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Chapter 296: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 296 Maybe She Did Not Like You (1)

“Are you free this afternoon?” Yiyao Duan asked him.

“No.” Jingyan Ye said seriously, completely forgetting about the pile of documents on the table.

“Well, you can accompany me to have a good look around Sky City this afternoon, it’s been a long time since I’ve been back, I almost don’t know my way around.”

“Okay.” For this request, Jingyan was very pleasant, and he suddenly thought of something and asked, “Do you have a cell phone?”

Yiyao snorted and laughed, “Jingyan, we are a modern army, how come we don’t have a cell phone?” Saying that, she took out her cell phone from her pocket and said, “What’s your number, I’ll call you, but I don’t bring my cell phone with me when I’m training and on missions, so it’s likely that the message you send today, it will take me a long time to see it.”

“That’s okay, I’ll call you when you’re free.” Then he reported his cell phone number, and soon, his own cell phone rang. He took a glance at it and remembered her number, then solemnly entered the contact.

Yiyao saved the mane “Jingyan Ye”, and put the phone into her pocket and said, “I can still spend some time in Sky City this time, and I’m not too busy, I’ll contact you when I have time.”

Jingyan was happy, and invited her, “Just … stay at my house at night, and my house is very large, and there are not many people ……”

“No, we’ll go back at night,” Yiyao picked up chopsticks and continued to eat, completely without seeing his instantly dimmed eyes, “We have rules that we can’t stay out overnight, and we have morning exercises tomorrow morning.”

“I know.”

Jingyan was upset a few seconds, and quickly picked up his spirit again. Today he had known a lot, and could not greedy too much.

The days are still long, he has to take his time ……

When the meal was almost finished, Jingyan’s cell phone rang. He looked at it and hung up directly. He didn’t expect the man to be relentless and call again.

He pressed the answer button and before Jingyan could speak, Chuxue Ye’s extremely excited voice came, “Brother, where is Miss? I want to see her.”

Chuxue’s voice penetrated very well, and Yiyao’s hearing was very good, and when she heard the name “Miss”, she raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Jingyan smiled at her with embarrassment and said to his sister, “We are eating, you ……”

“Where? I will immediately go over.”

Jingyan immediately stopped her, “No, we finished, and we still have things to do in the afternoon. Just mind your own business.” After saying that, not waiting for Chuxue to say more, he quickly hung up the phone.

Come on, a man was enough, and then a sister, how did we go shopping? And according to my sister’s character, she would definitely say a lot of amazing words.

“I almost forgot, you have a sister.” Yiyao put down her chopsticks, and Jingyan was considerate enough to hand over the draw paper.

“She’s just a naughty girl.” When Jingyan spoke of his sister, his tone was faintly doting.

As if there was something occurred to Chuxue and she sent a text message: dear brother, are you afraid that I disturb your date? You have been waiting for more than 20 years for Yiyao, just let you off the hook this time.

Jingyan shook his head with a bitter smile.

In the afternoon, Jingyan accompanied Yiyao to walk around the streets of Sky City, because of his special eyes, no matter where he went, there were people frequently peeping at him. In desperation, when he passed by an eyeglasses store, he went in and bought a pair of sunglasses.

When he came out, Yiyao looked at him several times and asked with a frown, “Have I seen you somewhere before? Not to say after disappearing.”

Jingyan smiled, through the thin lenses he looked at her more recklessly, “You remembered? I thought you would never remember.”

Yiyao was even more surprised, “I’ve really seen you?”

“More than two years ago, I went on a trip to Africa ……”

Yiyao stared at him in a daze, covering her mouth in surprise and asking incredulously, “The man who …… was almost eaten by a lion, was you?”

Jingyan nodded, “It’s me.”

“This is too much of a coincidence,” Yiyao dumbfounded, “We met two years ago, but did not recognize each other?”

“I was wearing sunglasses, so it’s normal that you didn’t recognize me.”

“Yes, it’s changed too much, but you didn’t recognize me either, so we’re even.” Yiyao spat.

“Well, it’s even.” In the eyes she couldn’t see was the deepest light.

The time slipped past Jingyan’s sunglasses as they walked and talked. When they passed by women’s clothing stores, bag stores and cosmetic stores, he wanted to go in and buy a lot of things to send her, but he was afraid of being laughed at by her, so he didn’t dare to act rashly.

At four o’clock, they returned to the Yehuang Group and Yiyao said, “We’ll go, I’ll call you when I’m free.”

Jingyan tugged on the woman’s coat without thinking, and boldly asked, “Can I …… come to see you?”

Yiyao frowned, “It’s not very convenient.”

“Well ……” Jingyan was upset.

Yiyao raised her hand to pinch his face like she did when she was a child and said with a smile, “I’m happy to see you today. You, the big boss, should work hard and try to add to the country’s economic construction, you know?”

“This doesn’t conflict with going to see you at all.” Jingyan did not resist her touch at all, but was happy. Just the words he said made him like a little child who could not ask for candy.

“How old are you? still pampered, I’m leaving.” Yiyao didn’t have the slightest bit of attachment, just turned around and jumped in the car and instructed Chen Zhang to drive.

Jingyan became more and more frustrated and was so anxious that he called her by her full name, “Yiyao Duan, why are you so heartless and just go?”

Chapter 296 Maybe She Did Not Like You (2)

Yiyao Duan laughed and scolded, “Brat, I came so far to see you, but you say I am heartless?”

“But …… but ……” Jingyan Ye didn’t know what to say, all the requests he wanted were not within her permission, what else did he say?

Yiyao treated him as a very good little brother, only to know that he was genuinely sorry to let her go, so she hugged him through the car door , patting his shoulder comfortingly, “In the morning I just said that you have grown up, it turns out that you are still a little kid. All right, call me if you need anything.”

This hug slightly relieved his pain of parting, and while Yiyao’s hand was still around him, he immediately hugged her tightly. The last time was like this, she left without a word, and he was too young to stop her. Today was also the same, even when he grew up and had the ability but he still could not stop her from leaving.

Because he knows what the person he loves carries, that is her faith and pride, so he understands her, respects her and will fully support her.

What’s more, he has no qualifications or status to ask her to stay.

Witnessed that the green car drowned in the traffic, Jingyan was still standing and refused to go upstairs. He did not know when they could meet each other after this separation.

“The car has gone , the charm of the lady is really powerful.”

Jingyan needn’t to turn around that he knew it was his sister, his sighed and looked back at her, “When did you come out?”

“I saw you as soon as you came back.” Chuxue Ye said with a smile.

Her dessert house is next to the company, and she saw the military car had been, so she knew they would definitely come back. She asked the staff to keep an eye on at the door, and did not expect that before dark, the staff ran in to tell her that Mr. Ye had returned.

So the reluctant look and action of her brother were seen by her. If she was an ordinary woman, she would sink in his tender feelings, but she is Yiyao, and she did not think about these things and didn’t understand his mood.

“Brother, I look at the Miss, she should only take you as a brother, right?” Chuxue poked Jingyan right in his sore spot.

Jingyan stopped his tracks and turned his head to glare at her, “Noisy.”

“Was I right?” Chuxue shook her head and guessed, “Brother, you haven’t confessed your love to her yet, have you?”

Jingyan hesitated for a moment and said in a deep voice, “It’s not time yet.”

Chuxue shrugged her shoulders, “No wonder. Brother, you’ve only been rejecting people for the past twenty years or so… do you still confess your love?”

Jingyan held her shoulders and turned her in the direction of the dessert house, “You don’t have to worry about this, I’ll handle it myself, okay?”

“Okay, if you need anything just consult me, I am a girl and know what girls like to hear.”

“She is not the same as you, well, I still have a pile of documents in my office, you go home by yourself later.”

Chuxue beamed and walked towards the dessert house.

When he was quiet, the corners of Jingyan’s mouth involuntarily curved up. He held a quarterly report in his hand, but before his eyes was always Yiyao’s face. She left not even ten minutes ago, Jingyan found himself starting to miss her. And he also overestimated his own strength that he couldn’t focus on his work.

He took off his cell phone and looked at her number. He really wanted to call her but he controlled himself and put it down.

Taking a deep breath, he told himself to calm down. Just called her after two hours of serious work. Then Jingyan’s concentration was pulled back to his work.

The sky outside was turning dark, Jingyan processed the documents quickly and perfectly. He must finish today’s work, even if it is overnight, there is no way to put off today’s work until tomorrow.

Time flied, and there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Jingyan looked up from the pile of documents and saw Xuan Zhao enter.

“Mr. Ye, I’ve ordered a meal, just take a break and have some dinner.” Xuan said gently.

Jingyan’s gaze returned to the documents and said indifferently, “No, I’m not hungry.”

Xuan had been accustomed to his rejection, indefatigable said, “Mr. Ye, I’ll finish these documents now…”

“No, it’s not late to sort it out tomorrow morning. It’s too late, just go back.” Jingyan’s attitude was kind, because he was in a good mood today.

“It’s only after eight o’clock, there’s nothing to do at home, so I might as well help you ……”

“It’s after eight o’clock?” Jingyan interrupted her words, picking up the phone at hand, the time shown on it was 8:20 pm.

“Mr. Ye, do you have any arrangements?” Xuan asked.

Chapter 296 Maybe She Didn’t Like You (3)

“Go out, there’s nothing going on here.”

Originally full of expectation, Xuan Zhao instantly confused, not daring to linger any longer, she just turned around and slowly walked out. When she closed the door he heard Jingyan Ye say, “Have you arrived? I’ve just been busy ……”

That voice, a gentle one that she had never heard before.

It was that woman …… he was so nervous about time, actually just to call that woman?

Xuan’s hands clenched together, she could not wait any longer, because Jingyan’s soul were seduced by her. What chance did she have?

But, what should she do? She had to think about it.

In the office, Jingyan said softly, “…… I haven’t eaten, almost hungry …… I’ll eat after I finish my work, didn’t you say, let me work well… . well, just do your work, bye.”

Only she could hang up his phone.

He shook his head with a bitter smile, and continued to work.

When all the documents were finished, it was already eleven o’clock at night. Jingyan stretched his sore arms, closed his eyes for a while, and then picked up his phone and car keys and went home.

When he closed the door of his office, Jingyan walked to the elevator and found that the lights of the secretariat were still on.

It was so late, who was still inside?

He knocked on the door and the woman looked up in shock, she saw it was him before smiling and saying, “Mr. Ye.”

“Why haven’t you left yet?”

“I was afraid you would have any orders, so I waited.” Xuan said.

“Well, you can leave now.” Jingyan turned around and left. Xuan took her bag and shut off the computer and lights as fast as she could, and sprinted after he. She squeezed in while the elevator doors were still open.

“Sorry Mr. Ye, can I take your elevator down? The other one has some time to come up ……”

“Okay.” Jingyan responded indifferently.

Xuan sneered in her heart, she had come in, did he drive her out? She glanced at the president who looked indifferent, secretly took a breath and said, “Mr. Ye, I want to learn more about finance, can you recommend some books to me?”

“Finance? Why?”

“There is nothing wrong with learning more, in case I need it in the future?” Xuan said the reason she had prepared before.

“You can ask the finance department, I know little about this.” Jingyan excused her, temporarily forgetting what his major was in university.

Xuan was refused, she chose this topic because she learned that one of Jingyan’s university subjects was financial management, but now ……

“Thank you, Mr. Ye, I will consult it tomorrow.” It seemed that there was no disappointment in her tone.

When they reached the first floor, Xuan exited the elevator, while Jingyan continued down to the negative level of the underground parking lot, today he would drive home personally.

The first thing Xuan did was to get to the bus stop on the way to Jingyan’s house. There were very few cars on the street late at night, not to mention the people waiting for bus.

Seeing Jingyan’s car slowly drive closer, Xuan pretended to look at the bus. As she expected, the car stopped in front of her.

Jingyan saw her early, originally he wanted to drive straight through, but the character of a gentleman made him stop the car. He was Xuan’s boss, what if something happened to her?

“Get in, I’ll take you back, it’s not safe for girls at night.” Jingyan rolled down the car window and said indifferently.

“Thank you, Mr. Ye.” Xuan pulled the passenger seat door straight away and sat in.

Jingyan frowned slightly, but did not say anything.

“Thank you, the overnight bus is quite different to wait for at this time.” Xuan said thanks again.

“Where do you live?”

Xuan said an address, and once Jingyan heard it, it happened to be on the way.

The atmosphere in the car was silent, Jingyan did not want to chat, because he was already tired after a busy day.

But how could Xuan let go of such a good opportunity, “Mr. Ye, I heard that Miss Duan came to see you today.”


“Everyone says she’s pretty and elegant, and she’s a female officer.” Xuan pretended to praise, her primary goal now was to dispel Jingyan’s wariness of her. He had been indifferent to her ever since he had brought her breakfast last time.

Sure enough, the lines on Jingyan’s face softened a lot, the corners of his mouth took on a light smile as he smiled and said, “She’s very good.”

Very very good …

Xuan’s heart was tightly wrapped in vines, but she had to pretend to smile, “Mr. Ye, is it convenient to say how you and she met?”

“We’ve known each other since we were kids, when we were in kindergarten.” When Jingyan mentioned Yiyao Duan, he talked more.

Xuan froze for a moment, kindergarten?!

That was too long, longer than she had known Jingyan.

“Wow, so Mr. Ye and the female officer are real childhood friends. Are you going to get married?”

Jingyan was silent for a moment and said in a firm tone, “We will get married.”

“Then will the female officer be discharged from the army? What else will you do when you get married?” Xuan asked.

Jingyan stunned, ask Yiyao to discharge from the army? How could that be possible? He only said that scars on a girl’s body were not good to look at, and she reprimanded him. If he asked her out of the army, then the person who was abandoned must be him.

“Just talk about it in the future.” Jingyan ended the conversation with a single sentence.

Xuan glanced at his face, well, she couldn’t say anymore, if she said more and she would be kicked out of the car. It was enough to make him aware of the disconnect between them.

When he returned to the Ye family villa, it was after twelve o’clock. He took a shower and lay on the bed, and then quickly went to sleep.

The next day, when Jingyan went downstairs for breakfast, his mom, dad and sister were already sitting in the dining room.

When he saw his sister’s smiling face, he knew that his parents already knew about yesterday’s incident.

“Congratulations, your long-cherished wish has been fulfilled for many years.” Kerry smiled and congratulated him.

“Thank you, but you must not involve in this matter.” Jingyan glared at his sister and affirmed in advance.

Kerry disdained and skimmed, “Well, your mother and I do not have so much free time, but I heard Chuxue Ye say, that girl does not seem to have special intention for you!”

When thinking about this, Jingyan was a little frustrated, but he still shrugged his shoulders and confessed, “Yes, what does it matter? I can chase her, slowly, we are better off now than you and my mother were back then.”

“Boy, grow up, right? Even make fun of your father!” Kerry said very unhappily after being exposed.

But Jingyan smiled, not afraid of him at all, but said to Venus, “Mom, why didn’t you take me away? If you did so, we two would have lived like gods and goddesses, how comfortable the life was!”

“If you had left, what would I have done? Wouldn’t there be no me?” Chuxue heard this and said in an exasperated voice.

“Yeah, what do I need you for? Trouble ghost.” Jingyan laughed and struck her.

As soon as the words fell, a cup of milk rose up in the air and came straight at Jingyan, who stopped the cup of milk in front of him.

“Talk, just talk, do you want to fight?”

A few buns also flew over, interspersed with Chuxue’s laughter, “I’m angry, you call me a trouble ghost.”

Jingyan could not beat her, and hurriedly abandoned the table and fled, saying, “Chuxue, you just rely on the fact that your ability is more profound than mine. Don’t use your super powers.”

“You just rely on the fact that you are two years older than me, but still can not beat me.” Chuxue was very proud.

At that time, in the dinner room, Jingyan ran, it seemed that milk, buns, bread and a bowl of porridge and chopsticks had wings and eyes, just chasing him.

“Do you apologize?!” Chuxue easily commanded her weapons and asked with a smile.

Jingyan bristled, “No, you told Mom and Dad about Yiyao.”

“I do, I like it, I’m happy, what do you care?”

They two were making a scene, such tricks Kerry and Venus had seen countless times, and were not interested in it. They just ate their meals, later they had to go to S City. They heard that the Xiao parents have returned to recuperate in the Xiao family. As the only elders of them who still alive, they were supposed to visit them.

The battle between the two ended with Jingyan’s apology and Chuxue’s victory.

“Play is play, of course we will not interfere with your affairs, but I want to remind you that Yiyao is a soldier, she belongs to the country, so she is not destined to be with you often, this point you should consider clearly. A long distance relationship does not apply to everyone.” Kerry said seriously.

“Dad, if she agrees to be with me, I will definitely respect her choice and will never leave her. Besides, there will always be a day when she retires from the army.” Jingyan smiled confidently.

Venus looked at her son appreciatively, “That’s good, that’s what boys should do. Mom supports you.”

“Thanks a lot, mom.”

“If I were to say, the Miss may not like you, she may want to marry a general.”

“You’re looking for a fight, aren’t you?” Jingyan stared at her.

“It is possible that … don’t beat me…”

The next few days were really as Yiyao said, Jingyan was afraid of disturbing her training, he usually sent a message in the morning or evening. It seemed that the message was on a green train, it would be responded in a few days. And there were also only a few words, I am busy these days.

Jingyan looked at the late information, what could he do? He wanted to hear her voice, Jingyan immediately called her when he received the text message, sometimes Yiyao answered, and sometimes directly hung up.

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