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Chapter 300: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 300 We Are Just Friends (1)

“I don’t have a boyfriend. I am not that lucky, Besides, I still have some work to do. What about you? I think you must have a date tonight.” Qing Nangong smiled and asked.

“I’m not interested in that kind of stuff.” Jingyan said flatly, even though his heart was aching.

They walked out of the company. And suddenly, a gust of wind blew Qing’s papers on the ground. Qing crouched down in a hurry and picked the papers. Jingyan helped her. When Qing stood up, she felt her mind went blank and her vision blurred. She almost fell down on the ground but luckily, Jingyan got hold of her.

“What happened?” Jingyan asked.

Qing shook her head, and a few seconds later, her vision cleared again. She breathed heavily and said: “It’s not a big deal. I think it is anemia. Besides, I’ve been overworking these days. So……”

Her face was still pale. Jingyan was afraid that she may faint again, so he grabbed her arm tightly. He said: “You must take this seriously and see a doctor.”

“Thank you. But there is too much work to be done. I will see a doctor later.”

“Where is your car? I’ll walk you there.”

Qing said jokingly: “My car will pick me up at the bus stop.”

Jingyan then said: “I’ll drive you home. You don’t need to take the bus.”

“No, please. It’s too much trouble.” Qing said.

“Don’t worry. I’m free anyway. Let’s go.”

Jingyan was about to go to the parking lot, but the moment he turned around, he saw a woman was standing beside the road. His mind went blank in an instant and he felt his blood was frozen in his veins. Because that woman was none other than Yiyao Duan. He had been thinking about her for such a long time. And now, she was right there.

She wore a pair of sunglasses, so Jingyan couldn’t see her eyes. But he still felt the woman was at that moment boiling with anger.

The solider standing beside her was no longer the young little solider. It was a very tall and muscular man, who has very rugged features and cold eyes. The both of them were dressed in military uniform, and that man’s hand was placed on Yiyao’s waist, which made Jingyan’s heart aching.

Qing remained silent when she saw what happened.

Jingyan and Yiyao didn’t talk to each other. After a moment’s silence, Yiyao said to the man beside her: “Let’s get out of here.”

Jingyan rushed to her and grabbed her by her arm. But she broke away from him violently. Her eyes betrayed her inner pain, but he just couldn’t see.

“Why do you have to leave without even saying goodbye.” Jingyan said in a stern voice. He stared at her and tried to grab her arm again but she only pushed him away.

“I had something urgent to deal with that day.” Yiyao said coldly.

“What’s so urgent? Can’t you even send me a message? Can’t you even call me?” Jingyan demanded aggressively, as if trying to vent all his anger and pain through that very moment.

Yiyao lifted her head up and looked at him. She didn’t say anything, because there are certain things that she wasn’t supposed to tell.

“Are you mute?” Jingyan said. He didn’t know why. But every time he sees Yiyao, he loses control over himself.

Yiyao laughed coldly. She said: “Who do you think you are? Why should I tell you these things?”

What Yiyao said was like a bullet, and Jingyan’s heart was shot through and broken into pieces. He didn’t know what to say. He knew she was right. He means nothing to her, and he has no right to question her. He took a deep breath to recover himself from the shock. And then, he asked: “You haven’t given me an answer yet. I want your answer.”

Yiyao looked at the beautiful girl standing behind Jingyan and said in a calm voice: “You will find someone you love, and someone who loves you back.”

Yiyao also wanted to tell him her true feelings. She wanted to say: “You will find someone who can stay beside you all the time. You will not love me. Because I am always in danger, and I can’t be there with you when you need me.” But she didn’t say these words.

A few days ago, she was rather glad that she would finally meet Jingyan, but when she saw him walking out of the company with another woman, talking and laughing with her, her hope faded. She finally realized that Jingyan belongs to this city. He should stand in the spotlight, and she should stand on the battleground. Sometimes she can’t even use her real name, and how can she drag him into her life? Wouldn’t that be selfish? She thought.

What Yiyao said sent Jingyan directly to hell.

Yiyao couldn’t bear the sight of him when he was suffering. She was afraid that she may change her mind again, so she said to the man beside her: “Let’s go.”

The man wanted to help her to get into the car but she refused. Yiyao turned around and clenched her teeth. She could feel her legs were shaking, but she managed to act normal and got into the car without betraying her inner struggles. When she was in the car, she heaved a sigh of relief. She then looked at Jingyan, who hadn’t recovered from the shock yet, and said: “Do you still remember what you said to me? I will never let anyone know what you said. Don’t worry.”

Jingyan looked into her eyes. He said angrily: “If you don’t like me, why do you come and see me? Are you feeling sorry for me?”

Yiyao looked away. She only said gently: “Goodbye. Jingyan.”

The man started the car, and drove it away. Jingyan followed the car automatically and then checked himself. He looked after the car as it disappeared from view.

Yiyao had been looking at Jingyan through the rear-view mirror. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

The man coming with her is named Azure Dragon. He is also a solider in the Hunter Corps. He was truly frightened when he saw her crying. He took out a tissue and passed it to her. He said: “Damn. I never knew you could cry.”

Chapter 300 We Are Just Friends (2)

Yiyao cried even harder after hearing what he said. Tears were now pouring down her face. She removed her sunglasses, and the scar at the corner of her eyes seemed even more terrifying.

“Come on, please stop crying. Why are you so sad?”

Yiyao blew her nose and wiped her tears. She said in a chocked voice: “Damn. He is the only man I am in love with, and I will never be with him.”

Azure Dragon was shocked. He looked at Yiyao and said in disbelief: “Are you really in love with that young man? Maybe we can just go back and bring him with us by force!”

“Damn you!” Yiyao said. “What are you? A bandit?”

“Then what else should we do? Do we go back or not?” Azure Dragon never knows how to deal with this kind of situation.

Yiyao heaved a sigh. She could no longer see Jingyan from the rear-viewing mirror. She smiled bitterly and said: “Let’s go back to the hospital.”

“So are you giving up on him? I think he also likes you a lot.”

“I don’t know. I just don’t want to see him now.” Yiyao said. Her voice was tinged with anger. She tried so hard to escape from the hospital, only to find Jingyan was talking and laughing with another woman. And she was very angry about it. She didn’t want to think about the future. If Jingyan really falls in love with another woman, then that only means he is not her Mr.Right.

She rolled up her sleeve, and found the gauze bandage was now soaked by blood. She complained: “Damn fool! Why did he have to grab my arm. It hurts so badly.”

Azure Dragon was confused. He said: “You are injured so badly. Why didn’t you allow me to help you to get into the car?”

“I don’t want him to know that I am injured.” Yiyao explained. She is a very proud woman and she never wants other people to feel sympathy for her. Besides, she didn’t want to explain how did she get injured.

They arrived at the hospital. Yiyao noticed two familiar figures were waiting for her at the door of her ward, and she didn’t want to see them, so she turned around and walked away.

“Where are you going? Your ward is over there!” Azure Dragon shouted at her when she walked away. His voice was so loud and these two people waiting at the door heard him.

Yiyao was so angry. If she wasn’t injured, she would absolutely kick him. “Why do you have to be so loud!”

Azure Dragon scratched his head and smiled apologetically. He saw these two people were now walking towards them, and one of them is none other than the commander of C Army, Jun Duan. He is Yiyao’s father. His hair is white, and his skin is dry, but he is so well-built, and he seems to be full of energy. His eyes are solemn and they can never betray his emotions. And the other man is the director of the hospital.

“Good evening, sir!” Azure Dragon saluted the commander respectfully, and the commander nodded at him. He then looked at his daughter and said in a low voice: “So, where do you want to go?”

Yiyao put a smile on her face. She said: “Dad, I thought I was on the wrong floor.”

Commander Duan snorted and walked back into the ward. He didn’t want to scold his daughter in the hall.

The director of the hospital smiled at Yiyao and shook his head. Yiyao put her hands together and begged the director to say something nice about her in front of her father.

“What are you waiting for? Come here!” Commander Duan looked back at them and shouted.

Yiyao sighed and limped behind her father.

They were in the ward. Commander Duan sat in the sofa, and Yiyao just stood beside him. Even though her leg was killing her, she didn’t dare to sit without her father’s permission.

The director said: “Commander, let Yiyao sit. Her leg is injured.”

“Injured? I don’t think so. What kind people escape from the hospital when he is injured?”

The director then winked at Yiyao, and Yiyao knew she should apologize. So she said in a gentle voice: “I’m sorry, dad. I am wrong. This is the last time.”

Commander Duan’s brow arched. He said: “Do you have any idea how much trouble you have caused for the hospital? So many people were looking for you! I was so frightened when I was told that you were missing!”

“I’m so sorry.”

Commander Duan’s face softened as he looked at his daughter’s bruised leg. He pointed at the bed and said: “Sit down.”

The director then dragged Azure Dragon out of the ward so that the father and daughter could feel more at ease.

“Where did you go?”

Yiyao knew better than to lie to her father, so she answered honestly: “I went to see my friend.”

“Which friend is so important?” Commander Duan leaned against the back of the sofa.

“Jingyan Ye.”

Commander Duan knew who Jingyan is. He remembered Yiyao and Jingyan were very good friends when they were little, and they even exchanged letters once. But he was still surprised that they are still in touch.

“So, you and him…..” Commander Duan didn’t finish himself.

Yiyao felt sad when this topic was brought up again. She said: “Dad, we are just friends.” Her head drooped, and her hands clenched.

Commander Duan looked at his daughter. He heaved a sigh and said: “My daughter, you are old enough to make your own decisions. But I do need to give you some advice if you want to find yourself a boyfriend. You must find someone who is reliable and who values family the most. I remember that young man is a businessman. He is too smart and too cunning, and I don’t think you should……”

“I know. Dad.” Yiyao said.

Chapter 300 We Are Just Friends (3)

Yiyao’s voice thickened with emotion. Commander Duan frowned. He asked: “Are you really in love with that man?”

Yiyao bit her lips and didn’t say anything. Of course she likes Jingyan, or she wouldn’t be so angry when she saw him walking with another woman.

Commander Duan was very surprised. Because his daughter had never fallen in love with anyone before. He suddenly sat up straight and said seriously: “Of course, most businessmen are very decent and righteous people……”

Yiyao burst into laughter after hearing what her father said. Then, a drop of tear rolled down her face. She said: “I like him. But I don’t want him to be with me when I think of what happened to mom.”

Commander Duan’s face darkened. His wife was killed by a mob in retaliation when he was out on a mission. At that time, Yiyao was still a high school student. Since her mother’s death, Yiyao was determined to go to a military school, because she wants to take revenge on this mob who killed her mother. And a few years later, Yiyao went to a military school and revenged her mother’s death.

Yiyao never blamed her father for what happened. She grew up with a group of soldiers and she knew her father couldn’t always stay at home and protect them.

Commander Duan never gets married again. Sometimes Yiyao suggests him to find another partner, because she doesn’t want her father to be alone, but Commander Duan never agreed. He said he has a batman to take care of him, so he doesn’t need another partner.

It was afternoon. The rays of the sun poured in through the window. Commander Duan walked to a water dispenser and fetched Yiyao a glass of hot water. He gave the water to Yiyao and said: “But still, you need to get married. Why don’t you marry someone you truly love? I don’t want you to be sad.”

Yiyao looked at her father. She forced a smile on her face and her eyes were sparkling. She said: “Dad, I don’t feel sad. The only one who can make me sad is you.”

Commander Duan poked at her forehead and said smilingly: “When did I make you sad?”

“Once you arranged a date for me. Remember? And the man you found for me is so…disappointing.” Yiyao said.

“You are already 28 years old. Don’t you think you should get married?”

Yiyao’s face crumpled. “Here we go again! Dad, I know I’m 28, but what’s the matter? I am still young. Don’t worry. I will get married someday. Maybe with some soldier in the troop.”

“Sounds like the soldiers are willing to get married with you.” Commander Duan said jokingly.

Yiyao tipped her chin proudly and said: “I am the most beautiful woman in the troop. Nobody can resist my charm.”

“Okay. Knock it off.” Commander Duan touched the bruise near her eye and asked: “Does it still hurt?”

Yiyao nodded seriously. “Yes, it hurts badly.”

“That’s why you must stay in hospital. Don’t go out until you are fully recovered! If the scar remains on your face, no one will marry you.” Commander Duan said. He is a very high-ranking official, and at the same time, he is also a father. He felt his heart was aching when he saw his daughter in much pain.

“If no one wants to get married with me, I will live with you. You can make enough money to support my life.” Yiyao smiled at her father.

Commander Duan patted on her head and said: “So, you want to be an old maid. That’s not possible. Your mother will be angry with me.”

“Don’t you want me to be with you all the time?” Yiyao sipped the hot water.

“Okay. That’s enough. Take a rest.” Commander Duan took the glass away and lifted the quilt on the bed.

Yiyao kicked off her shoes and got on bed.

“You must be good. Don’t leave the hospital unless the director tells you it is okay to leave. Is that understood?”

“I know.” Yiyao said tiredly. She suddenly asked: “What about the training?”

Commander Duan covered her under the quilt and said: “Don’t worry about it. Someone has taken over. The troop can still function without you in it.”

“What about these people?”

“They were all caught.” Commander Duan said.

Yiyao’s expression became serious. She said: “These people must have a bigger boss.”

“It’s under investigation.”

At that time, Commander Duan’s batman arrived. He is a middle aged man and he has been serving Commander Duan for many years. He said respectfully: “Sir, the car is ready.”

Commander Duan nodded. He then said to Yiyao: “I must get going. I will ask Azure Dragon to stay here and take care of you. Don’t run away again. You understand?”

“I know. You have said that a thousand times.” Yiyao shook her head. She had never met any other commander who is as nagging as her father.

“Okay. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, dad.”

When they were alone in the car, Commander Duan said to the batman: “There is someone named Jingyan Ye in Sky City. I want you to check his background.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yiyao looked outside the window after her father left, and her spirits drooped again. She didn’t know whether her decision to give up on Jingyan was correct or not. Maybe her father is right. Jingyan is just not suitable for her.

Now looking back, she realized her life had been just fine without him in it. Maybe her feelings for him were not that strong. What made her suffer so much was when he professed his love for her, she thought her life would be totally different, but that hope soon faded, and that was what truly hurt.

At that moment, a nurse knocked the door and walked in. She rolled up Yiyao’s sleeves and checked on her. Her beautiful brow furrowed when she saw Yiyao’s wound was bleeding again. She asked: “What happened?”

“Oh, I bumped my arm against a table accidentally.” Yiyao said.

The nurse knows who Yiyao is, so she didn’t dare to complain. She removed the gauze bandage carefully and said: “How about your leg? Did you accidentally bump your leg into something?”

“I’m not sure.” Yiyao said. “Why do you look so serious? Come on. Give me a smile. You look so beautiful when you smile.”

The nurse was amused. She said: “You are still joking. Can’t you feel any pain?”

“Of course I can. It is killing me.” Yiyao said.

The nurse said: “Is that so? I heard you are a very tough woman. Even these male soldiers are no match for you in a fight.”

“That doesn’t mean I can’t feel pain.” Yiyao said. “Ouch, please be gentle.”

The nurse giggled. “I haven’t touched the wound yet.”

“I love to look at you when you smile. You make me feel nervous when you wear a solemn expression.”

“You are badly injured, but you will make a full recovery if you can listen to me and doctors and stay at the hospital. This morning, my wages are docked because I didn’t keep an eye on you and let you run away. If you do this again, I will be fired.”

Yiyao was surprised when she heard this. She didn’t know she caused so much trouble to other people. She said: “I’m so sorry.”

“That’s okay. As long as you can cooperate with us from now on. I’m going to change your bandage. It’s gonna hurt.”

The bandage on her arm was changed. The nurse then asked her to unbutton her shirt, because there was a gauze bandage around her waist that need changing.

How did she get injured so badly? You may ask. Well, it all started from the day when Yiyao went to the arranged date.

That day, she went to the Chinese restaurant for diner, and a group of people noticed her the moment she walked into the restaurant. When Jingyan professed his love for her, she felt her mind went blank and she couldn’t think of anything else. So on the way back, she didn’t notice a group of people were following her closely.

She was in the hotel. When she made up her mind to go out and look for Jingyan, someone knocked the door. She opened the door, and found it was a servant. He had a plate of fruits in his hands.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Duan?”

“Yes, I am.”

“This is your fruit.”

Yiyao didn’t order any fruit, but she thought it was Jingyan who ordered it for her. So she took the plate gladly. But suddenly, another man appeared from behind the waiter and covered her nose and mouth with a piece of cloth. The cloth has a very strong and pungent smell, and before Yiyao realized what was going on, she lost her consciousness and collapsed to the ground.

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