Chapter 302: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 302 Fair, Gorgeous and Slim (1)

Yiyao Duan struggled to get up, and she felt so sticky when she touched her abdomen, her wound really split.

She must get out of here in a hurry.

With her rich experience, Yiyao Duan found a mountain trail after walking for more than twenty minutes, and there must be villagers living near the trail.

Sure enough, after walking along the rugged mountain trail for a long time, Yiyao Duan finally saw a house on the side of the road with lights still on.

Yiyao Duan went up and knocked on the door, and the voice of an angry man came from inside, “Who is it.”

“Just passing by.” Yiyao Duan was weak and breathless.

“For what?”

“Sir, I’m here for a trip, but I’m lost, can I stay at your home for a night?”

Maybe the man opened the door due to Yiyao’s gentle and sweet voice, yet he didn’t imagine a bleeding woman stand outside his house, he was startled and pointed at Yiyao and said, “Are you a human or a ghost?”

“Brother, don’t be afraid, I’m a human being.” Yiyao walked inside, but the man didn’t want to let her enter the house and didn’t dare to touch her with his hands, so he could only block her, “You …… you’d better go away, our family ……”

Yiyao did not want to talk nonsense with him, she raised the gun in her hand directly, “Brother, do me a favor, okay?”

The man was frozen, how dare he to refuse her when a gun was pointing at him?

“Who is it.” A woman’s voice came from the inner room.

The man came back to his senses and ran inside saying, “Don’t you come out.”

“Who’s out there …… ah!” The woman screamed as Yiyao staggered into the inner room and sat on the sofa, she said powerlessly. “Madam, don’t shout, I won’t hurt you.”

The woman, dressed in a thin pajama, hid behind her husband and said, “You, who are you? Why do you have a gun?”

“I’m a police officer, I ran into the criminals when I was catching suspects.” Yiyao explained briefly, covering her stomach that kept bleeding, “Sir, lend me your mobile phone, please.”

The couple looked at each other, no matter whether she was telling the truth or not, they had to borrow her their phone as that she had a gun in her hand.

So the husband tossed his phone to Yiyao and watched her dial the number.

The call was picked up only after a second.


“It’s me. Yiyao Duan.”

The man over the phone was surprised, “Chief, I finally heard from you, we’re all so panic that we’ve searched the whole Sky City but we couldn’t find you ……”

“Cut the crap, I’m injured, send someone to pick me up.”

“Huh? Where are you, chief? We’re coming to you immediately.”

“I’m in the woods and don’t know where, locate this phone to find me. Hurry up, if you don’t act in a rush, you’ll be waiting for my corpse.”

“Chief, don’t scare me, you have to hold on ……”

The man was still rambling over there, Yiyao just threw the phone beside her, but the call never been put down.

That guy was always so nagging.

Yiyao let out a long sigh of relief, not knowing when they would arrive, she just felt dizzy and didn’t dare to sleep easily, and said to the middle-aged couple that snuggled together, “Sir, can you give me a bowl of water to drink?”

The couple listened exactly what she had just said, and saw that she was beautiful and polite, except that she had just pointed at the husband with a gun.

The man hesitated for a moment and gave Yiyao a cup of warm water. She felt her thoughts get clear after she gulped down.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Putting down the cup, Yiyao leaned back on the sofa, the roar of the helicopter came from the mobile phone, interspersed with the shouts of her comrades, “Chief, I’ve found your location, we’ll be there soon, hang in there.”

Yiyao didn’t bother to answer him.

The woman who was so frightened just now was also much calmer at this moment, she couldn’t help but ask, “Girl, how did you end up like this?”

Yiyao didn’t dare let herself fall asleep and forced to stay awake, she chatted with her, “Madam, do you know that there is a secret passage halfway up the mountain?”

“A secret passage?” The woman was surprised, “No, we’ve grown up here since we were kids, we’ve never heard of any secret passages here.”

“Then have you seen any strange people going in and out?”

The woman thought about it, shook her head and said, “No, there are not many people living in this area, and we are all acquaintances who have known each other for more than ten years, usually we just go into the woods to work, we have not seen any strangers.”

Yiyao was puzzled. They are quite a few people, they must come out to buy daily necessities no matter what, how can they hide so well that even the permanent residents here had not seen them?

“Sir, you’d better close the door outside, put out the light and go sleep, I’m afraid those people will look for me when they see the light.”

As soon as the man heard this, he went out hurriedly and closed the door, but he still felt worried, so he took an arm-thick wooden stick to hold it against the door.

But how could the couple fall asleep in the dark while a living person sitting here?

“Don’t mind me, turn off the light.” Yiyao was very serious.

How could the couple dare to resist, they turned off the light obediently and lay down, and didn’t move a bit.

The only sound left in the darkness was breathing.

Dizziness and pain hit her again and again, Yiyao gritted her teeth to hold on. For some reason, she suddenly thought of Jingyan Ye, who was far away in Sky City, he must be anxious that she was carried off without any notice.

She wondered if he would blame himself for this.

It was a pity that she hadn’t told him the answer, she could tell him in person when she returned to Sky City.

Perhaps because of the pain on her body, Yiyao felt that time was passing by extremely slowly.

Chapter 302 Fair, Gorgeous and Slim (2)

She wanted to close her eyes to rest for only a little while, but she was so tired that she didn’t know how long she had slept, she was suddenly awakened by a loud knock on the door.

The two people sleeping on the bed were awaken, the woman was so panicked, “Are those people coming after you?”

Yiyao raised her gun and walked outside cautiously, she said in a low voice, “Don’t make a sound, and don’t come out.”

At that moment, the knocking outside became more impatient and was accompanied by a man’s angry roar, “Open the door!”

Yiyao was shocked, it was the gang looking for her.

Shit, does God also want me to die here today?

“If you don’t open the door, we’ll tear it down.” After saying that, there was the sound of smashing the door.

Yiyao found a best shooting space and hid in the dark carefully, there were not many bullets in her gun, she had to make full use of it, but there were only five people at most judging by the footsteps of the people outside.


The door was really broken, and Yiyao pulled the trigger without hesitation when two people had just broken in.

“Bang – bang -” Two shots were fired, and the two men were shot dead.

The remaining three men took cover immediately. Yiyao could not sit idly by and wait for death, the sound of gunshots would attract more accomplices here.

She threw a steel washbasin in the corner, and the two men shot the basin while poked out their heads, yet they were shot in the heads by Yiyao at the moment they emerged.

There was only one man left.

At that moment, the sound of a helicopter was heard in the distance, and Yiyao was relieved that these kids had finally arrived.

The last man at the door saw that things were not right, he wanted to ran away, but he could not outrun the bullets and was shot in the leg and fell to the ground heavily.

Yiyao knocked on the window and said, “Sir, turn on the light, it’s all right.”

With that, a light came on in the black night, illuminating Yiyao’s miserably pale face.

Zhuque jumped down from the helicopter and saw several people fallen across the outside of the house, his heart plunk and he thought, “Don’t let anything happen to the captain.”

When he rashed into the courtyard, Yiyao was leaning against the wall, her face was as white as a sheet, Zhuque almost burst into tears.

Yiyao smiled at him and said weakly, “You’ve finally come, I would die here if you make it little later.”

Zhuque said, “Captain, stop talking, she’s bleeding.”

“Brat, are you looking for a fight.”

“Luckily I brought the medical doctor with me,” Zhuque placed Yiyao on the stretcher carefully and asked the doctor to stop bleeding hurriedly.

Yiyao waved her hand at him, “Remember to compensate this family for some money, the door is torn down by those bastards.”

“Okay, got it.”

“There’s another one, I shot him in his leg …….”

“We’ve got him.”

The military doctor lifted up the corner of her shirt to check her bloody abdomen, Zhuque slammed his fist on the chair next to him, murderous intention revealed in his eyes, “Shit, I’ll kill these sons of bitches.”

Yiyao’s frayed nerves finally relaxed, soon she felt dizzy and before she passed out, she said to Zhuque feebly, “There’s a secret organization at the middle hill, they’re here to steal state secrets, we must catch them.”

“Don’t worry, Captain, none of them can escape.” Zhuque shook Yiyao’s hand and said to the doctor, “Doctor, the captain is counting on you.”

“Yes, sir.”

Zhuque jumped off the helicopter, watched they away, and then walked towards the captured criminal ……

Yiyao was admitted to the Military Hospital of Sky City in the next morning, she almost died because of excessive blood loss combined with severe infection of the wounds all over her body.

Looking at her injuries in the operating room, the experienced doctors could not help but sigh. What kind of cruel person would do this to her? In addition to the two stab wounds in her abdomen, there were countless leather whip marks on her back and chest, all oozed dark blood, and her thigh was scratched by tree branches.

She was only able to survive because she’s tough. Normal person would be killed by the unbearable pain.

When she woke up in the morning, she asked about the gang of thugs, and Azure Dragon said that they had all been caught and were being interrogated.

Only then did Yiyao feel relieved. The beating she had received in the past few days had not been in vain.

Then, she forced Azure Dragon to take her to see Jingyan, but before she could say anything, she was confronted with questions.

Who is she? She is Yiyao Duan who’s not afraid of anything, and only Jun Duan dares to lecture her like that, no one else, not to mention Jingyan who has not been identified.

Yiyao then wondered, when he’s confessing to her, he said all those lover’s prattles smoothly, saying that no matter what she did he would support her unconditionally. She disappeared for a few days without saying hello and then he changed totally.

Men are so fickle.

She thought of the woman standing next to him, beautiful, fair and good temperament, and then looked at herself, suddenly she felt …… she’s nothing but a soldier. She’s useless.

Azure Dragon sat on the sofa while eating grapes and watching the news, he couldn’t help but ask when heard her sigh, “Captain, what’s wrong with you?”

Yiyao let out a long sigh, “I’m thirsty, can you give me a glass of water?”

“Oh,” Azure Dragon put down the grapes and went to pour water, and when he handed it to her, he said with a smile, “Captain, you’re thinking of that toy boy, aren’t you? You’ve been in a bad mood since you came back from seeing him.”

Yiyao was so straightforward, she said after hesitated for a moment, “What kind of girls do you boys like?”

Azure Dragon was so frightened that he took a step backwards, “Captain, you, you, you, are you out of your mind?”

“Fuck off! You’re the one who lost your mind.” Yiyao really wanted to splash him with water.

Chapter 302 Fair, Gorgeous and Slim (3)

“Captain, didn’t you say before, don’t treat you like a woman? We all treat you like a man, how can I not feel surprised when you suddenly ask that?” Azure Dragon walked to the sofa, a silly grin appeared on his tanned face, “Most of men like well-behaved, kind and lovely, hardworking, who keeps the house clean and can cook well ……”

“Stop!” Yiyao interrupted him, none of what Azure Dragon said could be matched with her.

It was over, she wouldn’t be able to get married in her whole life.

“Captain, I haven’t finished yet.”

“Cut the crap, go get some food.”

Azure Dragon stood up and turned back as he walked to the door, “Captain, we like gentle girls who don’t speak rudely ……”

Yiyao threw the apple on the table over him.

When she was left alone in the ward, Yiyao speculated for a long time, if what Azure Dragon said was true, she could not get married in her whole life?

Perhaps Azure Dragon felt that what he said had hurt Yiyao, after he bought the food back, he said exceptionally guiltily when looked at the despondent Yiyao, “Captain, what I said just now are the thoughts of ordinary men like us, you are not an ordinary person, of course men can’t have so many demands on you.”

Yiyao glared at him unhappily, “Why am I not an ordinary person? Do I look like a weirdo?”

“No, what I mean is that you are the walking Mulan, you will be a general in the future. You are the one to choose your boyfriend.” Azure Dragon looked so proud, as if he’s the one who became a general.

Yiyao snorted with laughter, “I don’t know when I’ll become a general, when can I get married? Do I have to wait until I’m so old?”

“I just made an analogy, my point is, Captain, you are a very good soldier and a very special girl, whoever marries you in the future will be extremely lucky, don’t underestimate yourself.”

Yiyao raised her eyebrows, “Yo, since when you are so good at talking.”

Azure Dragon patted his chest, “Of course, I’m also a college student who graduated from military school, okay? Captain, hurry up and eat, the porridge will get cold later.”

On this side, Yiyao and Azure Dragon were laughing and joking, while on the other side, Jingyan was drowning his troubles in wine.

After Yiyao left, Jingyan stood in front of the company for a long time.

The feeling of regret enveloped him, and he even regretted that why he acted so rude when she came to find him? Why couldn’t he ask in a calm tone, why did he have to yell at her?

Yiyao was right, what qualifications did he have and what kind of rights did he have? He wasn’t even her boyfriend yet.

Now, is it true that they can’t even be friends anymore?

He forgot Qing Nangong at the company’s gate completely, he walked towards the parking lot desolately, at first, he wanted to go home, but he stepped on the brakes when he passed a bar.

He drank one glass after another in the corner alone, during which beautiful women in revealing clothes came to flirt him constantly, but he ignored them all.

When he finally got drunk, the bar manager made a phone call to the villa of Ye family. This is because the owner behind this bar is Tianye Mu.

Kerry was watching a soap opera with his wife, and he’s too lazy to move, so he instructed Chuxue Ye to pick up her brother.

“What has stimulated my brother, why did he go to the bar while we have so much alcohol at home?” Chuxue Ye felt so strange when she took out her bag.

Venus was a little worried, “Aren’t you afraid she’ll run into some trouble that you let her go alone?”

Kerry laughed, “I’m thankful that others don’t mess with her, messing with her is no different than looking for death.”

Venus kept quiet and continued to watch TV.

Not long after Chuxue left, Kerry’s mobile phone rang.

“Boss, someone is investigating Young Master secretly.”

“Who is it?”

“It seems to be someone from the army.”

Kerry raised his eyebrow, the troops? Could it be someone from Yiyao’s side?

“Leave it, they can investigate if they want to, just pretend you don’t know.” Kerry instructed, anyway, his son was as innocent as a piece of paper, he was not afraid of them digging up his privacy.

“Got it, boss.”

Venus turned her head and asked him, “What’s going on?”

Kerry shook his head speechlessly, “Our son has provoked a soldier, and she starts to investigate him.”

“Yiyao Duan?”

“Who else could it be?” Kerry smiled coldly, “It seems that this girl does has some background.”

“Didn’t she say she didn’t like Pingan? Why is she investigating Pingan now?”

Kerry hesitated for a second and said, “Pingan finally recovered from it these days, but he got drunken today, could it be that she has come back for him?”

Venus nodded, “It’s very possible, and it’s probably not end up well, otherwise Pingan wouldn’t go to the bar to get drunk.”

“Forget it, let the youngsters manage it by themselves, it won’t be life-threatening anyway.”

Venus remembered what they had been through before, it’s just a start of beginning for Pingan, so she didn’t worry about it anymore, the couple snuggled together again and watched the TV show.

When Chuxue appeared at the bar in a fiery red dress with her high heels, everyone in the bar drew a deep breath. There was actually such a charming and exquisite woman in the world, she’s a real beauty.

The manager saw her and greeted her through the crowd hurriedly, “Miss Ye, Young Master Ye is over there.”

Chuxue followed him with a cold face and saw Jingyan sleep on the sofa, and the table beside him was full of empty wine bottles.

“He drank all this by himself?” Chuxue asked in surprise.

The manager smiled awkwardly, “Yes, Young Master Ye wanted wine, we couldn’t refuse him.”

Chuxue was speechless, she took out a card from her bag and gave it to him, “Go and swipe this card.”

How dare the manager took her card, he said very politely, “Miss Ye, if the boss knows that I charge Young Master Ye for wine, I won’t be able to keep my job.”

Chuxue put the card back into her bag, it was her uncle’s property anyway, it wouldn’t cost a penny for her brother to drank some bottles of wine. She walked over to her brother, crouched down, couldn’t help but sigh and said softly, “Brother, wake up, it’s time to go home.”

Jingyan lifted his eyes to see his sister, he grinned and said drunkenly, “Ruyi, you’re here. Come on, drink with me.”

“I’ll drink with you at home, okay? We’ll steal Dad’s best wine and drink it all over.”

Jingyan shook his head, “No, Dad saves it to drink with mom, he’ll get mad if we steal it.”

“I’ll steal it, Daddy won’t want to hit me, get up and let’s go home.” Chuxue assisted Jingyan to get up, not expecting him to be so heavy that he almost overwhelmed her.

The manager came to help her hastily, holding Jingyan’s arm as he headed out.

There is a phrase called beer muscle, looks like it’s exactly right about some men. Chuxue didn’t walk so far yet she was stopped by some rogues.

“They say that the young lady of the Ye family looks like a heavenly fairy, I’ve only seen pictures before, but when I see you in person today, I think you’re ten thousand times more beautiful than the pictures.”

Chuxue looked at him indifferently and didn’t say anything, she didn’t want to foul her mouth by talking with rascals like him.

The manager’s face turned pale and he thought, oh no, those gangsters! I need to say something nice, “This gentleman, may I ask what you need?”

The man pointed at Chuxue arrogantly and said with a grin, “Let Miss Ye have a drink with this master, and I will let her go.”

“How can that be?”

The man pushed the manager away, “Go away, it’s not your turn to speak.”

Jingyan almost fell over by his heavy push as the manager was holding him.

Chuxue remembered her mother’s words that she should not make trouble outside, but she could not be blamed while someone else had provoked her first.

“Miss Ye, how about it, as long as you filled a glass for me and my brothers, I’ll let you go.” The man looked up and down at Chuxue with a lecherous gaze, what was going on in his mind was obviously something anyone could see.

Chuxue smiled coldly, “What if I don’t?”

“Then don’t blame us for being rude, right, brothers?”

They were lustful and smiling obscenely, how could they still stay sane while seeing Chuxue’s gorgeous face?

Fearing that something bad might happen, the manager blocked Chuxue hastily behind him again and said seriously, “Gentleman, you are still young and don’t know what Mr. Ye could in his days, please leave immediately, otherwise you will end up ugly.”

“Every dog has its day, the time of Kerry has long passed, now it is me who have the say.” After said that, the man pushed the manager away again and took another step closer to Chuxue, flirted her, “Beauty, how do you think so.”

A fierce glint flashed in Chuxue’s eyes when she smiled brightly, and instantly, the whole bar was much brighter.

“Sure, I’ll pour you guys a drink.” Chuxue’s words stunned everyone present for a moment, she let the manager to hold Jingyan and asked with a smile, “Where?”

The man felt so dizzy by her smile that he even stuttered, pointing to a nearby table and saying, “Pour it right here.”

Chuxue walked over, picked up a bottle of wine and shook it, asking, “Just for the six of you?”

“Yes, yes, yes ……”

When everyone thought that Chuxue was going to pour the wine, with a “pop”, the bottle in her hand burst over the head of the man just now, and she lifted her leg a kick the man’s crotch, then a miserable scream was heard, the man fell to the ground, not knowing whether to protect his head or his private parts.

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