Chapter 299 – 300: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 299: The Detoxification Decoction

“Dan Liu, aren’t you ashamed? You are not the disabled.” “Qiaoqiao Liu called his name directly, not even calling him brother.”

“It’s none of your business.” Dan Liu glared at her and said, “We are going to be families soon. What’s the matter of borrowing money to me since I will soon be his brother-in-law?”

“You… Actually, I’m not…”

Qiaoqiao Liu wanted to say that she was not pregnant, but Kris Chen interrupted her. He laughed and said, “Well, how much do you want?”

“You can give me eighty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars first.” Dan Liu was happy seeing Kris didn’t refuse him.

Gaoshan Liu and Cui Xu were also delighted.

“You… Kris, don’t say yes!” Qiaoqiao was anxious. He only came to Kris for help. She doesn’t know how to face him if he really gives them money.

”Eighty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars? That’s too little!” Kris grinned and said, “I will give you one million dollars.”

When the words just fell, Dan Liu was so excited that he almost bounced.

The old couple was so thrilled that their bodies trembled.

Wow, the ancestors were really blessing them. Their daughter found such a wealthy son-in-law for them. They were going to be rich…

Cui Xu looked at Kris in satisfaction. They could not find a better son-in-law.

“Don’t worry. I don’t have so many cash right now. I’ll let someone to bring it.”

Speaking the words, Kris took out his mobile phone, made a call, and said, “Okay, ten minutes will be enough.”

Yes! Yes!

Dan Liu kept nodding. One million dollars! Let alone ten minutes, he could even wait for ten hours.

Soon, a group of people appeared in front of Kris.

They were uniformly wearing black suits and black sunglasses. Each of them was strong and tall.

There were tattoos on their bare arms and necks. It was easy to tell that they were gangsters.

There were forty to fifty people walking toward them.

When those people came near, the leader with a hook nose carrying a silver code box in his hand made a fist salute, “Branch Leader!”

“Branch Leader!”

The group bowed to Kris. Gaoshan and his families were frightened.

They were only ordinary person that they had never seen such scene.

“It’s one million dollars, Branch Leader.”

Kris pouts his lips as a signal, and Changkong Ying understood. He threw the password box in front of Dan Liu, stared at him fiercely and said, “Here is one million dollars for you.”

“Ah…” Dan Liu screamed in fear. He shook his head and said, “No, I don’t want it. I don’t want it now…”

He hid behind Cui Xu speaking.

“You really don’t want it?” Kris said with a smile.

“No, I truly don’t want it…” Dan Liu kept shaking his heads.

Damn, it was so scary.

He didn’t dare to take the money. What if they kill him after he took the money?

Dan Liu was truly terrified. He’d rather not to take the money if it can save his life.

Gaoshan and his wife were so scared that they didn’t dare to say anything.

Qiaoqiao finally understood what Kris meant. It worked off her anger, but she was sad at the same time. Her brother was such a coward being scared by the scene.

“Thank you, Kris.” Qiaoqiao said gently.

Kris looked at her and smiled. He said to Changkong, “It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want it.”

“Take the guys to play using the money.”

“Thank you, Branch Leader.”

Everyone was delighted hearing the words. They could get many benefits working for their Branch Leader. Since Kris had become the Saint, they were treated so much better.

In addition, thanks to the decree Kris issued, now they could tell their families proudly that they were doing a decent job.

They could bathed in the sunlight again, and walk with their heads high. (They were no longer doing illegal things so that they can live like ordinary person now.)

They all looked at Kris with worship in their eyes that Kris stared to feel uneasy.

“Okay, enjoy yourself eating and playing!”

As Kris was speaking, he called Changkong and took out two magical pills from his pocket. He told Changkong the hotel address of Weiwu Zhao and Yong Sheng, telling him to send them the antidotes.

Changkong took the antidotes and left with the disciples of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

“Qiaoqiao, let me send you back to school.”

Kris looked at Gaoshan and his families again, and said with a smile, “I will send Qiaoqiao back to school. This time I didn’t host you well. I will treat you well next time when you come.”

Then he left with Qiaoqiao who looked embarrassed.

They didn’t dare to stop them, and could only see them got into a taxi.

On the car, Qiaoqiao said in embarrassment, “Kris, I troubled you a lot today. I will explain it to my parents clearly.”

“This time they won’t force you to date someone they introduced.”


Qiaoqiao nodded with a blushing face.

After that, it became awkward again. Qiaoqiao was nervous and shy. Her head was in a mess.

She didn’t even know how she got off the car.

Looking at the taxi, Qiaoqiao clenched her fist, “I will try my best to be an outstanding person, Kris.”

After sending Qiaoqiao away, Kris wanted to return to Huanyu Group.

But Lin Li called.

“Master, are you convenient right now?” Lin Li said nervously and expectantly.

“What’s the matter?”

“Um, Master, didn’t you say that you will teach me how to make medicine when you are free?” Lin Li said cautiously, fearing that she would displease Kris.

Kris suddenly realized that he indeed promised her.

He thought for a while. There should be nothing urgent to deal with in Huanyu Group, “Well, I am free right now.”


Lin Li was glad. She said, “Where are you, master. I will send someone to pick you up.”

“No, don’t bother. Send me your location. I happen to be in the taxi right now.”

“OK, I’m…”

After telling Kris her location, Lin Li was so thrilled that she was about to bounce.

It finally came after her expecting this for so long.

Oh, she needed to show the Master the best of her. She ran to the cloakroom to pick her clothes, and finally saw a red dress hanging in the middle.

There was a hollow in front of the dress. She cracked a smile. The Master seemed to like her wearing this dress very much.

Last time when she kidnapped the Master, she was wearing this dress. That night, he kept clapping his eyes on her chest.

She noticed it even though it was not obvious.

Twenty minutes later, the taxi stopped in front of the manor. At the gate, Lin Li had been waiting here for a long time wearing a red dress and red high heels.

Seeing Kris, she went to greet him quickly.

“It’s nice to see you, Master.’

Speaking of this, she kowtowed to Kris.

In the process, beautiful scenery came into Kris’ eyes.

The bosom was about to jump out of the dress.

Holy cow!

Kris hurriedly stepped forward and helped Lin Li to get up,

He kept repeating in his head: Don’t look at it! Don’t look at it!

“Get up. Don’t kowtow to me next time. I don’t like this sort of thing.” Kris said.

“Yes, I will remember it.”

“Besides, don’t wear this kind of clothes again.” After saying that, Kris walked into the house.

Lin Li stunned for a while, and then tittered.

The Master was… pretending to be decent. He eyes almost fell out just now.

Arriving at the pharmacy with Lin Li, Kris looked around.

The pharmacy was large. Four walls of medicine cabinet were filled with herbs, and in the middle was a large drug tripod.

By far, this was the largest pharmacy with the most medicinal materials that Kris had ever seen.

“That’s good!” Kris nodded. This room was a perfect place to refine pills.

Lin Li was very happy for being praised. She collected all of this little by little during this period.

It was because she believed that Kris will accept her as his apprentice sooner or later.

“Well, today I will teach you the most basic things.” Kris asked, “How many medicinal materials can you recognize in the room?”

“Master, I can recognize all of them.”


Kris looked at Lin Li in amaze, “All of them?”


“Well, what is this?” Kris walked to the medicine cabinet, opened the drawer and took out a kind of medicinal material.

“This is cynanchum otophyllum Schneid. Its branches and leaves were poisonous. It can be used to prevent and kill agricultural pests being made into powders. The roots are very toxic which can kill tigers and other wild animals. As medicine, it can be used to dispel rheumatism, invigorate the kidneys, and detoxify the toxic of snakes and dogs. “

“That’s good!” Kris nodded and asked” What is this, then?”

“Fructus forsythiae. It can relieve internal heat or fever, dispel lumps and reduce swelling. It can also treat erysipelas…”

After speaking, Lin Li said, “Master, I have been learning by myself during this period of time, so I can basically recognize all the medicinal materials here.”

Why didn’t you say that earlier?

Kris was speechless.

“Emm, it’s just fine, and then we can skip the most tedious step.” Kris looked at Lin Li and said, “Your skin is fair, but your pores are a bit thick, your lips are ruddy, but your face is bloodless, and your eyes are bright, but your eye sockets are blue. Have you taken something strong?”

“No, I didn’t,” Lin Li shook her head promptly,” I’m still a virgin. I don’t even have a boyfriend. How could I take that?”

Hearing Lin Li saying that she was still a virgin, Kris taken aback. Lin Li should be in her early thirties. How could it be?

No, no, no. What was I thinking?

Kris realized that Lin Li had misunderstood, so he explained, “I didn’t mean that. Have you taken lots of supplements in recent years? I guess your hands and feet are cold during the day, but your body feels hot at night, is that right? “

“How do you know that, Master?”

Lin Li was shocked. Over the years, she took a lot of pills in order to break through the innate-power stage.

Unfortunately, her cultivation base didn’t improve. On the contrary, something went wrong with her body.

The symptoms were identical to those described by Kris.

Thanks to the Obstacle-Breaking Pill Kris gave her, which allowed her to break through to the innate-power stage successfully. And only then, the symptoms got better.

“Do you know you cannot eat too much restoratives when you are too weak? The supplements are good, but you must not eat incontinently.” Kris sighed and said, “I see that you have accumulated a lot of drug poison in your body. If you don’t get rid of them in time, they will not only cause muscles and veins stagnation, but may even endanger your life.”

“Have you been interrupted when you are in cultivation? Was it hard to activate Genuine Energy?

“Yes, that’s right.” Lin Li nodded several times. She thought that was because she had just broken through the innate-power stage and hadn’t adapted yet. It didn’t seem to be the case now.

“Master, what should I do?” Lin Li was in panic, “Will I die?”

Kris smiled and said, “What are you thinking? It is just drug poison. Just let the poison out of the body.”

Today, I will teach you to make the simplest de toxification decoction with cynanchum otophyllum schneid and forsythia suspensa.”

Chapter 300: Teaching Hu Li a Lesson

The detoxifying soup was mainly made by green Yangshen, Lianqiao(both of which are medical ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine system) and a side ingredient that does the detoxification.

Once the medical effects of these three ingredients was mixed to fifty percent, the soup was done.

But it was also the kind of detoxifying soup that has the lowest quality, and it took quite a long time to finish it.

Kris Chen kept teaching Lin about the soup while making the soup. He also slowed the process down, consequently taking two others to finish what could have been done in half an hour.

When they lifted up the lid, from the pot came a soothing smell.

Then the pot slightly tilted and made a `small trembling sound.

It meant the soup was finished.

Due to Kris’ ability of transformation, the fusion of the effects of the ingredients reached ninety-five percent without him using the technique required in making the pills, which he wouldn’t teach Lin for sure.

“You got it?”

Even Kris had slowed things down, Lin’s mind stumbled along and only captured the gist of the soup-making.

Lin thought back on it and found herself remembering only about thirty percent of it.

“Ma…master, well, just a bit.”Said Lin, a bit afraid,”Am I too…dumb?”

“Don’t mind it, it’s quite usual.”

Kris smiled, for he knew clearly how hard medicine-making was, not to mention it was Lin’s first time learning it. It was understandable that Lin started slow.

“Now, drink it.”


Lin grabbed a bowl and poured the soup in.

She smelled fragrance instead of bitterness which most traditional Chinese medicine would have, then she took a sip.

Wow, it was actually quite tasty, like herbal tea. Lin gulped it down as she thought to herself.

“Now, you can do with a restroom.” Said Kris, smiled.

Wait, restroom?

No sooner did Linda figure out what Kris meant than she felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

It seemed like…

There came a flush on her cheek. She rushed to the restroom after leaving a brief excuse.

She didn’t get out until half an hour later, by when she felt tremendously relieved like Atlas was free from the burden of having to hold the sky on his shoulder.

Then Lin felt a bit disgusted thinking about what came out of her body in the restroom. She kept herself in a distance from Kris and said:”Master, I’ll take a shower real quick and get changed.”

Then she got into the bedroom on the second floor.

Twenty minutes later, she came down, in more casual clothing and the make-up was gone.

She looked far more better.

Kris smiled and said:”It worked well, but still you need two more, say dosage, of it two fully expelled the leftover toxin in your body.”

“Thank you, master!” Said Lin, as she knelt down on the floor with highest respect toward Kris. She only wanted to get Kris’ technique of making pills, but now she had reckoned Kris as her master in medicine filed wholeheartedly.

“Get up, quick. I told you don’t just kneel down like it’s nothing.”

“Sorry, I was, well, too excited.” Laughed Lin, with her tongue stuck out a bit, making her look like a seventeen-something girl.

It was so different from what she looked the day she whipped Kris.

“Come on, let’s continue.” Said Kris,”Practice makes perfect. Now you give it a try, I’ll guide you through it.”

“Really, master? Wouldn’t it be too fast?” Said Lin, a bit nervous.

“Of course not,” Said Kris, waving his hands,”I wouldn’t make soup like this again, it’s of quite low quality. So if you want to clear the remaining toxin out of you, you have to do it by yourself.”

He wouldn’t even think about making such low-level soup if it wasn’t for Lin.

Lin gathered herself up and nodded:”Ok, I’ll do my best, master.”

Then, from collecting ingredients to adjusting the heat, she did it all by herself.

Well, Kris was giving her hints of course.

First time, failed.

Second time, failed.

Third time, failed.

When it was the sixth time, Kris said to Lin gently as it reached a crucial stage:”Just stay calm, when the timing comes, let the fire die out slowly.”

Lin took a deep breath, reached her trembling hands out and slowly turned down the fire.

Then they lifted the lid, the fragrance came again, though not as strong as it was before, it was a success.

Well, the fusion stopped at fifty-percent, though.

“Good work, you made it!”


I did it?

The excitement sent Lin jumping hearing the approval of Kris. She ran to him and gave him a big hug:”Thank you master, thank you so much!”

It was quite, say, odd for Kris being hugged by such a gorgeous lady, who was also his apprentice.

“Easy, easy, girl. The fusion only hit fifty percent, this was just a beginning. Also, it’s of the lowest level.”

“Got ya, master!” Said Lin, still filled with tremendous joy.

She ran to the pot, enjoying the pleasure of success as she fixed her eyes on the amber-looking soup.

But Kris stopped her as she grabbed another bowl and ready to have more of it.

“Don’t be greedy.” Said Kris,”Just wait for a few days.”

“Then, can I take this to my brother?” Said Lin, turned to Kris as hopes filled up her eyes. Hu, her brother, had the same problem.

“Whoever you wish, you made the soup, anyway.”

“Thank you, master!”

Lin found a big vacuum bottle and poured the soup in. It meant a lot to her since it was her first time making a soup, or to say medicine, successfully in her life.

“It’s getting dark outside, shall we just eat here, master?”

The sun had gone down when they stepped outside.

It was already 8 pm, Kris nodded and followed Lin to the main hall.

Lin asked nanny to prepare dinner and offered Kris a cup of Da Hong Pao(a type of famous Chinese oolong tea):”Master, here you are.”

“Taste good,”Said Kris after he took a sip,”Nice tea indeed.”

“Good to hear you like it.” Smiled Lin, then she knelt at Kris’ side and started messaging his legs,”Is this strength okay for you, master?”

“Pretty good.”Said Kris cozily. Who would ever know that one day Lin, a boss of a organization quite influential, was kneeling at his side and messaging him?

Lin continued after Kris’ approval.

But then someone walked in and said:”Lin, you’re…”


His phone dropped on the floor before he finished his words.

There came a raged shout:”What do you think you’re doing, Kris Chen!”

“Hu, no!”

Lin turned around and found Hu dashing to Kris with an axe in his hand.

But Hu was too incensed to listen to anyone. His elder sister, who he held in so much respect, was messaging a live-in son-in-law?

The only thing he wanted to do was to kill Kris and dismember him.

Kris held Lin down as he put his hand on her shoulder:”It’s okay, he can’t get near us.”


It nearly drove Hu insane.

I’ll spell my name backwards if I can’t kill you today!

As Hu thought to himself, he was knocked away by an unseen power.


He felt on the ground and was pinned down by the power, which kept him completely incapable of even moving his finger.

Kris smiled, took a sip of water, crossed his legs and said to Lin:”Told you so.”

And Linda? She was astonished.

How…how was it even possible.

She turned to Kris. To hold someone down with nothing but willpower was something only practitioners who have reached back-to-self stage can do.

Only those people are capable of gathering their energy powerful enough to make it capable of doing so.

In short, it is to release their genuine energy.

Those who are still in innate-power stage may be able to cover their weapons with genuine energy, but not release it.

One or two months ago Kris was only in the acquired stage, now he was in back-to-self stage already?

That’s how powerful an alchemist could be?

Lin felt a crush ran through her heart.

“Let, let me go, you bastard! I’ll kill you!” Shouted Hu, eyes fixed on Kris,”Let me go!”

“Shut it, you fool!” Said Lin, then she knelt down to Kris again,”Sorry, master. My younger brother didn’t know how to behave himself, please don’t take it personal.”

As she knelt down, it gave Kris a perfect view through her neckline, which tickled Kris quite hard.

“It’s alright.” Said Kris. He opened his hand, Lin felt an irresistible power lifting her up from the ground, which thrilled each and every one of the cell of her body.

As powerful as innate-power practitioners are, they could never compete with the back-to-self ones, the gap could never be crossed.

“What are you doing, Lin!” Exclaimed Hu, in disbelief,”Did he force you to do it!? Damn this bastard, I will…”


He was met with a slap from Lin.

She looked stern:”Just shut it, Hu. Why would master ever force me doing anything? Apologize, now!”

And Hu was confused:”Why, did you slap me?”

Lin had never done such thing, but now she slapped him because of an outsider?



Before Hu said one more word, Lin uttered as if she’s about to cry:”You’re no longer my younger brother if you don’t do it!”


That clearly worked. Hu replied immediately:”Lin, I’ll do it, right away!”

Then he turned to Kris and said, gnashing:”I’m…I’m sorry!”

Then the power holding him down on the ground was gone.

“So, would you tell your brother what is really going on?”Said Kris, indifferently.

“Yes, master!” Lin helped Hu up and told him everything.

The disbelief came on Hu’s face again as he heard that Lin has become Kris’ apprentice.

How was it possible?

“You don’t believe it?”

“Why would I? This guy? An alchemist? You’re kidding me, right?”

Lin didn’t say word but took the vacuum bottle to him.

“This is the detoxifying soup I made, drink it!”

What the heck is detoxifying soup?

Hu didn’t believe it was Lin that made the soup.

“Lin, he must be deceiving…”

Before he finished, Lin took the bottle and pour the soup right into his mouth.

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