to trillions.

The man hidden in the grass whispered to the microphone, “Action.”

In an instant, gunshots rang out. The drug dealers raised their guns to resist, but they were soon defeated facing the well-trained army. Most of them were dead or injured, with only two fleeing into the jungle.

“Zhuque and Qinglong, follow me. Others clean up the field.” Yiyao Duan issued an order and chased after the two into the jungle.

The trees in the jungle were tall and thick, and soon, they lost them. Yiyao calmly focused on a certain point, listening to the wind and the subtle movements in the air and gestured to her men. They then bent down and moved forward secretly.

Not far away a huge leaf shook gently. Yiyao was instructed to capture them alive, so they could only get closer little by little.

Finally, they saw then men behind the tree and Yiyao said in a stern voice, “Drop your weapons and come out!”

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…” A middle-aged man said with a trembling voice.

“Come out.”

With hands putting in the air, the man came out. But she couldn’t see his face.

Shots suddenly were heard from the jungle but this didn’t scare her. She turned more cautious and at that moment, the man standing in front her swiftly took out a knife and aimed at her.

Yiyao was a champion of free-style grappling, so soon, she took the knife.

“Crack!” Along with the crack of his bone, there was the man’s shrill scream. Both of his arms were broken by Yiyao.

“Be good, OK?” Yiyao sneered.

The man moaned in pain but he still glared at her, “I’ll sue you. I’ll see you in military court.”

YiYao kicked his ass, making the man fall to the ground, “Go fucking sue. I give you the chance. Let’s go.”

Taking the man to the dealing place just now, Zhuque and Qinglong came back with another man, but Qinglong’ s arm got injured.

“What’s going on?” Yiyao asked him.

“This asshole shot me. Don’t worry. It just a scratch.” Qinglong said indifferently.

“Good.” Yiyao didn’t say anything more because the border police were coming over.

“Alas, thank you so much, Captain Duan. If it weren’t for you guys, we would have let them get away again today.” The director of the bureau said gratefully.

Yiyao smiled, “That’s what I should do. We are doing this for our country. Well, they are yours now. We need to go now.”

The director then answered respectively, “Don’t worry. I’ll get them punished by the law.”

Yiyao then left with her men and disappeared without a trace in a sec, making the director admire a lot.

“Look at them. They are elite commando units. They caught the drug dealers in ten minutes who we have pursed for two years.”

The deputy director next to him said, “Sir, they are the best of the best. They are not ordinary people.” those are not normal people.”

The director stared at him.

“I mean, those are the criminals’ nightmare. They are invincible.” The deputy director added.

“All right. Take them back. And the drugs.”


This time, Yiyao’ s coming here was not on the schedule. The special force was training in the border jungle during these days. After the superiors received the request for support from the border police, he thought of her at the first time. Anyway, it was all training, so they might have a real one.

Those drug dealers had been active around the border for several years. They were well-armed and well-organized, so the border police had failed to catch their leaders for several times but the police also got injured.

Yiyao’ s boss didn’t expect that Yiyao would catch all of them for one time. she and her guys were really strong.

Back at the training camp, Yiyao called the top to report. Then, she received another weird order.

“What do you mean? Let me train the new recruits? You’re kidding me.”

“Not new recruits, but special forces.”

“Aren’t new special soldiers new recruits?” Yiyao said disdainfully.

“Yiyao, this is the order.” The one talking to her got serious.

“Yes, sir!” Yiyao had to obey the order.

“Good. Then your job there can be handed to the vice-captain. It’s only three months and you can return when they are good enough.”

Yiyao said with a smile, “Should I be happy to have a long vacation? Three months is not short.”

Chapter 294 Yiyao Is Coming Back (2)

The one on the phone laughed, “I’m glad you know this. This is your father’s love. Don’t let him down.”

“Okay, okay. Tell me, where?” “Sky City.”

YiYao Duan didn’t expect that she would go back to Sky City in such a way.

The helicopter stopped in a remote mountainous area far away from Sky City and Yiyao jumped off the plane. Fifty people were neatly lined to welcome her. Everyone had heard of her, but none of them had seen her in person.

Yiyao was dressed in camouflage combat uniform, with big sunglasses, so her small face could only be seen half part.

“Hello, Captain Duan, I am Qiang Liu, the instructor. We have got the instructions and now you are in charge here.”

Yiyao shook his hand and stood straight in front of those male soldiers and said in a loud voice, “Nice to see you. My name is Yiyao Duan. Code name, Flame. I am your new instructor. I know that you are all the best from your companies, but here, for me, you are no different from new recruits. You need to listen to me, no resistance and no complaining. Otherwise, get out of here.” Yiyao pointed to the direction of the gate, “If you wanna go, please. I don’t want to see any coward in my team. Don’t think that you are real special forces when you get here. Now there are fifty of you and at most twenty of you will remain, so do your best, understand?”

“Yes, madam!” They answered in unison.

Yiyao cleaned her ears, “Didn’t you eat breakfast this morning? I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, madam!” It got louder.

Yiyao looked up at the hill in the distance and then looked at her watch, “Half an hour, run to that hill and come back. If you can’t get back on time, get out of here.”

The crowd froze. It would at least take half an hour to get there and how could they get back in such s short time?

“Too much time for you? Hurry up!” Yiyao yelled.

Like horses running out of the yard, they all rushed towards the hill.

This made Qiang Liu admire a lot. He had been here for two days, but no matter what he said, these guys always had a reason to refute. They were all the best of their companies and each of them were arrogant. Of course, they wouldn’t respect him, an ordinary instructor.

“Captain Duan, this is your orderly. You can just talk to him if you need anything.”

Then he did a military salute to Yiyao, “Hello, Chief Duan. I am orderly Chen Zhang.”

“Hello, no need to call me Chief, just call me Captain.” Yiyao said kindly, “Where is my dormitory?”

The orderly took Yiyao’ s luggage and headed towards a small two-story building, “Captain, the dormitory is over there. Captain, I’ve heard about you since I joined the army. I didn’t expect to see you in person today. It’s just like a dream.”

Yiyao smiled. She had got used to such words, for too many people had said that.

Getting to the second floor, she pushed open a door, only to see a suite, with bedroom, living room, washroom and everything. Outside the window were tall trees. She could also feel the summer breeze, bringing in some coolness.

“Captain, this is your room. You can eat in the canteen. If you want, I can bring it to you…”

“No, thanks. I’ll go there.” Yiyao interrupted this young soldier. He was really noisy, talking the whole way.

“Then are you hungry now? Do you want me to tell the chef to prepare something special for you?”

“No, thanks.” Yiyao really wanted him to shut up, “Go out first. I need to rest.”

“Oh, fine, OK. Bye.”

Only after the orderly left, Yiyao felt relieved. She sat on the sofa for a while and when it was almost the time, she picked up the apple on the table and went downstairs.

Twenty-five minutes, no one got back.

Twenty-six minutes later, she could see one coming over.

Twenty-eight minutes, one after another, more than thirty people arrived.

Leaning against the jeep, she was eating an apple. Looking at them panting, she looked not satisfied, but inside she thought this year the quality was not that bad.

Twenty-nine minutes, more than forty people got back. Then she counted by seconds and threw the stopwatch to the instructor, “Note the time.”

There were still a few running desperately on the road, and when one just stepped into the line, time was up.

Yiyao had just finished her apple. She grabbed the apple core in her hand and said in a cold voice to the five people who were only a few steps away from the line, “Time is up.”

And the five people knew what these words meant. They did not say anything, for others could do it but they failed. They were just not qualified enough. Then they went to pack their things without saying more.

Yiyao said to the forty-five people who arrived on the last minute, “This is just a warm-up. The real selection will start this afternoon. You may have some time to relax, because next, I will make you regret coming here.”

For the next three months, YiYao just did what she had promised. There would be a test once a week, and those who got the worst grade should leave. While those men thought what they experienced today was the limit, but tomorrow was even more cruel.

In the evening, sitting in the car, she said with smile to those soldiers covered with mud, “I heard that many of you think I’m not qualified enough to order you. How about this? Tomorrow we will have a competition, I alone, against thirty-seven of you. What does everyone think?”

Someone asked, “How?”

“It’s simple. In this hill, you guys hide yourself. No need for eight hours, within six hours, if I get thirty-six of you, I win.”

They looked at each other and one asked, “Then can we fight back?”

“Nonsense. Are you not going to fight back when someone is attacking you? Besides, once you find me, you can also shoot.”

Then it would be 1 against 36, making all soldiers excited.

“Captain, what if you lose?”

Yiyao sneered, “If I lose, I’ll go through all these training items, but if you guys lose…” She took a glance at them, “Just shut up and don’t let me hear anything.”

“Okay, I’m in…I’m in…”

“Very good. that’s for today.” Yiyao jumped down from the car, smiling, “go back and think about how to hide tomorrow and what weapons to use. Don’t let me down.”

The competition officially started at eight in the morning, and at five in the morning, Yiyao slept in bed and heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming from outside.

She turned over and tried to sleep again. They she sat in the empty cafeteria an hour later.

“Captain, aren’t you worried about it?” Orderly Chen Zhang asked with concern.

Yiyao took a bite of the Baozi and said after swallowing it, “No need. I wrote the entire C Army’s special forces training manual and I know where they’re hiding at a glance. I’ll give them two more hours to let them learn more and know how to use what they have learnt.”

Chen Zhang still looked at her with admiration, “Captain, what else do you want to eat? I’ll go get it for you.”

“This Baozi is not bad. Get two more.”

“Be right there.”

At eight o’clock, Yiyao dressed up and set off, with only a dagger and a pistol.

The instructor and the orderly looked at her back and said with worry, “Who do you think will win?”

The orderly was full of confidence, “It must be the captain.”

“I think so. But wouldn’t it be too embarrassing for those 37 soldiers?”

The orderly laughed, “I don’t think it’s a shame to lose to the captain.”

“I hope they think so too.”

The sun came out form the east and when it was almost noon, the two soldiers walked out slowly with their heads down who carried their equipment, and felt even worse when they found out that they were the first to be found.

Chapter 294 Yiyao Is Coming Back (3)

The instructor went up to them and asked, “How did she find you?”

Without looking at him, they bypassed him and sat down on the training ground. They were definitely not going to tell him this humiliating thing.

Then, soldiers came out one after another from all directions, with one common feature—lost and embarrassed. Some even got hurt and several came back crippled. And every time they saw one come back, their hope dashed little by little.

At 1 p.m., thirty people paralyzed on the training ground, depressed.

After another half hour, five more people returned, one of whom was supported, with blood oozing from his forehead.

Though the time was about to be over, there were still two people.

They again were full of hope. As long as one remained, it meant they won.

However, when there were still ten minutes left, everyone’s hope was all gone, because they saw the last two people walking back with each other, while Yiyao Duan followed them with pride, with a willow branch in her mouth, as if she had gotten out of a shopping mall. Her hair was not messed up, and her boots were still clean.

The soldiers who were sitting on the ground immediately stood upright, and there was no more contempt in their eyes, all but admiration.

“Now you know why we are different? All right, go eat and have a good rest. Those who are injured go to the infirmary and those who are not injured continue training in the afternoon. Is that alright?”

“Yes, madam.” Their voice was still low and it’s not in unison.

“I can’t hear you.” Yiyao said lazily.

“Yes, madam!” This time the voice was loud and neat, so she nodded in satisfaction and walked towards the cafeteria.

After the whole morning, what she had eaten in the morning had already been digested. If she was starving, she would have spent more time with those two soldiers.

A month later, the group of special forces finally looked like a real troop, but the number of people also sharply reduced from the original fifty to thirty.

Whether Commander Duan felt that his daughter was working too hard, or the superiors felt that Yiyao was too harsh, twenty best soldiers were kicked out within one month. So, if this continued, after three months, none of them would be left. However, Yiyao still received the order that she was allowed to take a day off.

Yiyao had been a soldier for so many years, it was the first time to see she asked to take a day off. She really couldn’t figure out what the superiors were thinking.

Well, whatever it meant, of course she would take a day off.

Suddenly she remembered the one she hadn’t seen last time and asked the instructor, “How long does it take to get to the city center?”

“About two hours. Captain, do you want to go? I can be a guide for you.” The instructor wanted to help her.

“No, I’ll go by myself.”

Of course the instructor disagreed, “You’re going alone? No, you can’t. Though no one in Sky City can hurt you, but at least you need a driver.”

“Then let Chen Zhang drive for me.” Yiyao compromised.

“Okay, I’ll go and prepare the car.” The instructor the left. Yiyao felt the clothes were sticky, for she had sweated a lot this morning. Then she went upstairs to take a shower and changed a clean camouflage short sleeve.

It seemed that she only had this type of clothes, military uniform.

The car was heading towards Sky City and Chen Zhang was excited, “Captain, why are you going to Sky City? Look for fun or buy something?”

“Look for someone.” Yiyao looked at the scenery outside the window, with a smile.

Chen Zhang wanted to know more, so he asked, “Captain, a man or a woman?”

Yiyao slapped him on his back, “What are you talking about?”

“Ha, captain, I’m sorry. I think you’re looking for a friend.”

“Shut up. Just drive.”

Chen Zhang took a glance at her and felt that she smiled a lot more, so he deduced that the captain must be looking for a man this time, maybe her boyfriend. Thinking of this, Chen Zhang felt that it was worthwhile to come with her today. Anyway, no one had ever seen her boyfriend in C Army.

The more he thought about it, the happier he became, who even began to sing.

An hour later, they got into the city center. With the GPS, they didn’t have to ask for directions, but the military vehicle on the road was too easy to be noticed, which was camouflage green military vehicle. After finding that a lot of drivers and passerby looked at them with curiosity, Yiyao silently closed the window.

This time, if he’s not there again, Yiyao would give up. Her time was so precious and if she wasted all her time on him, her youth would be gone.

Around 11 a.m., the vehicle stopped at the entrance of Yehuang Group.

Chen Zhang looked up at the building and asked with doubt, “Captain, are you sure?”

“Pretty sure.”

Yiyao put on her sunglasses and got off, straightening her back. Seeing this, the security guard was completely shocked, for he had never seen such a handsome female soldier.

“Huh? Where is the security guard I met last time?” Yiyao muttered in a small voice and asked, “I’m looking for Jingyan Ye.”

The security guard came back to his sense and asked politely, “Do you have an appointment, please?”


“Sorry, you can’t meet him without an appointment.”

Yiyao gritted her teeth, “Jingyan, this asshole. I won’t make things difficult for you,” she said and took out a jade token from her pocket and threw it to him, “Give this to him and he’ll know who I am.”

The security guard knew that the jade was worth a lot of money and was about to go in to give it to Jingyan when he suddenly remembered something that Mr. Ye had informed a few months ago, so he cautiously asked, “Excuse me, may I know your name?”

“Duan, please.”

Duan? The security got serious. Then he found that the lady said “Jingyan Ye” instead of “Mr. Ye”. Could she be his goddess? “Miss Duan, please come in. I will immediately go to inform Mr. Ye.”

Yiyao was confused. What’s going on? Why did she feel being respected this time?

Remembering what happened last time, she was still a little upset, so took the jade from the security guard and said, “Thank you. I’ll wait outside.”

The security guard didn’t dare to retort, for she was too powerful. And what he could do was to obey, “Then, Miss Duan please wait for a moment. Mr. Ye will come down soon.”

Yiyao waved at him. It was weird to be called “Miss Duan”. She felt uncomfortable.

Leaning against the car, Chen Zhang asked her, “Captain, who did you come to see? He even makes you waiting?”

“A boy.”

“Ah?! Not a boyfriend?!” Chen Zhang just said what he was thinking.

Yiyao glanced at him, “Of course not.”

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