Chapter 30: Dreaming – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Are you serious?”

“We’re not dreaming? I’m about to own the Tianzi series of cosmetics.”

The women who surrounded Liren Zhang were excited. The CEO of the Liren Group had promised to give them a set of Tianzi series cosmetics. They felt very proud of having this opportunity.

What they didn’t know was that if it wasn’t for Kris’s sake, it would be impossible for Liren Zhang to promise to give them cosmetics.

“You tell Master Chen how many sets of Tianzi cosmetics you need. Then Master Chen will tell me. My company has some urgent business, so I’ll leave first. I’ll leave the gifts here,” said Liren Zhang

“Miss Zhang, who is Master Chen?” said a girl.

A few girls were about to ask Liren Zhang, who Master Chen was, but Liren Zhang had already walked out the door.

If they didn’t find this mysterious Master Chen, how were they going to get the Tianzi cosmetics? For a while, several girls were very anxious.

At this time, Hongming Yu, the head of the Yu Family, stepped forward. He walked up to the old lady of the Su Family and said, “I am very impressed that you have such a wide social network. My company has a promising project recently, and I want to cooperate with your family.”

Hongming Yu was a very shrewd person.

At the Su Family’s birthday banquet, he saw that the old lady could invite famous people like Youguang Zhou, Guobang Liu, and Liren Zhang. And all of them treated the old lady respectfully, which shocked him.

He was confident that working with such a well-connected person, he would definitely make a great profit.

“Mr. Yu, your proposal is very good. However, that’s exactly what I have in mind. “At this time, a paunchy middle-aged man also came out. This person was Hao Zheng, the owner of the Haosheng Group.

“My company also has a project that I want to cooperate with your Su Family.” Hao Zheng said smilingly, “I don’t know if you are interested.”

With the three famous bosses coming to congratulate the old lady’s birthday, many of the businessmen presents wanted to cooperate with the Su Family.

This Su Family had suddenly become a partner that everyone was eager to work with. Also, some people were planning to work with the Su Family.

Sure enough, after Hao Zheng finished speaking, others also said they wanted to cooperate with the Su Family.

The people of Su Family all smiled. They didn’t expect that their family’s luck came so quickly.

Back in the past, when the Su Family’s people sought to partner with other companies, no one was willing to work with them even if they begged them.

Now so many companies were eager to work with Su Family. It seemed that the Su Family finally had a chance to grow.

At this time, Changhe Su stepped forward.

“Changhe, what’s wrong?” The Su Family’s old lady was confused,

The old lady didn’t know why her son came forward at this time. She used to love Changhe Su very much. Ever since Mary and Kris got married, she started to snub Changhe Su.

Changhe respectfully said to his mother, the old lady, “Mom, I’ve been staying abroad before. This time, I returned home to celebrate your birthday and also have a project that can make a lot of money.”

“What kind of project? Tell me about this.” The Su Family’s old lady raised her eyebrows, seemingly very interested.

The Su Family members had long heard that Changhe had made a lot of money abroad. This time he came back and gave Jane Tang and Mary two large cheques, and they were in US dollars, which made the other people of Su Family very jealous.

These businessmen saw that Changhe was doing so well abroad, and they were eager to know what his projects were. They all thought of being able to join in his cooperation with the Su Family.

Changhe laughed and said, “Mom, I have a business partner overseas. His name is Jack. He’s a Wall Street investor. Just give him the money, and the money will double in a month.”

What? Was he kidding? The money could double in a month. It was a blatant lie.

Those present were all shrewd characters. When they heard Changhe’s words, they sneered at him.

Changhe didn’t care, took out his cell phone, and showed the transaction. He smiled and said, “I’ll show you guys.”

Everyone was unconcerned, but couldn’t resist curiosity, so they gathered around. When they looked at his cell phone, everyone was stunned.

The phone’s transaction records showed that for the past six months, Changhe had invested ten million into it every month and earned twenty million the following month

“You guys have seen it. Believe it or not, depending on you,” said Changhe, and then he put the phone back into his pocket. He said to the Su Family’s old lady, “This time I returned to China mainly because of three things. First, celebrate your birthday. Second, let Mary divorce Kris. Third, it is this project I am talking about. Jack is a famous investor on Wall Street and is absolutely reliable. I’m willing to take my life to guarantee it.”

“Your life? Are you joking?”

“Is this Jack really so powerful?”

“It’s interesting. It seems to be quite reliable.”

The Su Family’s crowd was discussing. Changhe’s reputation in the Su Family had always been good, and he was also quite honest. Just now, everyone had looked at his transaction records, and every transfer was clear.

The Su Family’s old lady frowned and pondered for a moment before speaking, “Changhe, if what you say is true. Then we can try this project. However, our Su family only has three or four hundred million dollars of capital. We’ll invest fifty million to try it out first.”

“Mom, Mr. Jack will retire soon. He is a master in the investment world. He was simply not willing to take over tens of millions of dollars.” Changhe said with a bitter face, “I begged Jack for a long time before returning to China, and only then was he willing to take me on this project with him. But the premise is that I have to be able to have four hundred million dollars, or he isn’t interested in operating it at all.”

“Fifty million is still too little for him. This Jack is really arrogant.”

“He isn’t willing to operate it if the money is less than 400 million?”

“What does that mean? It shows that Jack is a real investor. The capable investors are not willing to operate with less money.”

The people present were talking. After hearing their words, Su family’s members were eager to give it a try.

Of course, some were for it and some who were against it. After all, it was a big risk to invest all of the family’s funds into this project.

“Grandma, I object!” Yu Su stepped forward and said, “This is obviously a scam. You can’t put family’s funds in this project.”

“What do you mean?” Changhe stood up fiercely and glared at her, “You mean that I came back from abroad to cheat my family out of money, right? Are you despising for me?”

“You are my uncle, and I respect you, but I know that people can’t make money out of it.”

“You…” Changhe was about to retort, but he was interrupted by the Su Family’s old lady.

“Stop arguing, we’re family. You are arguing in front of the guests, isn’t that making the guests see our Su Family’s joke?” The Su Family’s old lady was unhappy now, and then she looked at Hai Su, who was already well medicated on one side: “Hai, what do you think of this matter?”

Even though he had sent a fake Luminous Pearl to the old lady, the old lady still valued him very much.

Hai had thought that the old lady no longer valued him, but he didn’t expect that she would also ask his opinions when she came across something.

He smiled, and he was glad he was in an unassailable position in Su Family.

He thought to himself, “The money can double in a month. Does he think we’re stupid? He must be lying.”

Smart persons could tell that it was a scam. But the grandmother was too old to see that it was a scam.

Although Hai was a bit of a dude, he’s not stupid. He should be supposed to persuade his grandmother not to listen to Changhe’s bullshit, but he wouldn’t do so.

But now he hated Kris. This Changhe was his father-in-law, so he hated Changhe too.

“Grandmother, I think we can have a try.” Hai laughed coldly in his heart, but he said it calmly.

This money invested in it would definitely not even be able to collect back the principal. When the family would go bankrupt, Changhe would become the most hated person in the Su Family.

Not only would his reputation be ruined, but also he would then be kicked out of the family and even removed from the genealogy.

He seemed to have seen Changhe’s tragic end, and this was the only way he could let go of his hatred.

“Hai, are you crazy?” Yu Su looked at him, angrily, “You asked grandma to invest it?”

“Okay, stop it.” The Su Family’s old lady waved her hand and interrupted Yu Su, “I’ve decided to do what Hai said. All of the family’s money will be invested in this project.”

All the people present were surprised.

The old lady really agreed to invest all the family’s money into the project.

Those who held opposing views were suddenly very worried. They knew that this was obviously a scam and the family would have a big problem in a month.

But the Su Family’s old lady had already made up her mind, so it was useless for them to say anything more.

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