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Chapter 301: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 301 Yiyao Was Kidnapped (1)

When she woke up again, Yiyao found she was tied to a chair. Her strength was drained and she couldn’t see anything, because it was too dark.

Suddenly, a light was turned on. It took her a while to adjust to the sudden brightness. Then she looked around, and found she was in a small room. There was no window, and there were jumbles of stuff at the corners of the room.

A few men dressed in black were sitting opposite her. They looked very proud for catching her. And one of them said: “I was under the impression that people in the C Army are all smart people. Turns out, I was wrong.”

“Who are you? I don’t think we met before.” Yiyao said coldly.

“No, we haven’t met before. But that doesn’t matter.” A man stood up from his chair. He walked to Yiyao, put a gun under her chin and lifted her head up. He smiled slyly and said: “Now we are meeting each other.”

“What do you want?”

“Okay. Let’s be direct. We want you to tell us the locations of the secret bases of your troop. All the bases. Then we will let you go.”

Yiyao laughed. “This is not my first day to be a soldier. I am well-trained.”

“So, you won’t tell.” The man said coldly.

Yiyao tilted her head back and looked at him. She said: “I need to think about it. Give me two days.”

“You think people will come and save you? Stop daydreaming. Nobody can find this place.” The man knew what she was thinking.

“I won’t escape. But the military has too many bases, and you need to give me some time so that I can remember all of them.”

The man looked into her eyes and said: “You are not fooling me, are you?”

“If you don’t trust me, just shoot me. Stop wasting your time.” Yiyao said calmly.

That was not the first time Yiyao got kidnapped. She remembered the last time she got kidnapped, she fought back violently, but she was no match for her enemies and she was almost beaten to death. Luckily, the police found her in the end and saved her, or she would be killed.

So this time, she knew better than to use violence against these people. She would wait patiently and look for opportunities. She was not afraid of death, but she must die in the battleground, not in the hands of this mob.

The man didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t kill her, because he hadn’t got the information yet, and he couldn’t trust her, because she was obviously lying to him.

He thought about it very hard and then decided to give her some time. He said: “Fine. I will give you some time. But two days is too long. You will need to tell me what I want to know tomorrow morning! Or I will shoot you!”

“No problem. But can you give me some food? I’m starving and my brain is not working. I can’t remember anything.”

The man glared at her and said viciously: “You will get food when you remember all the bases.”

Yiyao laughed inwardly. She knew these people would absolutely kill her when she gave them the information.

“If you don’t have food, at least let me drink some water.”

“There is no water!” The man’s anger boiled up. He grabbed Yiyao’s collar and said: “Yiyao Duan! I am bloody serious! Don’t you try to mess with me!”

Yiyao smiled. She said: “Look at me. I am tied to a chair! How can I possibly mess with you?”

The man then released her and said to two young men: “Keep an eye on this woman.”

“Yes, sir.”

Then the other men walked out. Only Yiyao and these two young men were left in the room. Yiyao wore a blank expression, but she was actually thinking about how would she escape from this place.

The silence outside the room was utter. It was quieter than the villages. The air was rather cold and a musty smell wafted in the room. It was probably a basement. Yiyao thought.

The three of them just looked at each other. None of them spoke anything. It was late, Yiyao suddenly said to these two men: “Sir, I need to use the bathroom.”

“No, you can’t.” One of them said.

“Sir, I’m serious. I’ve been locked here for more than three hours. I need to pee!” Yiyao said in a chocked voice.

Then, one man stood up and walked out to report. A few minutes later he came back and said: “Our boss asked how many bases have you recalled? If you can say one, you will be allowed to use the bathroom.”

Obviously this group of people are not to be fooled easily. Yiyao thought about it and gave them a location of a base. Because she had to go out and check the environment, so that she could come up with a plan to escape. The base she told them is of course, one of these bases they rarely use, because of its remote location.

The man felt very glad. He rushed out again to report. And soon, the man came back, and a woman was walking behind him.

A cigarette was dangling from her mouth. And she walked to Yiyao and covered her eyes with a blindfold. She then untied Yiyao and pulled her up.

“Let’s go.” The woman said. Her voice is high-pitched, which made people very uncomfortable.

“My feet and hands are still bound together.” Yiyao said.

“Can’t you jump?” The woman then pushed Yiyao suddenly. Yiyao was not prepared for this and she fell heavily on the ground. Her shoulder bumped against the floor and a sharp pain shot through her body.

Yiyao felt angry. She shouted: “What the fuck! Why do you have to push me!!”

The woman only laughed coldly. She said to the other two men: “Pull her up.”

Yiyao was then lifted up violently. The woman then put her hand on Yiyao’s shoulder, the way police always escort prisoners, and said: “Jump.”

Yiyao refrained her anger. She jumped forward, and counted inwardly how many times did she jump.

She remembered she turned right when she jumped out of the room, and after a while, she turned left. Then she could smell dishes. She guessed she was in a kitchen or a restaurant. And she kept on jumping. Then, she heard a door was opened, and the stink of urine filled her nostrils. She was in the bathroom.

Chapter 301 Yiyao Was Kidnapped (2)

The woman then removed the blindfold for Yiyao. Yiyao almost threw up when she saw the toilet. It looked like the toilet hadn’t been flushed for a thousand years.

“Get in!” The woman said.

Yiyao frowned. “Is there a cleaner one?”


Yiyao sighed helplessly. She jumped forward, and then turned back. She saw the two men were still looking at her. She shouted at them: “What the hell are you still looking at? I am using the toilet! Turn around!!”

They turned around obediently. Maybe they were intimidated by Yiyao’s formidable presence.

Yiyao then looked at the woman and said: “Do you want to untie my hands? Or do you want to take off my trousers for me?”

The woman sucked on her cigarette and then stubbed it out. “So much trouble!” She complained.

Yiyao thought the woman would help her to pull down her trousers, but the woman untied her hands directly. Yiyao used the bathroom and pulled up her pants. She thought about her current situation. Only three people were waiting for her outside the bathroom, and she could absolutely knock them down. But she didn’t know how many people were just nearby, so she decided not to take any action.

She walked out of the bathroom. The woman blindfolded her eyes and took her back.

It was late at night. Yiyao had fallen asleep. Suddenly, she was woken up because she felt a pair of hairs on her chest. She opened her eyes, and found a man was touching her breasts. She felt disgusted and she shouted: “What the hell are you doing?”

The man put on a lascivious smile and said: “What do you think I am doing?” He then reached his hands into Yiyao’s collar.

Yiyao was furious. She bashed his nose with her head suddenly, and the man covered his nose in pain. Then, Yiyao knocked the man to the ground with the back of her chair and then trampled on his hand mercilessly.

The silence of the night was broken by the man’s hysterical scream.

Yiyao then heard approaching footsteps, and another man rushed into this room. He saw Yiyao was still tied to the chair, and the man who was supposed to watch her was lying on the ground, his nose bleeding.

“What happened?” The man asked.

Yiyao shot a sideways glance at him and said with contempt: “Somebody can’t get his hands off me. So I had to use a little bit violence.”

The man guessed what happened. He walked to the other man who was still rolling on the ground and kicked him. “Useless! Get lost!” He shouted.

Then the other man got back to his feet and rushed out of the room.

“Yiyao, how dare you! You know I can kill you whenever I want to!”

Yiyao’s anger hadn’t subsided yet. She put on a contemporaneous smile and said: “If you kill me, who will tell you these secrets you want to know? Besides, I want you to remember that I am not only a leader of a squad. I am Commander Duan’s daughter! If you dare to kill me, my father will hunt you down and destroy you wherever you go!”

The man didn’t say anything else. He walked out of the room silently and locked the door behind him.

Yiyao was now the only person in the room, and she felt rather relaxed. She decided to have a good rest, and tomorrow, she would try to figure out who these people are, and why are they trying to steal the national secrets.

A few hours later, Yiyao woke up from a good sleep. She couldn’t tell the time because she was in a basement and the sunshine couldn’t get in. She untied her hands with her nimble fingers. As a member of the special force, she has learned how to untie all kinds of knots when she was bound, so it was not a very difficult thing to do.

She also wanted to untie her feet, but she was afraid there are surveillance cameras in the room, so she didn’t do it.

At that time, she heard approaching footsteps, and she tied her hands together again, the way these people tied her.

The tall man walked in. He stood in front of her and said: “You should tell me about these bases now!”

Yiyao acted to be feeble. She said in a tired voice: “I can’t remember anything. Because I am too hungry.”

The moment she finished, the man delivered a hard slap across her face. Her face swelled up in an instant. The man then put his hand around her neck. He glared at Yiyao viciously and said: “Yiyao! Stop wasting my time! My patience is not unlimited. The base you told me yesterday doesn’t exit at all! You lied to me!”

Yiyao was surprised that they could find it out so fast. Since he already knew she was lying, there was no need to keep acting. Yiyao spited at the man and said: “Then why don’t you just kill me!”

The man clenched his teeth. He squeezed Yiyao’s neck even harder. Yiyao’s face turned purple, and she couldn’t breathe at all. When she was about to fight back, the man released his grip suddenly and laughed coldly. He said: “Since you are not willing to cooperate with us, we have to use some special ways.”

“Just bring it on! I will never tell!”

“We will see!” The man then looked at the door and shouted: “Come in!”

A few men rushed in and said: “Sir, we are here.”

“Where are your whips? Beat her!”

“Yes, sir!”

Yiyao didn’t seem frightened at all. As if she was not the one who was about to be beaten.

Then, these men whipped Yiyao without mercy. Yiyao was racked with pain. She knew she wouldn’t survive this torture, so she soon pretended to faint.

“Sir, she fainted!”

The man walked over and kicked her. He saw her face was ghostly pale and her eyes were tightly shut, and he shouted: “Damn! What kind of soldier she is!”

“Sir, do we keep whipping her?”

“Go fuck yourself! We whip her because we need to force her to tell! Now she is unconscious! What’s the point of keeping beating her?”

In the afternoon, the man came back and found she was awake. So they quarreled with each other bitterly. After failing to get any information, the man beat Yiyao again, and Yiyao acted to faint again.

It was finally night. When everyone went to sleep, Yiyao untied her hands and feet and checked the wounds on her body. No one would be watching her even though there were surveillance cameras. They were not that diligent.

She was badly injured, but luckily these cuts were not very deep and there injuries were not fatal. She stood up and walked to the door. It was locked. She looked out through the gap, and found the hallway was not lit. She could hear men snoring.

She must figure out how to escape from this place. She thought.

On the third day, they repeated the same procedures and Yiyao got more cuts and gashes on her body. One man cut her belly with a knife and then roughly wrapped her belly up. He was obviously trying to torture her on purpose.

Yiyao knew she would surly die in their hands if she couldn’t come up with a plan. At last, Yiyao decided to use her beauty to seduce a man, and then escape with that man’s help.

Yiyao looked at the group of men who were torturing her, and she could tell which one is the vicious one, and which one is the lustful one. She rubbed her leg against the lustful man’s leg secretly, and when the man looked at her, she winked at him meaningfully.

Yiyao’s face was bruised, but she still looked very beautiful. The lustful man smiled and swallowed nervously when Yiyao winked at him. He knew what Yiyao meant.

When Yiyao was alone in the room, the man sneaked into the room. He said: “Hello beautiful, I’m here.”

Yiyao put on a soft smile. She said: “Can you do me a favor?”

The man looked serious in an instant. He said: “What do you want? Don’t ask me to release you. That’s not possible.”

Chapter 301 Yiyao Was Kidnapped (3)

“I just want some food. I haven’t eaten for three days.” Yiyao said in a soft voice, deliberately wiping tears from her eyes.” Please bring me some food, please.”

The man hesitated for a moment, leering at her, “If I give you food, how do you plan to repay me?”

Yiyao was disgusted with this man, but had to pretend to be shy, “No matter what you want in return is fine.”

“Really?” The man asked in surprise.

“Of course. I am now caught by you. I dare not lie to you.”

“Good, when they all go to bed at night, I’ll bring you food.” said the man.

“Thank you very much, sir.” Yiyao said with deliberate tenderness.

When the man left, Yiyao spit a mouthful of spittle towards the side. “Damn it, disgusting.”

Yiyao felt her head dizzy. Since she hadn’t eaten in the past few days, combined with a little too much blood loss, her blood sugar was a little low.


Soon after, the door was gently pushed open. Suddenly Yiyao woke up from her dizziness.

The person came. Yiyao smiled wickedly.

Soon, the man walked in, holding a piece of bread in his hand.

“Officer, are you awake?” He asked in a whisper.

“You’re here. I am waiting for you.” Yiyao said sweetly.

The man was happy and walked quickly to her. He handed her the bread while reaching his hand to touch her breast. However, before his hand could touch her, his throat was poked by a sharp wire.

“Don’t shout if you don’t want to be killed.” She whispered a threat in his ear.

“Fine, I won’t shout. Please don’t kill me.” The man’s voice began to tremble. Of course he didn’t dare to shout. If his boss knew that he brought her food, his boss would also kill him.

Yiyao dragged the man toward the door while asking, “Where is the exit?”

“The exit is in the kitchen.”

“Kitchen?” Yiyao stuck the wire directly into the man’s flesh, “Be specific.”

The man felt hot blood flowing down his neck and was afraid that she would kill him. “There is a small iron door inside the kitchen, and that is the exit.” he said.

“Has it been locked?”

“Yes. The key is in the boss’s hand.”

When she got to the door, she asked one last question, “Who ordered you to do this?”

The man was on the verge of tears and said in a trembling voice, “I’m just following the boss to make a living. He wouldn’t tell me about such an important matter.”

Then Yiyao slapped her hand directly on the back of the man’s head, and then the man fainted on the ground.

Taking the small wire, Yiyao easily opened the door. When she found that there was no one outside, she quickly ran in the direction of the kitchen.

Next to the fridge in the kitchen, Yiyao saw the small iron door with the big lock on it. Then she Yiyao lay on her hands and knees and put the wire in the lock, listening carefully for the sound inside.

A few minutes later, there was a small sound from inside the lock. Delighted, Yiyao prised the lock open.

Just when she was about to escape from here, a man’s stern voice came from behind her, “What are you doing?”

Yiyao turned around and saw a man who was topless and wearing only his briefs with a glass of water in his hand. He looked at her in horror. She was about to go up and stop him, when she heard him shout, “Come on! The officer is going to run away.”

She quickly opened the lock and was about to run out. But as soon as she opened the door, a gun was pressed against her forehead.

“Where are you going?” The woman said.

Before the woman could react, Yiyao quickly grabbed the gun from the woman’s hand.

“Don’t move, I will never show mercy.” Yiyao pointed the gun at her head.

The woman was obviously stunned. She did not expect this female officer to react so quickly and move so swiftly.

Yiyao held her in front of him and backed up the ramp. More and more men came running. Several men with guns shot at her without hesitation.

She thought she could escape by holding the woman hostage, but she didn’t expect the guys to shoot at the woman. Her blood splashed into Yiyao’s face.

The woman soon died. Yiyao left her behind and ran desperately out the door.

The road ahead was dark, but she could only keep running. If she was caught this time, she would definitely be killed.

The sound of gunshots kept coming from behind her. Not long after, Yiyao felt a cool breeze, followed by the moonlight she saw. When she ran out completely, she stooped in her tracks violently. Ahead of her was a very deep cliff.

It took her a moment to realize she was in a deep mountain. These men had brought her straight to the mountain.

The sound of gunfire and footsteps behind her were getting closer and closer. Yiyao could not find her way for the time being, so she had to hide in the dense grass next to her.

Half a minute later, the group ran out and ran in the opposite direction of her.

Then Yiyao got up, but her feet slipped. There was nothing in her hands to grab, so she rolled down the hill.

All the way, Yiyao kept her head in her hands. Her back and arms were cut by branches, but she couldn’t care them. She just prayed that she wouldn’t be in too much danger when she got to the bottom of the mountain.

Finally she rolled to the bottom of the hill and stopped. She curled up for a while and smelled blood. She didn’t know if it was a new wound bleeding, or if the wound in her abdomen had split open.

Maybe Yiyao’s physical condition was very good and she just suffered some injuries. If an ordinary person fell down from that high mountain, they might have died.

“Damn, this time it almost killed me.” said she.

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