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Chapter 3 – 4: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 3: Paying in full

It was a seductive woman wearing a sexy little skirt and heavy make-up. She took a bag with one hand and held a middle-aged man with another hand.

The middle-aged man was wearing a suit with three gold rings on his fingers.

Behind them was a young man in a shirt.

The young man saw Colin. He was stunned immediately.

Colin was also surprised. He did not expect to see him here.

The young man’s name was Dean Brown. He was Colin’s college classmate and a good friend. But just yesterday, this good friend taught Colin a lesson and let Colin see his true face thoroughly.

When they graduated, Dean needed a large amount of start-up capital to start his business. Colin, as his friend, was bound to lend him 20000 dollars!

But yesterday, Colin’s sister had a car accident, and Colin asked Dean to pay back the money. Dean even said that he didn’t lend him money at all. Why did he pay back the money?

Later, when Colin called him again, Dean turned off the phone directly.

The woman took the arm of the middle-aged man and said, “honey, I want that one”.

The middle-aged man smiled, and he stroke the woman’s waist, “OK, baby. If you want, I will buy it for you.”

“That man, come here for a second.”

Seeing this, the salesman smiled immediately and walked over, “Hello, sir. What can I do for you?”

“We’re going to have a test drive.” The middle-aged man said directly and looked at Colin. “Let the two bumpkins roll out quickly. I don’t want to see them.”

The woman nodded and said coquettishly, “Well, everyone can come here?”

The salesman looked embarrassed and turned to talk to Colin and Flora politely: “Excuse me, please don’t disturb the test drive.”

Colin took back his sight on Dean and turned to look at the middle-aged man and the woman. He narrowed his eyes slightly.

“It’s not us that disturb them. They disturb us.”

The woman saw Colin’s sharp eyes. She said to the middle-aged man, coquettishly, “dear, he looks fierce.”

The middle-aged man’s heart was soft when he heard that. He was angry immediately,”what the hell do you say? Make an apology to my baby!”

Flora couldn’t stand anymore. She stood up and pointed to the woman’s nose: “We won’t apologize. You are not educated and even want others to apologize. Are you crazy?!”

It was also the first time for Colin to see Flora lose her temper. He was some stunned.

The woman sneered: “in public, you are so loud. You are not educated!”


Flora was really infuriated and raised her hand to hit the woman, but Colin stopped.

“Don’t be angry. I’ll do it.”

Colin looked at two people, “Sir, you should teach you, daughter. She has a sharp tongue. Sooner or later, she will make trouble.”

“What do you say?”

“Who is his daughter?”

The middle-aged man and woman said at the same time.

Colin looked innocent. “isn’t it? I think you’re alike.”

The middle-aged man could be the father of that woman.


Their faces were bad. Although they knew their relationship, they didn’t want to be discussed in public.

Flora couldn’t help but cover her mouth and smile. Colin was so great.

Colin ignored them. He turned to the salesman and said, “no test drive. I’ll buy it directly.”

Ah? People were stunned.

The salesman paused for a moment, and her eyes were full of disdain, “Sir, this car is two million. Are you sure you want to buy it?”

Before Colin speak, the woman began to sneer, “You? Can you buy this car? Do you know how much it is? Two million! If you can buy it, I’ll follow your last name! “

Dean, who has been ignored for a long time, looked at Collin. He was very clear about Colin’s situation: “it is possible that he can have 200 dollars now!”


The woman laughed, and the middle-aged man also laughed, “young man, don’t keep up appearance! If you can’t afford it, go out quickly. Don’t get in the way here! “

Colin looked at that woman and said in a cold voice, “remember what you just said.”

With that, Colin took out a card and said: “I use the bank card and pay in full.”


Paying in full? That was two million dollars!

People were shocked.

The salesman looked at the emperor card in his hand and sneered, “Sir, if you can’t afford it, don’t keep up appearance. You take a card causally as a bank card? I’m not stupid! “

Colin frowned, and then understood that there were only 20 cards in total, and Xinyang City had only one. No wonder they didn’t know.

Although the salesman did not know it, others knew!

The middle-aged man was startled. This was the emperor card?

He understood what the card represented! It didn’t matter how much money there was in it. The important thing was that there was only 20 card in the Xia Kingdom!

It meant that people who had distinguished statuses could keep this card.

At this time, the woman collected herself and laughed, “if you can’t afford it, you just say. Don’t brag! “

Dean snorted coldly. How can Colin have money to buy a car? It turned out that he took out a card at will.

Colin was calm,” You will know if it is a bank card when you use it. Anyway, you won’t have any loss. “

The salesman was very embarrassed.

The woman said, “Just go! Let’s see how he buy this two million dollars car.”

She didn’t believe that a person who looked shabby can still have two million dollars to buy a car, using the card that didn’t look like a bank card!

At this time, Flora was regretted.

It was obvious that there were no two million dollars. It would be very embarrassing later.

She shouldn’t follow him in.

Ten minutes later, the salesman came back. He gave the card to Colin respectfully and said cautiously. “Mr. Ward, I’m very sorry about this. I apologize to you. I am too snobbish just now.”

What happened?

Was it really a bank card?

Looking at the salesman’s attitude, everyone was stunned.

“Is that really a bank card?” the woman asked reluctantly.

Dean also didn’t believe it, “how is it possible?”

He knew Colin’s situation best. He was poor. Otherwise, Colin wouldn’t ask him to pay back the money.

The salesperson looked at Colin, and her heart still thumped. Her career was almost over.

If the manager had seen the card before, she didn’t know there was an emperor card. At the same time, under the manager’s teaching, she knew that she can’t offend those who had emperor cards!

Colin turned round to ask the salesman, “Finished?”

Chapter 4: Sooner or later, he would take revenge!

The salesman paused. “…No.”

“Well?” Colin was a little stunned, “What’s wrong?”

Just as the salesman was about to explain, the woman burst out laughing, “Have you seen? He is really talking horse.”

Dean sneered, “Brag!”

The middle-aged man was relieved. The card was fake! That was right. How can this kind of card be kept by a poor boy?

“Well, you fool people with a fake card. Are you crazy about money?”

The woman smiled, and the tone was full of disgust and disdain, “I have not seen a man who is so good at talking horse. You are indeed a bumpkin!”

Flora’s face was bad, “Colin, I did not expect you are such a person! You look very honest, but now you dare to fool people—shame on you. Doris shouldn’t be with you! “

The salesman was sweating and said, “Mr. Ward, the manager said that the car was given to you as a gift. You don’t have to pay.”

What? What!

People opened their eyes in shock.

The two million dollars car was sent to him?

To this poor young man, Colin?

Flora was to cover her red lips with one hand. She can’t believe it.

The woman collected herself firstly. And her sweet voice became a little sharp, “impossible! You must be mistaken! “

“If you have any questions, you can ask the manager in person,” the salesman said unhappily.

“He is just a bumpkin. Why do you give it to him?” The woman exclaimed in disbelief.

Dean, on one side, clenched and looked embarrassed. He also wanted to ask. Why?

The salesman was speechless. If Colin was a bumpkin, what were they?

The middle-aged man finally came to his senses and was more convinced that the Emperor’s card was really. He was so regretted. What did he say to the man who had the Emperor card just now?

“That, Mr. Ward, I am sorry. Please forgive me…” the middle-aged man apologized quickly with a smile.

The woman pulled the middle-aged man, “what are you doing? He… “

“Shut up!” The middle-aged man yelled.

The woman was stunned, and then she acted cutesy, “why are you mean to me? Am I wrong? He…”

The middle-aged man glared at her, “shut up!”

The woman feels aggrieved. Her eyes were red, but she dare not say more.

Colin just looked at the middle-aged man lightly, and then said to the salesman: “no, I can buy it myself.”


Did he refuse? Is he stupid?

Seeing this, Dean narrowed his eyes slightly, regardless of the fact that they knew each other. He said in a deep voice: “you have money! But you still ask me to pay back the money? “

Colin ignored Dean, but asked, “by the way, do I still need to go through any procedures?”

The salesman was stunned for a moment and said, “You still need to sign the contract.”

Colin nodded and handed the card to the salesman, “use this card.”

The salesman was in a dilemma, “this… The manager said the car is a gift for you…”

“No pains no gains,” Colin answered calmly. He did not know this manager at all. How can this manager give him a car for no reason?

The salesman was even more embarrassed. Flora said angrily,” you are stupid! You have to spend money? You think you have too much money?”

Just then, the manager came. It was a man in his thirties, wearing a suit with a flattering smile on his face.

“Mr. Ward, it’s our boss’s order. Our boss wants to make friends with Mr. Ward.”

People startled.

Two million dollars cars were to make a friend?

Colin raised up his eyebrow. He did not expect this card to still have such a function.

The middle-aged man was even more regretful when he saw the situation. Obviously, Colin was the one who could not be offended. He quickly smiled and said, “Mr. Ward, I’m really sorry. I am stupid. Mr. Ward, you are great and large-hearted. Please, forgive me.”

The woman looked at the middle-aged man and said, “dear…”

The middle-aged man became angry, “I told you to shut up!”

If it wasn’t for this woman, would he have offended such a big man who had an Emperor card?

Colin looked at them faintly and said, “do you remember what you said? If I can afford it, You would follow my last name! “

Hearing these, the woman’s face darkened. She was so embarrassed.

Flora laughed and said, “You can’t renege on your promises. From now on, your surname is Ward!”

Just now, Flora still thought she would be humiliated. Now she can let others be embarrassed. It was so cool!

The middle-aged man glared at the woman and then said with a smile, “yes, yes. She will follow your last name. This is her honor.”

Hearing this, Colin frowned. His surname was used by such a woman. He felt that it was insulting his surname. He said, “forget it. I hate it.”

The woman was staring at Colin. It seems that she still can’t understand the situation, “what did you say? Don’t be shameless!”



The middle-aged man slapped her on the cheek. “you don’t understand my words? I told you to shut up. If you say again, we will break up.”

The woman was flustered, covering her face. She did not dare to speak.

A young woman can be with a middle-aged man, not because of love, but because of money!

Colin snorted, “apologies to my friend.”

The middle-aged man immediately pulled the woman and snapped, “Apologies!”

The woman had to say in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

“I didn’t hear. Be louder.” Flora looked at the woman with pride.

The woman bit her lip and cried, “I’m sorry!”

Flora was satisfied, but Colin said to Dean, “and you.”

Just now, they were taunting him, besides Dean.

Dean was a little surprised.

The middle-aged man did not give Dean a chance to speak, “apologies to Mr. Ward quickly.”

Dean was gloomy and did not speak.

Colin was a friend of him. Even if he borrowed 20000 dollars, why should he apologize?

Seeing this, the middle-aged man pushed Dean forward, “I want you to apologize! Do you hear me? Don’t you want to cooperate? “

Dean clenched, ground, and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Colin was satisfied and said to the manager, “you can let them go out. I think this kind of person is really harmful to the reputation of your store. In the future, don’t let such people in.”

The manager nodded immediately, “Mr. Ward is right. In the future, these three people will never be allowed to enter.”

After that, the salesman said to them, “please go out and don’t disturb other customers to buy cars.”

Three people’s faces were not very good. They were not allowed to enter here. If other people knew, they must laugh at them!

“Please.” The salesman said again.

Seeing this, the three men had to turn around in dismay.

Dean glared at Colin when he left. Today, he was embarrassed because of Colin. He remembered it! Sooner or later, he would take revenge!

Flora laughed. She was very happy.

After Colin had gone through the formalities and signed the contract, he said to the manager, “I give this car to my wife. Can we dive it later when the birthday comes?”

“Of course, we will take good care of the car.” The manager replied with a smile.

Colin nodded and went out with Flora.

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