Chapter 301 – 302: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 301: Let’s have a baby

Half an hour later, Hu Li went out of the restroom refreshingly.

He was convinced of his sister’s words.

But why he was a little disgusting after drinking the Detoxification Soup?

Kris Chen smiled and said, “The Detoxification Soup you sister made is just of half the power of the medicinal materials. That is to say, there are 50 percent of the impurities in it. But most of the impurities are not toxic, which will be discharged from the body slowly.”

“But the efficacy of it is greatly reduced.” Kris said.

So that’s how the matter stand.

Lin Li and Hu Li nodded.

At that moment, Hu Li knelt on the ground and said, “Master, can you accept me as your prentice?”


Kris was startled.

He got up from the ground quickly.

“Master, I beg you to accept my brother as your prentice.” Lin Li said.

Lin Li also knelt on the ground and looked at Kris longingly.

“Why you want me to be your master?” Kris asked confusedly.

“There is every reason for me to worship you as my master as you are a good alchemist and a practitioner in the return-to –nature stage.” Hu Li said.

Kris caught on immediately. “You’re smart.” Kris said with a smile.

“A fine fowl perches only on a fine tree. It’s my honor to have you as my master. I beg you to accept me as your prentice.” Hu Li said seriously.

“Master, I beg you to take my brother as your prentice. It’s a great honor for us.” Lin Li said reverently.

Lin Li said that from the bottom of her heart.

What an honor it’s to have a senior alchemist and a practitioner in the return-to –nature stage as master!

If Kris said openly that he wanted to have prentice, then there would countless people sign up. This is not a joke.

Kris looked at them awkwardly, but he soon figured it out.

“There is no difference no matter how many prentice I have. I’d better to accept him as my prentice, because I can restrain Hu Li and they won’t have any trouble with Tianba Li.” Kris thought.

“All right, get up from the ground. I will accept your brother as my prentice.” Kris said.


Lin Li and Hu Li looked at each other in joy.

“Thank you, master!”

They two knelt on the ground respectfully.

Then they served a cup of tea to Kris.

After drinking the tea, Hu Li is Kris’s prentice.

Kris told Hu Li the same rules he told Lin Li.

Hu Li nodded and said, “Master, please rest assured. I will bear it in mind.”

After Hu Li took Kris as his teacher, the nurse has cooked the meal. They two treated Kris to a delicious meal.

“Well, I’m full. I’m leaving. Lin Li, you should practice refining Detoxification Soup at home these days to try to increase the degree of drug fusion to 60 percent.” Kris stood up and said.

“Yes, master!” Lin Li said.

“Hu Li, I’ll give you half a month to go through all the ingredients in the pharmacy.” Kris looked Hu Li and said.

“Yes, master!” Hu Li said.

“OK, I’ll take my leave.” Kris said.

“Master, let me drive you home.” Hu Li said.

Kris waved his hand and said, “No, I’ll take a walk to help to digest.”

Then Kris left.

They two walked Kris to the gate and watched him leave until the view of his back disappeared.

“Sister, we are so lucky!” Hu Li said excitedly.

“We must seize the opportunity and learn from the master!”

“It’s nice. Now we are not the outcasts of Wuliangjian School. I must work hard to learn medicine refining from master to make myself stronger. One day I will defeat Wuliangjian School to get justice for both of us.” Hu Li clenched his fists and said.

Lin Li bit her lip and nodded heavily, saying, “We should all work hard.”

After they went back to the manor, Hu Li suddenly thought of one thing. “Sister, master seems to be bullied a lot in Su family. Shall we warn Su family.” Hu Li said to Lin Li.

Lin Li frowned. She shook her head and said, “It’s not appropriate for us to do that. We may offend master by doing so.”

“We can’t just let our master be bullied by Su family.” Hu Li said. Hu Li wondered why Kris was willing to suffer such humiliation as a live-in son-in-law of Su family even if he has such great skills.

“I have an idea. We can hold a ceremony to take Kris as our master!” Lin Li said.


When Kris got home, he turned on the light and saw Mary Su huddled on the couch.

There was a cold meal on the table.

The dazzling light woke Mary up.

Mary sat up from the sofa and said sleepily, “Honey, you’re back. The meal is cold. Let me heat it up for you.”

After seeing this, Kris’s heart ached beyond words.

“How silly my wife is! Why didn’t she eat first?” Kris thought.

Kris hugged Mary and said guiltily, “Honey, I’m sorry I come back so late.”

“There is no need to apologize, stupid. I’m the one who really should say sorry. I’m just experiencing your previous life.” Mary touched Kris’s face and said.

For the past two years, Kris has spent almost every day curling up on the sofa and waiting for her to return form work. Whenever she pushed the door open, she could see Kris.

At that time, Mary thought such a man is really worthless and she cared no about his feelings.

Now she knew what the feeling was like.

After hearing what Mary said, Kris’s heart warmed and he held her closer.

“I will get the meal hot for you.” Mary said and pushed Kris away.

Although Kris was full, he ate two bowls of rice when he saw Mary’s expectant face. He burped contentedly after eating all the dishes.

Kris volunteered to do the dishes.

It’s the happiness most people long.

Looking at Kris, Mary took a deep breath and plucked up her courage, saying, “Honey, let’s have a baby.”

“Bravo.” Kris said.

Kris nodded subconsciously.

The next moment, his hands, which were washing plated, froze. Then the plate in his hand slipped into the sink.

“Honey, what did you say?” Kris said. His heart was pounding and he looked at Mary in disbelief.

“I said let’s have a baby!” Mary said.

After hearing that, Kris was dumbfounded.

“Honey, are you kidding me?” Kris said.

“Then take it as a joke.” Mary said. Mary ran into the bedroom with a red face as she spoke.

“No, honey. I’ll come soon!” Kris said.

Kris washed the plates quickly and then went into the bedroom.

Kris grinned as he saw Mary buried her face under the cover. “Honey, I’m coming!” Kris said.

Without knowing why, Kris thought he like a creepy uncle who was trying to seduce an ignorant girl.

Kris cradled Mary from behind. The distinctive scent of jasmine flooded his nasal cavity, and the fire in his abdomen crept up.

“Go for a dip!”

Mary said in a muffled voice.

“OK!” Kris said.

Ten minutes later, Kris came out of the bathroom in a bathrobe.

At that moment, the room’s light changed into yellow, which illuminated Kris’s body. Mary’s heart beat violently.

“I’ll go to take a bath.” Mary said.

Mary took her clothes and fled into the bathroom as she spoke.

Looking at the closed door of the bathroom, Kris smiled involuntarily.

Mary looked at herself in the mirror of the bathroom and kept cheering herself on.

“It will happen sooner or later. There is nothing to be afraid of. If I don’t hurry up, he’ll be taken by other women.” Mary thought.

Indeed, Mary’s sense of crisis grew stronger and stronger. Xi Lan, Xiaorou Xu and Lan Yu all showed admiration to Kris. Maybe there would be another woman one day. Mary was afraid that Kris would be stolen from her.

Most importantly, Mary wanted to be happy and to have a child with Kris.

It’s a joke that they have been married for almost three years and she’s still a virgin.

As long as Mary’s pregnant, people would stop laughing at Kris.

No one would ever say that Kris hasn’t even touched Mary’s hand.

Mary didn’t know Kris’s life experience. But when she knew it, she could not endure the slander upon him.

Moreover, Mary is 25 years old. She is in the prime of womanhood, both mentally and physically.

“Come on, you can do it!” Mary said to herself.

Mary’s clothes were taken off one by one, revealing her smooth and tender skin. Mary blushed as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Beads of water crossed her perfect body.

Today, she would give all this to Kris without reservation.

She carefully wiped every inch of her body, so as not to leave a bad impression on Kris.

The rising steam turned her pretty face into ruddy and fair.

She put on her bathrobe and nothing else. Then she opened the door of the bathroom with courage.

“Honey, I’m ready!” Mary said.

Mary was so nervous and she could hear her own heart beating.

“Honey, what’s wrong with you?” Mary said.

Mary walked slowly to the bed and smiled wryly as she looked at Kris, who was breathing evenly.

Mary encouraged herself but Kris fell asleep.

Mary was angry but amused. Kris is really a fool.

But there was a faint fear in her heart. Maybe we could do it next time.

At the thought of that, Mary took off her bathrobe and slipped into Kris’s arms.

Kris subconsciously hugged Mary in his sleep.

Mary took a comfortable position to sleep. Soon the room was ringing with the sound of their even breathing.

The next day, Kris was woken by the phone.

“Who’s calling me in such an early morning?” Kris thought.

Kris reached for his phone and realized it wasn’t his phone which was ringing, but Mary’s.


Oh my god!

When Kris saw Mary in his arms, he remembered what happened last night and felt regretful.

“How stupid I am! My wife wanted to have a baby with me, but I fell asleep.” Kris thought.

At that moment, Mary was also awakened. “Honey, who’s calling?” Mary said.

“Your phone is ringing.” Kris said.

Mary reached for the phone and frowned when she saw Hai Su was calling her.

“Why does he call me in such an early morning?” Mary thought.

After thinking for a while, Mary answered the phone.

“Hello, Mary. Grandma said she would make an announcement today and you should come home early.” Hai Su said.

“What will she announce?” Mary asked.

“You’ll see when you come back.” Hai Su said.

Then Hai Su hung up the phone.

“What’s the matter, honey?” Kris said.

“Hai Su called me and asked to come back to Su family. He said grandma would make an announcement.

“Why he asked you to come back now? That is definitely not a good thing.” Kris frowned and said.

“I don’t know.” Mary said.

Mary looked at her phone and was lost in thought.

“Honey, why don’t we pick up where we left off last night?” Kris whispered in Mary’s ear.

Hot air was sprayed on her earlobe, which made her limp and numb.

“No, it’s daylight. You were asleep. It’s now or never.” Mary rolled her eyes and said.

Then she was about to get out of Kris’s arms. Kris has been on guard. He jumped on Mary and they two rolled together.

Kris just flirted with Mary. After frolic for a while, they two got up.

Then May called Jane Tang.

Jane was in a dilemma and didn’t know whether she should go to Su family.

As she has divorced Hai Su, she is no longer a member of Su family.

“Sister, is brother-in-law calling to ask you to come home?” Yuan Tang said suddenly and interrupted Jane’s thinking.

“I haven’t seen my brother-in-law for several years. How about we go to Su family together?” Zhong Tang said.

Jane’s face froze and she panicked suddenly, saying, “It’s not very convenient.”

Chapter 302: Removal from the Family History

“Why?” Yuan Tang sighed and said, “The truth is that now we are poor and they don’t want to associate with us.”

“Bro, forget it.” Zhong Tang said: “Our Tang family today is different from the past, even our own sister has no respect for us.”

Jane explained anxiously, “You misunderstood me. I don’t have a problem with you.”

“Well sis, never mind. We just don’t go.” Zhong Tang stood up and was about to leave.

“Stop it!” Jane said, “I… I’ll take you there, but when you get there, be good.”

The two brothers looked at each other with a smile and nodded together: “Don’t worry sis, we won’t make any trouble.”

Upon now, Jane’s phone rang. It was from Mary Su.

“Hello, mom, are you still at grandma’s house?” Mary asked, “Kris and I will pick you up.”

Fifteen minutes later, Mary’s Land Rover stopped in front of a villa.

Before the decline of the Tang family, they lived in a manor.

But now it was nice to have a villa.

Kris got out of the car to look around. The villa was quite large. The construction time seemed old, and the wall paint has peeled off. It looked rather shabby.

As soon as he entered the door, Jane greeted him.

See Mary pressing herself to Kris, Jane subconsciously frowned and said: “You two are too close, your grandma will not be happy to see that.”

Mary didn’t know what to say when she heard that. They were husband and wife, and they were not ashamed to show that to the world.

“Sis, this must be Mary.” Yuan Tang came over and looked at Mary and said, “Mary, do you still remember me?”

“Uncle.” Mary smiled.

“Kris, this is my uncle Yuan.” then, Mary pointed to Zhong Tang next to Yuan Tang, “that is my uncle Zhong.”

“Hello uncle Yuan, uncle Zhong.” Kris smiled to them.

Yuan Tang frowned and looked at Kris. Zhong Tang behind him chuckled and said, “Mary, is this that loser husband of yours?”

Hearing this, Mary’s face changed instantly.

Jane’s face also became ugly.

“Uncle Zhong, how could you…”

“Mary, it’s not me being rude. You are from a big and decent family. How can you bring such a person to our family?” Yuan Tang said solemnly: “This kind of live-in son-in-law, just let him wash and cook at home. Isn’t it a joke to bring him out?”

“Well, stop it. Let’s go to Mary’s house.” Although Jane was not happy, she did not say anything.

“Yes yes bro, let’s go to Mary’s house and don’t waste time on this loser.” Zhong Tang looked at Kris with disdain. He had heard long before that the eldest sister had a live-in son-in-law.

What is a live-in son-in-law? In the old times, the live-in son-in-law would not even be allowed to enter the door. Stay in the same room with such a low-grade person, wouldn’t it be insulting?

“Mom, are they going too?” Mary looked at Jane.

Jane’s face was very unnatural and said with a dry smile, “Your uncle hasn’t seen your father for a long time. He wants to visit him.”

Kris suddenly knew that his mother-in-law didn’t tell them about her divorce.

“Is this…appropriate?” Mary bit her lips and said.

“What’s inappropriate?” Zhong Tang jumped out, “Mary, do you despise your uncle too?”

“Have you forgotten that when you were a child, I often took you out to play?” Yuan Tang pointed at her and said bitterly, “Did you forget your uncle now that you are rich?”

“No, it’s not…”

“Good.” Yuan Tang slightly calmed, then said immediately to Jane: “Sis, let’s go.”

Jane nodded unnaturally, and took the two brothers out.

Mary and Kris looked at each other and saw helplessness in each other’s eyes.

“What are you doing up here? Get out!” Seeing Kris getting on the car, Zhong Tang changed his mood and pointed to him: “Do you know any etiquette? Who allowed you to get on the car?”

“Why can’t I get in the car?” Kris said lightly.

“Oh my God, you dare to talk back to me!” Zhong Tang said to Jane, “Sis, you’d better control your son-in-law. He is being rude.”

“Kris, get out and take a taxi yourself.” Jane glared at Kris.

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

Mary frowned, pulled out the key, and shut the engine: “If Kris does not get in the car, then no one can go.”

Then she got out of the car.

“Sis, that’s what Mary did to her two uncles. Did you see that?”

“We are not going, not going. We are a family. Now even my niece looks down on me. Why do we go there? Isn’t it disgraceful?”

Then, these two also acted to get out of the car.

Seeing this, Kris couldn’t help shaking his head. What fools are these two.

Jane’s head started to ache because of the fight. She called out to Mary: “Mary, please humor mommy, let’s go.”

“Honey, let’s get in the car!”

When the two brothers got off the car, Mary said.


Kris answered happily and got in the car.

“Mom, fasten your seat belt and ready to go!” With that, Mary started the car.

“Mary, your uncle hasn’t got on the car yet.” Jane said quickly, “Come on, get your uncles.”

She gave them eight million last night. If not letting them go, something might went wrong.

Outside the car, the two brothers were in a panic when they saw that the car was about to go.

“Oh, wait, Mary, wait for uncle.”

“Don’t you say you won’t go?” Mary shook down the glass and looked at them.

“No, we just got out of the car to get some air.”

“Mary, your younger uncle is right. The air in the car is stuffy. We got out of the car to breathe.” Yuan Tang said with a smile.

“All right, come on.”

After they got in the car, they saw Kris sitting in the back seat, they showed embarrassment.

“Hum, what is there to be proud of? It’s just a Land Rover. I wouldn’t even sit here if it had been in a few years ago.” Zhong Tang murmured in a low voice.

Hearing his murmur, Kris gave a cold smile. On the way here, he heard from Mary that her two uncles were uneducated and dandies. They had ruined the family property of the Tang family in just two years.

Now it seemed that dandies sound praises for them. They were clearly two assholes.

They didn’t talk all the way and came straight to the Su family manor.

After getting out of the car, Yuan Tang and Zhong Tang looked at the Su family manor and said sourly: “Oh, the Su family is so rich. They live in such a big house.”

At this time, in the hall of the Su family, all of the members gathered.

As soon as these few opened the door, all eyes focused on them.

Seeing Mary and Jane, Changhe Su, standing in the front, had an indescribable complexion.

The woman standing beside him had a sneer on her face.

She was Linger’ Su’s mother, Yanjing Cui.

“Daddy, is that my sister?” Ling’er Su pointed to the girl who looked a little similar to her.

“Yes.” Changhe Su nodded.

Yuan Tang and Zhong Tang followed Jane and checked out the Su family.

What the….there were more than 200 people here.

At the peak of their Tang family, there were only 70 or 80 family members. It seemed that the Su family has really developed.

The two brothers were so excited that if they could attach to the Su family, the revival of the Tang family would be around the corner.

Jane was looking at Changhe Su with a complicated feeling. Didn’t he tell the old lady about the divorce?

After taking the seat, Hai Su said a few words in the old lady’s ear. The old lady of the Su family, who had been keeping her eyes closed, opened her eyes: “Since everyone is here. Xiaohai, you can announce it.”

Hai Su nodded and said to all of them, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a happy event in our Su family. We have two new members in our family!”


As soon as the words finished, all the members of the Su family applauded. The hall was full of the sound of applause.

Mary also applauded. Did the Su family have no-born babies again?

No way, she remembered that no one in the Su family was pregnant.

Jane also frowned, a kind of ominous premonition came to mind.

She subconsciously looked at the person standing beside Changhe Su. She felt that the figure was very familiar, but she could not remember where she had seen it.

Two minutes later, the applause stopped, and Hai Su said, “Let’s invite my younger aunt Yanjing Cui and my little sister Ling’er Su to come up and say something.”


When Jane heard Yanjing Cui’s name, she was completely confused.

No, this… how could that be?

And what did Hai Su call her? Called her younger aunt?

And the girl around her was similar to Mary. Was she…

Yanjing Cui went up and said with a smile, “Hello everyone, I’m Yanjing Cui, the lawful wife of Changhe Su. I’ve been in America before, and I’m glad to meet you here today.”

After that, the girl next to her said, “Hello, uncles, brothers and sisters. My name is Ling’er Su, the daughter of Changhe Su. I am 19 years old. I’ve been in America before. I just came back a few days ago. My mother told me that my body was flowing with the blood of the Su family. Grandma also told me, let me meet my family today.”


Mary was shocked and looked at the mother and the daughter on the stage unbelievable.

They were the mistress and the illegitimate child that Dad raised outside.

What did that girl say?

Meet her family?

What blood, what family?

After Ling’er Su finished, the old lady waved to the mother and the daughter. Then she took down a pair of jade bracelets and put them on their hands.

“You both have suffered a lot out there these years. From now on, you have a family.”

“Auntie, thank you…”

“Well, you have to change calling me that.” the old lady warned.

“Mom.” Yanjing Cui cried out with emotion.

“Oh, my dear daughter-in-law!” The old lady took Yanjing Cui’s hand with satisfaction and nodded.

At this time, Hai Su stood up and said: “In view of the divorce of Uncle Changhe and auntie Jane, so from today on, Jane will be removed from our family history.”


The crowd made an uproar immediately.

Although the members of the Su family knew about the matter of meeting new members, they did not know that Jane was removed from the family history.

So when they heard Hai Su’s words, they were all shocked.

Yuan Tang and Zhong Tang standing behind Jane were also dumbfounded.

What the hell, sis and Changhe Su divorced?

Then how did they get anything from the Su family now?

However, the shocking news was not over. Hai Su continued: “A few time ago, the family’s capital chain was in a crisis. My grandmother and I came to find rescue ourselves, but Mary Su refused to help out. Her cold-bloodiness and ruthlessness completely hurt all of us of the Su family. So I’m here to announce that Mary Su will be removed from the family history. From today on, this daughter and her mother are no longer members of the Su family.

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