Chapter 297 – 298: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 297: Two Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars

Cui Xu patted on his back and mumbled: “Crazy girl!”

Dan Liu’s face also set.

Qi Huang thought he was a joke. He almost became a father of another man’s kid! His face darkened. He stood up silently and was about to leave, but Dan Liu grabbed his wrist and said: “Brother-in-law, where are you going?”

“Who the hell is your brother-in-law? Look at yourself! What makes you think you can be my brother-in-law? Let go of my hand.” Qi Huang was annoyed.

“Qi Huang, it’s not like that. My daughter was only lying. She doesn’t even have a boyfriend. How could she be pregnant?” Cui Xu said apologetically.

“Do I look like a fool to you? Your daughter got pregnant before she got married! She is rotten! And you want me to marry a rotten woman? Stop daydreaming!” Qi Huang was so angry.

“Then, at least you should pay the bill. I know we are wrong, and we will make it up to you.” Gaoshan Liu sighed heavily.

“That is a very nice thing to say. But I won’t pay for the meal. Deal with it yourself.” Then he broke away from Dan Liu and walked away.

They all froze.

“Gaoshan, I think this meal is rather expensive. Can we afford it?” Cui Xu looked at the expensive cuisines concernedly.

“Let’s get the waitress first.” Gaoshan sighed heavily and called the waitress over.

“How much should we pay?”

“Please give me a moment.” The waitress smiled and began calculating. A minute later, she said: “Sir, the bill comes to two hundred and sixty thousand and three hundred dollars. And you only need to pay two hundred and sixty thousand dollars.”

“What? Two hundred and sixty thousand dollars? What is it? A robbery?” Dan Liu was frightened. He stood up and shouted: “It can’t be that expensive! There are eighteen cuisines in total and the most expensive one is only three thousand and eight hundred dollars. How can it be so expensive in total?”

Gaoshan and his wife were also frightened. They said: “Madam, I think you miscalculated.”

The waitress was very patient. She explained: “Don’t worry sir, we didn’t miscalculate. The cuisines are not very expensive but you ordered four bottles of wine, which alone costs two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.”

“What? A bottle of this wine costs more than sixty thousand dollars?” They were in a state of shock.

“Madam, can we return these two bottles? We didn’t drink a lot from them.”

“I’m sorry sir. They are opened. So you can’t return them.”

“Dad, mom, can we afford it?”

“You jerk! Why do you have to open every bottle? Can you drink them all?” Gaoshan shivered with anger. They didn’t even have twenty thousand dollars, to say nothing about Two hundred thousand dollars. All the money was squandered by Dan Liu in the gambling.

“Dad, I was only afraid Qi Huang would regret and return the wine.” Dan Liu said. He knew the wine was expensive, and he wanted Qi Huang to buy him two bottles so that he could show off in front of his friends. But he didn’t expect it would cost so much.

“Oh, right, Qi Huang ordered the wine, and we can ask him to pay for it.” Then Dan Liu called Qi Huang.

“What is it?” Qi Huang asked carelessly.

“Brother Huang…”

“I dare you to call me Brother Huang again!”

“Oh, sorry, Mr Huang. I’m Dan Liu, Qiaoqiao’s brother. Here is the thing. Do you remember you just ordered some wine? And now we need to pay the bill but we don’t have that much money. So could you please come over and pay it for us?”

“Go to hell!” Qi Huang said. Then he hanged up the phone.

Dan Liu looked at his parents sorrowfully. Now they were doomed.

“Sir, if you don’t have cash, you can also use your bank card or alipay.”

“Hi, I have got an idea.” Dan Liu walked to the waitress and whispered: “Now I can pay you two hundred dollars in cash, and as for the rest two hundred and fifty-nine thousand and eight hundred dollars, I can pay you later by installments.”

The waitress’ face darkened. Then she made a call and said: “Room 208 on the second floor. Someone doesn’t pay the bill.”

“Got it. We will be there soon.”

Dan Liu and his parents were all frightened. They said to the waitress: “Madam, Of course we will pay. We promise.”

They hardly finished when the door was opened violently and seven or eight muscular security guards rushed in.

“It is them.” The waitress pointed at Dan Liu and his parents.

“How dare you! Beat him, then send him to the police station!” Then the security guards pressed Dan Liu to the ground and kicked him violently. They focused on Dan Liu because they knew the other two were too old to survive their blows and kicks.

“Oh my god! Stop it! You are killing my son!!” Cui Xu patted her legs anxiously. “Gaoshan! Do something! He is our only son!”

“Mom, dad, save me. They are killing me!” Dan Liu moaned and cried in pain, which attracted the other customers’ attention.

The waitress then bowed to them and apologized: “We are sincerely sorry. This man doesn’t pay the bill.”

“What? He wants to eat free food?”

“Beat him harder! This is what he deserves!”

“Teach him a good lesson!”

Many people exclaimed. Some of them took their phones out to record this.

“Stop it!! My son!!” Cui Xu squeeze into the crowd and shield her son with her body. “Kill me first if you want to hurt my son!”

“Mom! Call Qiaoqiao! She must have the money!” Dan Liu yelled.

“Right! Gaoshan, Call Qiaoqiao!”

Qiaoqiao was then talking with Kris.She looked at Kris shyly and said: “Kris, I’m sorry for what just happened.”

Kris laughed. He didn’t say anything, but he was truly shocked by what Qiaoqiao just said. He realized how independent, and how mentally strong this girl is. She was never loved by her parents, but she still managed to grow happily. Most importantly, her soul remained pure despite all the nasty experiences she had. And Kris thought it was rare to find a girl like this in the modern society.

“Dry your tears. You are ruining your makeup.” Kris passed a piece of tissue.

Qiaoqiao took it and said: “Thank you, Kris.”

“You are welcome. Come, I’ll send you back to school.”

Qiaoqiao nodded, and then, her phone rang. She checked it, and was hesitant.

“Why don’t you pick it up?”

“Oh, it is a scam call.” Then she hanged it up.

And Dan Liu was so frightened. He called again and mumbled: “Pick up the phone, or your brother will be killed.”

Qiaoqiao was still hesitant. Kris realized what was going on and told her to pick it up. And then Qiaoqiao finally answered the phone.

“Qiaoqiao! Mom and dad were almost beaten to death! Come and save them!”

Qiaoqiao’s phone dropped when she heard it.

“Kris, we need to go back to the restaurant.” Then Qiaoqiao got hold of Kris and rushed back.

When they got back, they found Dan Liu was beaten black and blue, and her parents were perfectly fine. And Qiaoqiao realized she got fooled by her brother.

Dan Liu sighed with relief when he saw Qiaoqiao, and Cui Xu grabbed Qiaoqiao’s hand and said: “Qiaoqiao, you are finally here. If you don’t come, your brother will be beaten to death.”

Qiaoqiao’s face set. “What is going on here?”

“Madam, your bill comes to two hundred and sixty thousand dollars. How do you want to pay?” The waitress asked unkindly.

“What? Two hundred and sixty thousand dollars? How could it be so expensive?” Qiaoqiao couldn’t believe her ears.

“Qiaoqiao, I know you have the money. You have got to help your brother. He is the only son of the family!” Her mom said.

“Mom! Where do you expect me to find so much money?” Qiaoqiao got anxious. She only had ten thousand dollars.

“How about this. I can pay you ten thousand dollars now and I will repay the rest in the future.”

“No! Either you pay the bill now, or we will call the police. It’s not a small sum. Think about how much time will you spend in jail.” The waitress was rather tough.

And then, the security guards pressed Dan Liu on the ground again. Dan Liu cried in pain. Cui Xu and Gaoshan rushed to Dan Liu but some guards got hold of them.

“Let go of my mom and dad!”

Qiaoqiao was angry. What happened that day was absurd, but they are still her parents.

“Catch her as well!”

Then two men walked towards Qiaoqiao.

At that moment, Kris stood in front of Qiaoqiao and said: “Calm down! I’ll pay the bill.”

Everyone present froze. The waitress eyeballed Kris and burst into laughter. “Are you kidding? I know you can’t take out so much money just by the way you are dressed.”

What she said sent the crowed into fits of laughter.

“How funny! This guy is also a member of the family, right?”

“You should figure out who you are first.”

“Showing off always comes with a price!”

Chapter 298: Dear son-in-law

“Beauty, he has the money. Let him pay for the bill and leave us alone.”

“Let us go, please.” Gaoshan Liu and his wife begged, looking at the waiter.

The waiter ignored them with a cold smile, saying, “You need to think about it twice. It’s not easy being a hero. If you say you will pay the bill, but you have no money, you have to afford all the consequences.”

Everyone knows the boss of Westriver Restaurant, Yifa Wang, is a man of the boss of Dynasty Hotel. It’s said that Youming Zhou gave Yifa the money to run the restaurant.

That is to say, Youming is also a major shareholder of the restaurant.

Those who dare to have a dine and dash will come to no good end.

“Kris Chen…”Qiaoqiao Liu said.

“It’s OK. I will bear all the consequences alone.” Kris interrupted Qiaoqiao and said. Kris looked at the waiter with a smile.

At that moment, a young man came up from behind. “What’s going on?” He said.

“Mr. Wang, someone came to our restaurant for a dine and dash! They ordered four Chateau Petrus and all the specialty dishes. That costs a total of 260000 dollars.”

At that moment, the beautiful waiter went to the side of Yifa and said.

Yifa frowned and looked at the three men held by the security guards.

What the hell?

Who dares to come to my restaurant for a dine and dash? Where did he garner his courage?

At that moment, people of the boxes next were more energize when they saw the boss came out.

It’s a good show. They all wanted to see how would Yifa deal with the matter.

Yifa’s face clouded when he felt the eyes of those around him. Youming said he would come to the restaurant to check it out today. What would he think if he saw this?

“What are you doing? Why don’t you take some actions? What if you interfere with other people’s eating?” Yifa roared at them.

Seeing Mr. Wang was angry, the waiter and security guards shivered all over.

“Mr. Wang, he said he would pay for them. He came with the family.” The waiter pointed to Kris and said stutteringly.

After seeing who the waiter pointed to, Yifa’s face clouded in an instant.

Oh my god, are you kidding me?

Can this poor guy afford 260000 dollars?

Isn’t it a joke?

“Are you stupid? If he can afford it, will they still be held by us? Why don’t you use your head?” Yifa stared at the waiter and said.

“What the hell are you still standing here? Get this guy for me.” Yifa said .

As soon as Yifa said that, two big men rushed over from the side.

Fuck, the boy made our boss angry. We must teach him a lesson.

They was about to seize Kris.

But there was a cold look in Kris’s eyes and a powerful momentum burst out from Kris.


The two men were instantly overwhelmed by the momentum to the ground.


At that moment, the crowd was in an uproar and everyone was shocked.

Yifa was surprised but angry. How dared the boy fight back?

The boy was courting his death. He had the nerve to beat the guards in front of Mr. Wang.

Is he crazy? Doesn’t he know Mr. Wang is Youming’s men?

People who were in the boxes next couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh.

“Fuck, beat him to death!”

As soon as Yifa roared that, the few remaining guards pounced on Kris.

Just then, a rich voice came from behind, “Yifa, what’s going on?”

Hearing the voice, Yifa shivered all over. “Stop it! Stop!” Yifa said immediately.

“If Youming sees I start a fight in the restaurant, I will be dead.” Yifa thought.

Hearing what Yifa said, several security guards froze in place and didn’t know what to do.

The footsteps came nearer and nearer. The next moment, a middle-aged man in a white Tang suit with two balls in the shape of lion’s head in his hands appeared in the public eyes.

Someone in the boxes next recognized him.


Oh my god, isn’t he the boss of Dynasty Hotel, Youming?

Why’s he here?

Many people sucked in a breath. They didn’t expect that they could see him here.

The boy is really screwed. Here comes the real bigwig.

After seeing Youming, Yifa hurried over to greet him, saying, “Brother…”

However, Youming ignored him and walked past him.

After seeing Kris, Youming trotted over, lowering his head in the humble manner of a servant. “Sir, why are you here?” Youming said.

“Cant’ I come here?” Said Kris, glancing at Youming.

After hearing what Kris said, cold sweat started out on Youming’s forehead. “What’s going on? Kris sounds like he is not in a good mood.” Youming thought.

Youming bent with a smile, saying, “Sir, of course you can come here.”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw that.

Oh my god!

How could this be possible?

Why Youming is so respectful to Kris? Those who don’t know them would think Youming is Kris’s servant.

Yifa was stunned.

“Oh my god! How could Youming know Kris and be so respectful to him?” Yifa thought.

The next second, he thought of a possibility.

Since Youming called him “Sir”, is he the one who…

At that moment, Yifa was dripping cold sweat.

Youming has always told people around him that Kris is the person he most grateful for in his life. If it hadn’t been for Kris, Youming couldn’t have made so many achievements.

So, whenever they see Kris they must be polite. If anyone dares to offend Kris, Youming will show no mercy.

Yes, the one who Youming pays much respect to must be Kris.


Yifa knelt down in front of Kris, saying, “Sir, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I have offended you and I deserve to die. I beg your pardon!”

Yifa kowtowed as he apologized.

Oh my god!

Seeing this, everyone’s eyes were about to pop out.

They rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were wrong.

How’s that possible?

The boss of Westriver Restaurant knelt down directly before the young man.

The waiter and security guards were almost limp with fear.

Who is the young man? Why Youming laughed so humbly and Yifa knelt down?

Gaoshan and Cui Xu looked at each other. They felt their hearts were about to break.

What happened was too exciting.

Dan Liu was scared out of his wits when he remembered what he had said to Kris.

Qiaoqiao looked at Kris with an adoring face.

She clenched her fists tightly. The last time she was at Qianjun Hotel, she knew Kris is a big shot.

But since the boss of Dynasty Hotel respects Kris so much, he is surely much important than a big shot.

He is so handsome when he acted as if he were above others.

At that moment, Qiaoqiao’s heart quivered uncontrollably.

Such a man is the perfect prince charming for all women.

After seeing Yifa knelt down and kowtowed, Youming had a moment of enlightenment.

Then Youming kicked Yifa to the ground and said, “What did I tell you? Who gave you the courage to offend Kris?”

“I tell you, if Kris doesn’t forgive you today, you are dead.” Youming said. Youming’s lungs burst with anger. He wondered why Kris was indifferent and it turned out that Yifa had offended him.

Youming had warned them repeatedly, but he didn’t expect that they still offended Kris.

Yifa broke into a cold sweat.

Yifa knew Youming meant what he said. If Kris didn’t forgive him, he would be dead today.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He banged his head on the ground with a loud noise that made people shudder.

The blood on the ground was even more frightening.

“Come on, who are you performing it for? Don’t talk about fight and kill all day. A businessman should act like a businessman.” Kris said.

“Yes, you’re right. I will bear it in mind.”

Youming always takes what Kris said as the pattern. Youming bears every word Kris said in mind firmly and then acts out.

“Get up. You are a disgrace.” Youming shouted at Yifa.

Yifa hurriedly got up from the ground and bowed to Kris, saying, “Thank you, sir. Thank you.”

Kris took a bank card out of his pocket, saying, “Take this card and pay. Don’t hold me up.”

“Sir, it’s my pleasure to have you here. How can I take your money?” Youming looked at Kris with reverence and awe and said.

“Sir, I can’t take your money. In fact, the real majority shareholder of the restaurant is you. This is your own restaurant.” Yifa said.


Yifa’s words caused a public shock again.

They felt so stimulated today that they were almost numb.

Kris frowned and looked at Youming.

“Sir, you own 51 percent of this restaurant. You are the majority shareholder.” Youming explained immediately.

“Sir, this is for what you have done to me. I do it voluntarily and hope you can take it.” Youming said with all due respect.

Kris didn’t say anything and thought for a moment. “I appreciate your kindness. Give my share of the profits to charity. You’ve made enough money and it’s time to contribute to the society.” Kris said.

“Yes!” Youming said.

Youming felt what Kris said deeply and his admiration for Kris has deepened.

“I’m leaving now. Next time you call these guys over for a drink.” Kris said. As Kris spoke, he hold Qiaoqiao’s hand and was about to leave.

“Kris, my parents…”Qiaoqiao said.

“They can go with you.” Yifa said obsequiously.

“Thank you.” Qiaoqiao said.

Qiaoqiao nodded her head and went to support her parents, whose legs were so weak from fear.

After seeing they left, Dan Liu climbed up from the ground, saying, “Wait for me!”

And so, with the crowd’s eyes in awe, they left.

When they went outside, Gaoshan walked to Kris with a smile, saying, “Dear son-in-law, when will you marry Qiaoqiao?”

Cui Liu also looked at Kris with fervid eyes. Kris is so excellent! Qi Huang is nothing compared with Kris.

She didn’t expect that her daughter found such a great boyfriend without telling her.

Why don’t you tell me you’ve found such an awesome boyfriend? There’s no need for me to worry about.

After hearing what Gaoshan said, Qiaoqiao’s face was red.

Her ears were all red.

“Dad, what are you talking about?” Qiaoqiao said. She lowered her head in shame and dared not look at Kris.

“Silly girl, why are you shy? Your baby is three months old. Do you want to give birth to it before you get married?” Cui Xu walked to Qiaoqiao and said.

“But it’s not a bad way. It’s not a rare thing in the countryside.”

At that moment, Dan Liu walked over and rubbed his hands together, saying, “Brother-in-law, you’re so rich. Can you give me some money…”

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