Chapter 298: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 298 You Have to Be Responsible for Me (1)

Yiyao considered for a while then she finally said, “Fine.”

The sales girl saw her boss and hurried came up, “Mr. Ye.”

“Yes. Go back to your work.” Jingyan Ye didn’t want anyone to take away his great job of accompanying Yiyao.

“Yes, sir.”

Yityao’s eyes had been broadened a lot after walking around with him in the mall. She complemented sincerely, “The clothes in your store indeed look better than that of others.”

“Have a look. Which one do you like?” Jingyan looked at her gently and softly.

Yiyao saw a set of suit and liked it very much. There were lotus on the white back ground and there’s dark pink lotus on the shoulder. The suit could make people look young and energetic.

“This suit looks nice.”

“My mom would be glad to hear you say so.”

“Why?” Yiyao was surprised.

“Because this suit was designed by my mom.” Jingyan replied and asked the sales girl to find a right size for her.

“Your mom is a designer?”

“Yes, a very famous designer. But now she seldom designs clothes now. She only does it when she feels like it. This is one of her works.” Jingyan said proudly.

“Mrs. Ye is so great!”

“Go try it on.”

Wearing the suit, Yiyao stood in front of the mirror and her smile looked beautiful. And she looked beautiful, too.


She heard a sound and turned around. “Click!” Jingyan took a photo of her, whose brown eyes were glittering on her smiling face. She stood there just like a lotus. She looked both pure and classy.

“Let me see. How do I look?” Yiyao came close to him naturally. On seeing the picture, she started to laugh, “Oh I look better in here!”

“You look as good as in the picture.” Jingyan said softly.

“You can keep this picture. Do not show it to anyone.”

“Of course, I’ll keep it to myself.” How could he let anyone see how beautiful Yiyao was.

“I’ll wear this for lunch. I am sure the engineer will fall in love with me.” Yiyao raised her chin and smiled.

Jingyan was stunned. This was not what he wanted.

“You want to make him fall in love with you?”

“If I like him too, then my dad should be happy.”

Jingyan gritted his teeth and pointed to the clothes of light color and said, “Try this one. It looks good too.”

Yiyao refused him directly, “No. I like this suit. It’s about that time. Let’s go.”

Jingyan looked at her beautiful figure and felt gloomy. He had no choice but to follow her.

It was a Chinese restaurant where they were going to meet.

Jingyan and Yiyao stepped in the restaurant five minutes earlier.

“Maybe he’s not here yet.” Yiyao looked around and said, “Let me call him.”

And the guy said he would be here soon.

Jingyan helped her find an conspicuous table and he himself sat by the table next to her, where he could see the guy’s face clearly.

“Soon” meant “Ten minutes.” Yiyao waited for ten minutes before she finally saw a man coming in. Her intuition told her that this was the man she had been waiting for.

That man lowered his head to dial, and the next second, Yiyao’s phone rang.

Following the ringtone, that man saw Yiyao. Jingyan could clearly see the delight in that man’s eyes.

Huh! A superficial man! Jingyan judged in his heart.

Yiyao was strict with time because of the nature of her work. In her eyes, one minute late could cause the delay of a fighter aircraft; five minutes late could mean the complete defeat for an army.

So, five points were deducted for bad first impression.

Though he looked tall and handsome, it’s unforgivable for being late!

“Hi, I am Hongguang Wang.”

Yiyao got up and shook his hand lightly. “Hi, I am Yiyao Duan. Please be seated.”

The two were both seated and Hongguang called the waiter. Yiyao was already hungry after the whole morning’s walk and went ahead to order two meat dishes which were spicy. Hongguang raised his eyebrow slightly and ordered two vegetable dishes.

“My dad said you are a colonel. How great!” Hongguang paid her a compliment.

Yiyao smiled politely and said humbly, “Oh no, I want to be a colonel. But I don’t know if I can realize this dream.”

“Are you going to keep staying in the army?” Hongguang asked in surprise.

“Of course. Or what else can I do?”

Hongguang was stunned, “I thought you date because you are leaving the army.”

Yiyao showed a serious look, “I am a soldier, and nothing can change this fact.”

“But you need to get married!”

“So what? You mean soldiers can’t get married?” Yiyao smiled lightly but she looked quite aggressive, which made Hongguang so uncomfortable.”

Feeling awkward and to ease the tense, Hongguang explained, “No, please don’t get me wrong. My dad is a soldier and I respect soldiers. I just want to get to know you.”

“Okay.” Yiyao lost interest in him right away. This man has a handsome face but a conservative heart. Does he really think women should belong to the families when they get married? She thought to herself.

Jingyan felt so proud of his decision of coming here today. He could totally understand how Yiyao felt. As long as he could be with Yiyao, he would like to do anything. After all, time and place are never problems to him.

Chapter 298 You Have to Be Responsible for Me (2)

The timely arrival of the waiter broke the embarrassment between the two.

As soon as the spicy hot pot and fried meat with chili were served, Yiyao Duan’s mouth start to water. She said forthrightly, “Come on, eat!”

She behaves like this wherever she goes. However powerful the officials are that she’s eating with. She eats when she get hungry. She has her abilities which she’s confident about, and no one can do anything to her.

On the contrary, Hongguang Wang is a man of manners. He was impressed by her boldness but at the same time he despised her vulgarity. What’s more, he’s not a chili person. He never eats spicy dishes like this. However, as is said, he’s a man of manners; besides, it’s a fact that Yiyao is the commander’s daughter, so he had to be polite unwillingly.

“Miss Duan, you really love spicy food, don’t you?” He laughed with embarrassment, then he sneezed.

Yiyao took a look at the dishes he ordered – mushroom with green vegetables and braised eggplant in brown sauce, then she understood it right away, “You can’t eat spicy food?”

“Eh, no, I can’t…kerchoo!”

“What to do? I can’t live without spicy food.”

Hongguang pulled out a piece of tissue to wipe his tears. Then he asked tentatively, “Will you give up spicy food for me after we get married?”

“Impossible!” Yiyao said directly.

Hongguang was still trying to persuade her, “Spicy food is not good for the stomach, besides, it’s easy for girls to get pimples.”

“I have a good stomach and I don’t have pimples,” Yiyao had lost interest in him completely, so she became so direct.

Hongguang was choked by her words and he even forgot to sneeze.

He had never met a girl who’s so straightforward like this.

Yiyao saw him still looking at her, she put down her chopsticks and said boldly, “I’ll be direct. We are here to date, so let’s make a conclusion so that I can report my duty to my dad. First, I don’t like people being late, men or women; second, I am proud to be a soldier, and I will always be a soldier until I am no longer needed by the country; third, I am crazy about spicy food. Above all, so much for our date today, if you don’t mind, you can finish eating your food, or you can just leave now.”

Hongwang was dumbfounded by Yiyao’s words. When he finally got what she meant by saying that, he looked so embarrassed, “I am sorry, I am leaving. Bye.”


Watching Hongguang’s figure while he was leaving, Jingyan almost burst into laughter. Yiyao is even cuter when she gets angry!

He stood up and then went to sit where Hongguang was seated. He asked the waiter to bring another pair of chopsticks and a bowl, and ordered another two Sichuan Spicy Dishes. Then he noticed Yiyao was upset.

“What, you don’t like him, do you? Then why are you upset?” Jingyan asked hurriedly.

Yiyao sighed, “Hay! What a pity for my beautiful suit! And my old man will scold me again!”

Jingyan clenched his hands tight under the table. He was sweating because he was nervous. Finally he said firmly, “Yiyao, I can meet the three requirements you just said.”

Yiyao was eating spicy chicken and totally didn’t get what he was saying. She asked, “What three requirements?”

“Em…you told him first, second and third, em…I am willing to do them for you. And even if you have fifth, sixth and seventh, I can still do those for you,” Jingyan looked at her bright eyes and he was almost nervous to death.

A fool would understand what Jingyan meant by saying that, not to mention a smart colonel as Yiyao.

But Yiyao did not expect Jingyan, who she had been seeing as a little brother, actually confessed to her in a Chinese restaurant.

After she finally recovered herself from being astonished, she said seriously, “Jingyan, thanks for trying to make me feel better, I can…”

“No, not to make you feel better. It’s for me!” Jingyan became bolder and kept confessing his affections to her, “I loved being with you when we were little, and as we grew up, I started to get thrilled whenever I heard from you and I would read your letters again and again. I’ve been carrying your photo with me wherever I go, and I did when I went to college, studied abroad or traveled to Africa. I thought I was only being nostalgic, but when I saw you again, I realized that I had fallen in love with you completely. This feeling for you was deeply rooted in my bones and my blood and now it has grown into a towering tree!”

Yiyao had never heard such romantic words. Her heart strings seemed to have been plucked by him.

“When we first met in Kindergarten, you said I was yours. I have always kept that in mind and I’ve been waiting for you. So you have to be responsible for me.”

These words were like a stone tossed in the center of a lake and the lake of her heart rippled.

They just looked at each other quietly without saying anything. Even the waiter came and left quietly when he brought the food over.

“Come on! So much being said, what about giving me some reactions?” Jingyan was almost nervous to death and kept sweating.

Yiyao stuttered, “You…you…you, but I am older than you!”

“Only a few months older.”

“But I won’t leave the army because of you.”

“I know. I will respect you and support you. You can stay in the army as long as you want.”

Yiyao’s eyes turned red. All the words that had been previously said were not as impressive as those of now.

“It’s too sudden. Give me some time.” Yiyao did not want to make the decision so impulsively. She needed to calm down first.

Hearing this answer, Jingyan sighed in relief. At least she didn’t turn him down.

Then the two went on with their lunch, with neither saying a word. As for the taste of the food, neither of them was really in the mood to enjoy it.

Chapter 298 You Have to Be Responsible for Me (3)

When they were done eating, Jingyan Ye went to pay the bill then he carried those bags and left with Yiyao Duan. He knew she was still in shock, or she wouldn’t have agreed to let him pay the bill.

One street, two streets, three streets…

He followed her for five streets and she finally stopped. She turned around and looked at him in doubt, “I don’t get it. Why do you like me again?”

Jingyan almost broke down. She had been walking for such a long distance just to think about this?

“I lobe your pureness. You are a very excellent person. If I have to say what I like about you, I’ll have to tell you, everything!”

Finally Yiyao smiled. She teased him, “Jingyan, you are a sweet talker. You must have had a lot of girlfriends, huh?”

“Not at all! I’ve been waiting for you!” Jingyan gazed at her and there’s sincerity in his eyes.


“I swear to God!”

Yiyao held his fingers and said, “No need. I believe you,” she paused then she said, “You have to know, that if we are together, there won’t be a lot of chances to live together.”

“I know.”

“You have to know, that I might face all kinds of dangers all the time and thus leave you alone in this world. And you won’t be able to know where I am.”

Jingyan’s heart trembled but till said firmly, “I know.”

“You have to know, that I am no good person. If you betray me one day, I will make you suffer and when I do, you will beg me to kill you.”

Jingran smiled, “I know.”

“Why are you smiling? I mean it.” Yiyao was annoyed.

“I know.”

Yiyao really wanted to kick his ass, “I know, I know, that’s all you can say?”

Jingyan really want to wrap his arms around her and hug her tight. But before that, he had something to say.

“Yiyao, before hearing you say “yes”, I have something to confess to you. Then you can decide if you’ll accept.” Jingyan was quite serious.

“What is it?”

“Come with me.”

Jingyan walked toward a hotel nearby. Yiyao grabbed him hurriedly and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I need a quiet place. It’s to noisy here.”

Yiyao was confused. In the hotel room? Is there something wrong about his body?

“Two rooms, next to each other.”

Then they came to one room and put the things in there. He said seriously, “I am going to tell you my secret. It’s also the secret of my family. Only the closest person in this world can know this.”

“What on earth is it? So mysterious!”

Jingyan remained unmoved for a while, then he raised his hands and six nags were all floating in the air…

Yiyao opened her mouth wide in disbelief. How could the bags…fly in the air, and turn circles?

Then in the blink of an eye, Jingyan disappeared. Yiyao even touched the place where he was standing but found nothing.


A few seconds later, a voice arose from her back, “I am here.”

Yiyao turned around and saw Jingyan floating in the air too. Then he was slowly flying toward her…

Yiyao felt it so unreal, like something she had long believed in got crushed. What’s going on?

“You…what are you?” Yiyao asked in surprise. She had seen quite a few strange things before, but it was the first time that she had seen such a supernatural thing.

Jingyan had already expected her reactions. He explained calmly, “I am nothing different from you except I have some supernatural abilities. I bleed when I get hurt, and I die when I get shot. That’s it.”

Yiyao reached out her handed and pinched his arm lightly. He felt so real but why she felt she was dreaming.

“Oh my goodness. This world is so crazy!” She stepped backwards and sat on the bed. She fixed her eyes closely on Jingyan and said, “Don’t talk. It’s so ridiculous. Leave me alone please.”

Jingyan kept silent for a while then he said, “Take your time. I’ll leave you alone.”

“Where are you going?” Yiyao asked hurriedly.

Jingyan pointed to the room next door and said, “I’ll be in the next room. Tell me when you want to talk.”

“Oh, okay.” Yiyao nodded.

Jingyan walked out of the room through the door. He could have walked through the wall directly but he thought it’s better not to, for the sake of safety, because there were cameras everywhere in the corridor.

Hearing the door was closed, Yiyao threw herself on the big bed.

Oh mine! There are really supernatural creatures in the world, and she knows one! How awesome! Thinking of here, Yiyao rolled her body and rested her head on her arm and she couldn’t help kicking her legs in the air.

After being thrilled, she felt relieved. Lucky that such a superman has a kind heart. If he wants to do bad things, it will be a disaster!

No, she couldn’t make Jingyan her enemy. So she decided to accept him. She’s afraid he would go extremes if she should turn him down. She would feel guilty about that. And besides, she really likes him.

In the other room, Jingyan was too nervous to even sit down. He had no idea what decision Yiyao would make, but he trust her that’s why he told her about his secrets.

Time passed by slowly, as slowly as a snail crawls. Jingyan kept checking the time but it was only five minutes that had passed…

He turned on the TV and chose the NEWS channel, trying to kill time in this way. But he found it useless. He couldn’t concentrate at all. All he could see and think of was her beautiful face. He was about to go nuts and he even started to think about the life together when Yiyao should accept him.

What if she says no? Jingyan was upset at first, then he decided firmly that as long as she’s single, he would chase her down to the end of the world.

Hmm, so be it.

She belongs to me, and nothing can change that.

Another five minutes had passed and neither his phone or the door bell rang.

Does it have to take such a long time? Jingyan panicked. To be honest, he’s quite confident that Yiyao would say yes. But the longer she took, the smaller chance there would be.

He attached himself to the wall trying to hear what’s going on in the next room but there was utter silence. Jingyan then went back to sit in front of the TV with disappointment and anxiety and stared his eyes wide open at the screen.

One minute after another…

They say days are like years, but to Jingyan, minutes were like years.

Half another had passed, but Yiyao had not replied to him. He was suspecting there might be something wrong with his phone. Or maybe she had fallen asleep.

Should I go to check? He thought to himself.

Maybe I shouldn’t. she said she wanted to calm herself down first. It’s a big deal after all, to both of us. It’s a matter of our whole life’s happiness.

Maybe I should wait for another ten minutes. I can ask her then.

He calmed himself down and another ten minutes passed. He couldn’t wait any longer. Out of respect, he went through the door and knocked her door.

Bang bang bang…

Nobody came to open the door. She’s asleep?

Bang bang bang… he knocked harder, still no one.

He frowned and dialed her number, only to be told that her phone was powered off.

Out of battery? He was puzzled.

Then he went back to his own room.

Thinking that his beloved girl was right next door, he finally decided to go through the wall at the risk of being scolded by her.

But what he saw surprised him.

It was empty. No one was there, except the clothes they bought in the morning.

“Yiyao?” Jingyan called her name cautiously but got no response.

With an empty mind, he went to the bathroom, but there was no one; then he came to the bed and checked the bags, but found the new clothes were there except her uniform and her boots.

He felt as if his soul had been extracted out of his body. His eyes were full of emptiness and he sat on the floor. He couldn’t accept the fact that she had already left.

She left without saying a word. She had completely turned me down!

Was she afraid? That’s why she escaped?

Thinking of this, he felt a great heartache and he couldn’t even breathe.

Am I wrong about her?

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