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Chapter 295: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 295 I Just Want to Hug You Because I Miss You Too Much(1)

“Oh.” Chen Zhang was very frustrated, for he originally had wanted to show off before everyone. Then he thought: The captain is so awesome that she even has a younger brother in such a large company.

Over here, the receptionist also got excited when she heard that it was Miss Duan. She suppressed the urge to run out to see the goddess and called the secretary department with trembling hands.

“Hello, this is the receptionist.”

“What’s the matter?” The person on the phone was quite impatient.

“Please tell Mr. Ye that there is a girl whose surname is Duan looking for him.”

The person who answered the phone happened to be Xuan Zhao, and then she frowned, saying: “A girl whose surname is Duan? Mr. Ye doesn’t have an appointment with this Miss Duan today, get her out of here.”

After saying that, Xuan hung up the phone without waiting for an explanation.

The receptionist was stunned and said to the security guard: “She hung up the phone.”

“Call her again! Or we’ll both lose our job.” The security guard urged her.

The receptionist continued to call, and she said at once after the call was answered: “I am the receptionist ……”

As soon as she finished saying the four words, Xuan said: “I have told you that Mr. Ye is very busy today. How do you do your work!” Then she hung up again.

The security guard became anxious and thought: What can we do now?

“Why don’t you go up and inform Mr. Ye yourself?” The receptionist said.

“I inform him?”

“Yes, hurry up. If this Miss Duan gets tired of waiting and leaves, we will be screwed.”

The security guard immediately nodded, saying: “Then watch out the condition of the gate for me, I’ll go up there.”

“Okay, go now.”

Then the security guard went straight to the elevator. He had never been to the president’s office, and he only saw Mr. Ye when he went to the office and got off work every day. He had even never talked to the president, so he felt very nervous and his heart was beating fast this time because now he would talk to him alone.


The elevator went to the highest floor, and the security guard directly found the president’s office. Then he took a deep breath and knocked on the door, for the sake of saving his own job.

“Come in.” Jingyan Ye said from inside.

The security guard carefully pushed the door, and found that all the senior executives of the company, and a few secretaries were in the office. No wonder he did not encounter anyone outside.

Everyone was a little surprised at the appearance of the security guard, wondering what is he doing in Mr. Ye’s office?

The sweat on the forehead of him emerged and his throat was very dry, making him not know how to speak.

Jingyan looked up from a large pile of documents to be signed. After recognizing him as the security guard who stood at the gate every day, he asked in a low voice: “What’s the matter?”

“Well …… Mr. Ye, there is a lady downstairs whose surname is Duan looking for you.”

The security guard’s voice was very small, but Jingyan heard his words and jerked up from his chair, passing through several senior executives to come to him and asked excitedly: “What did you say?”

Then the security guard became even more nervous: “Well……Miss Duan……”

“Where is she?” Jingyan interrupted him.

“At the gate of the company. She said that she is waiting for you down there……” Before the security guard finished his words, Jingyan quickly left out of the office and was gone.

Everyone in the office also became quite excited. After seeing Jingyan leave, they all gathered around to ask the security guard: “Is it a girl whose surname is Duan?”

He nodded.

“Is she good-looking?” Someone asked, gossiping.

The security guard recalled and said: “She’s very cool.”

“Not pretty?”

“Of course she’s pretty.”

The people in the president’s office got excited, who all wanted to meet Mr. Ye’s goddess.

Then a general manager said: “I think we should leave first. Now that Mr. Ye’s goddess is here, he probably won’t be in the mood to work for a while.”

“That’s right, let’s go back.”

In less than a minute, the people left the office, who were all eager to meet the goddess by all means.

The security guard walked at the end of the crowd and was called by Secretary Wang, who asked him in a low voice: “You can ask the receptionist to just call the secretary department to inform this thing, why did you come up by yourself?”

Then he answered helplessly: “The receptionist has made two phone calls, but the secretary kept saying that Mr. Ye was busy and he would not see Miss Duan. So I have no choice but come up here.”

Secretary Wang’s changed his expression slightly, asking: “Are you telling the truth?”

The security guard said seriously: “Why should I lie to you, Secretary Wang? If you don’t believe me, go back and check the phone records. I’ll go down first.”

Secretary Wang closed the door of Mr. Ye’s office, and a trace of indifference flickered in his eyes. He thought: Just now, only Xuan was in the secretary department. So if what the security guard said is true, then this thing is done by her.

Fortunately, the security guard ran up to personally inform this thing. If he had not done that……and Mr. Ye transferred his anger on the entire secretary department……

Thinking of the result, Secretary Wang wanted to slap Xuan. She is quite good at work, but how can she be so scheming in the matter of Mr. Ye.

No, he must teach this girl a lesson to make her realize that she can not unscrupulously interference in the private life of Mr. Ye by virtue of her relationship with Mr. Ye.

In the elevator.

Jingyan was so nervous and excited that his heart was about to jump out. He thought: Is it really her? It feels like a dream..

Chapter 295 I Just Want to Hug You Because I Miss You Too Much(2)

The smooth and clean elevator inner box reflected his excited face, Jingyan Ye looked to the reflective surface of the elevator and fixed his hair and clothes, hoping that she would not be disappointed when she saw him.

When he walked out of the elevator, Jingyan kept telling himself to slow down a little to be elegant enough, but his brain could not control his movements at all. And he almost ran to the gate of the company. Then he saw her there.

A woman in camouflage uniform stretched her elbow on the car behind her, whose legs slightly curved. She wore sunglasses and was talking with the man beside her about something with her rosy lips and pretty white teeth, being quite beautiful.

It was her, the woman he met in Africa.

He had thought that he would be relieved to see her, but his heart beat faster and faster, as if a deer was bumping so fast in his heart that it would run out of his chest. At that moment, she was the only one left in the world, and the only thing Jingyan could see was just her smile.

He could no longer lift his feet and he was completely stiff. He was afraid that this was a dream, which would be disillusioned as soon as he approached her.

After finding that a tall man ran out of the gate, Yiyao Duan smiled brightly when she met him in the eyes, thinking: It is him, whose eyes are the best memory for her.

However, this guy looks much more manly and handsome than he was as a child.

When he was a child, he was simply a beautiful porcelain doll. But now he is a real man.

Yiyao then hooked her index finger towards him and said aloud: “Jingyan, come here.”

The one who was called strode towards her, as if he had been released from an immobilization spell.

“Yiyao, you’ve finally come to me.” He said.

Yiyao then took off her sunglasses and pinned them in her collar, revealing her dark eyes, which were filled with laughter: “Now you are really something, I even need to make an appointment to see you.”

Jingyan smiled awkwardly: “You can come to meet me at anytime and in anywhere.”

“Not bad, you still haven’t forgotten me.” Yiyao laughed.

“For so many years I have been waiting for you to come to see me, so how could I forget you?” Jingyan suppressed the extremely strong feeling that came to his heart, and his palms were already sweaty.

In contrast, Yiyao was much more natural. She reached out her hand and patted him on the shoulder, sighing with emotion: “The little child who used to follow me has grown up. How time flies!”

Then Jingyan’s shoulders numbed. And he suddenly wanted to hug her after glancing at her smooth and wheat-colored skin.

He had already embraced her into the arms as he thought so. She was thin. Although she was wrapped in the loose camouflage uniform, he could still feel her well-proportioned muscle, which probably was the result of her long-term training. And there was a faint smell of laundry detergent on her, which was quite clean.

After seeing them hug, Chen Zhang almost screamed. Oh my God, how should the captain say that he was not her boyfriend! If he was really not her boyfriend, how could he hug her? And how could he look at her with such deep affection?

Yiyao stiffened for a few seconds, because in addition to him, no man could hug her so intimately since she was a child. But the strange thing was that she did not reject him at all. And he smelt quite good, not like those smelly men in the military camp, who always had the smell of sweat.

Gradually, her body softened and she patted his back like a big sister, smiling: “Why are you still so clingy after all these years of not seeing you?”

He was so tall that her head only reached his chin.

Jingyan then lowered his head and smiled lightly. He is never clingy to anyone except to her.

He reluctantly let go of her, then Jingyan smiled gently: “I miss you too much, so I just want to hug you.”

“You are still good at saying pleasant things, which has not changed.”

Jingyan smiled lightly after hearing her words. He seemed to only say good things to her.

Yiyao then found that the entrance of the company, which was empty just now, now had many more people coming in and out, who were all looking at them.

Thinking that her own identity was too special, Yiyao said: “Let’s go and find a place to eat. I’m starving.”

Jingyan immediately said: “What do you want to eat? I’ll take you to eat.”

“Of course you have to buy me a meal, now that you’re the boss of a big company while I’m just a poor soldier.” Yiyao deliberately teased him.

After listening to her words, Chen tutted, thinking: The captain’s little brother and boyfriend (to be determined) is actually a big boss. But ……he still thought that this good-looking man is not worthy of the captain. After all, the captain is the goddess of the C army.

“I can invite you to as many meals as you like. What do you want to eat?”

“Spicy food. I like to eat spicy food.”

“I see. Do you want to go by car? The place is not very far, it is only a block away from here.”

Yiyao looked at her car and said: “Forget it, let’s walk. My car is too conspicuous.”

“Actually, your outfit is also very eye-catching.” Jingyan laughed.

“Is it?” Yiyao lowered her head to look at her clothes, then she took off her jacket quickly and threw it on the car, leaving a black T-shirt on her body, which revealed her good figure to a greater extent. She had full breasts, slim waist, and looked very healthy because of her exercise in her daily life.

“Let’s go.” Yiyao said very indifferently.

But Jingyan’s ears gradually turned red, who blamed himself in his heart for him being too long-tongued. Why did he say her jacket is conspicuous? It is clear that she is even more eye-catching after she took off it.

While Chen had long been familiar with such scenes, besides, he dared not to blaspheme his goddess of blaze. Then he asked Yiyao, being quite calm and shameless: “Captain, I have to follow you, because the instructor has commanded that I could not leave you.”

“Aren’t you talking nonsense? What will you eat if you don’t follow me?”

“That car……”

“It’s okay that the car is placed here.” Jingyan smiled and said.


Then they walked in the direction of the restaurant. And Yiyao curiously asked about his experiences over the years. It seemed that the two people had just separated from each other yesterday, and there was absolutely no awkward situation of having nothing to say after a long time of not seeing each other for them.

Behind them, the employees of Yehuang Group all swarmed out to visit them instead of hiding, who were all quite excited. And many of them even talked to each other about Jingyan and that woman.

Chapter 295 I Just Want to Hug You Because I Miss You Too Much(3)

“So Mr.Ye’s goddess turns out to be a soldier! She looks so great!”

“Those ordinary women really can’t compare with her outstanding temperament.”

“And she even drove a military car to come here, so her rank should not be too low.”

“Have you noticed that Mr.Ye acts like a good student in front of her, and he does not look like a president at all, which could prove how much he cares about his goddess……”

Some people admired her, while other people envied her.

“I thought she was extremely beautiful, but she actually just looks quite ordinary.”

“Yes, she is a far cry from the beautiful women in our company.”

After listening to those words, someone found it very unpleasant and refuted them at once: “She is a military officer who protects the country. Can you do that?”

Then the two women curled their lips and dared not speak again.

Seeing the three people disappear in the street, they went to eat and exchanged their views about this gossip. And the topic that was most discussed was Jingyan Ye’s active hug towards his goddess.

A few minutes ago, in Secretary Wang’s office.

“Xuan Zhao, why did you hang up on the receptionist? And the receptionist also clearly told you that someone was looking for President Ye.”

But Xuan said, being quite self-confident: “That person did not have an appointment. Besides, Mr.Ye was holding a meeting with the senior executives, and you were also there.”

“You forgot what you were told on the day you started to work, right? If a girl whose surname is Duan looks for Mr.Ye, then no matter what time it is, you have to inform Mr.Ye at once.” Secretary Wang reminded her coldly.

Xuan remembered it at once. Indeed, how could she forget about this thing?

“Well……I’m sorry, Mr. Wang. I was too busy just now, so I didn’t hear the receptionist say that the girl’s surname is Duan……”

Secretary Wang interrupted her chicanery and said sternly: “Xuan Zhao, this Miss Duan is vital to Mr.Ye, and if she leaves again today because of you, leading that Mr.Ye does not see her, then not only you, but all of us in the secretary department may be fired.”

Then Xuan became quite unpleasant and muttered: “How could it become so serious?”

“You think it’s not that serious? Do you know that Mr.Ye personally issued this notice the day after he took office? Do you know that Mr.Ye modified the private voting procedure of the people of the company and added a specific option to state that Miss Duan is the goddess in his heart? He can fire five secretaries without hesitation. Xuan, don’t ever think too highly of yourself, because maybe you are completely nothing for other people.”

Secretary Wang’s words were very stern, but the only thing Xuan kept thinking about was just one sentence: The goddess in his heart.

How could a superior man like him have a goddess?

He should be the Prince Charming for women.

When Secretary Wang saw her lost in thought, he knew that she started to think about something else again, then he shouted: “Xuan!”

Xuan did not want to be fired because of this trivial matter, so she had to say: “Mr. Wang, I came to work in Yehuang Group quite late, so I did not know about this notice issued by Mr.Ye. And it also because that I was careless and forgot the things I was instructed to do on the first day of work. I am wrong, but I did not mean to do it, and I dare not to do it again.”

Seeing that Xuan was quite sincere, Secretary Wang kind of believed in her words even if he was annoyed with her. And now he also felt much better after he gave vent to his anger, so he began to talk more gently: “Xuan, Mr.Ye does not know about this thing, and I will not tell him. But if you do that again, I think he will not forgive you even if you and Mr.Ye have a personal relationship.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wang. Don’t worry, I won’t do that again.”

“You can leave now.”

Xuan walked out and respectfully closed the door, only then did she secretly gave a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Jingyan did not know about this thing, so she would not have to bother herself to explain it to him.

However, she was curious about what the woman who was regarded by Jingyan as his goddess was really like.

She soon found the answer of her question. Because in the staff canteen at noon, the people all around were discussing the goddess. Xuan sat down beside a few female staff members who were in a good relationship with her, holding her dinner plate. And she paid attention to their conversation after saying hello to them.

“I really didn’t expect that Mr.Ye likes that type of woman.” A beautiful woman said.

Another woman said at once: “Mr.Ye may not like her, after all, those who are regarded as goddesses are admired by people.”

“Hum, then how could Mr.Ye take the initiative to hug the goddess if he does not like her? That’s the aloof Mr.Ye. Which female employee in the company have you seen him smile at?”

Hearing this, Xuan’s hand shook, and the potato on his chopsticks fell to the dinner plate.

Jingyan……took the initiative to hug a woman?

“Is that woman pretty?” Xuan couldn’t help but ask.

“Have you not seen her?”

Xuan said, being slightly embarrassed: “I just happened to have something to do at the time, so I didn’t see her.”

“Oh, Mr.Ye’s goddess is a female military officer. She’s beautiful and has a very outstanding temperament. And after she took off her camouflage uniform, her figure was seen, which is definitely the best I’ve ever seen.”

The more her colleagues praised her, the more jealous Xuan felt in her heart.

She would have accepted it if this Miss Duan had been as beautiful as Chuxue Ye. But she was just a female military officer, and how could Jingyan regard her as a goddess? In her impression, those female military officers were all burly and brawny, could it be that Jingyan is simply greedy for novelty?

The two people who were being talked about by all the women of the company were sitting at a class Sichuan restaurant, eating and reminiscing about the past.

“You were just a coward back then. By virtue of your powerful family background, how could you not fight back when the little fat boys surrounded and beat you? If I had been you, I would have hit them at once, being careless about who them were.” Yiyao Duan was full of guts, being quite excited when she talked about the things that happened when he was a child.

Jingyan barely ate and focused on refilling her bowl with food, while Yiyao ate whatever he picked up for her with his chopsticks.

He said with a smile: “Actually, I was trying to fight back, but in the end you appeared, so I naturally followed you since then.”

Yiyao glanced at him with a smile: “So you were pretending to be dumb at that time.”

“No, I thought it was good to follow you at that time, and I was sad for a long time after you left.” Jingyan said after a while, “I don’t know how many times I read the letters you wrote to me, but how come you didn’t write to me in the end?”

Chen Zhang, who had been trying to make himself invisible became excited after hearing his words. Then he thought: Oh my God, I swear on three months of braised pork in brown sauce, this man definitely likes my captain. But my captain might simply take him as a good brother.

Yiyao kept eating: “I got into the military school as soon as I graduated from high school, and I was too busy afterwards. Besides, my school was not convenient to write letters, and then something also happened, which I can not tell you. Anyway, I just didn’t write to you anymore because all kinds of reasons.”

Jingyan had understood the reason why she did not write to him when he knew that she might be a soldier. And now he just wanted to fulfill a wish he had as a child by asking her about it.

“Don’t always pick up food for me, you eat as well.” Yiyao also picked up a piece of meat and put it in his bowl.

“You don’t need to care about me.” Then Jingyan inadvertently saw a scar on her left arm, which seemed to be a knife scar, and he couldn’t help but ask, being a little worried: “Yiyao, it’s been hard for you all these years.”

“Hard for me?” Yiyao was quite confused, and she smiled indifferently after noticing his gaze, “Ah, this scar was left during the execution of the mission, and it didn’t hurt much.”

But the more indifferent she was, the more heartbroken Jingyan felt. Because the scar showed that she often got hurt in her daily life.

“I have medicine at home that specializes in scar removal, no matter what kind of scar, it will make it disappear. I will bring it to you tomorrow.” The elixir that Jingyan said was Dr. Han’s ointment.

But Yiyao refused him directly: “No, I’m not that effeminate.”

“But you are a girl, you can’t……”

Before Jingyan finished his words, Yiyao became serious at once and she looked at him in the eyes and said in a slow but serious tone: “Jingyan, I am a soldier first and a woman second.”

Jingyan was stunned and looked at her with a complicated expression, and he was silent for a long time before he sighed and said: “Yiyao, I am worried about you.”

Chen had a cold shiver, thinking: Shit, how sweet are his words! I even want to get a small copy of his words on a notebook, which can be used when I find a girlfriend later. But Yiyao did not receive Jingyan’s love signal at all, and she even laughed and patted him on the shoulder, treating him like a brother and said: “Well, this is my old scar, left when I did not quite know how to fight in the past. But no one can hurt me now.”

And Chen immediately boasted: “Our captain perennially occupies the first place of the major lists in the C Army, and no one is her opponent, from the senior officer to the insignificant soldier. She even often sighs that how could she wait for a defeat alone at such a young age!”

Yiyao turned around and glared at him at once: “Who do you hear the nonsense from?”

“I’m not talking the nonsense! Your honor roll has been posted in the bulletin board. And the first day I joined the army, our squad leader led me over and pointed to your picture and told me, “See, this is your goal. If you can beat her one day, you’ll be the king of the soldiers.” Chen imitated his squad leader’s speech very well, which made Yiyao laugh.

Chen’s words were true, almost every new recruit had heard of Yiyao’s heroic deeds. At first, everyone thought it was just a common female soldier, but when they actually walked onto the training field and entered the actual battle drills, they realized how awesome she was.

Jingyan smiled slightly, feeling happy and sad for her in his heart at the same time.

He had envisioned that the grown-up Yiyao was excellent, but he didn’t expect that she would be so excellent, which was all because of her hard work.

“Don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense, it’s not that legendary.” Yiyao was very modest, which was quite rare.

But Chen insisted in describing his captain into the most awesome person on the world in front of Jingyan: “Captain, I didn’t add any inflammatory details.”

“Alright, eat your meal.”

“Oh.” Chen immediately shut up and lowered his head to eat his food. He always obeyed Yiyao’s orders unconditionally.

Jingyan smiled silently, thinking that how alike this little soldier who was full of admire and he were when he first met Yiyao!

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