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Chapter 297: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 297 It’s a Date (1)

Unlike before, Jingyan was so concerned about her when he didn’t know her whereabouts; now knowing she’s somewhere in Sky City yet not being able to meet her, Jingyan felt so annoyed as if his heart had been scratched by a cat.

Yiyao Duan felt the same way, but for a different reason-her father had been urging her to get married. The old master Duan had intended to let her meet new people, maybe a potential boyfriend, by letting her train the new soldiers. But he didn’t expect that she was so responsible and hardworking. His good intentions went in vain.

Seeing Yiyao’s still single at the age of twenty-eight, old master Duan couldn’t stop worrying about her. He had considered introducing her a good boy from the army, but the guys he found were all once beaten by her. They were just too weak, how could Yiyao be satisfied with any of them?

Commander Duan thought maybe she would make it with some ordinary guy out of the army.

“My old army friend has a son. He’s working in the government of Sky City. It’s said he’s a decent and knowledgeable guy. You might want to meet him tomorrow.”

Yiyao was so annoyed on hearing this, “Dad, I will be busy tomorrow.”

“Busy with what? Leave the training work for a day. Let them train themselves. You can inspect them when you come back. Do not disobey me.” Old master Duan sounded so serious.

Yiyao rolled her eyes secretly, “Okay, I get it.”

“And, go buy some girl’s clothes in Sky City tomorrow. Do not wear your army uniform. You will scare him.”

Yiyao rolled her eyes again, “Dad, I am a soldier. It’s normal that I wear my uniform. He’s way too timid if he’s scared by me.”

“Huh? Why won’t you stop talking back? Quit all the nonsense and just go buy them!”

“Fine, fine.”

“Take this thing seriously. Or you’ll be punished. It’s an order.”

“Yes, commander!” Yiyao immediately stood straight and held her head up high, and she almost saluted.

Hanging up the phone, Yiyao threw herself on the bed and whined. What is father worried about? Why is father in such a hurry? I am just twenty-eight!

And I have to buy girl’s clothes? I haven’t bought any girl’s clothes since I became a soldier, and didn’t he know that?

After a little while, she recovered herself from being upset by thinking of her good friend in the Sky City. Yes, he can go shopping with me. He has a good taste. She thought to herself.

Thinking of here, Yiyao dialed Jingyan’s number.

Meanwhile, Jingyan was having a dinner party with the senior directors of the company. Seeing it’s Yiyao’s call, he suspected it was just an illusion. After confirming it’s indeed Yiyao’s call, he rushed out of the booth hurriedly without saying anything.

“Hello? Yiyao?”

“Are you free now? I have something to say to you.”

“I am free. What do you want to say?” Jingyan was lying, apparently.

“I am going to town tomorrow. I am wondering if you can go shopping with me. I want to buy some clothes.”

“Yes, I can.” Jingyan hurried agreed. He had been dying for this chance. But he’ a bit confused, “Why do you want to buy some clothes?”

“Hay! It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.” At the same time, Yiyao heard there’s music on the other side and asked smilingly, “Are you having fun there?”

“No, I am just having dinner with some senior directors of the company.” Jingyan reported honestly.

“Okay, go on with your dinner. I’ll get in touch with you when I get there tomorrow.”


Hanging up the phone, Jingyan felt it so unreal. He stared at Yiyao’s phone number on his screen for nearly half a minute then he finally walked into the booth.

When the people inside the booth saw his happy face, they started to joke, “Hmm, look at that happy smile on his face! She must be a beautiful lady!”

“Mr. Ye is a promising and handsome young man in the Sky City even the whole country. Of corse he should enjoy life…”

“That’s right! We can do nothing but envy him.”

These were all the founding members of the company, some of whom were even promoted by Kerry Ye. So they didn’t have to be too cautious about their words.

Jingyan said humbly, “Please quit joking about me. And Mr. Chen, please attend the meeting tomorrow instead of me.”

“That won’t be proper. The government asked you to be there in person.” Mr. Chen hesitated.

“They only need my opinion. You can go and convey my thoughts.”


The Yehuang Group was so different from what it had been twenty years ago. It had occupied the whole market of Sky City. Branches of Yehuang group could be seen almost everywhere across the country even European countries and America. That’s why Jingyan was so confident. The government could nothing about him, knowing Yehuang Group’s a big tax payer that’s supporting thousands of people in Sky City.

Seeing that Jingyan’s so absent-minded, the senior directors all left the party early before ten.

As soon as Jingyan got home, he rushed into the closet to look for the clothes for tomorrow.

Suit was too formal for shopping.

Shirt was only suitable for a meeting.

There’s nothing suitable for tomorrow. He was wondering if he should buy some clothes, too.

While he was busy looking for the suitable clothes, Chuxue Ye slid in, wearing a long night gown and a mask, without making a sound.

“Oh Lord! What are you doing! You startled me!” On seeing the black-mask face, Jingyan was so scared that he even sat on the floor.

“How about I ask you the same question?” Chuxue pointed the mess on the floor and asked.

“I am looking for something to wear.”

Chuxue picked up a thousand-dollar shirt with her foot and said, “Isn’t it something to wear?”

“Leave me alone.”

Chuxue was so bored anyway, so she asked, “What clothes are you looking for? Let me help you.”

Jingyan looked up and looked at her for a few seconds, then he said, “Yiyao is coming to town tomorrow. I am going shopping with her.”

“Eh eh…” Chuxue felt so funny seeing her brother’s innocent eyes. She ripped off her mask, leaned closer to him and said laughingly, “Brother, a girl always dresses herself up to please a boy. But why are you doing the opposite thing?”

“Leave me alone if you don’t wanna help! I am busy here!” Jingyan knew she would laugh at him. He was kind of regretful for spoiling her.

“who said I won’t help,” Chuxue looked through his closet and pointed a white-shirt, “You need to look young and energetic when you go on a date. A white T-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans should be perfect!”

Jingyan asked doubtfully, “Are…are you sure?”

“Of course! When have I lied to you?” Chuxue held his shoulder and stood up, “Most people dress themselves up to look handsome and classy, both of which you’ve got. Even if you go out wearing a piece of bed sheet, people will consider you fashionable.”

Jingyan smiled bitterly, “It’s so rare to hear a compliment from you.”

Chapter 297 It’s a Blind Date (2)

“Come on, you are my brother! How bad can you be?” Then Chuxue Ye felt a shoe flying at her from the back. She dodged quickly and the shoe fell on the floor.

“What an ungrateful guy!” Chuxue leaned on the door of the dressing room and stuck out her cute head, and asked, “Brother, have you told her that you have supernatural abilities?”

Jingyan said with disappointment, “Not yet.”

“I say, you should tell her as soon as possible. She has the right to know. Don’t wait until it’s too late. By then, both of you will suffer if she can’t accept it.”

For the first time, Jingyan felt his sister got the point. He nodded, “Okay, I get it.”

Chuxue started to smile again, “Brother, you look good whatever you wear. I mean it.”

Jingyan waved his hand, hinting her to leave.

With this matter in his heart, Jingyan had a hard time sleeping that night. Where should I start? Will she accept? Will she think of me as a monster?

His mind was filled with these questions and he didn’t fall asleep until midnight.

The next morning, he put on the simple white but classy and fashionable white T-shirt as his sister suggested, a pair of light blue jeans and a pair of white sport shoes.

Kerry and his wife, who were having breakfast, were surprised at their son’s appearance.

“You’re dressed like this…”

“I am not going to the company today. I need to deal with some personal matter.” Jingyan blushed.

Venus Mu got impressed by her son’s look, “You look great! This is how you should dress yourself! You are too serious all the time! You are only twenty-seven. Don’t always wear suit and tie!”

“Okay Mom.”

Kerry saw through his son easily and smiled lightly, “Are you seeing Yiyao Duan today?”

“Dad, you said you would leave me alone on this.” Jingyan said cautiously.

“Why are you so alerted. I am just asking. Take her home for dinner when the time is ripe. Your mom and I will support you a hundred percent!”

“It’s till up in the air. Please enjoy your meal. I’ll go.” Jingyan took a bite of the bread and left this gossip place hurriedly.

Venus sighed, “Hay! My son has grown up! He’s not mine any more!”

Kerry whispered by her ear, “You’ve got me. I am all yours!”

“Is that so?” Venus thought about what happened last night and asked coldly.

“I make the call on the bed. You make the call off the bed.” Kerry bit her pink earlobe lightly.

Venus pushed him away from her and said, “Behave yourself.”

Kerry leaned himself again on her, “How should I behave? Teach me.”

At this time, Chuxue, who must have arrived at the dining hall sometime earlier, coughed lightly, “Mom, Dad, please, can you care about my feeling?”

“My twenty-five year-old big baby! Good morning!” Kerry said ironically.

Chuxue at in the chair and ripped off one piece of bread and said, “In your eys, I am forever your child! Oh, where’s my brother?”

“He went on a date.”

“How did he look?” Chuxue asked with curiosity.

Kerry said proudly, “come on, he’s my son! Of course he’s handsome!”

“Dad, stop feeling good about yourself, will you?” Chuxue felt great pleasure making fun of her dad.

Kerry threw a Baozi at her and she caught it. She said smiling, “Thanks.”

At ten o’clock, Jingyan and Yiyao met. She was wearing the same camouflage as she was last time, or maybe not. They looked the same to Jingyan anyway.

However, Yiyao was quite fascinated by his appearance. She said directly, “Wow, how come I didn’t realize you are so charming last time?”

Jingyan felt so delighted hearing her say so. He remained humble, “Maybe…because of the clothes?”

“Oh, speaking of, let go buy some clothes for me.”

They met in the city center, so Jingyan took her directly to the nearest shopping mall. He asked, “Why do you suddenly want to buy clothes?”

“I am going on a date, so…”

Her words immediately froze him right where he was standing. Drawing a blank in his mind, he asked, “On a date?”

“Yes, the old man, oh, my dad is forcing me to go on a date. Since when has a colonel needed to go on a date!” Yiyao finished talking and realized Jingyan was not by her side. She turned around and saw him staring at her straight, with a complex expression on his face.

“what happened to you?”

“You can choose not to go.” Jingyan blurted it out.

Yiyao shrugged, “I don’t want to go, either. But my dad said it’s an order. I can’t disobey orders.”

“But…” Jingyan wanted to tell her that he wanted to be her boyfriend so that she wouldn’t have to go on a date. But the words got stuck in his throat. He’s scared he might scare her.

Yiyao smiled, “Why do you even look worried! Come on, let hurry and buy clothes. Lunch time is half past twelve, should be ready before then.”

Jingyan felt something was stuck in his chest and he felt so upset. He said unhappily, “You are such an excellent girl and there must be a lot of guys courting you. Why do you have to go on a date.”

Yiyao laughed, “Come on! I feel nothing about the guys in the army. They all look the same to me. I have never been in a relationship, so my dad is worried about me. He is thinking maybe I can find someone I like out of the army. Here I am, on a date.”

Jingyan felt both happy and upset on hearing this. He was happy that Yiyao had never been in a relationship and he’s upset about the date she’s going soon. Maybe I should let her go since it’s an order. Maybe she will feel nothing about the guy. And I’ve got a hundred ways to screw the whole thing up. No one can touch my woman. He thought to himself.

“Then what kind of boy do you like?” Jingyan stepped on the escalator and asked.

“I don’t know. Let fate decide.”

Chapter 297 It’s a Date (3)

“Fate is the most uncertain thing in the world.” Thinking of her date, Jingyan asked jealously, “Who are you going to date?”

“My father’s army friend’s son. It’s said that he works in the government.”

Jingyan raised his eyebrow and asked, “what’s his name? I know almost all the directors in the government.”

“He’s not a director. He’s an engineer specially hired by the planning bureau. His name is…” Yiyao Duan thought for a while and said, “Oh, Hongguang Wang. Do you know him?”

Jingyan thought hard and shook his head, “No. Never heard of him.”

“Hay! I don’t what he looks like. What if he’s ugly? I am kind of superficial.”

Hearing this, Jingyan started to wish that he’s an ugly guy, an extremely ugly guy.

Then the two reached the third floor, where women’s clothes were being sold.

They entered a boutique and the sales girl welcomed them warmly. The sales girl was a bit surprised to see Yiyao’s uniform, then she showed a smile of hospitality, “Miss, what do you want?”

Yiyao gave this huge task to Jingyan, “Help me. I am not quite good at this.”

“Okay.” Jingyan answered. Then he looked around and picked a long dress with flowers on, which looked conservative because it could perfectly cover her neck and her butt.

“This one. Let her try M.” Jingyan said to the sales girl.

“Okay, a moment please.”

Yiyao took a glimpse at the dress and asked, “Does it look good?”

“Try it on first.”

“Okay.” She took the dress into the fit room. Then when she came out, Jingyan’s eyes glittered. She had a perfect figure. She’s athletic with big boobs and thin waist. The dress showed her advantages completely and made her look so young. But it couldn’t cover the scar on her arm.

“What do you think?” Yiyao asked, not knowing how charming she looked.

Jingyan took a deep breath and smiled, “You look great.”

“Do I?” Yiyao looked herself up and down in the mirror and said, “I’ve never worn a dress before. I feel strange.”

Jingyan walked behind her and looked at the beautiful woman in the mirror, “Lucky that you haven’t, or the guys in the army would have gone wild.”

Jingyan leaned himself close to her with a very natural move, and Yiyao didn’t feel uncomfortable. She laughed, “I’d better stick to my uniform for the sake of the union inside the army.”

“Yes, you are right.” Jingyan was so fascinated by the smell of her body that he was driven by this crazy desire of wanting to reach out his arms and wrap them around her thin waist.

“Then shall we take this or…” Yiyao turned around and her lips touched his cheek just so unexpectedly. Both of them got stunned there.

Deep thrills surged up and down in his heart. How soft those lips were!

Time seemed to have become static and their eyes met, with one being surprised and the other emotional.

The innocent Yiyao broke the silence first, “Oh I am sorry. I took advantage of you.”

Jingyan clenched his hands tight and smiled pretentiously, “So what, you always took advantage of me when we were little.”

“Did I? how come I don’t remember?”

“There are way too many things you don’t remember. I’ve got all of them set down. You can make it up to me in future.”

Then the sales girl interrupted them, “This lady looks great in this dress. Will you take it?”

“Yes, please.” Jingyan said right away.

“Huh? So soon?” Yiyao asked in surprise.

“You can’t be going shopping with a uniform on. Just wear the dress and you can buy more if you want. Besides, you need to change these shoes too. There’s a shoe store next door.”

“Alright.” This pair of military boots indeed didn’t match the dress.

Jingyan asked the sales girl to bring scissors over and removed the price tag for her in person. Yiyao went back to the fit room and folded her uniform carefully and put it in the bag. Then she came out to pay the bill.

“How much?”

“Eighteen thousand.” The sales girl smiled gently.

Yiyao held the dress and cursed, “Damn it, so expensive! It’s almost my one-month salary!”

Jingyan hurried comforted her, “I’ll pay. It’s a gift for you.”

“No.” Yiyao shook her head. She took out a card and handed it to the sales girl. “I’ve saved some money these years. This dress is something I can afford. i just couldn’t understand why a dress costs more than ten thousand. Have I been away from the society for too long or what?”

Jingyan felt funny and warm when he heard her nagging, “It’s not you. Clothes of this brand are always expensive like this.”

“Is that so?” Yiyao put in the password and signed her name unwillingly. Then she took back her card.


Jingyan took the bag and they went to the shoe store next door.

Knowing that she disliked high heels, he chose a pair of white canvas shoes.

“This pair of shoes look great but they are just so easy to get dirty. Go to the training ground once and they’ll turn black.” Yiyao said boldly.

Jingyan smiled bitterly, “You can wear boots when you go to the training ground. Come on, let me help you try them on.”

Sitting on the soft bench, Yiyao watched Jingyan kneeling down and taking off her shoes. She held her chin and looked at him. Then she asked suddenly, “Jingyan, do you have a girlfriend?”

Jingyan looked up and went on with the other shoe, “Nope.”

“You are so sophisticated. You know the size of my dress and my shoes.”

Jingyan explained laughingly, “Because we sell women’s clothes in my company. And shoes, it’s not that difficult.”

When he took off her socks, his heart trembled. The skin on her foot was so white but there’s a scar all the way from the back of her foot to her little toe.

Does she even have a piece of skin without scars?

He controlled himself not to ask where the scar was from. He just help her put on the new shoes and they fitted perfectly.

Meanwhile, Yiyao saw all his moves and his expressions. Something strange arose from her heart.

She suddenly realized that this guy was no longer the little boy he had used to be. He had grown into a real man, a mature and thoughtful man.

What about…

Stop it! He’s my little brother. How could I touch him!

Yiyao ordered herself to put away the evil thought.

After buying the shoes, they went to other stores. To her surprise, the clothes in these stores were much cheaper, but much better both in quality and style.

“Are you sure only eight hundred?” Yiyao asked.

The sales girl nodded, “Yes miss. You are lucky, we are having a discount.”

“The original price is eight thousand. How much percent off?”

“Nine percent off.”

Wow! She’s indeed lucky!

She paid for it and hurried left, afraid that the sales girl might change her mind.

There’s a smile in Jingyan’s eyes. How could he let Yiyao pay? Of course he’s one to pay the rest of the price of the clothes.

Finally, they stood in front of Jingyan’s store.

“Choose whatever you want. They are all on me.”

“I have money. I am not supposed to take even a needle or a thread from people. It’s a good tradition of the army.”

“It’s my store. You want me to earn your money?” Jingyan said seriously.

“Still no. I can’t break the rule.”

Jingyan was at wit’s end, “What about this, I bought a dress for you, and in return, you’ll have lunch with me. It’s called courtesy demands reciprocity, a good virtue of us Chinese nation. How does that sound?”

“I am having a date!”

“How can you take so many things with you? Just go on your date and I’ll just wait for you distantly. I can carry these bags for you and at the same time give you suggestions about this guy.”

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