Chapter 303 – 304: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 303: A confession from Kris’s mother-in-law

“No, that’s not true. I had invested twenty million dollars in the project, and I didn’t decline…” Mary kept shaking her head. She turned her eyes on the old lady,”Grandma, say something for me. Didn’t we signed a contract?”

“Are you talking about this?”

Hai Su took out a copy of contract and threw it to her, “Open and read it using your own eyes.”

Mary opened it, only to spot a line in very tiny print across the bottom of the contract, which read, “As above, all contributions are voluntary and free.”

“How…how could it be?” Mary caught her lip in her teeth. At that time she even got a lawyer to check if there was any trap in that contract!

That could’t be. Unless…unless there’s something wrong with that lawyer!

Everything came clear to Mary as that idea popped into her mind.

“You guys are too despicable! “

“Sister, you have divorced your husband?” Yuan Tang and his brother looked at Jane Tang as they said, “Isn’t that a waste of our time? Why are you coming back to Tang family after your divorce?”

“Tang family can’t afford this kind of disgrace, you an abandoned wife!” Zhong Tang curled his lips.

“What are you talking about?” Jane’s eye widened, “Say that again!”

“How? Aren’t you an abandoned wife?” Pointing to Jingyan Cui and Linger Su, Zhong Tang said, “Have a look at who is standing there! You had been kicked out of Su family, and your name had already been crossed out from the family genealogy.”

“We had expected you to make some contributions for Tang family, but you ended up struggling for your own trouble. And now, can you be of any assistance to Tang family?” Yuan Tang eyed Jane in deep disgust.

“You brutes! I am your sisiter!” Jane got nearly freaked out.

Hearing that, the two brothers just let out a sneer. For them, a daughter who is married was just like a bottle of poured water. If she could provide no assistance to her original family, then she would be a worthless person.

“The two of us are now in charge of Tang family. Obviously you’ve done something unforgivable in being expelled from Su family. ” Yuan Tang said, in a pretended serious tone.

“Yes, your husband must have divorced you because you have done something either lacking of woman ethics or unforgivable.”

“Bollocks! I didn’t do anything!” Jane retorted, feeling dizzy out of rage.

“Ah, by the way, the eight million dollars you have handed to us must be your divorce settlement.” Yuan Tang let out a sneer.

Upon that Zhong Tang came forward and spoke,”I shall made an announcement in eyes of all today, that from this day forward, Jane Tang will be cut off from Tang family.”

There’s a loud hum in her soul.

Feeling her head spinning dizzily, the next instant, Jane’s body fell backwards.

All members of Su family turned their eyes to them two, with mixed feelings in their eyes.

There was mockery,ridicule or pity in their eyes.

They looked at them as if they were eyeing a a miserable stray dog.


Mary hurried to support Jane, and stared with anger at the two bastards who had hurt her mother’s feeling, “You two are unworthy of being my uncles. From this day on, my mother and I will cut all ties with Tang family.”

“Mind the way you are talking to your elders!” Putting on a profile of the elders, Zhong Tang walked over and looked at her viciously, “Today, I will take Jane’s place to teach you a good lesson in how to speak with your elders.”

As he spoke, Zhong Tang raised his hand.

Just as his palm was about to come down, Kris held it and exerted some force.


There came the crunch of his bone.

Zhong Tang let out a scream as if he were a pig which is been killing.

And that’s not all. Kris give another kick


There came a sound that would made one’s teeth sour. Kris had kicked Zhong Tang’s knee cap into pieces with brute force.


Zhong Tang let out another screech and fainted from the pain.


Seeing this scene, everyone could not help gasp with horror.

When has Kris become so ferocious?

“You…let go of my brother…” Shocked but outraged, Yuan Tang’s eyeballs were throbbing, revealing the extreme fear in his heart.


Kris threw Zhong Tang’s body to the ground nonchalantly, as if he were dropping a piece of trash,”Get out of my face.”

Yuan Tang hastened to hold up Zhong Tang who had fallen into a stupor and rushed away rolling and crawling.

At that point, Jane who had collected herself yelled at them, “Give my money back to me!”

“Your son-in-law had wounded Zhong Tang, and that sum of money will serve as his medical fee!”

With that, Yuan Tang left Su family nearly pissing his pants.


Members of Su family burst into a sea of laughter.

They had never expected that the two brothers of Tang family should be more wimpish than Kris. There are all kinds of fish in the sea!

“Forget it, mum. Just imagine that you had fed that sum of money to a dog.” Mary consoled.

“It’s eight million of dollars!” Clapping on her thigh, Jane cried out with her heart bleeding.

“Haven’t seen you for long, Jane. What a surprise that you, who used to be the young miss of Tang family, have been reduced to such a miserable state.” At that point, Yanjing walked over to Jane in her high-heeled shoes, and looked at her from above, “Look at what you are now. You are just like a vixen!”

“You…Yanjing Cui, you are a bitch who has broken my family! You a slut!”

Jane stared at her with deep resentment. It was this woman who had destroyed her happy family and made her and her daughter driven out of Su family.


Jingyan let out a sneer, “I was the childhood sweetheart of Changhe! And it’s you who abused your power as the miss of Tang family to take my lover by force. You are more of a bitch than me!”

“And now, I’m just taking back things that should have been mine. Just wait and see, I will give it back to you ten or a hundred times as much as the humiliation you have given to me. And this is just the prelude.”

“You won’t achieve what you want, bitch!”

Jane got up in a huff, and looked at the old lady of Su family, “Madam, I wouldn’t challenge your decision of removing my name from the family genealogy. But Mary is your granddaughter. You have removed Mary’s name too, which is going too far.”

“It was Mary who had reached collaborative agreements with Huanyu Group at the very start. And had it not been for Mary’s contributions, Su family wouldn’t have escalated into a second-rate family from a third-rate family. Then President Ding of Lieyang Technology purchased fifty one percent of shares of Su family and transferred the shares to Mary for free, which eventually came into your possessions again.”

“After that, I and Mary were driven out of Su family, but we were expecting to return to family some day then. Therefore, when you came to us to ask Mary for money to help Su family out, Mary gave you a loan of twenty million dollars. God is watching your every move, and you shouldn’t act without conscience as a human being.”

“Shut up, mind the way you are talking to my grandma!” Hai Su scolded, “You are no longer a member of Su family. Do mind your status, otherwise I will be really hard on you regardless of our old relationships.”

“Stop calling white black and black white. Mary had grown up within Su family, and it was Su family that has brought her up. It is her nature duty to serve Su family.”

The instant he finished, members of Su family began all sorts of gossip.

“Those shares belong to Su family, and you two are in no position to take possession of them.”

“That’s right. It belongs to all of us but you, Jane Tang.”

“Why aren’t you ashamed of saying such a word, you an abandoned wife? “

Faced with all sorts of accusations, Jane eventually got a taste of how Kris felt when he was insulted in public.

What a humiliation it was! And how hateful they were!

And Jingyan who stayed beside the old lady of Su family was grinning from ear to ear. She had been counting down the days for over twenty years for such a moment, and it finally came.

Didn’t Jane use to despise her for her poor parentage and her incompetence in being of Su family’s assistance?

And what about now?

You have been expelled from Su family, and Tang family also abandoned you.

What is the definition of so called ‘forsaken by all friends and families’? Jane should be that answer.

It’s all her karma!


“Changhe Su, speak for me if you are a true man! ” With her face distorted with fury, Jane stared at Changhe, “Mary is your daughter! Will you stand by and watch your daughter being driven out by Su family?”

Changhe compressed his lips tightly, not feeling wonderful either. Then he just simply turned his head away.

At that moment, Jane’s heart went cold all over.

“Shut up, you a vixen!” The old lady of Su family slapped the table with her palm as she said coldly, “You are in no position to butt in on this matter. Given that you have been my daughter-in-law for over twenty years, I have intended to compensate you,but now it seems that I needn’t to do so. “

“Come on, menials! Threw the three out of this place! If any of them should dare to come into Su family again, then cripple his legs!”


As her voice sounded, members of Su family encircled them immediately. The next instant, they were at the point of kicking them out.

At that very instant, a strong aura surged out of Kris’s body.


The powerful Sturdy Energy pinned all people in the hall down on the ground in a split second, making them even unable to raise their heads.

“Honey, mum, we shall go!”

With that, kris took their hands and went straight out, with no one being able to get up.

What they could do was just watching the three figures disappeared.

Not until the three had left could members of Su family get up. They looked at each other in dismay, as if they had seen a ghost.

What’s going on? What happened just now?

On leaving the manor of Su family, Jane acted like a soulless corpse, simply letting herself pulled forward by Kris.

Actually, Kris knew exactly how Jane was feeling, since he had similar feelings when expelled from Chen family long before.

Shedding tears, Mary held Jane who was still in a daze in her arms. How did all that happened?

Jane remained silent on their way home.

As she returned home, she just sat on the couch with dull eyes, refusing to have any water or food.

“Mum, have some food.” Mary said,her heart aching for Jane.”Things had already happened. Your health is more important then everything.”

“Mum, I’ve cooked you your favorite nourishing soup. Taking it will bring you a cosmetic effect.” Kris came in with a bowl of soup in his hand.

Perhaps delighted by the aroma of the nourishing soup, a glint of glow appeared in Jane’s eyes. Slowly raising her head, she looked at Kris, “Excuse me, Kris! I was wrong, I had really done something wrong! “

With that Jane knelt toward Kris, “I had been very bossy to you in the past two years. I ordered you around, scolded and beat you a lot. And I kept insulting you in public. Please forgive e for all my fault!”

“Mum, please get up!”

Then Kris also knelt down, “Do you want to cut short the span of my life? It’s all over. I am a forgetful person, and I forgot all about before. What’s more, we are a family, aren’t we? We need not to be so mean to each other.”

“Mum, just get up.”

Kris and Mary pulled Jane to her feet together.

“Thanks, Kris.” Jane looked at Kris with mixed feelings in her eyes.

Spoken to in such a polite manner by his mother-in-law, Kris felt a little bit out of place.

But Mary’s previously gloomy mood got brightened up a bit. At least, from that moment on, her mother would no longer hold much hostility towards Kris, and she would stop persuading her into divorcing Kris.

Chapter 304: I live alone

Kris Chen and Mary were lying on the couch at eight clock in the evening.

“Honey, do you want to tell mom your identity?”

“We’d better not tell him right now.” Kris said, “Too many things happened recently, I’m afraid she won’t be able to adjust to who I am.”

His mother-in-law had suffered so many blows in succession, not to mention her; even Kris was a bit unable to accept it.

She was a poor woman. Her husband was away for many years. She raised her daughter at home by herself. However, her husband took her money to support other women, and eventually he had an illegitimate child outside. This was a devastating blow to her.

It was hard to imagine how much she had suffered over the years. Especially today, her husband brought his lover home and thrown her out of the house in front of his lover, which was an absolute disgrace to her life.

But even at last, she didn’t reveal the fact that her husband had been cheated of his money by others in order to save her family’s face

“Ok.” Mary thought about it and said, “I won’t go to school during this time. I want to stay home with my mother so she won’t be too lonely.”

She was also worried that her mother might do something to hurt herself.

When it came to school, Kris thought of Lai Xia.

The woman asked him to divorce Mary within two months. Seeing that the time passed half, but he had not divorced Mary yet. .

It was impossible for him to divorce Mary and they would never get divorced.

“Recently, I want to sleep with my mother, so these days you may sleep alone.” She said and then she kissed Kris on the mouth, and then stood up, “I’ll go to bed first. Good night.”

Kris smiled and nodded. Seeing his wife’s back, he was lost in thought.

At this time, his phone vibrated. It was a reminder to accept friend invitation on WeChat.

“LING sent you a friend invitation.”

From the profile photo, Kris guessed that she was a girl.

“Who is this?” Kris frowned. He didn’t know her, so he refused.

After a while, the phone vibrated again.

“I’m your sister-in-law, please accept my requests.”

Seeing this, Kris was speechless. “Isn’t this a pornographic seller?”

Kris blocked her directly.

At this time the other side. “Sorry, the other party has put you into the blacklist.”

After the girl found she was refused again, she threw the phone aside angrily.

But soon, she took the phone again and reapplied for a new account.

After entering the other party’s account, the girl sent a message, “Brother-in-law, please accept my friend invitation”

“Stop messaging me, I don’t buy porn.”

“What are you talking about? I’m your sister-in-law.” The girl replied.

“You are lying. I don’t believe you”

“I didn’t lie to you. I’m really your sister-in-law.”

After the message was sent, there was no response there. She picked it up and found that her friend request failed.

Seeing that the girl did not send any more messages, Kris directly silenced his cell phone.

At this moment, his cell phone rang again. It was a call from Tianba Li.

“Did you sleep? Come out for a drink.” Tianba Li said.

Half an hour later, Kris came to Tianba Li’s home.

As soon as he entered the door, Tianba greeted Kris with a hammer in his chest, “Where have you gone these days? You didn’t even go to class.”

“I went on a business trip abroad recently and only came back the day before yesterday.”

He couldn’t tell Tianba what happened to him during this time, so he had to lie.

“Let’s have a drink”

Tianba didn’t ask him much, and sat at the table with Kris.

After pouring a glass of wine, he said, “You are not here recently, so you must not know what happened in Westriver City.”

He raised his glass and clinked glasses with Kris, “A few days ago, Six Major Schools attacked the Holy Dragon Scripture, but they failed. Besides, Master Shiming of Shaolin School is dead, Emei School’s deputy head master Jinglian was also seriously injured. I am afraid that no one can stop the Holy Dragon Scripture at this time.

Kris took a sip of wine and was surprised, “Really?”

“Can I lie to you? It is more than that.” Tianba said, “Holy Dragon Scripture has released the news that they will auction the Obstacle-Breaking Pill at the end of the month in Westriver City.”

“How could they have Obstacle-Breaking Pill?”

“Who knows how they get it.” Tianba put down his wine glass and said, “Our school will hold a martial arts competition at the end of the month. It seems that there will be a lot of people here.”

“Competition?” Kris Chen was a little curious.

“Yes, it seems that the top three will be directly accepted by the Six Major Schools, and there are also rewards.” Tianba’s eyes lit up, “I have already signed up. Do you want to sign up too?”

Kris smiled and shook his head, “Nope. I don’t want to participate in it. “

“I know you don’t want to participate, so I have already signed up for you. You can go directly to the competition.”

“Did you sign up for me?”

Kris gave a wry smile and thought, “He is so caring. He even helped me sign up.”

Tianba patted him on the shoulder and said, “Actually, what I really want to participate in is not the martial arts competition, but the Star-Lord Competition held by The Sun-Moon Holy Cult in Beihai City.” “

“Why does The Sun-Moon Holy Cult also come?”

Kris frowned. “Why didn’t Changkong Yin tell me?”

“What is Star-Lord Competition?” Kris looked puzzled.

“The Sun holds the Star-Lord Competition. As long as people rank top three, they were possible to become the Star Lord of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult.”

“Maybe it’s just a trick.” Kris drank a glass of wine in one sip, and said, “Do you know what level is Star Lord of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult at?”

Tianba shook his head.

“At least it’s the Practitioner at the early stage of the return-to-nature stage. You will be defeat easily if you go.” said Kris.

Kris’s words did not intentionally discourage Tianba. And what he said was the truth. He was only in the early stage of the innate-power stage. He was unable to compete with others.

Hearing this, Tianba was speechless and gave a wry smile. “You are right. My power is too low. In fact, whether it is the Six Major Schools or heretics, as long as I have the power, I don’t have to look for them as my backer. I am my best backing. “

Kris nodded approvingly, “Yes, You are right. I totally agree with you.”

“Let’s drink up.”

This evening, Kris didn’t know how much he had drunk. Anyway, the table was full of bottles.

“Tianba, are you drunk?”

Kris was half drunk. He looked at Tianba, who was lying on the table and drunk. “Didn’t you say you want to get me drunk? Why did you get drunk first?”

Kris told Xuan Song that Tianba was drunk, and then left.

Kris was sober as soon as he left the house without taking two steps.

“As my power become stronger, it’s hard for me to get drunk now.”

He drank at least four or five pounds of white wine just now, but he just felt a little dizzy. Now he was completely sober.

The power of Tianmo Kung Fu can be seen from this. The sun and the moon rotate spontaneously, and a trace of the essence of the sun and the moon was absorbed by him, turning into extremely cold genuine energy.

The genuine energy was increasing in Kris’s body all the time. If his genuine energy continued increasing, he would be able to break through the return-to-nature stage and reach the Fulfilled Period in a few days.

He went from the acquired stage to the return-to-nature stage in half a year. He had never encountered the so-called bottleneck in the eyes of others when he practiced his kung fu.

“Help, help…”

When he was walking by the river, a woman’s cry for help suddenly came not far away

He was now in the villa area of the rich, which was sparsely populated.

It was midnight now, and few people passed by here.

Following the sound, Kris saw a fat man pressing a woman in front of the car, and his hands kept touching her.

“Don’t call for help. No one can save you. Very few people come to this area at night.” The man smirked and began to untie his belt.

“Please let me go, please…..” Xinying Bao was afraid. She regretted that she shouldn’t come here.

“I like you for a long time. You just sleep with me this time. As long as you cooperate with me, I will go to your bank to deposit three million dollars tomorrow.” Pingchuan Jia said.

“No, no…”

With the one billion dollars Kris deposited in their bank, three million dollars was nothing to her.

“Don’t worry, you will want it soon.” He was about to take off the woman’s clothes. At this moment, a hand grabbed his neck, which lifting him up like a chicken.

“Who is it? Let me go.” Pingchuan suddenly sweated out of fright. It was late at night, and he was immediately scared when someone suddenly stretched out a hand to lift him up.

Kris smiled coldly, did not speak, and threw him directly into the flowerbed on the side.

Xinying Bao was also taken aback. When she saw the person’s face, she was stunned.

“Mr. Chen? Why are you here?”

“Put the clothes on.” Kris took off his coat and put it on Xinying Bao.

She blushed and quickly got dressed to cover her half-naked breasts.

“Thank you, Mr. Chen.” Xinying looked at Pingchuan, who was fainting.

Fortunately, Kris showed up in time, otherwise she must be raped today.

She walked up to Pingchuan and kicked him hard in the crotch. Pingchuan screamed and awake from a coma, and then fainted again.

Seeing this scene, Kris felt that the fat man was kicked by the high heels and his dick must be seriously injured.

Then she walked to Kris and bowed to him again, “Mr. Chen, Thank you very much.”

Kris waved her hand, “Don’t mention it. You should not come to such places from now on.”

Xinying nodded and explained, “His name is Pingchuan Jia, and he’s one of my clients. He said he wanted to open an account in the bank, but there are some details that are still unclear, so he asked me to come here. Mr. Chen, I really have nothing to do with him. I’ve never had a boyfriend either. Please believe me”

She didn’t know why she explained this to Kris. She was worried that Kris would misunderstand her.

“I believe you.” Kris smiled and said, “I’ll take you home.”

“Thank you, but I don’t want to bother you.”

“Your dress is broken. What if you run into the bad guys again at night?”

Seeing Kris’s smile, Xinying’s heart thumped.

“Where do you live?” Kris asked.

“Jingxiu Garden.” said Xinying.

Kris knew the place wasn’t very far away.

After walking out of here, he hailed a taxi. A few minutes later, the car arrived at the entrance of the Jingxiu Garden.

“Mr. Chen, are you going to my house?” Xinying bit her lip and said, “I live alone.”

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