Chapter 295 – 296: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 295: Arranged Date

Mary had already prepared dinner when Kris got back home.

“Go wash your hands. It’s time for dinner.” Mary walked to him with a dish, dressed in an apron.

Kris felt so happy when he saw this. He had been waiting for this day for almost three years.

“Fine.” Kris smiled. He walked to Mary and put his arms round her waist from behind, kissed her cheeks and said: “You are so beautiful.”

“Go wash your hands.” Mary blushed. She felt shy, even though they had lived together for so long.

Mary then set the table when Kris went to wash his hands.

“Mary, where is mom?” Kris asked.

“She went to my grandma’s place.”

“Grandma?” Kris’ brow furrowed. “You never mentioned her before.”

Mary gave Kris a glance and said: “Where do you think my mom is from? Of course I have a grandma. But there is very little contact between us these years, and my mom seldom visits her.

Kris nodded. When he and Mary got married, none of his mother-in-law’s relative showed up, so it’s normal that he didn’t know this person.

“You know Tang Family? It was once richer than Su Family. My mom told me that twenty years ago, Tang Family was also well-known in Westriver City. So my mom married beneath her when she married into Su Family. But Tang Family went into decline because of my uncles. They are lazy and they don’t know how to do business, so they drained the wealth of the family.”

Kris nodded. No wonder he never heard about it. It fell into decline. In Westriver City, there are hundreds of families of different sizes. And every year, some small families are gobbled up, and some small families rise up, which are all normal occurrences.

“Eat dinner. I made fish. It’s your favorite.” Mary picked a piece of fish to Kris. Kris tasted it and said: “It’s so good. My wife is a wonderful cook.”


At this time, in the villa of Tang Family, everyone was sitting around the table, enjoying the dinner.

The one seated at the seat of honor was the old lady of Tang Family, and beside her seated Jane and the two younger brothers of Jane’s, Yuan Tang and Zhong Tang.

“Sister Jane, it’s been such a long time since you came back. What’s the occasion?” Chunli Wu, Jane’s second brother’s wife, raised her eyebrows and said.

“Yeah. Do you look down upon us because Tang Family is in decline?” Danfeng Li, Jane’s third brother’s wife, said.

Both of them are from small families and they married into Tang Family expecting to enjoy its richness, but unexpectedly, Tang Family fell into decline very fast, which disappointed them to the core.

“Is this how you talk to big sister? Yuan Tang stared at them and said: “Apologize to big sister!”

“It’s okay. Forget about it.” Jane waved her hand. She got divorced, and she had no confidence without Su Family’s support.

“See? Sister Jane doesn’t mind herself, and why do you have to make a fuss over it?” Chunli stared at him.

Then the younger generation in Tang Family looked at Jane mockingly. Honestly speaking, they had no respect for their auntie at all.

“Auntie, what kind of gifts are you giving us? Doesn’t uncle give you money?” Xue Tang, Chunli’s daughter, said to Jane.

“How is that possible?” Jane smiled awkwardly, and she held back what she wanted to say.

She came back to tell them that she was divorced, but they mocked her even before she had the chance to say so.

“When they learned my true purpose to come back, they would surly kick me out of the family.” She thought to herself.

Tang Family was then basically ruled by her sisters-in-law, and if they didn’t take her in, there was nothing she could do.

“Enough. We should feel happy for Jane’s coming back. Eat your dinner.”The old lady said. Then everyone was quite.

“Jane, here, it’s your favorite chicken.” The old lady picked a piece of chicken to Jane.

“Mom, why don’t you also pick a piece to Xiaolong. He is your grandson and he also loves chicken a lot!” Then Chunli took the whole plate of chicken and placed it in front of her.

“Xiaolong, here, eat the chicken.”

“Mom, I don’t like…” Xiaolong Tang wanted to deny but then he saw his mom’s fierce stare, and he got so frightened and he put many pieces of chicken into his mouth.

“Oh, my son loves roast pork.” Danfeng said, then she pulled the plate of pork to herself, and said to Jane: “Sister Jane, why don’t you eat the vegetables? Look at the cabbage. It’s very fresh. Our family grow it!”

“Danfeng, this is way over the line!” Zhong Tang slapped the table violently and his son was frightened and cried.

“Zhong Tang! Who do you think you are? Look at yourself ! You would be starved if you didn’t have me!”

Zhong Tang felt his face was burning. He said: “I’m full!” and then just left the table.

“What are you all looking at?” Danfeng rounded her eyes and everyone looked down.

Jane felt very uncomfortable. She never expected Tang Family to fall this much within a few years.

Jane quickly ate her dinner and then left.

It was nine o’clock at night. The old lady was telling Jane what had been happening in Tang Family in recent years, and Yuan Tang and Zhong Tang were also listening beside.

Jane learned that her sisters-in-law had taken control of the family’s finance, and without their money, Tang Family would have already be broken. That’s why, they were treating members of Tang Family like servants. And they had no scruples about verbally abusing them and even using violence. Even the old lady was leading a very tough life.

When the old lady was telling the story to Jane, tears streamed down her face.

Jane was both shocked and irritated. “These two blood dragons!” She said. Then she looked at her brothers and said: “Are you still men? What the hell were you doing when our mom was bullied? Didn’t you fight back at all?”

“Fight back? How can we fight back when we have no money? She has got all the money and we don’t have a say in this family now.” Yuan Tang said bitterly.

“Jane, you are must leading a good life in Su Family. I heard Su Family is now cooperating with Huanyu Group, and it will soon become a second rated family, not a third rated family. So, maybe you can help us.” Zhong Tang said.

“Jane, Zhong Tang is right. Su Family is so rich and maybe you can ask your husband to borrow us some money, then we can do some business. We will absolutely pay it back when we make enough money.” Yuan Tang said.

“Yeah. Jane, you are their big sister, and you should help them when they are in trouble.” The old lady grabbed Jane’s hand and said: “I don’t have much time left, and the only wish of mine is to see your brothers bring Tang Family back to its feet. Then I can meet your father in heaven proudly.”

Jane smiled bitterly and said: “Mom, they are my dear brothers, and I will surly help them when they are in need.”

Yuan Tang and Zhong Tang looked at each other smilingly when they heard this.

“Jane, you are the best. I know you wouldn’t stand by and do nothing!”

“Here is my plan. Big brother and I found a profitable project, and we need to invest five million dollars in the early period. So, can you borrow us five million dollars?” Zhong Tang asked.

Jane sighed. She knew she would only be accepted by Tang Family when her brothers assume the power of the family. So she must help them. Besides, five million dollars is really not a big deal for her.

“Here, I can give you eight million dollars, but you can not fail me. I want you to make Tang Family great again!”

“Thank you my dear sister. We will never let you down.” Yuan Tang and Zhong Tang were so excited. The old lady was also rather pleased. That night, Jane transferred the money to them.


It was noon the next day, Kris arrived at Westriver University through a taxi. He got off the car and saw Qiaoqiao Liu was already waiting for him at the gate. She was dressed in a plain way: a white skirt, a pair of white shoes, and she wore light makeup. She embodied all the qualities Kris expected from a girl:youth, vigor, and innocence.

“Kris, you are here. Let’s go. My parents are waiting for us.” Qiaoqiao got hold of Kris’ arm. Then Kris left with Qiaoqiao, and people around cast glances of jealousy towards him.

They arrived at Westriver Family, a restaurant that is rather famous in Westriver City and it is known for its authentic Westriver local food.

It wasn’t a very expensive place. Each meal only costs a few hundred dollars, so average people could also afford to eat there.

“Mom, Dad, we are here.” Qiaoqiao walked in, and her parents were very glad to see their daughter, but their face set when they saw Kris, who was standing beside Qiaoqiao.

“Kris, this is my mom. This is my dad, and that is my…brother?”

When Qiaoqiao saw her brother, she was taken aback. She asked: “Brother, why are you here?”

Dan Liu smiled and said: “Why can’t I be here?”

“Qiaoqiao, what is going on? Who is this man?” Gaoshan Liu asked. His brow furrowed.

“Dad, he is Kris. My boyfriend.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr and Mrs Liu.” Kris greeted them.

“You silly girl, you can not bring all kinds of people to this place.” Cui Xu stared at Qiaoqiao. Then she said to a young man beside her smilingly: “Qi Huang, this is my daughter Qiaoqiao. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. I have asked her roommates.”

Qi Huang smiled and said carelessly: “It’s alright. Let him take a seat. How much can he eat?”

Chapter 296: An Outburst

“Qi Huang is so generous.”

“Qi Huang is from a great family.” Cui Xu said. Then she cast a scornful glance towards Kris and said: “Unlike some people, Qi Huang would never debase himself by going to a place where he is not wanted.”

She made her point very clear. But Kris didn’t mind. He smiled and took a seat.

Then Qi Huang asked for a menu and said: “Mrs Xu, please order whatever you like, don’t worried about the price.”

A giant smile spread across Cui Xu’s face when she heard this and her eyes were sparkling.

“Mom, let me have a look.” Dan Liu took the menu, pointed at the most expensive cuisines and said: “I want this shrimp, and this bird’s nest, and……” Then he looked at Qi Huang ingratiatingly and said: “Qi Huang, do you want some alcohol?”

“Order some.”

“No problem.” Then Dan Liu shouted to the waitress arrogantly: “Bring me two bottles of your best wine!!”

“What’s the matter with you? Why can’t you save some money for Qi Huang?” Cui Xu said.

“Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.”

“You see? My brother-in-law said it is not a big deal.”

“What are you talking about?” Qiaoqiao said angrily.

“I didn’t say anything wrong.” He passed the menu to the waitress. Then he said: “Qi Huang said he will give our family a million dollars and a BMW as gifts if you marry him. Mom and dad have already agreed.”

“Qiaoqiao, you are not a kid anymore, and I want you to be happy.”

“Mom, I’m still in college and I don’t want to get married.”

She hardly finished when Gaoshan Liu slapped the table violently and said: “How dare you! I raised you, supported your life and education, and now I found you such a wonderful husband, why are you still complaining!”

Qiaoqiao bit her lips and said: “But dad I already have a boyfriend.”

Qi Huang laughed. He said: “Qiaoqiao, I don’t mean to judge you, but look at the man you brought here. Look at the way he is dressed. Can he be more shabby?”

“It’s okay to be poor when you are only dating, but if you want to get married, money is essential. I promised your parents. If you marry me, your family will get a million dollars and a BMW which worth five hundred thousand dollars.”

“I object!”

“What do you mean you object? Why can’t you think about your brother. He is thirty years old this year and in our village, people at his age have already got children!” Cui Xu’s face set.

“I have already found your brother a girlfriend. But her family wants us to buy a car and a house in town. Besides, they want three hundred thousand dollars as betrothal gifts. We are just country folks. Where shall we find so much money? So you need to understand us and marry Qi Huang.”

“Mom, how could you….” Qiaoqiao looked at her mother in disbelief. Is she selling her so that she can have enough money to find her brother a wife? Qiaoqiao could never believe such a thing should happen to her.

“We are here to inform you, not to discuss with you.” Dan Liu smiled. “Mom and dad brought you up, and now it’s time for you to make a little bit contribution to this family.”

“You can marry him if you want to. I’ll never do that.”

“Shut your mouth! Your brother is right. You have to marry, or you are no longer my daughter!” Gaoshan Liu stared at her furiously.

“But…” Before she could say anything, the waitress knocked the door and walked in.

“Sir, shall I open the wine?”

“Yes.” said Qi Huang.

The wine was opened, and the waitress filled their glasses.

Qi Huang stood up, raised his glass and said: “Mr and Mrs Liu, allow me to raise a toast for you. I promise that I will treat you the way I treat my own parents from now on.” Then he looked at Qiaoqiao smilingly. He thought Qiaoqiao was even more beautiful than her photo, and he was so lucky to have such a charming wife.

“Good, good.” Gaoshan and Cui Xu nodded constantly and they couldn’t be more satisfied with their son-in-law.

Gaoshan drank his wine and said: “Jesus, I have never tasted such delicious wine in my whole life!”

Qi Huang heard it, and then said to the waitress: “I want another two bottles of this kind of wine, and we are taking them back.”

“Qi Huang, that’s not necessary. It’s too expensive.”

“Mr Liu, it’s really not a big deal. You are my father-in-law, and of course I need to buy my father-in-law some wine.”

“Nice…nice..” Gaoshan was so happy, and he didn’t know what to say.

Cui Xu stared at Qi Huang admiringly. She felt so lucky to have a son-in-law this generous.

“Dan Liu, you should also toast Qi Huang. When Qiaoqiao and Qi Huang get marriage license this afternoon, we will be a family.”

“Here, Qi Huang, let’s have a drink.”

They clinked their glasses and drank their wine in a gulp.

Qiaoqiao was in a state of shock. “What? We will get the licence this afternoon? No! I won’t go, and I’ll not marry him. Did you even care about how I feel about this?” Tears were streaming down her face.

“Knock it off Qiaoqiao. You are so lucky to have Qi Huang as your husband, and you should take it gladly. I think you read too many books and now you can’t even think straight.”

Gaoshan and Cui Xu’s face set when they heard what Dan Liu said.

“I am sending you to a rich family to enjoy life! Why do you have a problem with this arrangement? Your brother is right. You read too many books!” Cui Xu poked at Qiaoqiao’s head.

“Enough! When you get marriage license this afternoon, you should drop out of school. What is the point for a girl to study so much? You have to get married in the future and why don’t you get married to Qi Huang now, so that you can keep the bloodline of Huang Family going.”

“You.. How could you..” Qiaoqiao shivered with anger when she heard what he said.

Kris could no longer put up with it. He stood up and said: “Mr and Mrs Liu, don’t you think it is highly inappropriate to force Qiaoqiao into marriage? It is a modern society and everyone should have the right to make her own decisions about marriage.”

“Keep your mouth shut. Who the hell are you? Qiaoqiao is my sister and I can decide whom she should marry, and it is none of your business.” Dan Liu said angrily.

“It is his business!” Qiaoqiao dried her tears and said: “He is the father of my kid, and it is his business!”

“What?!” Everyone froze when they heard it.

“Is she pregnant?” Qi Huang looked at her parents questioningly.

“I won’t marry anyone else other than Kris. I have been pregnant for three moths and it is a very goog opportunity to tell you about it.” Qiaoqiao pushed her belly forward.

Kris felt his head was buzzing, and he thought the show she put on was way too dramatic. Then Qiaoqiao grabbed his hand and stroked his palm secretly.

Kris then sighed and stood up. “I’m so sorry, Mr and Mrs Liu, I should have told you earlier.”

Disbelief was written all over their face. Gaoshan pointed at them and he was too angry to say anything. Cui Xu stomped her feet and said: “You crazy girl! ! You are pissing us off!!”

“I think you are lying to us.” Dan Liu’s brow furrowed. He couldn’t believe it.

“If you don’t believe us, we can go to a hospital now and check it out.”

“You are so shameless.” Dan Liu’s face darkened. He knew Qiaoqiao very well, and he knew Qiaoqiao was telling the truth when she talked so confidently.

“You are worse! You are thirty years old and you still live with our parents. Don’t you find it shameful? People at your age in our village all went to another place to work. What kind of contribution did you make to the family?”

“You!” Dan Liu felt his face was burning. “I kill you, you shameless jerk!” He shouted, then he delivered a punch at Qiaoqiao.

Kris reacted quickly and he grabbed his hand in an instant. “Talk peacefully, and never hit a woman.”

Dan Liu tried to withdraw his hand, only to find Kris’ grip was so firm that he couldn’t break away at all.

“Let go of my hand!”

“What are you doing? Let go of his hand!” Cui Xu shouted and was about to scratch Kris’s face. Her nails are long and sharp, and Kris released Dan Liu’s hand to dodge her scratch.

“Are you alright? Are you hurt?” Cui Xu asked Dan Liu concernedly. She was very protective of her precious son.

“How dare you! How dare you!” Gaoshan rounded his eyes and said: “What the hell did I do to deserve a shameless daughter like you!”

Then he slapped Qiaoqiao violently. So fierce was the slap that a distinct handprint was left on Qiaoqiao’s face.

Qiaoqiao covered her face. Tears brimmed in her eyes. She said: “You prefer boys and you hate me because I’m a girl. Why? Why does he always get whatever he wants? And why did I have to earn my own tuition since I was in middle school? Why do I have to wear some other people’s clothes? Please tell me why!”

Qiaoqiao could no longer hold herself back. “I covered the expense of college all by myself, and you didn’t support me with a penny, so how can you ask me to drop out? How can you manipulate my marriage, and my life? I’m not your puppet!”

As far as she could remember, her parents never cared about her. When she was in middle school, she collected empty bottles to sell to meet the expenses of school. And when she was in high school, she helped younger students with their homework in her free time to raise money.

She remembered there was one time when she went to a student’s place to teach him, she almost got raped by that student’s father, who was very drunk at that time. She was so afraid and she went back home and told her parents about it, hoping to be comforted, but her parents only scolded her.

She had finally seen the nature of her parents. Then she grabbed Kris’s hand and left the room without even looking back.

“You bastard!Come back!” Gaoshan was furious and he slapped the table nonstop.

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