Chapter 299: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 299 I have Lost Her Forever (1)

No, she had every reason to be afraid. Not everyone could accept a freak like him.

From today on, he may not be able to see her again.

But he didn’t regret telling her his true feelings. They hadn’t seen each other much, so he was afraid if he didn’t tell her this time, next time they met, she would show up holding the hand of some man and introducing to him, “Jingyan, this is my boyfriend.”

Heartbroken as he was, he consoled himself while convincing himself to forgive her.

It was not her fault. She had every reason to reject him and leave. It was her right.

Anyway, they didn’t have deep feelings about each other and she considered him a friend. So ending their relationships now may be for the best.

Nestled in bed, Jingyan Ye felt weak. His eyes were dry, but a teardrop rolled down onto the pure white quilt.

As for what happened afterwards, Jingyan’s mind was blank. He did not remember how he got out of the room, returned home and when he lay on his bed.

He was so tired that he closed his eyes and just fell asleep.

Downstairs in the living room, Kerry, Venus and their daughter Chuxue Ye were sitting together, looking worried.

“Alas, Pingan has got trouble in love.” Venus said.

Chuxue Ye pouted and asked in doubt, “How could that girl turn him down? He is such a perfect person. No matter where he is, he is always sought-after.”

“Silly girl, different people have different tastes and different standards for choosing a spouse. Others may not like who we think highly of. Maybe the girl just likes a soldier. It is very normal.” Venus explained gently.

Kerry agreed, “Your mother is right. Your brother is not money. It is impossible for everyone to like him. The rule applies to you too. Do not think that because you are good-looking and a little smart and born in a rich good family, everyone should like you. When you meet someone that you like but he does not like you back, you would be crying.”

Chuxue Ye was upset, “Dad, isn’t this about my brother? Why are you taking about me?”

“I’m just giving you some warnings in advance, so that you won’t be obsessive and do something stupid then.”

“Nah! If someone doesn’t like me, I won’t even look at him, let alone like him.” Chuxue Ye said with confidence.

Venus looked at Kerry. He said cheekily, “What are you looking at me for? I liked you from the first time I saw you. You are not going to deny that.”

“Why are you so excited? I didn’t say anything.” Venus smiled calmly and replied.

Chuxue Ye was speechless. Her parents could show their love at any time in any where. They had such a rich history that any random sentence would remind them of their past.

“Ah, is it possible that Pingan tell her the thing, so the girl turned him?” Chuxue Ye abruptly said.

Venus was startled and asked, “What thing?”

“Last night, I told him that if he wanted to be with the girl, he should not hide his feelings but tell her,” Chuxue Ye said as she moved two inches back and her eyes flickered over their faces, “including his secrets.”

Kerry and Venus were stunned at the same time. Chuxue Ye said with a long face, “I didn’t do it on purpose. I just think that he shouldn’t lie to her.”

“But he should wait till he knows her better and know what kind of person she is. Otherwise, if she spreads the word, our Ye Family will get into trouble.”

“Dad, I don’t think she is that kind of person.” Chuxue Ye said without much confidence.

Kerry snorted, “Pingan met her when they were only little kids and they haven’t seen each other for more than 20 years. We can hardly predict what kind of person she has turned into. In this world, there are so many people with sinister intentions.”

Venus frowned and said, “I believe in my son. No matter why that girl rejected him, if Pingan told her about it, it means that he trusts her. Come on, our son is 27 years old. He has his own judgment.”

Hearing this, Kerry stopped saying anything even if he has a different opinion in mind.

“How about I going upstairs to see him? He has slept for seven or eight hours since he came back in the afternoon.” Chuxue Ye was worried.

Venus gently shook her head, “No, let him sleep. It’s good that he can still sleep at this moment.”

However, what the three of them did not expect was that Jingyan Ye had slept for three consecutive days.

Venus, Kerry and Chuxue Ye had taken turns to wake him up, but none of them succeeded. Hence, they sent for the family doctor who said he was indeed asleep.

“What can we do? He hasn’t eaten anything for three days. I’m afraid his body can’t take it.” Venus sat on the edge of the bed and held her son’s hand, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Don’t worry. I’ll think of other solutions.” Kerry put his arm around Venus’s shoulder to comfort her.

Chuxue Ye next to them came up with a bad idea, “How about pouring cold water on him? That’s what they do in TV dramas.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Kerry reprimanded.

Chuxue Ye uttered again while walking around, “Or, pinch his nose and mouth to keep him from breathing. Maybe he will be awakened by the sense of suffocation.”

Kerry glared at her, “Can you be serious?”

“I’m very serious.” Chuxue Ye put on a serious face, “Since there’s no other way, we might as well have a try.”

“Ruyi, if you continue to come up with bad ideas, beware of Jingyan getting a bone to pick with you when he wakes up.” Kerry warned Chuxue Ye.

Her lips curled contemptuously, “Only if he can catch me. Now, get out of the way, Mom.”

Venus moved back. Before Chuxue touched Jingyan’s nose, he uttered weakly, “Ruyi, are you trying to kill your own brother?”

“Haha, you are awake!” Chuxue Ye laughed without caring about her image at all, “Look, it’s still me who can wake him up, right?”

Venus excitedly came to the front, talking to her son softly, “Pingan, how are you feeling?”

“Mom, I’m fine.” Jingyan Ye’s voice was dry and hoarse.

“How can you say you’re fine? You’ve been sleeping for three consecutive days. If you still don’t wake up, Ruyi will play tricks on you.” It broke Venus’s heart to see her son like this.

Jingyan Ye smiled tenderly, “Mom, I’m hungry. I want to eat the porridge you made.”

“Okay, I will go make it right now.” Venus got up and went to cook.

Kerry sat where his wife just sat before, gazing lovingly at his son, “What’s wrong?”

Jingyan Ye’s eyes flickered. He was silent for a long time before saying, “Dad, stopping asking.”

“All right. I won’t ask anymore. If you get enough strength, get up and take a shower. Everything, however distressing it is, will be fine. There are no obstacles that we can’t overcome.”

Chapter 299 I have Lost Her Forever (2)

“Okay. I got it.”

Kerry took Chuxue Ye’s arm and pulled her out of the room who was very reluctant though.

Jingyan Ye gawked at the ceiling. His heartache seemed to lessen, perhaps because he became numb.

He reached for the phone not far away. It almost run out of battery, and there was neither a missed call nor a text message.

He was overwhelmed by disappointment again. Three days was long enough for Yiyao Duan to think everything through. The fact that she did not make any response showed her attitude.

From now on, she may not come to him again. And he could not find her at all.

He opened the album in the phone. The first photo was hers and it was the only one he had.

He stared at the photo. The next moment he had the impulse to delete it, but when he placed his finger on the delete button, he couldn’t bear to press it.

In the end, he gave up. The moment he put down the phone, it beeped and powered off.

He struggled to get up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom limply. As he looked into the mirror and saw a haggard face with a stubbly chin, he smiled bitterly.

He had rejected a lot of girls, and now it was time for him to feel what it was like to be rejected. He deserved it.

He began to take a shower, shave and change clothes. After all the things done, he became a handsome gentleman who could easily catch girls’ attention as before. The only difference was that he looked indifferent now.

He went downstairs to the dining room where Venus’s porridge was just ready.

“Eat slowly. Be careful of the heat.” Venus told him lovingly.

After three days of hunger, Jingyan Ye had an empty stomach, so he blew a few times and stuffed a large spoonful into his mouth.

When he almost finished a bowl of porridge, Venus silently brought another and placed it by his hand.

It should be the happiest thing for a mother to watch her own children eat food cooked by herself. However, at this moment, Venus only felt bad.

“Pingan, what happened? Could you tell me?” Venus didn’t mean to ask. But she was afraid that if he kept all the negative emotions to himself, he would be in agony.

Jingyan Ye’s hand paused, his eyes lowered to look at the bowl of porridge, and after a few seconds he said lightly, “She doesn’t like me.”

The short sentence contained all his bitterness.

He had been working hard for so many years to become outstanding, but still, he couldn’t attract her attention.

Venus had long known the result. She sighed and walked to her son. She asked in a soft voice while gently stroking his hair, “What are you going to do then?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll never see her again in my life.” A few days ago, he had fantasized that if she rejected him, he would wear her down till she accepted him. But now, he just found that he couldn’t even find her if she didn’t get in touch with him first, not to mention wearing her down.

Thinking of this, Jingyan Ye smiled self-deprecatingly and said with a long sigh, “Mom, I’m fine. I’ll get better.”

“I know. My son is a strong man.”

Today, Jingyan Ye did not go to the company. After having dinner, he brought a small bench and sat by the lake to fish. After hearing this from her mother, Chuxue Ye also brought a small bench to go fishing in order to show her care for her brother.

But she was obviously not suitable for fishing. She could barely stay for 10 minutes before she run away.

When Jingyan Ye caught the third fish and threw it into the barrel, Kerry brought an invitation over and sat on Chuxue Ye’s little bench, “Mr. Tang will hold a coming-of-age party for her daughter turning 18 the day after tomorrow. You are invited.”

“I’m not going.” Jingyan Ye did not even think about it.

“You must go. I put aside your marriage before because you are waiting for that girl. But now your marriage…”

Before Kerry finished his words, Jingyan Ye turned his head to look at him, “Dad–“

When Kerry saw Jingyan’s bloodshot eyes, he softened, “I don’t ask you to get married now. You can still play around for four or five years. But young people should not only have work in mind, but go out more to socialize. Making more friends is not a bad thing. Just think of it as taking a break.”

Jingyan Ye stared at the clear lake and nodded after a few moments.

The come-of-age party of Yuwei Tang, the daughter of Mr. Tang, was very lavish. Yuwei Tang was surprised to see Jingyan Ye. She didn’t leave him for a second and he couldn’t get rid of her. He originally wanted to admonish her coldly, but given that she was only 18 years old and it was her party, so he did nothing.

“Jingyan, can I come and play with you later?” Yuwei Tang was about to climbing onto him, and Jingyan Ye secretly used a hand to block her.

“I’m busy at work. Can you sit still?” Jingyan Ye said coldly.

Yuwei Tang directly ignored his question and said with a smile, “Then I can go to your company for an internship.”

“Our company doesn’t recruit interns who still study at school.”

Yuwei Tang wasn’t frustrated at all, “Then I can go there to have dinner with you, or bring you food. Where do you eat at noon?”

Just when Jingyan Ye didn’t know what to do with this enthusiastic little girl, he saw an acquaintance. So he immediately stood up and called out to her, “Qing Nangong.”

A beautiful girl wearing a long pink dress turned around. Her eyes gleamed at the sight of Jingyan Ye, “Jingyan Ye, long time no see.”

Jingyan Ye quickly left Yuwei Tang behind and walked up to her, “Yes, long time no see. I heard you went to study abroad and just came back?”

Chapter 299 I have Lost Her Forever (3)

“Well, actually, I came back a year ago.” Qing Nangong felt Yuwei Tang’s jealous gaze. She saw Jingyan Ye’s helpless face and then thought of the joke she had heard just now, she immediately understood Jingyan Ye’s dilemma. So she asked him with a gentle smile, “Would you like to go for a drink? I happen to have something that I need advice for.”

“Sure.” Jingyan Ye was only too glad to do so.

In the midst of Yuwei Tang’s angry gaze, Jingyan Ye and Qing Nangong left while talking joyfully.

Finally, Jingyan Ye could sit quietly for a while. He exhaled heavily and took a drink of wine.

“What happened? You can’t get rid of a beautiful girl?” Qing Nangong teased him.

Jingyan Ye laughed bitterly, “Little girls nowadays really don’t know how to be reserved at all.”

Qing Nangong smiled charmingly, “I did not expect that after so many years, you are still so popular. You used to be the object of girls’ adoration at school. But you looked indifferent and act coldly, so no one dared to take actions. Girls could only secretly express their love.”

Jingyan Ye smiled and shook his head, trying to change the topic, “Did you come to the party alone?”

“No, I don’t know Yuwei Tang. Recently I’ve been working on a project that needs investments from her father, so I come by to seek personal connections.”

“The Nangong family is so powerful and you still need to do this?” Jingyan Ye said casually.

Qing Nangong’s eyes became dim for a moment and said with disdain, “What does the Nangong Family have to do with me? My family wasn’t one of its branches a long time ago. Besides, it is better to count on myself.”

“Sorry. I forgot about this.” Jingyan Ye said embarrassedly.

“It’s okay. I got used to it long ago.”

Jingyan Ye shook his glass of red wine and asked her, “What kind of project? Tell me, maybe I am also interested.”

“Really? If you’re interested, I won’t have to beg Mr. Tang.” Qing Nangong raised her eyebrows excitedly and told him about her project in general.

After Qing Nangong’s introduction, Jingyan Ye thought about it and said, “This project should have a good prospect. How about this, you give me a copy of the detailed plan and other related documents. I’ll ask my company to review it. If it is workable, I’ll invest. During this period you may need your team to come to Yehuang Company.”

“No problem, at your beck and call.” Qing Nangong’s tone was full of joy, “I’m really lucky today. I thought I just messed up Yuwei Tang’s party and wouldn’t get the investment. I did not expect to see a silver lining.”

Jingyan Ye smiled, “Don’t be too happy now. My staff are very picky. If they don’t recognize your plan, there is nothing I can do.”

“As long as you give me this chance, the rest is up to me.” Qing Nangong took out the phone from her handbag, “Is it convenient to tell me your phone number? It’ll be easier to contact you in the future.”

“Sure.” Jingyan Ye told her his work number and email address.

“I’ll send you the electronic files when I get back, and tomorrow morning I’ll put the proposal to your office desk in person.”

“Well, that’s fine.”

When the two finished talking about business, they began to recall the experiences studying abroad. They had drawn lot of attention. After all, Jingyan Ye was too outstanding and was the center of attention wherever he went.

When Jingyan Ye got home, Kerry looked up at him and said, “I heard you had a good time with Hao Nangong’s niece.”

Jingyan Ye tugged down his tie, slouched on the sofa and said, “She is looking for an investor, so I talked with her for a while. Such a small thing is worth being reporting to you specifically?”

Kerry was repairing a music box, “I can’t be bothered to know about you. Someone called me to ask if my son or daughter was going to marry into the Nangong Family. I am confused. I thought Hao Nangong’s son had crooked thoughts about Ruyi, so I asked you a few more questions.”

“Please don’t make me go to such parties again. Yuwei Tang is really annoying. Fortunately Qing Nangong helped me get rid of her.” Jingyan Ye rubbed his temples, still having a headache just thinking of Yuwen Tang.

Kerry smiled and rambled on, “These years, Qing Nangong’s father had experienced a lot. Luckily, he was smart enough to send his daughter abroad in advance. I heard that Qing Nangong doesn’t disappoint her father after returning home. She refuses to take a penny from the Nangong Family and sets up a small company the profits of which are not too low. She is a good business manager. Sometimes, a large family is not a good thing. There are too more rules and problems. We the Ye Family is good. Your uncle and I, as the only two heirs, are both unsophisticated people…”

Jingyan Ye could not help but interrupt him, “Dad, the word ‘unsophisticated’ is only suitable for uncle, not you.”

“Brat, without me where did you come from?” Kerry retorted smiling.

Jingyan Ye did not want to argue with him. He glanced at the music box in Kerry’s hands and asked, “What are you repairing this old thing for?”

“This is your mother’s birthday gift from her father. These days, your mother misses her parents a lot and often secretly sheds tears, so I want to repair this music box, so that she can get happy.” Kerry explained while lowering his head to assemble the parts. The light of the fading sun shone on Kerry, making the scene beautiful and warm.

Jingyan Ye looked at his grey-haired father who sat casually on the carpet, fiddling with the music box in his hands with an intent look, just for a smile in his beloved’ face.

He was suddenly moved. Maybe this was what true love looked like. Love for the youth is passionate. But when lovers gradually get old, love can be as simple as this.

After Yiyao Duan rejected him, where he should go to find another right person that he could devote his life to, Jingyan Ye wondered. Yiyao Duan, Yiyao Duan, how good would it be if you could love me?

The next day Jingyan Ye arrived at the company, he saw Qing Nangong standing at the entrance with a thick pile of documents. She was wearing a black suit and high heels, long hair up and coiled behind the head and waist straight.

Suddenly he recalled his father’s words that she was a good business material. He was right.

When people are cornered, they will either be obsolete completely or fight back. Obviously, Qing Nangong chose the latter.

Jingyan Ye respected such people, regardless of their gender.

Seeing Jingyan Ye, Qing Nangong smiled in embarrassment, “Sorry, am I a little too hasty?”

“It’s okay, is it heavy? Do you need some help?”

“No, thanks. It is not heavy for me at all.” Qing Nangong refused his kind offer. How could she let the president of Yehuang Company carry her files? She didn’t want people to think that she got the investment due to her personal relationships with the president before this project even started.

“Okay, please follow me.”

After entering the workplace, Jingyan Ye asked Secretary Wang lead Qing Nangong to the special team for project review. Jingyan Ye would not participate in the review at all.

When it was about time to get off work, the review team came to Jingyan Ye to report that the project was feasible and profitable, but it would be a long-term project and a lot of money would have to be invested.

Jingyan Ye put down the documents in his hands and said solemnly, “Money is not a problem as long as the project is profitable. If you want to invest in a project, take full consideration of every aspect. Don’t let it go just because of my recommendation.”

“Don’t worry about this, President Ye. We will be scrupulous in every step.”

“That’s good.”

For three days in a row, Jingyan Ye could hear the news reported up by the team. Qing Nangong never appeared in front of him except for the first day they met. Even during the lunch, she sat with her own team in the staff canteen. Nor had she sent one text message, as if she did not know him at all.

Jingyan Ye appreciated this. He disliked the kind of people who didn’t have a clear understanding of themselves as well as the situation.

As for Xuan Zhao, she found that Jingyan Ye had become much gloomier when he returned to work after having three days off, and that he didn’t call Yiyao Duan in the office, so she inferred that a problem must have arisen between they two, for which she was secretly happy for several days.

This evening, Jingyan Ye turned off the computer and took the elevator to the lobby where he met Qing Nangong.

“It seems to be going well.” Jingyan Ye guessed from her delighted face.

“I really need to thank you this time.” Qing Nangong smiled.

“You are welcome. If the project passes the review, it is profitable for both parties.”

As they walked side by side, Jingyan Ye asked, “Why are you alone?”

“Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day. My teammates have gone to celebrate the holiday early, so I am alone.”

“Valentine’s Day?” Jingyan Ye raised his eyebrows. He seemed to have never celebrated this holiday, “Then why don’t you go for a drink with friends?”

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